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emanon Jul 6, 2011
5 out of 5
free firewall_hips i have tried them all............. Online Armor is the best, It installs like a breeze ........ very easy to configure,it can even restrict anybody from messing with the control panel and many more ...... so far with Online Armor Free, Ninja Pendisk, Trust no Exe ..... yes!!! no Antivirus in my pc, ( Intel Celeron, 2.26 Ghz., 64 mb built - in video, 512 RAM ).
all my virus scanners says its clean
arcita Apr 10, 2011
4 out of 5
Using v. and pleased thus far. Used the advanced install, which was straightforward. The interface is clean enough, though better integration with the Windows 7 api would be nice. Having said that, the free edition provides plenty of useful information quickly, and has not hassled me with popups or pleas to purchase upgrades... yet. Uses approx. 15 GB RAM at system idle on my machine.
CyberDoc999 Apr 10, 2011
1 out of 5
Pfurri is the only brainless one around here
what kind of name is Pfurri ...... better yet give me your IP address
I will test your firewall for you
you do need a fast computer for this program!
Pfurri Apr 6, 2011
4 out of 5
Not perfect, but ... and another "brainless comment" of CyberDoc999 !!!
CyberDoc999 Apr 3, 2011 RC
1 out of 5
Lets see 4 gigs of RAM and
a quad core
and a clean install
yes it slows down my computer
way too much
Comodo is way better
grimbles Mar 31, 2011 RC
4 out of 5 many complaints.

*It does not slow the computer unduly - If your computer has slowed after installing this, you must have already been running close to the limit of your RAM

*It is not overly talkative - Default settings produce very minimal pop-ups. Higher settings will [of course] create more messages.

One of the very best...and it's free!!
E.T Aug 28, 2010
3 out of 5
Online Armor Free

- Installed need email address & internet conection. You cant installed without that. :(
- Startup is very slow...
- No Sandbox feature !? (Comodo does have)
- Autorun Protection Limited ! why?
- No mail shield/Protection ! (Every free firewall does have this)
BlackDragon64 Aug 25, 2010
5 out of 5
I have been using this firewall for about the past 4 versions.
I dumped Comodo because it was WAY too bloated.
I personally CANNOT see why all thses people are complaining about this program "slowing their computer and internet down". I have an OLD machine (AMD K6(2)-450MHz with 384MB RAM, an old 16MB video card, and Windows XP with SP2 (cannot use SP3 it caused issues)).
So if this program would slow down a computer I would DEFINITELY notice it, AND IT DOES NOT SLOW IT DOWN AT ALL. PERIOD.
Personally I think it is their LACK of config'ing it right or some other software that does not play nice with it.
This program works like a CHAMP on my system.
jorgosch Jul 7, 2010
3 out of 5
Made my system slow and unstable. Like the filter-by-country feature.
drfung Jun 17, 2010
5 out of 5
I'm not seeing all the high CPU utilization mentioned here.
I removed CIS because of the bloat/impact of late and moved over to OA because of the high ratings. I DID take the time up front to configure it correctly. The initial learning phase for things like unregistered "portable" apps on the system is minimal if you answer the questions correctly.
shroom Jun 16, 2010
1 out of 5
Even Windows UAC is less annoying.
McAleck Apr 29, 2010
2 out of 5
Totally agree with CyberDoc999. Slowed my PC and my internet connection
CyberDoc999 Apr 27, 2010
1 out of 5
who cares what is scores when it slows your system to a crawl...
bellgamin Apr 22, 2010
5 out of 5
1- Online Armor free (OA) always scores in the very highest tier in firewall tests such as the recent one done by Matousec.

2- OA provides double protection because it is a combined firewall + HIPS (Host-based Intrusion Prevention System).

3- A superb feature of OA is that it enables a user to remain as Admin User while being able to easily run any application as a Limited User simply by clicking OA's "Run Safer" option...

4-- A good example of why OA's Run Safer is needed is the W32.Beagle.AV@mm worm, which gains admission via your email application. Amongst the many BAD things this worm does, all of which require Admin rights, are:

* Creating files in the system32 directory.
* Terminating various processes.
* Downloading and writing files to the system32 directory.
* Deleting certain registry values in HKLM.

4a- All these BAD actions will totally fail if you are using OA's Run Safer to run your email application.

4b- When running ANY application under Run Safer, that application can do NO substantial harm to your computer even if that application is a malware.

