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  1. Review - UnknownDevices?

    2.0.0 (Feb 6, 2015)

    Just to let the author know it is really, really wise to state if your software has a uninstaller or not.
    Since no reviews yet and not stated if a uninstaller is included will give a 3 for the concept of what it states it does.
    Auth Website info is as much as here.

    No uninstaller = no download

  2. Review - CSE HTML Validator

    15.01 (Jan 7, 2015)

    Program maybe great but the description of "inexpensive" is totally wrong.
    Most editors have W3C support or you can go to the W3C Validator url and check your pages for free or download their program. Just saying.

  3. Review - PortExpert (Jan 3, 2015)

    Was going to check the software out but the link directs to as a malicious website according to Norton as does the rest of the links pointing at the software and the company.
    I would think they will need to get another website before I download this program.
    Straighten up the act and the play might be good.
    Suggest the owner contact Norton and any other software that monitors websites and clear up his website reputation if there is no problem with the software.
    At this time I would and will take the word shown that this is a malicious website.
    I will point out the publisher has attempted to remove the Norton rating but has not changed what is included with the software, optional or not.

  4. Review - UnHackMe (Dec 10, 2014)

    I agree with the author that you have to use the program to write a review and also even if have MBAM and a good AV program things slip through that should not and you will need any and all resources to kick it out and that might not be enough to get back to normal.
    With no uninstaller 4 stars.

  5. Review - Patch My PC (Oct 9, 2014)

    Since no review since 2013 this should be updated so will go for it.

    Program is stand alone so is perfect. Nothing else seems to be included.
    Program seems to do what it says, programs updated fast and easy & quick.
    Has a large list of programs, possibly could do with more.
    This does not distract from what it does do & quickly with a small foot print.
    Recommend this program to save time.

    Now only if it could do drivers as well.

  6. Comment - Microsoft: Firefox users in danger due to more frequent updates (Dec 2, 2007 - 4:07 AM)

    What a wack of BS this guy is.
    I would take any software that gets updated and fixed regardless of who makes it over software that does not.

    For Firefox at least it advises you that there is a update available and there is nothing to worry about with the install. No reboot needed.

    I only wish that they would incorporate this type of updating in Mozilla SeaMonkey as that is my preference of a browser.

    As for fighting over a browser, who cares as long as people develop their web pages using the standard of ANY Web Browser as per www.anybrowser dot org/campaign/

  7. Comment - MS: $4,000 for Daylight Saving Fix (Feb 28, 2007 - 11:46 PM)

    Figures MS would do something like this.
    They should be providing it free.