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  1. Review - CCEnhancer

    2.2 (Mar 19, 2011)

    GREAT! but it rely on .NET Framework 3.5 which I hate it so much...

    Could the author make it without .NET Framework???

  2. Review - Say the Time

    10.0 (Oct 27, 2010)

    Bring me ...ERROR!!!... on 32-bit OS. Even with version 11 out, still bring me the same thing. What a shame :(

  3. Review - Comodo Internet Security

    5.0.161695.1120 RC (Sep 3, 2010)

    Awesome.. Fantastic! giving me an excellent protection for my PC computer and will definitely become as my primary Firewall. A ton of features!, Doesnt slow down my PC, No memory leak, Nice GUI. Thanks so much comodo team. This what's firewall should be!!! giving free the best of the best PROTECTION for people around the world. Highly Recommanded!. 6 STAR Rating.

    Passed all 148 tests by independant tester. Amazing.. Keep up a good work!

    BTW: where is the changelogs, buddy ??? I need to see it. :-D

  4. Review - Emsisoft Online Armor (Aug 28, 2010)

    Online Armor Free

    - Installed need email address & internet conection. You cant installed without that. :(
    - Startup is very slow...
    - No Sandbox feature !? (Comodo does have)
    - Autorun Protection Limited ! why?
    - No mail shield/Protection ! (Every free firewall does have this)

  5. Review - BurnAware Free

    2.4.2 (Dec 11, 2009)

    Burning iso image was failed.

    I'm using:

    - Memorex DVD-RW Disc

    - Lite-on DVDRW SHW-1635S

    - BurnAware Free ver 2.4.2

    and it's say: " Burn process failed.. " (invalid field in CDB)

    but burned with imgburn everything was fine.

  6. Comment - New Dell Latitudes promise 10 to 19 hours of battery life

    2.4.2 (Aug 12, 2008 - 9:12 PM)

    New Dell Latitudes promise 10 to 19 hours of battery life??? I need more powerful battery than that! :D

  7. Comment - Acer: PC Industry Disappointed with Vista

    2.4.2 (Jul 25, 2007 - 6:45 AM)

    Forget it about vista or longhorn! and forget it about linux {ubuntu, fedora, suse, redhat etc} all are suck.

    The future OS was coming...

    That is "ReactOS" for everyone!. ReactOS is free windows operating system and open source.

    for more detail: