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IObit Driver Booster is a driver updating tool to protect your PC from hardware failures, conflicts, and resolves system crash problems caused by outdated drivers. All old drivers can be detected by simply clicking on the Scan" button, and then you just need to click "Update All" button to refresh these outdated drivers. Compared with other driver updating tools, IObit Driver Booster can improve your PC performance for gaming as well.

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  • Latest Changes

    - Expanded driver database - Escalated database for more driver updates

    - Driver roll back feature - Easily restore drivers to previous version once unexpected happens

    - Faster download speed - Available for both PRO and FREE users, faster than any previous version

    - Brand-new UE & UI - Improved the GUI to be simple, concise, and easy for smoother user experience and supported font size adjusting

    - Online database update - This update method ensures drivers are always the latest

    - Smart Installation Mode - Enjoy gaming or other full screen tasks better without any interruption

Reviews of IObit Driver Booster

  1. 5 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 2.0 Beta 2.0 (Sep 8, 2014)

    I love it! The new interface is great and this program has kept me upto date for more than a year now without any side effects. Thanks to the team.

  2. 3 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 2.0 Beta 2.0 (Sep 7, 2014)

    Installed it and it found various updates, run them rebooted and system would not start (test rig) so had to do system restore. This is not ready for prime time be careful with it

  3. 4 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 1.2.0 (Mar 3, 2014)

    I installed Driver Booster (DB) on my two (relatively new Win 7) computers about 2 weeks ago, and have done 2 scans on each computer that resulted in a total of about 30 (!) updates. The updates did not cause any system problems.

    However, 2 days ago, I installed it on my wife's VERY OLD Compaq R3275 laptop running Xp-SP3 and ran a scan. It updated 3 drivers. After rebooting, it seemed to be running fine, but today my wife tried to open a link in an e-mail, and it caused Windows to freeze (absolutely nothing worked except Task Manager, which I used to restart). Tried opening Outlook Express and again tried the link. Froze the system again. After restarting, ran a system restore using the restore point created by Driver Booster. Computer now works, no freezes on that or any other links.

    The problem appears to have been an ATI driver, because when the system would boot, it would automatically open an Explorer window with a "CIM" folder in it containing files for the ATI graphics card. It no longer does that. The point here is that like most generic driver updaters, this one can cause system problems by updating drivers that are not compatible with your computer. In recognition of that fact, DB ALWAYS creates a restore point, which allows you to undo it's mistake. But you have to hope that the errant driver(s) do not render the system unbootable, making it difficult to access system restore.

    Despite this glitch, the program is extremely efficient and from my experience, probably accurate with CONTEMPORARY machines. If you have a really old XP machine, be careful.

  4. 5 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 1.2.0 (Jan 9, 2014)

    Out of Beta, So had to Test it against the Beta version I Reviewed Before.
    Which found & Fixed 2 Drivers.

    -Took a SnapShot .. RollBack Rx
    -Downloaded>>Made Portable>>Config'ed>>Ran .. 24 Drivers Req'd Attention.!!
    (The beta version didn't find any) Today..!!
    Selected to Download with Silent Install. Absolutely no Problem.
    After Install: Re-Booted to Desktop & was greeted with "I have 3 days to Register Windows due to Hardware changes. Only took a Minute "No Probs".
    Then ran Chkdsk via Re-Boot (Not CMD:) To make sure all was in order.
    Minor Inconsistencies & 15 Index entries etc etc.
    Dunno why..?? Probably Habit lol. I ran MRT.exe & got a flag seconds into the scan. Stopped MRT (short), & ran TDSSKiller. Here's the Results.......

    -nuidfltr.sys (ForgedFile.Multi.Generic)
    -Rtenicxp.sys (ForgedFile.Multi.Generic)
    -Wdf01000.sys (ForgedFile.Multi.Generic)

    -launched TaskMgr to see if they were running = No
    -Looked in the "RUN" section of the Registry = No Additions
    -See if any new Services had been added = No
    -Ran msconfig = All OK
    -Scanned Reg for Related keys = Nothing to sweat about
    -REMOVED the "Driver Booster Update" shortcut from (Sheduled Tasks) Folder.

    -Checked the 3 files @
    It appears because they are a (((compressed))) "MS signed" file They are sensitive to some of the M/ware scanners......... "They are quite safe".
    They Didn't trigger Nod32 during download, OR even a scan of the drivers folder tho..... Proving that sometimes a second Opinion can be Useful.

    This app could cause a few probs for New Users, But "All in All" I reckon this App is one of the Best from IOBIT. Smart UI (not that that matters, coz it does the Job). lol. Easy to make portable, & a doddle to use, With Great Results.
    Thanx & a Superb 5* ... ^_^

  5. 5 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 1.1 (Nov 7, 2013)

    wow thx

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