Eudora for Windows 8.0.0 Beta 9

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Eudora provides easy to use email features plus the extra customization for the most advanced user. It gives you the best of both worlds. It's easy to use for a first-time emailer, yet has power to spare for advanced users who rely on easy mail management, color-coding and superior find features for email content searches. Easily sort and manage your mail, using multiple email accounts and a virtually unlimited number of mailboxes. Tracking your contacts is easy with immediate access to Internet directories and the personalized address book. Almost anything you can do — including filing, forwarding, and trashing messages — can be automated with filters, so you save time and stay on top of your work with minimal effort.

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  1. 1 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 8.0.0 Beta 9 (Aug 17, 2011)

    I downloaded Eudora-8.0b8.en-US.win32.installer.exe and installed it. Then when I tried to run the program I got an error message that said "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail." I have Windows 7 and don't know what this message means.
    Can you help me?

  2. 4 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 8.0.0 Beta 9 (Oct 28, 2010)

    The other reviews above are far too severe, IMHO. I've been a Eudora user continuously since 1996 and I transitioned to the open source beta program in 2007. It was initially a very rough transition, but each beta has gotten notably better.

    Many of the snarkier comments in other reviews here can be overcome by the judicious use of plug-ins (there might be 20 significant ones and 120 other ones).

    With those plug-ins come things that Eudora NEVER had:
    * a serious contact manager that syncs with Google mail
    * a serious calendar that syncs with Google calendars
    * automatic backup of calendars and address books
    * ability to swallow/read Outlook mail attachments and calendar events
    * email blasting and mail-merge
    * customizable buttons and menu bars
    * a good indexer for searches
    * hundreds of configuration variables (most of these can be completely ignored, but Eudora 8 is way more configurable than 7)

    With all these features comes an unavoidable consequence: memory bloat. I have 14 years worth of mail and several calendars and 10 email boxes, so after the software has been running a few minutes and all the caches are warmed up we're talking >250 MB memory footprint.

  3. 1 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 8.0.0 Beta 7 (Sep 7, 2009)

    Eudora 8, Beta 7 is like a dog's regurgitated breakfast--a real mess and something to avoid.

    Below, I list--not in any order of importance--just a few of the very many problems that STILL remain with this late-stage, high rev number, Eudora 8 beta:

    1. There is still NO context menu for the 'Change Server Status'.

    2. There are still NO GRID lines for the displayed mail.

    3. I cannot find a way of putting the nasty BOLD text on the display of UNREAD displayed messages back to normal font. This is a major problem on NETBOOKS as the bold font occupies more space (and workspace is at a premium on netbooks). Anyway, one DOES NOT need bold text when you have the very bold Eudora 'unread' bullets in front of messages.

    4. There is NO HORIZONTAL SCROLL BAR on displayed messages (but there is a vertical one)! Crazy! Why on earth not?

    5. Moreover, I cannot expand out displayed messages columns past the screen edge. Again, why not? It's pretty useless if extra columns are added and you can't display them properly let alone read them. (Remember, it's worse on netbooks and bold text only adds to this problem.)

    6. Displayed messages CANNOT BE SENT TO BROWSER from the context menu as they could in Eudora 7. This is important if to want to [properly] save messages in HTML, or save them in single archive formats such MHTML (MHT) and/or Mozilla Archive Format (MAFF). (I've been doing this for years in Eudora 7 and I'm not going to stop now). BTW, this is far more important than any security concerns--security issues should have been dealt with elsewhere earlier on (i.e.: before messages get to the mail client).

    [These Eudora developers--which still includes such luminaries as Steve Dormer who started Eudora--have really lost the "usability plot" by leaving this important stuff out. Seven revisions on and Eudora 8 is STILL offering far less than the previous version 7. Is this some kind of bad joke?.]

    Anyway, there's still more problems:

    7. THE EDITOR. Eudora 8 has a better editor than the terrible editor of earlier Eudoras. Still, it has major formatting limitations, so where's the obvious function that would allow us users to use an EXTERNAL EDITOR such as KompoZer or Dreamweaver etc? Of course not, there is none.

    8. There is a problem in setting the default mailboxes elsewhere other than the default location (i.e.: on another drive or over the network for instance). I can only get the setting to take hold if I do it manually (i.e. stop Eudora and move the existing mail directory to the wanted drive then restart Eudora and select the new drive and directory). [Note: there are many reasons for not storing your mail in 'Documents and Settings'. Changing the stored mail location ought to be fundamental].

    9. During installation, the Eudora 8 beta STILL DOS NOT ask the user where he/she wants the mail to be stored as does earlier versions of Eudora. Again, why on earth not?



    - NO TOOLS to eliminate duplicate messages (or of messages with duplicate content but with different routing headers--CCs, BCCs, date & time, message IDs etc.).

    - NO TOOLS to EXPORT Eudora 8 mail to existing earlier Eudora MBX/TOC MAILBOX format (which will be essential in large organizations that use earlier versions of Eudora. Mail exports from this new version will be necessary during the deployment of and transition to the new E8/Thunderbird format).

