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Member since December 14, 2003

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    Martin Shaw

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  1. Review - Mozilla Firefox for Windows (32-bit)

    40.0.2 (Aug 17, 2015)

    With regret I have to score this so low, despite having used it for years. The memory issue are just ridiculous and try as I might, I cannot resolve them.

  2. Review - Mozilla Firefox for Windows (32-bit)

    35.0.1 (Jan 26, 2015)

    I have to agree with others here. The pages hang so frequently that it has become completely unusable. I have tried everything to resolve the issue, but the issues exist on all 3 computers I use.

  3. Review - ComboFix (Oct 31, 2014)

    It is completely beyond me why you keep slating this excellent piece of software. It has NEVER failed me EVER.

  4. Review - Autoruns

    12.01 (Aug 8, 2014)

    One of must haves for so many years now.

  5. Review - ComboFix (Aug 4, 2014)

    BANDIT- can I ask, given the indication in your review is that you haven't used it, what qualifies you to give any review at all?

    I have used it and, without exception, it has NEVER let me down and I have lost count of problems I have sorted on other peoples computers using this and other software on their site.

    What is the attraction in slagging of a piece of software with no valid reason at all.