DVBViewer 4.8

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Windows 7/Server 2003/Server 2008/XP / Shareware; $22.00 / 986 downloads

DVBViewer is a digital tv/radio viewer and recorder. It works with almost every ATSC, ISDB, IPTV, DVB-C,-S(2),-T device on the market and supports SD/HD, EPG, Teletext, Subtitles/CC. To make it perfect a complete skinable HTPC solution is integrated, which allows the user to manage & playback of all kind of multimedia files (incl. DVD). Weather data, RSS feeds and Internet streams can also be received.

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    - Change: Teletext Subtitles: The language of TTx subtitles is now detected by examining the PMT. This should result in a more accurate detection than before. Thanks @Griga

    - Add: Subtitles : Added support for Arib8 (Japanese) subtitles

    - Change. Favorites: Changed to the 64bit Favorites ID as used in Grigas GE and the Recording Service. The old IDs will still work

    - Change: Options channels (Sky Germany): Changed the way how the options channels are detected. Now the list of the channels can be opened if you have tuned a active option channel. No need to tune the portal channels first

    - Change: Options channels (Sky Germany): If a options channel is not found in the DVBViewer channel list, it will not be shown in the options channel list anymore, instead a entry about the missing channel is written to the log files

    - Fix: Problems with W2k : The DVBViewer work again with W2k

Reviews of DVBViewer

  1. 5 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 4.6 (Apr 8, 2011)

    Wow, it has taken a long time until a trial of this software has been released. It works great in europe and also with my ATSC devices here in the states. I never had a tv software which works from scratch with so many different adapters and standards. Even Japanese is supported since the last version.
    I suppose mheg will be added within the next versions. From time to time i'm on London and i love the BBC MHEG5-App which is probably the best way to provide users with additional content.
    As far as i can see, except the OSD games and the time limitation, only the recording function is missing in this demo. The rest (e.g. Plugins, Skin support) are inside - which means you can test almost every aspect of the app with the free trial :)

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