SARTrack 0.9.649 Beta

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Windows 7/2000/Vista/XP / Freeware / 488 downloads

SARTrack is an application designed to display the APRS trackers on a topographical map. The program allows you to access the map information without an Internet connection. The user can add new map locations by entering the coordinates from the keyboard or by using the data from the GPS device. The Event Log system allows the user to view the important events and to add log entries.

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    - Important bug fix for SAR users: The Operations Log would not be properly transfered to other SARTrack computers over an APTS connection, due to a fault in the decryption system

    - New Zealand users: The NZTM coordinates would not display on the Map, if you did not have SARTrack set up in 'Hobbit' (New Zealand) mode

    - Update of the Polish language file

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