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Member since June 6, 2004

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    Andrew Ryback

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  1. Baidu Antivirus
  2. Google Chrome for Windows
  3. Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection

Recent Posts

  1. Review - Mozilla Firefox for Windows (64-bit)

    48.0.2 (Aug 29, 2016)

    If you get off on staring a frozen screen, then this is the browser for you.
    My rating: 0

  2. Review - Mozilla Firefox (64-bit Beta)

    49.0 Beta 4 (Aug 20, 2016)

    FF has always been my default browser until the new versions came out. It's useless. I've been using Cyberfox and it works very well and d is my default browser. Why does Cyberfox work and FF doesn't? when FF comes up with a new version like the latest ff48 final. i always give it a shot, with the same unusable results, yet other reviewers say that all is fine and dandy. Could it be Win 10? My rating for FF is zero. It doesn't even rate a 1.

  3. Review - TV-Browser for Windows

    3.4.4 (Jun 2, 2016)

    A tad complicated, but all in all, simply awful.

  4. Review - Mozilla Firefox for Windows (32-bit)

    44.0.1 (Feb 9, 2016)

    I'd give FF a -1 rating if I could. I'd been using FF as my default browser for years until FF 43.0 came along. I installed 43 on my four computers expecting FF performance that I've been used to. All I got from the new FF versions was stuttering performance that ended up with FF freezing on all computers. I went back an installed pre-43.0 versions and their performance was just as bad.

    So, I uninstalled FF and went back to Google Chrome and SlimJet. Both are working fine. I just installed 41.0.1 and got the same crappy performance and freezing. After so many years with FF, I'm at a loss to understand what happened. Has anyone else out there had the same problem?

  5. Review - Mozilla Firefox (32-bit Beta)

    43.0 Beta 8 (Dec 18, 2015)

    I recently upgraded from FF 42.0 to FF 43.0 from Freeware files. I found that my computer was working extremely slow after installation. Since I never had a problem with any FF versions over the years, I didn't suspect that FF 43.0 was the problem. As I was about to do a system restore, I reinstalled FF 42.0 and what a difference. Once again, my home page loaded quickly and page rendering was up to snuff once again. I'm running on a Lenovo G50-70 laptop with the intel i5 processor. My laptop is less than a year old. Anyone else have the same problem with FF 43.0?

  6. Comment - Can IE9 stop Microsoft's steady browser decline?

    43.0 Beta 8 (Feb 17, 2011 - 4:33 AM)

    In a word, no! In two words, No!, No!

  7. Comment - Opera releases version 9.5

    43.0 Beta 8 (Jun 15, 2008 - 1:47 PM)

    I've been using opera 9.50 "final" for a couple of days. Surely, this can't be a final. It won't even load my home page on startup. To get it going I have to click on another bookmark. I'm going back to 9.27 and will wait for FF3 on June 17th.

  8. Comment - MSN Virtual Earth Beta Goes Live

    43.0 Beta 8 (Jul 26, 2005 - 12:40 PM)

    Tried it and it's not nearly as good as google free earth. In fact it's pretty cheesy.

  9. Comment - Bill Proposes Ending Free Weather Data

    43.0 Beta 8 (Apr 22, 2005 - 3:59 PM)

    Of course, another corporate kiss-ass Republican, who will do what dollar signs tell them to do.

    I hope he gets sucked up in a tornado.