5- Also, OA is VERY effective in blocking all forms of keyloggers (key capturers, clipboard copiers, screen capturers, etc). You can test this yourself by using a test such as...
Security Test tool at bottom center of the web page.

6- OA uses less system resources (CPU, I/O, etc) than most other firewall+HIPS applications. A plain firewall (no HIPS) will run lighter than OA, but will not give anywhere near to the same level of protection as is provided by OA.
YStevaert Dec 31, 2009
1 out of 5
Horrible piece of junk is actually too friendly to call this dump of horribly programmed crashing dump of CPU cycling eating trash.
CyberDoc999 Dec 26, 2009
1 out of 5
If you enjoy a very slow computer install this
my specs
3 ghz dual core
3 gigs ram
Lsavagejt Nov 25, 2009 Beta
2 out of 5
I tried the paid version a couple of iterations back. BSOD so what's the point? Still have the license but I switched back to COMODO. No probs.
Djuzan Belic Oct 17, 2009
1 out of 5
All lies and bulls***.
No freeware at all but NAGWARE.
CyberDoc999 Oct 6, 2009
3 out of 5
you are not testing your software firewall with Shields Up.... you are testing your hardware firewall
and yes 99.9% of everyone has a hardware firewall.....
a software firewall is only good for almost nothing
Sammo Sep 21, 2009
5 out of 5
This is the best free firewall. The new version now fully protects from keyloggers. It gets 99% 10+ from the Matousec tests even though the latest results are yet to be posted -
jono7777 Jul 29, 2009
5 out of 5
I recently installed Online Armor Free Edition. I had read the blurb, and given it came out 4th in a test of both PAID and free firewalls, outperformed Zone Alarm Free by a good margin and was allegedly light on resources, it seemed like a good plan to at least try it.

Firstly, it was easy enough to install. I didn't mess about and just went for recommended install, and it was on. It asked me about outgoing programs at first - I clicked on ' allow / trust ' etc each time, and that was it.

I gave it a quick blast on Shields Up and no problems, fully stealthed etc. It is certainly lighter than ZA and Comodo. I don't get any reminders now as it knows what is a goodie and that's the end of the story. All in all, the whole procedure has been a doddle and I'm pretty pleased that I went over to it. My reasoning is that if I can have a good firewall that offers better protection than ZA, is lighter and also free, then it's a no brainer. I tried Comodo and it was just too intrusive for my liking and slowed things down irritatingly. Who needs that for maybe a very slim protection advantage?
So far, I'm absolutely satisfied. I had Kaspersky firewall a while ago, along with the anti virus, but while it was a decent program, the whole Kaspersky thing is just a little too highly strung for me.

I'm happy with this nice n easy, light, yet powerful and very well respected firewall, and the fact that it's free is even more praiseworthy.
Jtaylor83 Jun 28, 2009
3 out of 5
I had it for over 3 months and it was all buggy. It was time to get rid of it and I have to wait for avast! 5 to come out which supposed to have a very good firewall bundled with the antivirus and I hope avast! 5's firewall is better than this junk.

It blocked some of the windows drivers, the Registry Console, and the some of the components for Internet Explorer.

This is not a recommended firewall to try out people.
switchau May 20, 2009
1 out of 5
// Daily reader, unregistered until now. I have gone through registration just to leave my feedback //

> Utter rubbish. Slow, painful, cripples network. <

I have used ZA, KPF, Sunbelt, IPTables on various distros :P, even Windows firewall. None of those came close to network crippling ability of OA. With OA you also get compulsory advertisement, logos God knows where and what for. Also, like someone wise said before me, free version is so so crippled that it is pointless to use. 'Standard' Firewall is seriously useless. I would consider using Windows SP2 Firewall instead of this one. Look around there are not many >free< good firewall so choose from but there is a choice. On the other hand, if you are bored, and have noting better to do install OA and have a go... I did, would I repeat the experience ? No. Would I recommend it to anyone after using it?, NO.
alnjk Mar 4, 2009
1 out of 5
Couldn't agree with LenG more!
LenG Jan 31, 2009
1 out of 5
WHAT A P.O.S.! For gods sake, don't get! It crashes and causes endless misery! Stay with an earlier version until this poor thing is fixed.
robmanic44 Dec 8, 2008
2 out of 5
I use the combination of a hardware firewall with NOD32. Nothing is impregnable, but this combo comes close.

