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    Vivek Kowshik

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  1. Review - Opera for Windows

    26.0.1656.24 (Nov 23, 2014)

    Quite OK for most parts, but keeps crashing my Win8 installation on a Dell Inspiron 3537. No such problem in Chrome or Firefox.

  2. Review - Start Menu Reviver (May 2, 2014)

    I got a poor rating and a red doughnut, plus a warning from my WOT plugin on Firefox for this website. I would be extra careful with this developer. I wonder how this developer has not got in touch with the developers of WOT to clear his name.

  3. Review - Opera for Windows

    16.0.1196.62 (Aug 27, 2013)

    Several people blogging here seem to be only concerned about the type of rendering engine that the browser uses, or a missing feature here and there, or the size of the download, but are least concerned about whether the browser does what it has to do correctly, and without issues. If this is true, you are wasting everybody else's time here. Why don't you people just download version 12 of the browser when it is still available, and keep your mouth shut??

    It was a well known fact that the Presto engine used in Opera 12 and before had innumerable issues with even the most commonly visited news sites. I have myself reported a number of issues to them, and seen how every new version of the browser came up with newer bugs. I gave up on Opera, and said so in my feedback to them.

    Understand this clearly that the old Opera is dead and not the newer versions. As far as features are concerned do you think Opera programmers are as short sighted as you are, that they will have no more to offer than Chrome does right now??? If they want their browser to do well, they will have to add more features to differentiate themselves from the crowd (Have a look at Maxthon. Is it not also based on webkit?? Does it not look totally different?? Does it not do better than Chrome in HTML5 benchmarks??). This obviously takes time, as any one with a little common sense will understand. You guys have proved that common sense is after all not as common as it sounds. I very much agree that the current version is much better and so far I have had no issues at all with it. I am willing to wait till the features are added, to fully switch over. 5 stars for taking the plunge to webkit.

    And YESSSS!!! Stop stooping to such levels of calling people insulting names if you have some self respect or decency. Such people have no business being here. The topic of discussion here is the software, and not the people who express their opinions.

  4. Review - Task Coach

    1.3.28 (Apr 7, 2013)

    I have been using this software for quite some time and find some really elementary features that don't work right as yet. I wonder how nobody seems to notice.

    If I select a particular category, the software filters out all other tasks and shows only those that belong to that category. If I now create a new task, the task gets automatically categorized. But why do I have to manually change the icon for that new task to match what I have set for that category??

    Even selecting a range of already created tasks, and changing the category for all of them, does not change the icon as per what i have selected for that category.

  5. Review - Maxthon Cloud for Windows (Mar 30, 2013)

    I don't understand why the gripes. This browser has no issues like Opera had in rendering certain websites. It has improved on its html5 score in every new release and is far ahead of any other browser, including Chrome. I suggest every new comer try this out at and verify this for himself. This version also boots up and renders faster than the previous ones.

    I personally would not care about skins and other small issues, which do not in any way contribute to its overall performance. I think people should be more objective and look at the package as a whole, and not trash it just because it misses some tiny little feature that they liked in an earlier version.

  6. Comment - Microsoft to Drop PDF Support in Office (Jun 4, 2006 - 2:32 AM)

    This looks like the most likely scenario. Microsoft has a history of trying to acquire rights to a certain technology that has grown enormously popular (where they don't have a significant presence), and then introducing their own versions that are not consistent with existing standards.
    They would probably in the meantime introduce their own version of a file format like the Microsoft document imaging format that they have introduced in the latest version of MS office and build the reader into their OS.
    Fragmenting an existing technology is the only way they can oust somebody else's technology from the marketplace, if they cannot just buy it out.