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  1. Review - Counter-Strike Update Patch

    1.4 (Apr 24, 2002)

    Are you insane? Of course this game is popular. Download Gamespy and try refreshing all of the servers for counterstrike. It takes me about 30-45 minutes....thats a alot of servers to refresh. Anyway, I was wondering when they were going to put out a new version of this. If you have halflife download this now, its alot of fun.

  2. Review - GetRight

    4.5c (Jan 15, 2002)

    I used to swear by this program, but it was bugging me because it would only catch 50% of the downloads from IE, and almost never from CGI or PHP. I use ReGet DX now with MSIESpy enabled and nothing gets through that. Although I do prefer the power that Getright has, I just wish it would catch every download.

  3. Review - KatMouse

    0.9 Beta (Jan 11, 2002)

    Excellent program here. It was quite annoying when you had to focus everything to use the mousewheel, and I hate X-Mouse. Before I had to focus winamp to change its volume, but now I can be in IE and just put the mouse pointer over winamp and slide the mouse wheel and the volume changes. Saved me a good 2-3 minutes easily when I was changing all my XP services. This ones a keeper!

  4. Review - Winamp Full

    2.78c Updated (Jan 8, 2002)

    Umm nelson sorry to break it to you, but Sonique is dead. Has been for a while. Shortly after their new webdesign the project was ended. Besides, Winamp owns all.

  5. Review - Crazy Minesweeper

    1.22 Beta (Jan 5, 2002)

    An excellent adaption of the original minesweeper. Adds a new level of strategy to the game. This is a real gem...too bad its shareware.