I don't have much faith in personal firewalls.
ailef Dec 7, 2008
3 out of 5
this firewall got a very good HIPS protection,
the prob is that it has no flood protection, the UI is bad, by flooding it i crash this product in 3-4 sec, the FW crashes and the system is no more stable, the FW records all that happens and with a high speed flood the UI froze in notime.
people at tallemu should fix this prob that is present for longtime now.
comodo is definetly the best product available to protect your machine.
Joseph A Dec 7, 2008
4 out of 5
The download file for this software, with size=13,050KB, refers to "Online Armor Personal Firewall v3 (Trial Version)", NOT to "Online Armor Personal Firewall (Free edition)".

You can confirm this at

The right URL for downloading the true free edition is
and the file size is 12,874KB = 12.57MB.

I have already informed FileForum about this and they will probably correct it soon.

See a comparison of several firewalls at

EDIT (Dec. 8): The Fileforum people already replaced the program file by the correct one. Thanks!
kaminariko Dec 7, 2008
5 out of 5
Definitely one of the top three software firewalls out there.

It has a much smaller resource footprint than Comodo, and has a balanced approach to security vs. convenience. Other firewalls have a tendency to be either user-friendly and inflexible, or they're often unwieldy in their micromanagement of system events.

After using several different solutions over the years, I actually purchased the pro version of this one, even though, at present, there are two other popular ones that do the job adequately and are free.

Right now, this one is the best, in my opinion. Whether that's still true this time next year is anyone's guess.
morrig Dec 6, 2008
5 out of 5
Do not no why all those saying it's a resource hog,I installed after using Comodo firewall,and it is definitely lighter.
catchpole Dec 6, 2008
5 out of 5
it is lightweight, maybe previous "commenters" should check their PCs
Beasley66 Dec 5, 2008
1 out of 5
This tool is created by idiots.
13 Magebytes of bugs and other crap code, plus
the interface is slow as hell, and so is your system when it is installed.

Also, ready yourself cause the first (and not last) BSOD is just some hours away.
gnovak1 Dec 5, 2008
5 out of 5
An exellent firewall & HIPS!
Bytheway, definetly not for idiots!
Young Boys Bern Dec 5, 2008
1 out of 5
countless bugs, makes your system slow as a snail, irritating dump popups, authors are paying reviewers for getting a good score, etc...
Jarrah May 31, 2008
1 out of 5
After I installed the program and rebooted, my wireless network card could not get an IP address. After closing the firewall, Network Places announced that it had lost my network cards, and then froze.

Rebooting didn't fix the problem, but uninstalling did!
reddy.shyam Apr 23, 2008
5 out of 5
Previous version ( was unstable but this one ( seems to be ok to me. All in all a good firewall freeware.
pjafrombbay Apr 16, 2008
4 out of 5
Madmike said: "The Free Edition does not contain all of the Online Armor features." -- That's because it's the free version Madmike! I am using it and have been for some time. I find it much better than the paid versions of Zonealarm and Kerio (both of which I have paid for and used). I really should up-grade to the paid version of Online Armour.

madmike Apr 16, 2008
1 out of 5
The Free Edition does not contain all of the Online Armor features.Says it all really.. Its not a bad , but better alternatives exist, this is not the finished product by far.
Flemens Apr 15, 2008
4 out of 5
I wont give it a 5 rating until Vista version arrives and has been proven to work without problems there.

It is a really good software. Firewall is easy and creates allowed rules on the fly, no need for micro managment. If you dont like the HIPS feature you can turn it off (HIPS can be annoying)

Online Armor hs suffered from BSOD´s on some machines, but the developer says they have identified the problem and should be fixed by now.

I have used it on my XP machine, but have now migrated to Vista so I am anxiously waiting for the Vista version which is in beta stage afaik.
SELonBN Apr 15, 2008
4 out of 5
This is a nice product. I'm currently using it and COMODO trying to pick the better. I've used ZoneAlarm for years, but only bought when it went on sale - it hasn't, so I'm off to the freebies as much as ZA never failed me. My first impression is nothing but positive. BTW, when links don't work, I find I can usually go to the home page and dig down. Here's the link to v2.1.0.130:
Bouvier Apr 15, 2008
1 out of 5
Too many bugs and too slow.
Winkler Apr 11, 2008
3 out of 5
used to be great but no firewall on latest free version.
reddy.shyam Apr 11, 2008
4 out of 5
Have to agree with the reviewer below. This is no good, offering free version and not giving out latest version even after its public. I couldnot find a single source to download latest free version. I guess it wont be out for a while. Bad strategy.
leofelix Apr 9, 2008
4 out of 5
would you please link to the last version?

I've just downloaded ver. not
ailef Apr 7, 2008
4 out of 5
follow the evolution of this firewall people, cause very very soon, it will be one of the best firewall on the market.
so stay tuned for next releases that will bring it to the top.
leofelix Apr 3, 2008
5 out of 5
Very nice firewall..
but please take a look to the download link, it's not the cortect one. In facts it point to the trial version not to the free version.

Sorry for my poor english
poisonu Mar 14, 2008
5 out of 5
A good product worth watching to see how it develops...
tipstir Dec 31, 2007
5 out of 5
There was a review done by matousec and all their leak test an etc.. This free verson of online armor passed 9625 scored 100% excellent matched by Outpost Firewall Pro. But since Online Armor is for free I'll stick with it.

I know if you have a lot of stuff in your system tray or on the PC it's going to take a while for it to see what you have installed. So 3 reboots and you'll all set.

I was using Armor2net for years now but it had scored 500 and below poor meaning it didn't pass any of the test. Armor2net kept crashing a lot and if you login as a different user it crashes like big time.

So far Online Armor works on Wireless Laptops which I have tested it first now on Wired Desktop so far so good.

I was using Comodo Firewall Pro but I find that sluggish and it blocks TCP connections when I already created a rule for the item to allow. Also it blocked all my system tray items just like Zone Alarm for free does.
leland Nov 28, 2007
5 out of 5
Online Armor Free edition is an excellent free firewall with many additional capabilities. It only really lacks the most advanced features which they reserve for paying customers, I can understand that. It also includes HIPS and a process guard capability to keep unwanted programs from running. After trying Sunbelt Kerio personal firewall I consider this a great step up. For a more in depth review look at Thanks for the excellent product.
Papa Lazarou Nov 22, 2007
5 out of 5
Only problem I had was that after downloading the free trial from their own website it installed o.k. but wouldn't activate without a license key ! I thought it was supposed to be an evaluation ! anyhow , after a quick google I found a (legitimate)key no. on another download site , a bit of 'copy & paste' and the thing flew into action , getting all my trusted startups & applications listed at first to save hassling later .I'm impressed so far and after five days had no problems whatsoever , just a shame thy can't provide an activation key on their site.
DanielCarver Nov 20, 2007
5 out of 5
i have this on my other PC, works fine and fast. I don't understand all b****in going on here.
anomoly Nov 19, 2007
4 out of 5
I STILL have to restore my MBR in order to get my pc to boot AT ALL with version
As far as 'run safer' that can be done for free with dropmyrights.exe but is nice when u don't have to create a short to do so.
Just uninstalled comodo's latest pile of steaming garbage and will never use them again no matta what!

U don't understand!? what the f*** does I had to restore my mbr mean to you? As if everyone can easily do this. dumba**

I am using it now and hope that they will fix the boot problem but since I figured it out and am using it, I hope it actually is an updated version from the last which confused aps that were running with aps that weren't.
bobad Nov 19, 2007
2 out of 5
Pay no attention to the screenshot, because this program is seriously crippled. The free version is so crippled, it's not really worth the download. This program is plastered all over the web misrepresenting all kinds of great features for the free version. Close examination shows that only about 10% of the features are active in the free version. Crippled programs are OK, but the product description should list only the active features, not all the features found only on the expensive commercial version of Online Armor. Still, it gets 2 points because it looks great, and would be easy to use if you ever decided to buy it.
constable56 Nov 7, 2007
5 out of 5
Simply fantastic. Even the free version passes all known leak tests right out of the box. Support is superb at the Online Armor forums.

Programs have an option to "run safer". This enables you to run with limited rights on vulnerable software. Alone, this feature would eliminate the vast majority of infection.

The pay version obviously offers more features. My personal favorite is the ability to import blocklists like from Bluetack.

Nevertheless, the free version is more powerful than the vast majority of pay firewalls on the market.

If you don't at least try this software, you are missing an opportunity to significantly increase your computers security.
frgrif Nov 6, 2007
5 out of 5
Online Armor is very impressive. I use the pay version because I like Advanced Mode. OA is very stable and has great security. System doesn't get slowed down by running OA either, unlike a lot of other firewalls I've tried.
anomoly Nov 5, 2007
1 out of 5
After allowing ALL to run and booting this junk refused to allow explorer to run. I tried to manually run explorer.exe and I could not.
I had to use my backup image (driveimage xml) to restore my pc to it's working bootable state-lol.
amd cpu on a static ip using a hosts file with dns service disabled (for this reason).
why can't we give a negative review such as -5?
I find it hard to believe dns service disabled would do this but it is not the only service I disabled and no other FW has ever done this. ?
The free ed is lame as it has options that are disabled.
Use at your own risk!
love the spam screenshot-not
TouchuvGrey Nov 4, 2007
5 out of 5
Online Armor is a very easy to use and very powerful defense against even the nastiest of malware. Most of the protective functions are now in the kernal making them very well protected indeed. Matousec scored the firewall 9625 points ( 100%) out of the box with default settings. The GUI is quite intuitive and easy to understand. Pop ups are minimal and very clearly written. I think it is an excellent product and highly recommend it.( Disclosure; i am a member of the OA Beta Test Team [unpaid] )

hell0 Oct 24, 2007
5 out of 5
Im glad they released a free version of OA 2. Its makes for a easy firewall but it also has its strong HIPS features. Excellent freeware program.
stopbuggingme Sep 8, 2006
1 out of 5
Online Armor was alright when it first came out. All the 'promises' make it sound like the ultimate software. But development is so slow and the irritating online license activation/reset totally put me off. Been > 1 year since I bought it. sighs totally disappointed.

What's worse is that 'bashing of a fellow country product' is allowed in their forums. My respect/support of your product is totally gone.
debugged Jun 20, 2006
3 out of 5
Funny that someone would say "OA is a Host-based Internet Security Program (HIPS)". First of all, if that description were right, it would be a "HISP", not a "HIPS". Secondly, it is a HIPS, and HIPS stands for host-based intrustion prevention system ... and nothing else.

Online Armor is OK, but there are better HIPS out there.
bellgamin Nov 17, 2005
5 out of 5
Online Armor (OA) is rated tops at Wilders Security forums by ITs & other qualified testers who have actually used it from early beta until current version.

OA is a Host-based Internet Security Program (HIPS). It: (1) maintains security of files, (2) functions as an application firewall, (3) defends against internet malware, (4) protects the users HOSTS file, (5 etc) plus many other critical security functions.

OA's protection is behavior-based, so it is not dependent on signatures. Thus, OA will protect you even against brand new malware for which signatures do not yet exist.

OA is stringently maintained in a current status. It has its own support forum, plus one of its key programmers fully participates in Wilders & other security forums.

I HIGHLY recommend this superb program.
Aprazeth Aug 25, 2005
3 out of 5
Really weird how the 2 first reviews can be writting in such similar ways and both rate the product so highly o_O

Must be my paranoia... In any case, the programs seems to run fine so far :) Not too impressed with it, but it's ok.
ReGen Aug 25, 2005
5 out of 5
Online Armor is a very easy program to use with a lot of hidden strength.
They seem to have designed the program from the ground up with the average PC user in mind, making it very suitable to run on a shared family PC.

Online Armor pops up warnings about every unrecognised file that tries to run on your PC. It also recognises programs that have changed. (Online Armor comes with a white list of programs so only unrecognised programs will cause a warning to appear). You then get the choice to allow or block.

It has the ability to track new files and registry entries during a program installation so if a younger family member still somehow manages to install something they shouldn’t, you can safely remove it in your own time.

OA will also warn you if fake emails are received proposing to be from your bank (and actually mark the email as dangerous) so as you know not to open any of the links contained within.

It will also keep an eye on internet use to prevent unwanted actions taking effect on your computer.

The support is excellent from the TallEmu staff, with replies in Forums or emails arriving extremely quickly.
siliconman01 Aug 24, 2005
5 out of 5
This innovative, new approach to protecting our systems from the Internet criminals lurking around waiting to find a sucker is a great addition to the security portfolio.

Its engine is kernel based at the lowest level giving it prevention capabilities instead of signature based. It has a great LiveUpdate that updates the program version automatically as well as any new data furnished by Tall EMU.

The program has just been brought on the market by Tall EMU in Australia and in certain areas is still evolving in its capabilities and protection.

The user interface is straight forward. The program GUI is designed for simplicistic installation/setup/use for the computer novice.

Customer support is outstanding with a dedicated forum on the Tall EMU servers and also a lot of activity in the Wilderssecurity forum. Customer concerns and recommendations are encouraged and promptly responded to and integrated when practical and conducive to the design scheme of Online-Armor.

Well worth the initial licensing fee which also includes 1 years support.