    - NO TOOLS to export messages to the ubiquitous UNIX mail format (for use with other email clients or for use as a common UNIX mail platform for archiving email.)

    - NO TOOLS to verify, repair and/or fix broken mailbox files (a major problem in earlier versions of Eudora and STILL not addressed in version 8).

    - NO decent mail account manager--all mail settings have to be tweaked separately.

    - NO comprehensive address book import/export facility.

    ...And it gets worse sill, there's even:

    - NO TOOLS to export account settings.

    - NO TOOLS to export program settings (a la external Eudora INI file etc., etc.).

    MOREOVER, such TOOLS ought to be *CORE FUNCTIONS*. It is simply not good enough for Eudora's developers to say that someone can eventually develop plug-ins to suit. (The lack of proper email, data management and archiving tools were key limitations in earlier Eudoras, now, it seems with version 8, Eudora is going even further backwards.)

    Heaven forbid, it's clear these Eudora developers have absolutely no concept of data management whatsoever. If they do then where are these essential features? Where's the roadmap that tells us when they'll be added?

    ...And still it goes on, wherever you look there's more problems:

    11. One cannot save the settings of the internal configuration 'about:config' editor to an external file, nor can one be loaded from an external text file. Why the !@#* NOT?

    11.1 What is so precious about we users having some control over our mail program? A text file that's easily configurable outside Eudora is essential for Eudora's deployment across a large organization (as was the old Eudora INI file). The lack of such a file is really control freak stuff. [BTW, I'm not interested in comments from those who'll say this is a limitation of Thunderbird. Perhaps so, but we're actually discussing Eudora here--not tin pot Thunderbird.]

    12. From my reading of the Qualcomm site, Eudora release notes and other Web sources--the precious few there are--it's very clear that Eudora's developers have NO PROPER ROADMAP to indicate what will happen with the next beta, or how many more betas are expected before the real thing, or what is expected with future Eudora releases.

    12.1 Right, where are the list of features that still have to be added, and where's the timeline for their completion? Clearly, Eudora 8 development is one haphazard mess.

    13. My criticisms have only dealt with the superficial and obvious faults. If there are so many with issues and problems to be found with a simple cursory look then what troubles lie just below the surface? I hate to think.


    With this beta's rev number being so high and with so much still missing from Eudora, one can only assume the developers are spending considerable time trying to work around Thunderbird's serious limitations. Seems they're flogging a dead horse.

    This begs the question why did Qualcomm / Eudora's developers attempt to use this toy--Thunderbird--as Eudora's primary code base when obviously it's so inappropriate for the task? Why didn't they start coding afresh? Seems it would have been much easier in the long run.

    I could go on listing issue after issue, problem after problem, but why bother. It all seems so pointless as Eudora is obviously dead--all we need to do now is to bury it.

    In summary, we long-time Eudora users are still in limbo (and from my perspective it's time we got out). For those who are considering Eudora 8 as your mail client then DO NOT!

    As much as it irks me to say it: just use Microsoft's Outlook (the now-very-old Outlook 2000 has far more to offer than this Eudora 8 beta so you'd be stupid to bother with it. Stick with or migrate to Microsoft (it'll be much easier in the long run).

    Microsoft was very successful in killing off competition from other email client developers by making it unprofitable for them to develop or compete in the email area. That said, sometimes you have to embrace your enemy to move on. This is one of those occasions: despite many limitations, Outlook is still best of breed for the average punter.

    Simply, Eudora 8 is far too little far too late; Eudora is at the end of the line.

    The world still awaits a decent open source, industrial strength, standards-compliant mailer; and with 'thanks' to Microsoft it's a tragedy that 30+ years after the invention of email that we sill do not have one--nor it seems--will we be getting one anytime soon.

    Betting on Eudora 8 to save the day would be just clasping at straws.

  4. 1 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 8.0.0 Beta 7 (Sep 6, 2009)

    Try claws mail instead. Unfortunately it doesn't have the ads so it's not quite up to the standards of this now free program.

  5. 3 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 8.0.0 Beta 7 (Sep 5, 2009)

    Although Eudora 8 is the successor to Eudora 7 and earlier, the codebase is virtually all different. Eudora 8 is basically just Mozilla Thunderbird packaged together with the Penelope extension (all open source) which makes Thunderbird look and act somewhat like Eudora. Believe it or not, there are still thousands of people quietly clinging to Eudora for various reasons. Telling a crack addict to simply stop isn't usually effective, and neither is telling a Eudora addict to simply switch to something completely different. Qualcomm could have simply abandoned this no-longer-profitable market. Instead, Qualcomm is doing the right thing and setting it free with an way to move forward using open source.

    I can't rate this higher because it's honestly not very good and progress has been slow since the first beta in 2007, but it's an admirable effort. Beta 7 is based on Thunderbird 3.0b3 so it can use most Thunderbird extensions which are compatible with 3.0b3.

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