BitComet BitComet 1.57.0 for Windows


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File Size 2.3 MB
License Freeware
Operating System Windows (All)
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Total Downloads 3,500,849
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BitComet is a powerful, clean, fast, and easy-to-use bittorrent client. It supports simultaneous downloads, download queue, selected downloads in torrent package, fast-resume, chatting, disk cache, speed limits, port mapping, proxy, ip-filter, etc.

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chrispaul reviewed v1.37 on Feb 17, 2014



HeilNizar reviewed v1.36 on May 3, 2013



FatBastard reviewed v1.34 on Feb 15, 2013

This program is a viruz


yellowfordcapri reviewed v1.33 on Nov 30, 2012

i upgraded a couple of times but there seemed to be a few hiccups now and again so i went back to good old BitComet 1.25! its never given me any problems so call me a dinosaur or whatever! i stick with; "if it aint broke, dont fix it"


mAUI69fORU reviewed vBuild 20120221 Beta on Apr 13, 2012

I Love it fast and easy to use


FatBastard reviewed vBuild 20120221 Beta on Feb 21, 2012

Horrible bloatware :(


Aegis69 reviewed vBuild 20111207 Beta on Dec 7, 2011

If you don't know how to use Transmission, maybe you shouldn't be downloading torrents at all...


ballyhairs reviewed vBuild 20110118 Beta on Jan 19, 2011

Wow, amazing how the author didn't give up his crap-ware yet :(


DrTeeth reviewed vBuild 20110111 Beta on Jan 12, 2011

Bitcomet 0.70 is 5*; it became a pile of crap soon after and never recovered.

Unfortunately, 0.70 could not cope with the speed for some reason when I got a fibre connection, now using uTorrent.


mushrooooom reviewed v1.20 on May 10, 2010

C'mon guys, BitComet is AWESOME!

Well, Bitcomet did have a false version before, but that version was replaced immediately. The developers have changed the situation, they didn't expect the users to cheat on the ratio. What version is it? 0.60? Now we're having 1.20!!! This software is moving on, why can't you also move on and give BitComet a chance? The developers corrected that mistake immediately but ignored the rumour, and people are executing it because of this damn reason! In my opinion, that affair was not the problem of BitComet, but a shame on those cheaters instead!

It's a free software, we all download and use it for free, the staff members in the forum are helping us voluntarily. Even if you don't like it, it didn't cost you anything. You can leave negative comments but please be honest, don't defame it. I know some users couldn't forgive them even it's been so many years, they are still deceived by some vile rumour. I can't understand why those rumour kept being released, they sound so fake but still have people believing them. WTH!

Even a prisoner has opportunity to be accepted by society again, why are you being so mean to a software?? Don't listen to its vile competitors anymore and believe your own experience please.

Avg. Rating 3.2 (1,538 votes)
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chrispaul reviewed v1.37 on Feb 17, 2014



HeilNizar reviewed v1.36 on May 3, 2013



FatBastard reviewed v1.34 on Feb 15, 2013

This program is a viruz


yellowfordcapri reviewed v1.33 on Nov 30, 2012

i upgraded a couple of times but there seemed to be a few hiccups now and again so i went back to good old BitComet 1.25! its never given me any problems so call me a dinosaur or whatever! i stick with; "if it aint broke, dont fix it"


mAUI69fORU reviewed vBuild 20120221 Beta on Apr 13, 2012

I Love it fast and easy to use


FatBastard reviewed vBuild 20120221 Beta on Feb 21, 2012

Horrible bloatware :(


Aegis69 reviewed vBuild 20111207 Beta on Dec 7, 2011

If you don't know how to use Transmission, maybe you shouldn't be downloading torrents at all...


ballyhairs reviewed vBuild 20110118 Beta on Jan 19, 2011

Wow, amazing how the author didn't give up his crap-ware yet :(


DrTeeth reviewed vBuild 20110111 Beta on Jan 12, 2011

Bitcomet 0.70 is 5*; it became a pile of crap soon after and never recovered.

Unfortunately, 0.70 could not cope with the speed for some reason when I got a fibre connection, now using uTorrent.


mushrooooom reviewed v1.20 on May 10, 2010

C'mon guys, BitComet is AWESOME!

Well, Bitcomet did have a false version before, but that version was replaced immediately. The developers have changed the situation, they didn't expect the users to cheat on the ratio. What version is it? 0.60? Now we're having 1.20!!! This software is moving on, why can't you also move on and give BitComet a chance? The developers corrected that mistake immediately but ignored the rumour, and people are executing it because of this damn reason! In my opinion, that affair was not the problem of BitComet, but a shame on those cheaters instead!

It's a free software, we all download and use it for free, the staff members in the forum are helping us voluntarily. Even if you don't like it, it didn't cost you anything. You can leave negative comments but please be honest, don't defame it. I know some users couldn't forgive them even it's been so many years, they are still deceived by some vile rumour. I can't understand why those rumour kept being released, they sound so fake but still have people believing them. WTH!

Even a prisoner has opportunity to be accepted by society again, why are you being so mean to a software?? Don't listen to its vile competitors anymore and believe your own experience please.


AmpFeare reviewed vBuild 20100203 Beta on Feb 8, 2010

I need a few things answered here if someone would be so kind as to do so.
Does this thing still have all the ad banner bs in it? and to the comment 2 rows down, was version .70 the latest version to not have the ad banners, thank you.

Oh the review, won't know till my questions are answered, BUT this used to be the king, idc what you say. as for now bitspirit, utorrent deluge and vuze (if your pc can handle it) ar ethe way to go


FileTracker reviewed vBuild 20100203 Beta on Feb 3, 2010

This program once was good, now its been left behind.


DrTeeth reviewed v1.17 on Dec 29, 2009

Bitcomet 0.70 is 5*; it became a pile of crap soon after and never recovered.


FileTracker reviewed v1.17 Build 20091223 Beta on Dec 27, 2009

Long long ago it was once one of the top clients, now nearly every one uses utorrent. uTorrent is better is every way.


dstream reviewed vBuild 20091216 Beta on Dec 17, 2009

Avoid Avoid Avoid Avoid,

This is total scumware please pay us money if you want your download to go faster and want a better version. Please be bombarded with adverts while your downloading. Please allow me to take control of your pc.

total scumware by the author. bloated and full of ad targeted content. I suggest a full spyware scan of your pc if you installed this. Die program die, Scams newbies to bittorent network and no others.

*********** BE WARNED STAY AWAY FROM THIS PROGRAM!! *************

this is a warning avoid the download and install of this program if you want ad targeted program pop ups or browser behavior monitoring and click on this to continue. Or while im downloading please click on this advert to continue. It will monitor your pc while you download to supply you with ad content on what your doing.

*********** BE WARNED STAY AWAY FROM THIS PROGRAM!! *************

after installing this program 30 seconds ago here you go my first pop up

Comet Passport is an account system that can be used in the BitComet Software and the following websites. With Comet Passport, not only can you get a better downloading speed, but also sign in all supported websites without register again.

yeah add supported

and my second pop up 2 mins later



JethroB reviewed v1.16 on Nov 11, 2009

Still waiting to see "removed nags" in the improvements. Who writes the so-called descriptions?


Vexii reviewed v1.16 on Nov 10, 2009

Bloatware, slow, spyware etc.


ballyhairs reviewed v1.15 on Sep 26, 2009

OMG, how come this crapware is still alive? lol


embers reviewed v1.15 on Sep 25, 2009

Terrible program. I much prefer uttorent over this. This program went wrong in too many ways somewhere along the line, and some trackers even block it.


egg83 reviewed vBuild 20090831 Beta on Aug 31, 2009

This thing hooks itself into your downloads outside of bittorrent way too deeply. Used to be decent. Pass.


JethroB reviewed v1.14 on Aug 1, 2009

BitComet should be considered Adware and Crippleware. Nags you to register to get 'full download speed'. Other nags too.


FileTracker reviewed v1.11 on May 3, 2009

Don't waste your time, a good number of trackers have banned or are currently banning this client.


pedigree reviewed vBuild 20090413 Beta on Apr 15, 2009

tracker abuser and until they rid the world of "padding file", they can go to hell


ballyhairs reviewed v1.09 on Mar 8, 2009

Now that is a piece of cr@#, after installing it my computer was a dead turkey, wouldn't do anything even after restart.
Solution.. safe mode, Revo Uninstaller to delete it and its tracks.
Back to Utorrent.


Adrian79 reviewed v1.05 on Oct 10, 2008

I used this for years up until about 2 years ago when it took a turn for the worst, since then I have been very happy with bitspirit.


nequiter reviewed v1.04 on Oct 10, 2008

BitComet is my preferred bittorrent client for two main reasons:

It is not only a bittorrent client, but a download manager also

I can control, in the same window, all my downloads (http, ftp, bittorrent) and I can set the "global maximum download speed" to use my browser simultaneously at an acceptable speed.


jcunews reviewed v1.04 on Aug 23, 2008

It's powerful, fast and smart. Too smart, I guess. It exploits the BitTorrent protocol weakness. Very suitable for heavy leechers. Other similar alternatives are BitTornado and BitThief. Bravo!


ShahinD reviewed v1.04 on Aug 22, 2008

can not install on Vista x64
so ugly
not efficient


pureosmosis reviewed v1.04 on Aug 22, 2008

Version 1.04 will not load on a vista 64 machine, but 1.03 loads fine. Can't leave feedback at publishers site as the "security" no spam letter image is broken. Very frustrated with this release.


pureosmosis reviewed v1.04 Build 20080813 Beta on Aug 14, 2008

I have had great success with other versions, I use torrent software very infrequently. Unfortunatly this beta will not load on my Vista 64 system.


Aires reviewed v1.03 on Jul 21, 2008

I've used it and I like and I still like it. And for those who say don't use it, read on:

"In July 2007 professional networking specialist Robb Topolski conducted an independent analysis of most accusations leveled against BitComet including the DHT Exploit and Super-seeding controversies mentioned above. He found all but one of the claims to be false or unverifiable. He found that BitComet is not detrimental or malicious to the download or upload speeds of a BitTorrent swarm or the tracker.
The one claim he verified as partially correct was that, "BitComet is a poor peer due to no upload slot control; upload bandwidth is stretched too thin.". Topolski's tests indicated that BitComet does lack upload slot control, but only when BitComet is initially seeding a torrent that is, when BitComet is the only seeding peer in a swarm, it tends to seed less efficiently than the two other clients he tested. Topolski asserts that when BitComet is not the only seeding peer in the swarm, or when it is a non seeding peer, upload slot control is managed exceptionally well."

The fact that BitTornado still bans BitComet says a lot more about BitTornado than it does about BitComet in my opinion.


pedigree reviewed v1.03 on Jul 19, 2008

awful awful client. hostile acticity, no wonder lots of trackers ban it. Its padding system was thought up by some complete moron. I hope every major tracker bans it.


Bonobi reviewed v1.03 Build 20080708 Beta on Jul 8, 2008

It's great and easy to use, but like mentioned it's been and is still being blocked by a few trackers; think it's the best client still, though.


echohead reviewed v1.03 Build 20080708 Beta on Jul 8, 2008

most of the better sites block it. heck, bittornado wont even allow it to connect.


iknowyouknow reviewed v1.03 Build 20080708 Beta on Jul 8, 2008

belongs in the history books


acervatim reviewed v1.02 on Jun 8, 2008

It downloads everything from the Web: it supports HTTP, FTP and Bittorrent downloads. It is like to have "OrbitDownloader + uTorrent" in a single application! There is an optional add-on to connect to the "EDonkey net" even. It auto-resumes interrupted downloads (when there is a black-out or when the telephone line breaks off). It integrates very well into Internet Explorer and Firefox (without using "Flashgot" extension). You can download from the Web
Flash videos also. Memory consumption: it requires max 32 MB when it downloads 2 torrents.

Features summary:

NAT/Firewall configuration;
UPnP port mapping;
protection against ARP cheating attacks from LAN; NAT Trasversal via UDP;
protocol encryption;
hard disk protection via automatic disk cache.


BladeZero reviewed vBuild 20080522 Beta on May 22, 2008

This client is banned on many bittorrent trackers.


psycros reviewed v1.01 on May 8, 2008

I tried this because of its FireFox integration, which no other client seems to have (why?). Worked until I rebooted my PC, then after that would crash every time within seconds of starting. And its FULL of ads. Umm..Utorrent better, no ads. Would give a 1 if it didn't have FF support built in. Until they get it stable and lose the ads, avoid.


Atlix reviewed v0.99 on Feb 29, 2008

The bitcomet 0.99 is a crappy version.
It keeps crashing all the time.
I did try to limiting its network access by shutting off DHT but nothing changed.
I did get rid of it very soon after installation.

I still use 0.98 because this one is at least working stable.
But the bug I found is that in the summary of the downloaded torrent the Upload and download amounts are NOT correct.
I have a transfer-logging program outside of Bitcomet and it says I uploaded 1.2Gb and downloaded 1Gb but Bitcomet says I downloaded 925Mb and only 45Mb have been uploaded.

At the same time the transfer counter in the small square shows a higher upload than download.
So I ask myself where is the bug? Or is Bitcomet lying about what's he really doing so people keep seeding until the seed is 3 fold the download?
I upload each torrent with a ratio of 1.5 without caring about bogus summaries of bitcomet before I delete the torrent.
And if can’t download anymore because I am assumebly a lecher I’ll change torrent client.


Njuuton reviewed v0.99 on Feb 2, 2008

Does anyone know if there is going to be anything special in the "first" release, aka 1.00 ?


lukasavage reviewed vBuild 20080130 Beta on Jan 30, 2008

I had this on my machine only for as long as it took to get it back off. This download contained the biggest bombardment of unasked for crapware I've seen in a long time.


Adrian79 reviewed v0.98a on Jan 24, 2008

i used to use these for many years until it stopped working lol.. bitspirit ever since ;-)

why hello there

why hello there reviewed v0.97 on Dec 8, 2007

Fastest BitTorrent client you've used for downloads? Well, that would be wonderful... IF BitTorrent clients didn't have TWO equally-important functions: Downloading and SEEDING! And that's why BitVomit sucks--it is abusive to peers and trackers. Being abusive is what helps it obtain better download speeds. But it's also what makes it a garbage client overall.

the artist

the artist reviewed v0.97 on Dec 7, 2007

I wonder what changes are left for them to decide to launch 1.00...


DevilsSpawn reviewed vBuild 20071205 Beta on Dec 6, 2007

works better than any torrent client I have tried
as for the freezing problem turn off the DHT network.


BB88 reviewed vBuild 20071109 Beta on Nov 9, 2007

Fastest torrent client I have tried. uTorrent, Azureus, BitSpirit are all somehow slower. And it's getting stable again... never crashed for couple months :p I'm using 0.93, and will try 0.96 soon.


dazran reviewed v0.96 on Nov 7, 2007

BitCommet & uTorrent two best torrents clients ;-)


Adrian79 reviewed v0.96 on Nov 7, 2007

0.73 was the last real working build :-)


ripfuel reviewed v0.96 on Nov 7, 2007

I have been a long time BitComet user. After I installed this new version, every time I would open the program it would freeze up on me. I did a quick un-install back to the 0.94 version & now I have no problems & get 800kbps Download speeds quite often.


FmlyRnn reviewed v0.95 on Nov 5, 2007

Good Program! I have ran it on XP, and I am running it on Vista with no problems.
FmlyRnn [Lucid Geek]


sooti reviewed vBuild 20071101 Beta on Nov 2, 2007

very bad client, i'm still with the good old uTorrent 1.6, since it does everything a bittorrent client should do...

the only reason i'm giving this client a 2 is because on my seedbox, it does do better then uTorrent when it comes to disk cache


Adrian79 reviewed vBuild 20071101 Beta on Nov 2, 2007

years using this until last year when the only option became bitspirit.


Project51 reviewed vBuild 20070929 Beta on Oct 1, 2007

I've been using BitComet for a long time, until I try this RSS stuff in uTorrent.

Then I forgot about BitComet coz their too lazy not to support RSS.

GIVE IT UP BITCOMET, close down your site. Everybody hates you now.


McAleck reviewed v0.92 on Sep 1, 2007

never give up! :)

the artist

the artist reviewed v0.92 on Aug 31, 2007

Honestly, don't know why they keep coding on this. Just start over again or forget it.

.uTorrent for minimalistic-resource-usage whiners, at low speeds.
.BitSpirit for a 100+ ram usage, downloading at the highest speeds achievable. (Hay, i have a 1GB ram, with an average 400 unused, i don't care)


Prospero424 reviewed vBuild 20070828 Beta on Aug 28, 2007

Until it stops "gaming" the protocol when connecting to initial/super seeders in order to increase download speed for BitComet peers, thereby sabotaging swarm speed and the download speeds of users of all other clients in any given swarm, I will keep giving it the lowest score possible.

The developers just play pass the buck and blame it on the creator of the SuperSeeding function for not making the rules of the protocol "clear", but they are suspiciously careful with their wording and admit that the protocol wasn't INTENDED to be used this way because it's harmful to the BitTorrent community at large.

And they know it. They don't even bother to deny the negative overall effects they are causing.

But as long as it lets them claim that their client is faster and brings in the ad revenue, they're not going to let that stop them.

And then there's the padding files when using BitComet to seed that serve a similar purpose (increasing BitComet speed and slowing down everyone else)...

Yes, BitComet is fast. But this speed is obtained through digital lying and cheating that slows down everyone else. Avoid until they clean up their act.

Edit: I added a point for the work they're doing implementing multi-protocol transfers for the same data set. As far as I know, no one else is working on this. And while it may turn out to be a bad idea, it's still pretty nifty.


gehtnix reviewed vBuild 20070824 Beta on Aug 27, 2007

Rating "3" for being freeware. But compared to other torrent clients this one is a bit disappointing concerning its handling of bandwidth and ressources.


robmanic44 reviewed vBuild 20070824 Beta on Aug 26, 2007

GetRight already has a bit torrent client built into the download manager and it works very well.


nilst2006 reviewed vBuild 20070824 Beta on Aug 25, 2007

What have happened to this (previous) good torrentapp ? 0.7.0 to 0.7.5 are the really good versions, but after them they are quite poor. I give it a TWO.


tatool reviewed vBuild 20070714 Beta on Jul 14, 2007

- still blocked on most torrent sites
- memory leaks
- heavy bandwidth issues

keep working guys

by the way - why screenshot is from 0.53? it looks a bit different now.


PostDeals reviewed vBuild 20070703 Beta on Jul 3, 2007

I have used uTorrent but it seems everytime I use it my internet bandwidth is so much slower even if I don't got much going ( 20k download 2 k upload) and I am on comcast 6 meg. As soon as I close the program speeds return to normal, what could be the cause?


xproject51 reviewed v0.90 on Jul 2, 2007

I'm stuck at 0.70 BitComet. I wanted to use uTorrent but I really like the Preview function of the BitComet.

And now... BitComet can use eDonkey protocol??? WTF. If I want to use such feature, I'll use LimeWire. Sorry BitComet, you're only good at 1. And since you're being banned by some trackers. I do you uTorrent side-by-side.


littlebits reviewed v0.90 on Jun 26, 2007

Use to be my favorite torrent application, but with each new release, it has gotton worse.

It has become so bloated with unnecessary features and ad banners. Uses too many computer resources to run. Also has been banned from several different trackers.

Torrents seem to get slower with each new version.

Sorry, but it may be the most popular Torrent application, but it is not the best.

Want fast downloads then go with uTorrent.



benyahuda reviewed v0.90 on Jun 20, 2007

I'm stuck on 0.70 too.

Every build since then has either not run (crashed) or reduced my speed no matter how I set them up.


SineWave reviewed vBuild 20070614 Beta on Jun 14, 2007

I can only say this: a lot of great software has been going down with MSitis and Bloatitis last few years and they will eventually go down completely. Bloating with useless features instead of simple debugging and a feature here and there is no way to go. Simply use uTorrent instead, what else to say.


BB88 reviewed vBuild 20070613 Beta on Jun 13, 2007

I remember using 0.8x and it kept crashing, and I reverted back to 0.70, 0.68... however, with the ISP traffic shaping I'm really having a nightmare with BT (downloading at 2-3K/s).

I decided to give 0.89 (stable release) a try again and no more crashes, and my download has went up a bit to 20K/s. Maybe it has a new encryption algorithm?


SwistaQ reviewed v0.89 on Jun 9, 2007

Version 0.70 was propably the last good version of this client.


siryak reviewed vBuild 20070524 Beta on May 23, 2007

Well...It "USED" to be the best anyway...


Adrian79 reviewed v0.87 on May 8, 2007

i'm not just following the trend... i honestly LOVED this proggy for years!!!!!!!

version .83 was the last stable for me...since then they just DO NOT WORK??? i mean what happened here? i never heard of such a downfall of "function"

i'm stuck using "bitspirit" now doesnt even have a homepage, but the dam thing works great!! lol


DojiStar reviewed v0.87 on May 8, 2007

This used to ba a great program. Fast to load, fast to download. Now it is just the opposite. That past few versions have just gotten worse and worse.

There are plenty of other more bittorrent clients available that can better suit your needs.


Qlib reviewed vBuild 20070427 Beta on Apr 28, 2007

ewww.. what happened.. this was such a nice program?.... its gone the way of the dodo.... :(


ModderXManiac reviewed vBuild 20070426 Beta on Apr 26, 2007

This program needs some serious cleaning up...It used to be written in harmless C++ and was a very acceptable look at it...bloatware.

Used to be great, but I urge the coders to rewrite most of it to bring back the positive reputation it used to have.


kise reviewed vBuild 20070425 Beta on Apr 26, 2007

Used to be the best (version 0.5x and 0.6x).

Then the 0.7x version came out with just bugs (how stupid isn't it to release only bugversions for 1/2 a year???) and they never made any good release after that.

Too bad, the app was small, fast and c++.

I switched to uTorrent (my torrent) now, it is what BitComet once was, a small, fast, no installation needed client.

Btw, if someone says azerues is great, it's not, it's a not optimized java client and eat loves eat RAM.


Budgie29 reviewed vBuild 20070425 Beta on Apr 25, 2007

I have not use this app for a long time ... ut when I was using it I found that it was somewhat lacking in the options department ....although the only real contender was at the azureus which has now become over programed and as for bit torent clents use utorrent its clean un cluttered and a verry small foot print


ModderXManiac reviewed vBuild 20070424 Beta on Apr 24, 2007

Download this, and your clean innocent PC will lose it's virginity to a menagerie of adware.

Also; banned by too many trackers for me to like...



horsecharles reviewed vBuild 20070409 Beta on Apr 11, 2007

Two main things are at play here(irregardless of adware, resource usage, etc.)
1. Media preview feature is a godsend, but...
2. the widespread banning is a tough nut to crack.


godzila reviewed vBuild 20070409 Beta on Apr 11, 2007



ModderXManiac reviewed vBuild 20070409 Beta on Apr 10, 2007

Adware, on top of that, it's poorly coded. To top that, it's banned on more trackers than anything else.

Adware is enough to give this program a rating of 1, don't even get me started on how bloated it is.


Gerhard reviewed v0.86 on Apr 6, 2007

Used an old version until it start taking 100% CPU when downloading(?!?).

Downloaded the latest version and got ads everywhere in Bitcomet window. The old version was not too bad, but it took a lot of memory and seemed to take all bandwidth from my Internet connection.

I'm now looking for alternatives...


jk- reviewed vBuild 20070329 Beta on Apr 2, 2007

Used to be good but now sucks since it installs IE browser helper objects without permission. Should be considered spyware now.


knightracer reviewed v0.85 on Mar 20, 2007

it now has ads


BogdanSHA reviewed vBuild 20070315 Beta on Mar 16, 2007

@SiTWulf - That limit is for people of your kind who never share back...


ballyhairs reviewed vBuild 20070315 Beta on Mar 15, 2007

The last good Bitcomet was and still version 0.70, whatever those people came up with after that is crap, but you have to be honest, its a great client.


SiTWulf reviewed vBuild 20070212 Beta on Mar 2, 2007

This client is really POOR!...

Try this: (BC 0.84)

Download Limit to: 450
Upload Limit to: 3
You never download at more than: 20Kbs

Try this: (BC 0.70)

Download Limit to: 450
Upload Limit to: 3
Your download speed go to 400 in seconds.

TOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD for the creator... tooo bad!!! Upload / Download Limit Hidden feature....

All people in here, download a better Client and leave this s*** program only for newbies.


Adrian79 reviewed v0.84 on Feb 9, 2007

i had to stop using bitcomet since the last 2 updates... its sad because i worshiped comet and made sure everyone knew it was the right choice... same reasons as below, couldnt connect to torrents, well bitspirit was a nice replacement :-)


ripfuel reviewed v0.84 on Feb 8, 2007

Once again, I would love to rate this program my usual 5, but there is one Major problem. I can't connect & when I do connect I only got speeds of 6-14k max while UL & with previous versions I could always hit 45-100k UL with ease. I am a very giving seeder in the bit torrent community & have always used BitComet. I sure hope the author can get this bug worked out soon or I may have to look at another client & I do not want to do that. BitComet has always given me excellent results until recently. Good Luck Team & I hope everything gets fixed soon!


RaiseUrHands reviewed v0.83 on Feb 7, 2007

There may be version problem but most recent versions work better than Azureus and every other one I've tried, even Utorrent which is itself decent.
It makes full use of bandwidth. Best of all, little known is that you can select files from within torrents enabling you to view sample movies for example. Indespensible and controversial feature.


ripfuel reviewed v0.83 on Feb 5, 2007

I would love to rate this version my usual 5, only if the damn thing would connect & work. I love the new GUI...but the main problem is, that it will not work with XP. Maybe the author will catch the bug & put out another fix soon. Good Luck guys, please give me my Bit Comet back!


Arron25 reviewed vBuild 20060908 Beta on Dec 30, 2006

I Would like to run the new version of BitComet..If only they would work...I am Still running 7.0 ....After trying every version up to 8.0// suffering logon failure and dropouts will all newer... May be 8.1 WILL work?????


MickyFoley reviewed v0.81 on Dec 29, 2006

v0.81 2006.12.27

- GUI Improved: new floating window to display running status, supporting drag&drop of links in webpage and files to start download
- GUI Improved: add new function of auto query file size and server resume-supported ability when add new HTTP task, which can be configured in preferences dialog
- GUI Improved: the task number of a task queue is displayed in the favorites list
- GUI Improved: new icons for HTTP task states in task list
- GUI Improved: link count is displayed in add HTTP task group dialog
- GUI Bugfix: fix the bug that URL can not be opened from BitComet if FireFox is set to be default browser
- Core Improved: new function of auto recycle memory, which can be configured in preferences dialog
- Core Improved: compatible to Windows Vista, able to download HTTP links from IE7


Adrian79 reviewed v0.81 on Dec 28, 2006

after all this time :-( now i was forced to switch to 'bitspirit' so far i love it!!


kronix2 reviewed v0.81 on Dec 28, 2006

Apparently 0.70 was considered the "latest stable release" even when 0.80 was released. Anybody with a cursory knowledge of the point release system would have assumed that 0.80 was a stable release, especially considering 0.71-0.79 were ridden with bugs. After reading some forum posts, you discover that 0.80 wasn't officially stable - yet nowhere on the front page is this mentioned.

According to the forum posts, they replaced the entire client somewhere between 0.70 and 0.80, which would explain the huge amount of bugs. Mentioning this on the front page or explicitly tagging all of these releases as beta would have been helpful. Oh, and BitComet is still banned by many private trackers. Shame, as I prefer it over uTorrent.

EDIT: It looks like the two massive 0.79/0.80 bugs have been fixed in 0.81.

EDIT #2: Ok, there's a huge bug which is stopping me from visiting websites when I have any torrents running. The remaining time counter still doesn't work properly. Time to downgrade to 0.70 (AGAIN). If the bugs aren't ironed out soon, I'm switching to uTorrent.


SiTWulf reviewed v0.80 on Dec 19, 2006

This client is really POOR!...

Try this: (BC 0.80)

Download Limit to: 450
Upload Limit to: 3
You never download at more than: 20Kbs

Try this: (BC 0.70)

Download Limit to: 450
Upload Limit to: 3
Your download speed go to 400 in seconds.

TOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD for the creator... tooo bad!!! Upload / Download Limit Hidden feature....

All people in here, download a better Client and leave this s*** program only for newbies.


Japaner reviewed v0.80 on Dec 19, 2006

Great program! BitComet is the only BitTorrent client I've tested that works on Vista without any problems. Fast, stable and easy to configure. A nicer GUI wouldn't hurt.


ripfuel reviewed v0.80 on Dec 17, 2006

Great bit torrent client. I get ultra fast downlaod speeds with Bitcomet! Keep up the GREAT work guys!


Jim reviewed v0.80 on Dec 17, 2006

I give it a 3 - its still bloat-ware. To perform liposuction on this would endanger its life and likely clog the hose. uTorrent looks almost exactly the same, does everything this does (except toss in an unnecessary web browser aspect), and it less then 1/10th its size. Interface and downloads are faster then this too. This is a step better then Azerous however, though Az has a nifty display for how your receiving data it constantly complains about not being shut down right and gets very very frequent updates with no noticeable changes. BC has a tenancy to crash too, as others have posted...


wingo reviewed v0.80 on Dec 15, 2006

crashed the third time i leeched a file. will see how long it lasts this time around.

bitcomet was cheating stats previous versions


Theoldwino reviewed v0.80 on Dec 15, 2006

Just came to bitcomet and it works well for me. No more utorrent ever.


evolution76 reviewed v0.79 on Dec 1, 2006

I got .79 and the download speed was sadddddd.....I had to go back to .70 and the speed is where i am use to it.


jk- reviewed v0.79 on Nov 30, 2006

bitcomet gets a bad rap but it's a good app. If Azureus is too resource-intensive then this is your best bet. uTorrent's coders have dubious connections to antip2p corporations so I would NEVER use utorrent. the only downfall to bitcomet is that there are some dumb torrent site-ops out there that have banned it (not because there are problems with it but because they just repeat what they see others do.. monkey see - monkey do).


xyzcb1 reviewed v0.79 on Nov 30, 2006

This is the best BT client out there. I had gave uTorrent a few tries, just not worth it. Bitcomet still the best.


DeathAxe reviewed v0.79 on Nov 30, 2006

Too bloated, too much useless things not needed. Utorrent is still the best bt client out there.


Mirrebex reviewed v0.79 on Nov 30, 2006

it's a good client but, dont waste your time.. go with the best.. go with utorrent.


ripfuel reviewed v0.79 on Nov 30, 2006

I have had great luck with this torrent client to date. I have however, had a few bugs with previous versions & I have no idea why some trackers are banning BitComet. I sure hope the author can get it fixed & soon if possible. By far this is the best client I have ever used on an all around basis. My DL speeds are usually 80-160kbs. but have reached speeds of 382kbps. On a file with a great tracker & many seeders that is. Keep up the great work guys!


kronix2 reviewed v0.78 on Nov 29, 2006

I prefer this over uTorrent, although I might have to switch as some private trackers have recently banned BitComet. I hope the developer rectifies whatever's forcing trackers to ban this client.

By the way, BitComet's development cycle tends to produce one stable point release and several unstable interim releases. So, 0.70 is the latest stable BitComet release, at least in my experience. I've never encountered a bug in 0.70 after 5 months of use.

This is still the best BT client in my view.


Stefu reviewed v0.78 on Nov 29, 2006

Yeah is good!!! it does the job well.


constust reviewed v0.78 on Nov 29, 2006

Worst torrent client i have ever used. I've tried them all.
Steer clear from this piece of garbage!


WeR4saken reviewed v0.78 on Nov 29, 2006

Still not working as well as .70 for me.

Last poster - Azureus uses Java. That won't be changing any time soon.


bugmenot reviewed v0.77 on Nov 23, 2006

Been using BC as my main client for years now, ver 0.77 has sent me to Azureus, as It no longer requires Java.Bitcomet 0.77 has some new "bitcomet passport" feature and the website that it leads to just smells fishy to me, and they offer "faster BT downloads" as a feature for bitcomet passport, does that mean their limiting the speed of those who do not register? Why the marketing speak on the reg site? Why the fishyness? Why does the torrent that used to download at 50K/s now struggle to reach 5k/s? BC has gone off the rails, good night sweet prince.


benyahuda reviewed v0.76 on Nov 8, 2006

I give 0.76 a 4 for hopeful. Maybe a 5 tomorrow if it's stable for me.

No BitComet release since 0.70 has been stable on my machine.

I had a string of bad luck with 0.64-0.69 too.

The builds of BC that do run on my machine generally outperform just about everything else though.

Well I gave 0.76 a trial. It does not crash, but, it is slow compared to 0.70.

I installed both releases several times on the same machine. One right after the other and then turn about.

0.76 averaged 45-50 KB/s down and 21 KB/s up.
0.70 averaged 170+ KB/s down and 19 KB/s up.

All settings were as similarly set as the two builds allowed.

I have to downgrade my rating of 0.76 to a 3 while 0.70 retains a 5 rating.


ballyhairs reviewed v0.76 on Nov 7, 2006

Since when is Betanews a forum for such questions?


midnighter_9999 reviewed v0.76 on Nov 7, 2006

Which is the best "torrent" and "p2p" with respect to speed?!?


mizkitty reviewed v0.75 on Oct 27, 2006

I have to agree...this is probably full of bugs.

I made the mistake of installing v0.74 and it wouldn't run for more than an hour w/o crashing with a runtime error...
Went back to .70 and it's running fine again.


dhdoyle reviewed v0.75 on Oct 26, 2006

Don't get me wrong, I like and use Bitcomet.

However, they have a weird way of cataloging their releases. The last stable release is 0.70. The current version (0.75) is actually a development release and it has some obvious bugs that need to be resolved.

For example, recent releases display the "Information" panel in Chinese on my screen. According to their support forum, this is because the developers used a Chinese version of IE while writing the program. This apparently won't be fixed until their next stable release.

0.70 or 0.75? Dam*ed if you do, dam*ed if you don't.

Someone reviewed v0.74 (2006.10.14) on Oct 16, 2006

i agree with Aegis... while this isn't a bad program and its actually pretty good uTorrent is smaller and faster and the introdution of the WebUI really raised the bar for other torrent clients.


Adrian79 reviewed v0.74 (2006.10.14) on Oct 15, 2006

utorrent sucks, i installed it once, it wouldnt even work right lol, i been using bitcoment for 3 years now


mikeyx11 reviewed v0.74 on Oct 14, 2006

This is my favourite torrent client, and runs perfect for me. uTorrent is quite good also, however I don't like the GUI.

@Point Zero: P2P is used for many applications, both legal and illegal. I use P2P every day and I have no viruses or spyware. Don't post a review unless you are actually providing valuable information about the product.


Aegis69 reviewed v0.74 on Oct 13, 2006

I'm giving this a 4 for being a great Torrent client, unfortunately I do not use it anymore.

With the introduction of the WebGUI for uTorrent, I can now run uTorrent as a service on my windows server and access it via web from anywhere, and I can add or subtract torrents without having to VNC over to the machine, log in, etc etc etc.

uTorrent has them all beat now.

Point Zero

Point Zero reviewed v0.74 on Oct 13, 2006

P2P users are lamers & their system is full of spyware and virusses. P2P sucks.


Sailorcancer reviewed v0.73 on Sep 30, 2006

I started to use BitComet as my second torrent client after the original BitTorrent one. I REALLY loved BitComet, but sadly I have to find another torrent client. For some reason the torrents I'm uploading/downloading will not show me on the tracker. Also it won't add anything to my total uploading/downloading number on the tracker sites. This is a pain especially when I put something on the site, or when the site IP bans you because of your low uploading numbers.

BitComet is GREAT but just be careful of that one problem, with not showing up on the trackers.


Arron25 reviewed v0.73 on Sep 28, 2006

Wish there was a ZERO rating... 7.0 sort of works... but all since block downloads... with Not Logged in... what was a top program has lost the plot


jaredjames reviewed v0.73 on Sep 25, 2006

Full of critical bugs. And have noticed no change.

10/10 for crash ware.


UTAKER reviewed v0.73 on Sep 25, 2006

it totally rocks


Adrian79 reviewed v0.72 on Sep 17, 2006

0.70 only stable version right now..i agree, also w/ 0.71 when u rightclick the systray icon it dosnt show "pause all tasks" options like 7.0 i'll still with 0.70


darkpepe reviewed v0.71 on Sep 5, 2006

Going back to 0.70!
Upload speed is broken.


borisf98 reviewed v0.71 on Sep 5, 2006

Do not update to 0.71 version. I did update and Bitcomet stoped working. Returned back to versuion 0.70 and Bitcomet worked again.

Also, there are conflicts between Zonealarm and Bitcomet. Everytime I run Bitcomet, Zonealarm crushes.


Zankur reviewed v0.71 on Sep 4, 2006

Bitcomet is the best bittorrent application to be made.
ease of use,great speeds and definetly not bloated.
and much better than that utorrent stuff.
and i fail to understand why people with intellect waste time here if they like utorrent so much.


djtf reviewed vBuild 20060831 Beta on Aug 30, 2006

This is the 1st milestone! I´m shure it gonna make it´s way! I see a major improvement! I stay tuned!


dathorpe00 reviewed vBuild 20060826 Beta on Aug 27, 2006

I have tried other torrent programs and believe me, I always find BitComet the best.


siryak reviewed vBuild 20060826 Beta on Aug 26, 2006

Couldn't agree with yah more Yanike. Bitcomet is a great software!


zerohurt reviewed vBuild 20060824 Beta on Aug 25, 2006

tried em all but Bitcomet rules supreme and unless the other torrent software improves tenfold i cant see it getting knocked off its throne!


FlipmodeBG reviewed vBuild 20060816 Beta on Aug 15, 2006

I don't think the speed has something to do with the client. Besides, utorrent has Speed Guide to improve the speed.
as for bitcomet - bloated


yanike reviewed vBuild 20060808 Beta on Aug 9, 2006

Utorrent doesn't work that great with me either. I think UTorrent sucks if you ask me. I get 200kb/sec and more with Bitcomet. Tried other softwares and ended up right back where I belong. Bitcomet is the best and the others can fight for second.


siryak reviewed vBuild 20060731 Beta on Jul 31, 2006

Best torrent out there. I have tried utorrent but for some reason I do not get as good of speed on it. I don't know why obviously this isn't the case with everybody but for me BitComet gets 2x the speed of utorrent.


Flebbo reviewed vBuild 20060727 Beta on Jul 27, 2006

Bitcomet was the best......then came Utorrent. So this one deserves a second place among torrentclients


Stevefarrell reviewed vBuild 20060725 Beta on Jul 26, 2006

I sometimes use this bittorrent cliend but my favourite is still azuerous. sometimes bitcomet is faster than azuerous and vice versa. Its a good client but could be better.


wulv reviewed v0.70 on Jul 21, 2006

It is okay, but when running more than 5 torrents it uses a ton of system resources. This is bloated (completely unnecessary IE browser built into it, which crowds the UI) and doesn't have the features of Azureus and uTorrent. Best torrent client imo is uTorrent, but too all their own.


kashin reviewed vBuild 200607196 Beta on Jul 20, 2006

ModderXManiac's comments (can't really call it a review) remind me of those Azureus zealots who used to go around and give every other bittorrent client a rating of 1 and then suggest to go use Azureus. Official releases of BitComet are excellent and very stable. Although I now use uTorrent, I used BitComet for nearly a year and never had an issue. The interface isn't amazing or anything, but the client itself is rock solid and performs quite well. Give it a try and see for yourself. Don't listen to guys who give it a 1 just out of spite. I'm not saying everyone should vote a 5, but it certainly does not deserve a 1 either.


ModderXManiac reviewed vBuild 200607196 Beta on Jul 20, 2006

The best thing since moldy bread!(see the parody?)

Poorly constructed, whilst being light on system resources it proves to be a buggy nightmare. Yes, it works, but not well. Network monitoring is innacurate, it's DHT is nothing to brag about...

Use a real client; µTorrent. The only thing to like about Bitcomet that it has the best language support of any client ever made, all else it's crap.


Adrian79 reviewed vBuild 200607196 Beta on Jul 20, 2006

love bitcomet!! best thing since the orignal client


chronon reviewed v0.70 on Jun 25, 2006

Now that the most 3 important Torrent clients have the same encryption system this option be on by default on new installation. I usually only get PE when connecting to others uTorrent and Azureus. No need to have a such large piece of software. uTorrent does it's job and does it well!


Skizelli reviewed v0.70 on Jun 24, 2006

I used to favor BitComet before I realized how bloated it is. You don't need the built-in web browser to search for torrents. In my humble opinion, it doesn't compare to uTorrent. BitComet is NOT the best, and that's a calculated opinion. uTorrent does practically everything BitComet does, and more, not to mention it's only 176KB.


Eric20 reviewed v0.70 on Jun 24, 2006

A great torrent client. But I cant say its better than uTorrent.


Danny7 reviewed v0.69 on Jun 23, 2006

The best.


mansa reviewed v0.68 on Jun 5, 2006

The best of all even better than uTorrent


ripfuel reviewed v0.68 on May 30, 2006

Simply The BEST! Keep Up The Good Work Guys!


benZin reviewed v0.68 on May 30, 2006

The Best torrent client around.


GuyHersh reviewed v0.67 on May 14, 2006

BitComet is definatly one of the- if not the best bittorrent clients out there. This version fixed all my crash problems that I had with versions 0.65 and 0.66, this is definately the best release yet!


mikeyx11 reviewed v0.67 on May 14, 2006

This Torrent client is by far the best that I have ever used. I prefer it over uTorrent and Azureus because it doesn't look so bland. It's very stable, easy to use, and is efficient.


darkpepe reviewed v0.67 on May 13, 2006

Far better speeds than uTorrent. Sometimes it is sluggish and dull (almost as it had crashed), which is a minor inconvinience - It recovers itself within a minute.
No feature is lacking, and stability is improved over the last two versions. Possibly the best release since 0.60


kashin reviewed v0.67 on May 12, 2006

Hey squirrel83, that's not a review, just an idiotic fanboy voicing his opinion. Then again, at least you said utorrent and not Azureus. At any rate, this application most definately does not deserve a rating of 1 simply because you prefer utorrent. I've been using BitComet for a long time and I think it's the only real competitor to utorrent. It has come a long way and has recieved steady updates over the months. If you're looking for something with more teeth than utorrent, then this is the client to try out. It's free, has a clean interface and doesn't hog system resources. Also, it has never crashed on me once. Something that cannot be said about a certain Java client.


photonboy reviewed v0.67 on May 12, 2006

0.67 is not only very stable, but my average download speed increased!!
(I carefully monitored the average download rate on 0.63 and shortly after installing 0.67 I jumped up to my max of 400kb/s; it is NOT a coincidence either)
The crash problem appears to be fixed, so you should update to it.
Bitcomet is my preferred program, however I would like "Stop All", "Start All" and "Pause All" buttons for when I have many torrents.
I would like to be able to edit the "Favorites" (torrent sites).


sauzee reviewed v0.66 on May 9, 2006

0.65 and 0.66 crash - went back to 0.64 and all is stable again. do not upgrade beyond 0.64


GuyHersh reviewed v0.66 on Apr 28, 2006

BitComet 0.66 has crashed 4 times for me already in the last 12 hours. I've never had BitComet crash on me before. Even 0.65 was fine, but I downgraded to 0.64 just to be safe. I'll be sure to give it a 5 again when the crashes are fixed in 0.97 ;).


photonboy reviewed v0.66 on Apr 28, 2006

0.66 Crashes!
I waited to see if anyone else had this problem. My review of version 0.65 was a 5. If it's not useable at all then I'm forced to give version 0.66 the lowest score.

Sorry Bitcomet! (I'm still using 0.65 which is available at the Bitcomet site)
I'll be sure to update my score as soon as they fix this
Update: I downgraded to 0.63 when even 0.65 was crashing every hour. Bitcomet 0.63 is perfectly stable and I'll wait till they figure out their problem (0.64 probably works too)


darkpepe reviewed v0.66 on Apr 27, 2006

Sweet! This version works again flawlessly!
Much better than uTorrent or Azureus!
Speed is amazing compared to the others, which I believe is the most important thing to regard.


darkpepe reviewed v0.65 on Apr 26, 2006

This version is not stable! It crashes every 10 seconds, and wants to send an error report.

Going back to 0.63!


WeR4saken reviewed v0.65 on Apr 25, 2006

My favorite. I haven't had a real problem with this program since .61 and I'm pleased to see it's progressing.


darthbeads reviewed v0.65 on Apr 25, 2006

"Bloatware"? Puhleeze....

EDIT: @magusg: If you are going to make claims like that, provide something to substantiate them or be permanently relagated to the den of your fellow trolls.


photonboy reviewed v0.64 on Apr 22, 2006

Bitcomet's latest version (0.64) has solved the previous problems I had of not being able to SEED/upload to others properly.
I had switched over to Azureus, however Azureus kept refusing to shut down properly despite working fine when I was using it.
I really love Bitcomet. I like the add .bc! extension, the interface to add/remove components that pops up when starting a download and the File viewer in the normal interface.
What Bitcomet is missing is a START/STOP button for ALL the files. Everytime I stop Bitcomet I have to use the SHIFT button. Boy, do I feel lazy. Many other Torrent clients offer this.
Another problem with BitComet is that when trying to sort my lists (such as by percentage) I have to press the left mouse button TWO or THREE TIMES instead of one, and when I delete something the list changes. Why?

Bitcomet is still overall number one in my book.


wingo reviewed v0.64 on Apr 12, 2006

well i can't complain on the speeds with this but i DO mind when it steals/never report fair bandwith shared.

so don't share unless you want to be uncredited.


benZin reviewed v0.64 on Apr 12, 2006

Excellent, my favorite !


mansa reviewed v0.63 on Apr 3, 2006

the best even better than azureus and utorrent but only one bad thing that it does not shutdown immediatly after you close it still work for some time and than many connections reach your computer even if you use a firewall 'try ctrl+alt+suppr) after you exit bitcomet and you'll see.


ballyhairs reviewed v0.63 on Mar 18, 2006

Its perfect, I used most of other clients, even though this v. 0.62 is not working for me as 0.61, but I have no problem using Bitcomet at all, I don't even notice that its running, no connection going dead (Utorrent... Azureus,lol).
But someone told me that Bitcomet is blocked by many trackers, is it true? and why?


Shailen_Sobhee reviewed v0.63 on Mar 11, 2006

Wonderful, BitComet is the best bittorrent client ever, believe me,ive tried most of them; dont go anywhere download right the bitcomet client. Good job the bitcomet staff, a great software. Best for everybody, newbies or advanced users (well if you gat the knack of tuning stuffs, use azureus and go through the pain in the a** to tune it to get good dwnload rates; i warned you) -use bitcomet! it even goes through mt router and firewall without complicated configuration etc, no need to port forward the software in ur router's configuration page etc: BITComet is almost automatic..great job, i get my maximum download rate (the rates that DAP and other normal downloading software like internet download manager give me) great great great! With azureus i had 2kb/s max (suck my D ) and with utorrent, the fastest and maximum rate was 0 kb/max (you want smthg else to suck) >>USE BitComet folks, believe me, am not joiking, its the best~!


[deXter] reviewed v0.63 on Mar 8, 2006


For your and other critics info: uTorrent DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY SPYWARE/THIRD PARTY PROGRAMS!

You don't need any official confirmation: Use your common sense! It's just 150 KB for heavens sake! The average spyware that you get these days is about that size- where would you think they'd fit it?

Either ways I just checked up and confirmed it. uTorrent is clean. As clean as clean can be- a single exe file. It can't get cleaner and transparent than that. Just because you feel BitComet is better doesn't mean you start to badmouth other clients.

Please refrain from posting such misleading comments.


stopbuggingme reviewed v0.63 on Mar 8, 2006

darkpepe, can you prove that utorrent contanis spyware? Because it doesn't at all. There is no evidence in your argument.

utorrent is 100% spyware free!


garbriel reviewed v0.63 on Mar 8, 2006

The best !
Don't consider Azureus any more.


Zankur reviewed v0.63 on Mar 8, 2006

believe me,this is the best bittorrent client available on the scene!
I tried downloading a part of a file and in process tried every single piece of software available!
then i saw this new version of bc,and it worked instantly!
i stopped it and tried with other clients= azureus,utorrent,bittorrent....
and didn't get the stuff!
this is the best,dont go anywhere else!


bepatriotic reviewed v0.63 on Mar 7, 2006

excellent client i've ever used...


bsr500 reviewed v0.63 on Mar 7, 2006

The best, I would choose Azureus but it is slow because it's made with java... Bit Comet is fast and have a clean layout.


darkpepe reviewed v0.63 on Mar 7, 2006

I've tried them all, and there's no doubt about it: BitComet downloads are the fastest!
Which in my eyes, is the most important thing.

With uTorrent going spyware, and Azureus beeing such a bloat, there's no competitor around.

Just wished that this client was Open Source....


egyto777 reviewed v0.63 on Mar 7, 2006

Now with bt protocol encryption bit comet is a

perfect client.


pdadad reviewed v0.63 on Mar 7, 2006

I've tried Azureus, uTorrent and Bitcomet on my 800mhz PC with Win2k on DSL. Azureus used too much RAM and CPU. With both Azureus and uTorrent I could never get the setiings "right" for them to work as well as they were supposed to. With Bitcomet I downloaded a 700MB Mepis iso file at an average of 40KB/s. I never got close to that kind of speed with the other two apps. And so far, not one of the 20 or so iso files I've downloaded were malformed.


benZin reviewed v0.63 on Mar 7, 2006

the best torrent software


BoNeLeSS reviewed v0.63 on Mar 7, 2006

Nice to see they adhere to the standard in bt protocol encryption.


nicobarengo reviewed v0.63 on Mar 7, 2006

Too much memory and cpu use. uTorrent is much better than BitComet in everything.


elroy reviewed v0.62 on Feb 24, 2006

The best BT client on the net now (060224).
but with the latest client i hawe got a hole in the upplod speed limiting.
Otherwise a great client


UTAKER reviewed v0.62 on Feb 15, 2006

excellent and unusually it is the only torrent client that works good behind my office NAT as others withre dont work at all or get 2 out of 10 torrents etc


ibear reviewed v0.62 on Feb 15, 2006

i had thought that this version would implement a compatible header encryption method with azureus/utorrent, but no...


Project51 reviewed v0.62 on Feb 14, 2006

Still my favorite Torrent client !!!


DaveBG reviewed v0.62 on Feb 14, 2006

Lacks some features but works well.


Adrian79 reviewed v0.62 on Feb 14, 2006



benZin reviewed v0.62 on Feb 14, 2006

it's perfect.


nicobarengo reviewed v0.62 on Feb 14, 2006

This was my favorite torrent client until i discovered uTorrent.
Bitcomet it's a good client, it has a great speed and a lot of functions, but it uses to much memory and cpu and it's banned by most of the private trackers.


ballyhairs reviewed v0.62 on Feb 14, 2006

Its perfect...
I tried almost all other torrent clients and none of them came close to Bitcomet, I get very high speed and no connection problems next to Bitcomet running, I get 260 k/b and still very fast internet browsing. I still use the older virsion though (0.61), somehow it works for me better, but that doesn't matter.
my only wish about Bitcomet is if they add (move complete to folder), and keep the rest as it is.


davygiven reviewed v0.62 on Feb 14, 2006

I love it, but it's been permanently banned by most of the trackers I use :o(


pvolk reviewed v0.61 on Jan 25, 2006

This is my favorite BT Client. It just works, and works well. However this version DEVOWERS memory like none other 65mb of memory for a torrent client with one download running is a bit extreme. I hope they fix this in the next release...But its still damn good.


precurgent reviewed v0.61 on Jan 16, 2006

Whether or not BitVomit 0.61 truly fixes the DHT issue, it STILL abuses trackers and other peers. If you only use it on public trackers and don't care about anyone else, fine. But if you use it on a private tracker, you deserve to get banned. I use Azureus and ban ALL versions of this awful, abusive, leecher client (and the BitLord offshoot too, of course). This thing is for selfish kids who have no sense of community.


Dragosani reviewed v0.61 on Jan 14, 2006

Great application but still having some problems.

-This new version icludes spyware even if the homepage clearly states:
"Clean and free, without any adware or spyware."
-Hammers the tracker
-no (working) upload slot limit, so it makes the upload bandwidth so stretched out that each peer only gets a few 100 bytes per second or less.


netean reviewed v0.61 on Jan 11, 2006

Bit Comet is the only BT client I use. MY ISP doesn't like P2P programs so blocks the traffic and cripples any downloads I try (legitimate or otherwise!) Bitcomet's Encrypted headers bypasses this nicely and allows me download quickly and at any time.


Adrian79 reviewed v0.61 on Jan 11, 2006

imho? what does that mean..i just cant believe there is a internet lingo that i dont arleady know LOL

bitcomet owns!


Lick reviewed v0.61 on Jan 10, 2006

I have tried them all, and BitComet is the best IMHO. Looking forward to this update.


BogdanSHA reviewed v0.61 on Jan 10, 2006

Now respects private flags.
Anyway, I still prefer µTorrent :)


Ampbeta reviewed v0.60 on Jan 7, 2006

id rather not be affiliated with a program thats asociated with comet cursors and gets banned from many trackers, also not meory friendly, and the dl times are off.


precurgent reviewed v0.60 on Dec 25, 2005

Piece of garbage. Does not respect private flags set by trackers, and as a result BitComet has been banned by many tracker sites.

Azureus is a much better alternative, or uTorrent, if you don't like Azureus' greed for RAM.


Nefarious reviewed v0.60 on Dec 24, 2005

used to be the best client out there, but later versions have changed that, not only talking about 0.60 versions before that have been filled with features that are not so good, and uses so g** d*** much ram & cpu (especially when using the ipfilter.dat) that it became just another client instead of the great one it used to be. I would recommend to use another, especially µtorrent.


Postality reviewed v0.60 on Dec 24, 2005

I've been using 0.60 forever it seems and it still works like a charm.

It's been quite a while since it has been updated and I'm patiently awaiting a new release.

utorrent is okay, but it doesn't compare for several reasons but to name one the ability to download individual files... You set it to DON'T DOWNLOAD and it's permanently on don't download. so if you change your mind then you have reload the torrent file again.

I also like BitComet because of the add DHT as a backup tracker. no other client allows you to do this. The reason this is great is because there may be more peers to get the file(s) from that you wouldn't know of without using bitcomet. Which can increase your download speed.

I don't care what people say about BitComet, it still rules.


muka3d reviewed v0.60 on Dec 6, 2005

This used to be the ultimate torrent client, but has slowly become bloated. Also, uTorrent has come along with DHT support, and now rules all torrent clients. Grab uTorrent, it's incredible.


dockersfan reviewed v0.60 on Dec 4, 2005

Been there and done that with BitComet and even tho it ruled for my BT app - I have found another star which is powerful and only 110kb in size! go and see for yourself...


kean reviewed v0.60 on Nov 20, 2005

i having problem hash-checking properly with V0.60,i check it few time it says 100% but ,the file cant use ,then i tried ABC V3.1 to hashcheck then it bagan download 99.8% .....
pls fix it as soon as posible, because i like bitcomet interface better than ABC


JonathanDoe reviewed v0.60 on Nov 17, 2005

My fav P2P client.


cheesok reviewed v0.60 on Nov 14, 2005

i knew they will come up with the Preview function someday..and they did! a big improvement seen in ver 0.60.. great work!


fiende37 reviewed v0.60 on Nov 11, 2005

why complaining on the speed????????

my record is 2600kb/s or do u think thats to slow?
so how can you say its a slow client???
open your ports in the firewall instead..

24/1 mbit adsl2+ works fantastic


stisev reviewed v0.60 on Oct 25, 2005

BitComet is good, but use µTorrent now.

µTorrent has replaced BitComet on every tech forum imaginable.


midfingr reviewed v0.60 on Oct 6, 2005

Nice software, but I prefer BitTornado - I know, huge resource hog. Even so, I've never once had a corrupt download. With BitCommet, I had a few problems; probably just me. Overall a well rounded piece of software.


FileFreak reviewed v0.60 on Sep 26, 2005

BitComet is great but BearShare Pro has more videos and software


ripfuel reviewed v0.60 on Sep 25, 2005

The Best of the Best! Awesome interface & the download speed are unreal if you know how to config. your ports!


joeseph_wu reviewed v0.60 on Sep 23, 2005

This is the best BitTorrent client in the world. I also installed the BitComet Toolbar and I think it's great!


otero1 reviewed v0.60 on Sep 20, 2005

Thanks for that link newumbrella.

Here it is again:


rf_three reviewed v0.60 on Sep 14, 2005

This is excellent... in fact, good enough for me to switch from Azureus to BC.

Previously, Azureus was light-years faster than BC in terms of download speed... with 0.60, BC seems to have significantly improved in this area so that's good enough for me to switch... I like that BC is resource-lite and has a couple of unique options (such as select-downloading from a package)

Kudos for a great upgrade- but the toolbar is stupid, I have to say. I hope this app doesn't become loaded with bulk.


lmr0x reviewed v0.60 on Sep 12, 2005

Best ever... It keeps getting better and better.


photonboy reviewed v0.60 on Sep 10, 2005

It downloads fine, but many websites request that you do NOT use it because the share ratio is not being reported correctly.


newumbrella reviewed v0.60 on Sep 9, 2005

If you're getting slow speed when using BitComet, please take a look at the site below:

Simply follow the instructions and you should seen a dramatic improvement to your download speed.


DarkMana reviewed v0.60 on Sep 9, 2005

good, clean, stable and best of all, not a java app. A little iffy on the toolbar thing tho.


theheff reviewed v0.60 on Sep 9, 2005

Not a huge fan of the new toolbar, although it is optional to install. Still the best bittorrent program for windows.


GimieGimieGimie reviewed v0.60 on Sep 9, 2005

lol deXter, a typo, big deal, that post of yours sucessfully wasted minutes of your life, i know what i'm talking about, BitComet is a fantastic program, but on my numorous installs (on 2 pcs with completely different isps + connections), and a number of previous posters here.

Bitcomet download speeds are not what they should be, and if there is someone out there that gets maximum throughput download speed on 90%+ of the torrents (which is the same i get with Bitspirit), good luck to you, i wish i was in your shoes! :)


jpmccord reviewed v0.60 on Sep 9, 2005

I agree with CrimsonReLLiK, mostly. I've had better download speeds with BitSpirit and Azureus, but BitComet has been the most stable and very adequate for my needs. And it doesn't hog computer resources nearly as badly as BitSpirit or Azureus. All are among my favorite torrent programs, but these days I'm stuck on BitComet!


Tomez reviewed v0.60 on Sep 9, 2005

A peice of advise DO NOT install the toolbar as it is spyware,otherwise the program is great its one of the best programs to download torrents with..


CrimsonReLLiK reviewed v0.60 on Sep 9, 2005

I like this client alot. Fast, low-resources, stable. I have tried most clients, and aside from Azureus giving me the fatest downloads, this one of the better clients in terms of download speed.
However, I will stick with resource-hog Azureus because of its numerous features and BitComet's lack of ability to use more than one folder for incompleted/completed downloads. This unfortunately is my only reason for not using BC.
I do recommend that you try this proggy and see if it suits your needs though!


kashin reviewed v0.60 on Sep 9, 2005

I've been using this client for a while and I love it. A while back I tried over a dozen different clients to see which one was the best, and in my opinion nothing beats BitComet. Some people may be put off by the interface, which isn't all that fancy. This client also lacks all the useless features (aka. eye candy) found in other clients like Azureus. What counts is what's under the hood; a really solid and efficient torrent engine. Best of all it's free, small and definately not a resource hog.


tremens reviewed v0.60 on Sep 9, 2005

the best, because azureus on windows sucks. java has its advantages, but when there's a C++ prog for your platform with all same features. C++ kills java.

v0.60 2005.9.8
GUI Improved: new toolkit: BitComet Video Codec Check Wizard
GUI Improved: add open BCTP/HTTP link command in file menu
GUI Improved: add BCTP link page in Task Property Dialog
GUI Improved: add Boss-key choice option
GUI Improved: add Disable torrent file download dialog option
GUI Improved: add Display task delete confirm dialog option
GUI Improved: add piece size 2/4/8MB choice when making torrent
GUI Improved: open web link in internal browse of BitComet
GUI Bugfix: fix mistake delete when multi-selection after torrent list sort
GUI Bugfix: fix the win2k auto shutdown issue
Core Improved: add video file preview when downloading
Core Improved: add Torrent download from DHT network using BCTP link
Core Improved: add protocol header encrypt option
Core Improved: add Always using NAT Traversal via UDP option

To people getting lower speed than other clients, try tweaking the settings, I get comparable speeds with all clients, once settings are appropriate.


photonboy reviewed v0.59 Updated on Aug 14, 2005

I was using Bitspirit but it began having issues. I tried Azureus but it was a resource hog.

One main "problem" with this is that after the files finish downloading they don't seem to be sharing anymore and this screws up my ratio. I heard someone else mention that Bitcomet isn't reporting correctly for the share ratio.

Otherwise it's been rock-solid.

Someone asked a question about switching between torrent downloaders. It's possible. If the previous program has added its own extensions in the file(s) you will have to delete them. (ie starwars.avi.bc! becomes starwars.avi) You then find the original torrent file (or download a new one) and then make sure you are downloading to the same directory and the file should continue from where it left off. (usually after a hash check)

Try using explorerxp to modify multiple extensions. (an amazing free program)


GravityFX3 reviewed v0.59 Updated on Aug 11, 2005

Any body knows if this is faster then azureus?


DudeBoyz reviewed v0.59 Updated on Aug 4, 2005

That GUI and text in the screen shot is kind of ugly, ain't it?

Anyways, it doesn't seem all that special and doesn't seem any faster in actual download speeds than Azureus or Shareaza. I guess I'm missing the point as to what makes this thing a worthy competitor?


[deXter] reviewed v0.59 Updated on Jul 28, 2005

@GimieGimieGimie :D

lol dude.. You are getting the speeds that you really should.. 110Kbps is the same as 10-15 KBps.. Notice the small 'b' and big 'B'. Small b indicates bits while big B indicates Bytes.

1 byte = 8 bits so..

110 kbps = 110/8 KBps = 13.75 KBps :)

If you are getting that on a 128k line, then thats pretty decent speeds dude, nothing to worry about:)


marcdesbiens reviewed v0.59 Updated on Jul 24, 2005

Excellent client, I was using TorrentStorm before and that one was good too but sometimes it was shutting down without warnings ... so I switched to Bitcomet and found it was downloading faster than TorrentStorm and there's no problem that makes it shut down as well. Best client I've used.


kamirao reviewed v0.59 Updated on Jul 18, 2005

Yes, it is clean, fast and takes less resources but theres a really big problem that i'm afraid of.
the total downloaded size it shows is different in summary and statistics sections. and the percentage of download matches none of them. i'm currently downloading fedora core 4 and i don't know which is right info because summary is showing 1.42 GB downloaded and statistics is showing 1.02 GB downloaded. and even upload size are also different.
if anyone knows the solution then plz tell me. also tell me if there's a way to switch to other BT clients with my temporarily downloaded files still working?


GimieGimieGimie reviewed v0.59 Updated on Jul 14, 2005

BitComet is one of the best BT clients out there, the interface is one of the nicest i've ever seen, the speed of the application is amazing, and the whole program is packed full of features and extra's that we are only just starting to accept as the norm for BT clients.

Did i mention that BitComet is also very stable with one of the smallest memory footprints of them all? :)

I speak so highly of the program, and yet i only give it a 4, you might be wondering to yourself why, the reason is simple, BitComet has a major problem with utilizing bandwidth, resulting in really SLOW download speeds of 10-15Kb/s in nearly all cases.

At least this was the case for my situation, i should be receiving up to 110Kb/s downloads, not 10-15Kb/s!

That's why i switched over to BitSpirit instead, not to blast the creators of BitComet, who i do have massive respect for creating such a wonderful peice of coding, but unfortunately, if the speeds are not great from the same torrents other BT clients are getting much faster download speeds from.

Then the interface means very little, because at the end of the day, i'd much rather be spending time with my newly received downloads, then staring at BitComet waiting patiently for it to finish.


Deborn reviewed v0.59 Updated on Jul 9, 2005

Thisw program is a nice client, after they fixed the memoryleake who realy ****ed up the whole system, so its at least was the biggres resursetaker of al client insted of the smallest. ;-) , CPU up to 100% after 5 minutes!

I like the layout for the program, very easy to learn and to have control of the torrents you download.

I prefer fast download before low systemuse, so I recomend Azereus instead, I think its a bit faster, but I am not a game player at the same time that I download files.


bt_user reviewed v0.59 Updated on Jul 8, 2005

I want to strongly discourage anyone from using BitComet for a simple reason: it implements a really bad algorithm for deciding when uploading data to the peers. I.E.: even if there is plenty of upload bandwidth available it refuses to upload data to peers when it has data that no one else in the swarm has.

In practice this means that even a single BitComet client in a swarm can slow down a bit everyone (including the user using BitComet!). And the situation is even worse if there is more than one BitComet client.

So *please* use anything else: the mainline BT client, BitTornado, Azureus, something else... but *not* BitComet. Thanks!


jcollake reviewed v0.59 Updated on Jun 27, 2005

BitComet just feels the best. Hard to explain. Does everything I need. No frills. Good performance.


kmleow reviewed v0.59 Updated on Jun 19, 2005

I noticed most torrent users are using BitComet.
You can see this from the "Peers" List.

Excellent DHT network support in this version 0.59. When the trackers are all down, you can count on the DHT to provide you with a list of seeds and peers.


rf_three reviewed v0.59 Updated on Jun 18, 2005

This is very, very good software. I've been using Azureus for a while and I think that Azureus is superior in terms of features and performance, but I'll be sticking to BitComet for now because it's a LOT easier on resources.

I tested it a little bit and Azureus' speeds were much better. It's basically your choice between speed and lightweight.

I rated it 4 because speeds were not at the level of Azureus' speeds.


yokozuna reviewed v0.59 Updated on Jun 12, 2005

Probably the best BT client in the world. Good news: it supports DHT. Bad news: these narrow minded guys who make Azureus implemented DHT in a different way than BitComet and Bram Cohen's BitTorrent. So we can expect two different DHT standards for a time - one in Azureus, and the other one in BitComet and its derivates (like e.g. BitLord).


WhiteZero reviewed v0.59 Updated on Jun 9, 2005

Yey for taking care of that memory leak; that was the only issue I had with the previous release.
BitComet is #1!


bsr500 reviewed v0.59 Updated on Jun 9, 2005

funny that the screenshot shows all illegal files :D


Adrian79 reviewed v0.59 Updated on Jun 9, 2005

even though i LOVE it..thinking of going back to version .058 because they took the dropdown from the "web" option :( i used to edit it and link my fav links on i could sorta tab thru torrent pages within with this new version i have to go back to using the "fav" list i dont like it and then it opens up the links in firefox...argg...plz bring back the 058 websearch format..thanks!


dalmiroy2k reviewed v0.59 Updated on Jun 9, 2005

Better than Azureus, it is the best bittorrent client available


kashin reviewed v0.59 Updated on Jun 9, 2005

This is the only torrent client that makes my pants feel tight. >_>


esh3 reviewed v0.59 Updated on Jun 9, 2005

Was good and was my favorite......ABC much much better....


WhiteZero reviewed v0.59 on Jun 8, 2005

Out of all the BT clients I've used, this one is by far my favorite.


wingo reviewed v0.59 on Jun 8, 2005

at least this has a gui that works and it doesn't turn your high end pc back to a slow 386 cpu like Azureus.

my only worry is that many guys doesn't have enough bandwith, with my 10mbit line i probably feed the entire tracker i visit. :=


Domingo reviewed v0.59 on Jun 8, 2005

Glad to see they're giving it all the new features to keep up with the surprisingly much improved default BT client.
My favorite client - it's terrific.


Dennis87 reviewed v0.59 on Jun 8, 2005

The fastet client i have tried, nice interface, and now trackerless to:D


avman reviewed v0.58 on Jun 8, 2005

It's the best BT client i've ever use. But i think the trackerless option is missing. Maybe in the version .59?


bugmenot reviewed v0.58 on Jun 5, 2005

Very slow client. Excellent user interface looks very very nice and professional, unfortunatley very slow downloads. Utilized this program for about a month. .58 version. Using the exact same download and upload max settings, and all other network configs the same I was getting from 0-25k downloads averaging 1-3k downloads for the EXACT same torrents I was averaging 120k downloads utilizing g3torrent. Didn't take long to figure out Bittorrent had to go. Don't let the excellent user interface fool you into believing this is a worthwhile install.


kashin reviewed v0.58 on May 29, 2005

After trying almost every torrent client available for Windows, I think this is the best one. It's fast, clean, unbloated and easy on the CPU. It's a real shame that this excellent program gets bad reviews when piece of crap clients like Azureus are praised. Ohwell, to each their own, I suppose.


datasage reviewed v0.58 on May 27, 2005

For the user who things this is alot like bitlord, its because bit lord is based on bitcomet. Bit comet is not open source, so I'm not sure how that came about. But bit comet was first and in contrast to bit lord, ad free.

Azerus is written in Java, causing alot of overhead when you have more than just a couple torrents running. Bit comet is alot more effcient in comparison and does everything i need.


ozkan reviewed v0.58 on May 17, 2005

0.58 is a disappointment to me. It doesn't want
to close,move. I returned to 0.57. It works without touching system performance.One thing: I
can never download at full download speed. I applied tips but ...


qw3rty2 reviewed v0.58 on May 16, 2005

To gideon. The "Distributed Database" is not equal to "Peer info exchange". Azureus has done this peer exchange thing for a long time. The Distributed Database is brand new. With "Peer info exchange" on BC and older versions of Azureus, you had to connect to the torrent while the tracker was up to be able to connect to peers after it goes down, and with dynamic IPs, if the tracker stays down long enough peers won't be able to find each other. Azureus's Distributed Database allows a torrent to be tracked without a tracker. You can connect to a torrent for the first time, while the tracker is down. The torrent doesn't even have to be on a tracker, it can be tracked exclusivly in Azureus's distributed database. Azureus with the Distributed Database is kind of like exeem is supposed to be.


thedemigod reviewed v0.58 on May 15, 2005

i think this is better than azureus


davidtb reviewed v0.58 on May 9, 2005

This is my bit torrent client.
Mebbe I'm crazy but, no matter what speed I'm d/ling at, my web pages load at a crawl. Is it that much of a bandwidth hog?


gideon reviewed v0.58 on May 8, 2005

Great release, for a great BitTorrent Client. It could only beat by Azereus and then only if Az was coded in C++ instead of Java. To qw3rty: BC++ had this feature before Az, only they call it "Peer info exchange".


stoke reviewed v0.58 on May 8, 2005

Best client of them all. Simple, clean, and very little cpu/memory usage. Also has it's own "distributed database" feature.


donpacman reviewed v0.58 on May 8, 2005

I was using Azureus.

SUNs Java is leaking memory all over the place!

Until SUN gets it together Azureus is screwed.

BitComet is where I'm at... :D


qw3rty reviewed v0.58 on May 7, 2005

To gideon. The "Distributed Database" is not equal to "Peer info exchange". Azureus has done this peer exchange thing for a long time. The Distributed Database is brand new. With "Peer info exchange" on BC and older versions of Azureus, you had to connect to the torrent while the tracker was up to be able to connect to peers after it goes down. Azureus's Distributed Database allows a torrent to be tracked without a tracker. You can connect to a torrent for the first time, while the tracker is down. The torrent doesn't even have to be on a tracker, it can be tracked in Azureus's distributed database. Azureus with the Distributed Database is kind of like exeem is supposed to be.


tre2004 reviewed v0.58 on May 7, 2005

I started using this program on it's last release, and before that I was using Azureus, and ABC. Since I have started using this I have noticed that I am not using ABC at all, and have used Azureus only a few times. I like Azureus cause it gives you much more options, but I have found that I am getting better speeds, faster connects with this program.. I am glad that I found it. I didn't even know of it, untill in Azureus, when I was downloading something I checked out what the other peers were using, and 3/4ths of the users were using this program... and I have loved it ever since. This is a great program, if you havn't tried it, give it a try..


jesusantoniojuvera reviewed v0.58 on May 7, 2005

simple, not much RAM memory, easy, fast. The BEST ONE!


esh3 reviewed v0.58 on May 7, 2005

I juggle between Bitlord and this. Please post if anybody finds out if this release has the connection issue fixed or I will have to go back to 0.57 with the patch. Thanks


Stefu reviewed v0.58 on May 7, 2005

Works just fine on my 32kb connexion, fast and easy to use and less bugs ;)


XF reviewed v0.58 on May 7, 2005

Be careful with speeds!! This is actually the tool I get highest speeds with! BitComet always shows kB/s, while Shareaza often uses kb/s and 1B = 8b!
So 300kB/s = 2.4Mb/s!
Other than this it has a simple interface and suites perfectly my (legal - linux distros and such - that's what torrents had been created for!) torrent activity.


UTAKER reviewed v0.58 on May 7, 2005

pychobj2001 are you sure you are talking about bittorrent w.r.t. shareaza and not Gnutella2, Edonkey 2000 for peers/seeders when you compare it with this?


pychobj2001 reviewed v0.58 on May 7, 2005

I've tried earlier versions of this, but in ever finds more sources than the original seeders, i usually only get like 40 sources w/ this, but w/ shareaza i can get up to 1500 sources and it always looks for more, i don't need that many, and i have the same problems as the other guy had w/ bitcomet, never over 300kbs down, 30kbs up, w/ shareaza, i can get way more, i have gotten up to 3mbs down, 280 up, then i use cfosspeed to regulate it all.


tobashadow reviewed v0.58 on May 7, 2005

Its a Ok program the offical BitTorrent program has improved enough that am using it now. As far as the 180kbs on a 2meg connection. You are confusing Byte's with Bit's your 2MegaBIT connection max's out around 200kbs


bigsexy022870 reviewed v0.58 on May 7, 2005

It the only thing i use everyday. But from the screen shot i have to ask. How do you get suck high download speeds. i got a cable modem with a 2mb down and 500kb up and i get never more then 180kb per sec max for all downloads. i tried allowing as much uploads as possible but it dont upload anymore then 30-40kb(most of the time alot less).


rseiler reviewed v0.58 on May 7, 2005

chinch, you're right, but they'll update their site soon I'm sure. Meanwhile:

v0.58 2005.5.6
GUI Improved: add Hash-check thread priority as an option
GUI Improved: add "Remove task only" confirmation
GUI Bugfix: disable file location change for paused tasks
GUI Bugfix: can not auto shutdown computer when desktop is locked
GUI Bugfix: the auto-stopped task can not upload
GUI Bugfix: fix the win98/me auto shutdown issue
GUI Bugfix: fix the dde regarding file association
Core Improved: add task option: peer info exchange enable
Core Bugfix: UDP tracker DNS resolve can cause stop response for 2s
Core Bugfix: fix the issue when one UDP tracker in a tracker group can not connect
Core Bugfix: continue download at startup can not work if crashed last time
Core Bugfix: fix one crash issue when connections are unstable


VWW reviewed v0.58 on May 6, 2005

0.56 was banned on some trackers because of the false information... but from 0.57 it was unbanned because the authors fixed the error. I don't know of any trackers that ban this client now.

Great program, best bittorrent client for my uses!


lanky reviewed v0.58 on May 6, 2005

BitComet is fine.
Some sites may block it, but ive yet to see one. Never seen one directly mentioned.
The patch that is out will change the peerid and also disable the peer sharing extension.

0.58 has a option under properties for each torrent to enable/disable peer info exchange. :)
this should make you less worrysome.


chinch reviewed v0.58 on May 6, 2005

is it just me or is this new version not even reflected on the official site?

also i heard that trackers or whatever are like banning this client if you use it cause it reports false information? i heard that it won't get as many connections or something like that? i know there was a patch for .57 which i installed, which makes me weary to upgrade if this is really the case.


theheff reviewed v0.58 on May 6, 2005

fast, efficient, almost everything i could ask for.


mosimea reviewed v0.58 on May 6, 2005

Interesting choice of screenshots, considering all of the downloads shown are most likely illegal.


Tokar reviewed v0.58 on May 6, 2005

azureus and bit comet offer pretty much the same features...

i think i will be using BitComet just because Azureus is built in Java and its a resource hog. BitComet doesnt seem to be as much of a hog as Azureus is.


fourte3n reviewed v0.58 on May 6, 2005

:D Love it.

Ajay Rathod

Ajay Rathod reviewed v0.57 on May 5, 2005

The multi languages feature is very nice.

Alete Peters

Alete Peters reviewed v0.57 on May 5, 2005

The bitcomet forum is very useful, my query is solved promptly.


Ramchandra reviewed v0.57 on May 4, 2005

It is powerful, easy to use fast software.

Asa Asher

Asa Asher reviewed v0.57 on Apr 25, 2005

i like it because it has multiple simultanious download feature.


WhiteZero reviewed v0.57 on Apr 21, 2005

Been using Comet for awhile now. I used to use BitTornado, but it would lag out all the time and/or crash.
This Torrent client runs excellent!

Sobel Dave

Sobel Dave reviewed v0.57 on Mar 28, 2005

It's good, theres nuthn more i can say!!

Alvin Alton

Alvin Alton reviewed v0.57 on Mar 24, 2005

Very Cool...bitcomet connect to the files but it was going at 3x the speed of turbo torrent in a matter of seconds.

Shiv Shankar

Shiv Shankar reviewed v0.57 on Mar 23, 2005

best of the bit-torrent programs i've ever used


Mystiqq reviewed v0.57 on Mar 21, 2005

This is my second torrent client in test. When compared to G3 Torrent client, BitComet is little bit less nicer in the interface side but is very stable/reliable. Havent had any problems at all so far plus seems to consume very little resources.

I would rate this 5/5 if the interface wouldnt be so cluttered etc.


chinch reviewed v0.57 on Mar 20, 2005

very good program. best bittorrent client i think. doesn't limit downloads to 3 at a time like normal bittorrent client does, for one. also the interface is very clean and visually appealing. minimizes to system tray. another great feature is the ability to select which files within the torrent to download. bottom panel displays a ton of different file information and statistics. give it a try, i am confident you'll stick with this one. i am, that's for sure. the other clients just don't compare.


Nikkie reviewed v0.57 on Mar 16, 2005

Dont use this . One of the links on the left panel sent me to a page that had a virus that tried to install on my computer . I have zonalarm+antivirus suite and it picked it up quickley but it tried to unleash a load of files onto the computer .

I would just go with other bt programs that do not have the browser function included . Use firefox or maxthon if you must but dont bother with the built in browsers in the bt clients . they are not ready ...


csb.milky reviewed v0.57 on Mar 11, 2005

Clean interface and good performance.


OCedHrt reviewed v0.57 on Mar 6, 2005

Awesome client :) Have used both Azu and BitComet quite a bit and for the most part I like BC better. However, I have recently switched back to Azu because it allows me to move files after completion and also I get to see the nice graph that shows me what parts of the files I have :D

An issue I noticed with BC (0.56, doesn't seem to be fixed in 0.57 either) is that when continuing the file in Azu, it reported that the filesizes were incorrect and I had to force Azu to truncate. I will post in BC's forums to see if they can figure this out :)


fourte3n reviewed v0.57 on Mar 6, 2005

Works great... love it


kashin reviewed v0.56 on Jan 16, 2005

Okay, I'm getting annoyed by people giving this excellent torrent client a bad rating, simply because they compare it to Azureus and feel that Azureus is "better". Fact of the matter is, Azureus is just full of eye candy and bugs. I can see why it may be hard to switch to something like BitComet after getting used to all the flashy extra junk that nobody really needs. The bottom line here is, if you want a good, fast, reliable bittorrent client that has enough features without going overboard and doesn't require Java, give BitComet a try. It's really not fair to compare it to another client and then rate it a 1 simply because you like the *other* client better. You're giving people the false impression that BitComet "sucks" which couldn't be further from the truth.

PS. - I was an avid Azureus user for a long time, until I got sick of all the bugs and went looking for something better. Just because I no longer use Azureus and prefer BitComet, I'm not going to go give Azureus a 1 rating. I still think it's a decent client and if you prefer it, then by all means use it.


thewonderer reviewed v0.56 on Dec 22, 2004

I have been using Azuereus for a long time, but have been getting fed up with some of the bugs it has.

I downloaded this program the other day after reading good reviews. It isn't a configurable and doesn't offer as much information as Azureus but it seems faster at connecting and downloading. Also the amount of corrupt data that it receieves seems to be almost nil, while Azureus averages at 10%.

So I reckon, this program can only get better and it has helped me out with the 99.9% problem the other app encountered, so give it a shot, I think I may become a convert...


after using for a few days, I can say that this program is stable and quick at starting up, but...

1) it doesn't download as much as Azuerus can.
2) Doesn't block peers/seeds sending bad data.
3) frustrating interface due to lace of options.
4) if you start downloading with bitcomet and then swap over to azureus it brings up errors and can't continue...

So I'm gonna stick with Azureus for the time being..


eighteye reviewed v0.56 on Dec 4, 2004

I chose the No-Installer version and it did'nt bloat up my system, no java runtime was required nor python or anything like that. It's amazing, just run the .exe.


damutz reviewed v0.56 on Nov 6, 2004

well the best thing about bitcomet is that's the fastest downloader and it uses less RAM and physical memory than all the others but as a program that wants to integrate parts of emule it really sucks when it comes to uploading... mine just stops after finishing a file


Kukac reviewed v0.56 on Nov 6, 2004

I've been using Azureus for quite a while, then compared it to BitComet. Although BC is written in C therefore I suppose it should consume less RAM and CPU time, both clients needed approx. the same amount of resources, download speeds were equally good. I don't see a reason why I should convert to BitComet.
Azureus gives more info on a torrent task and in a better organised way. It's more customisable being open source and written in Java.
BitComet is a nice BT client, still I prefer Azureus.


Heffel reviewed v0.56 on Oct 15, 2004

As an "old-fashioned" azureus user, i first wasn't sure, if bitcomet would do its job properly, BUT i must say: it's amazing!
Clean interface (only G3Torrent has an even better one, but dl-rates suck hard with g3t), useful features, only the "fav-menu" should be easier to handle (editing is only possible using xml table). Keep up the good work!


Gomez reviewed v0.56 on Oct 14, 2004

Its Awesome! just what you need, it dont use too much CPU and you download all at good rates :D


Domingo reviewed v0.56 on Oct 8, 2004

My personal favorite torrent client. I wish the menu on the left was easier to edit and configure, but everything else it terrific.
After trying a few other clients, I've gone back to it.


motion_blur reviewed v0.56 on Sep 25, 2004

best bittorrent client after azureus.
for people which think java is to slow, maybe the best.
it's realy looking great, multilanguage, but it's not version 1.0... so not all features are included now, e.g. the favorite-list (like bookmarks) must be edited with a text editor in XML language


BNuser reviewed v0.56 on Sep 25, 2004

How stupid is that? In Bittorrent you give at least while you are downloading, on Newsgroups and IRC you only download. And you complain about Leechers?


daver18qc reviewed v0.56 on Sep 25, 2004

Not quite as good as Azureus but still a very good BT client. But i think the GUI could be a little more easy to read. When i look at it, it just seems to have tons of text everywhere. This could be a little better organized.


Aaroniekins reviewed v0.56 on Sep 25, 2004

Upnp works fine for me
Azeurus is java..meaning high mem usage etc etc..although a great program
Bitcomet is very light weight, uses barely any memory and does what a BT client is meant to, download


kmleow reviewed v0.56 on Sep 25, 2004

Good client but the UPnP feature does not work on my computer. I checked my ports and they are remain blocked. Azureus has no problems with that on the other hand.

Bitcomet uses the least amount of RAM when compared to other Bittorrent clients and it supports IP filtering using eMule compatible IP filter files. With this, I get fewer corrupted downloads.


fourte3n reviewed v0.54 on Aug 22, 2004

Love It! The only Client I use. Clean Smooth GUI and FAST Downloads.

Get IT NOW! :D


disobay reviewed v0.54 on Aug 22, 2004

Very good, very impressive BT-client, but it's not quite *there* yet.

It's missing...
(1) RSS-support
(2) The ability to "scan" a dir for fresh torrents and add them to the queue (like Azureus)
(3) the ability to Open URLs directly from the program and not be forced to first download the torrent
(4) better control of "Force Downloads" - now you must start them in the order they're sorted in the list.
(5) the "set default" doesn't seem to work, or it is not working the way it's suppose to, because the "Add Task" dialog keeps popping up whenver a torrent is added, this makes automatic downloading with 3rd party RSS feed parsers impossible. The ability to add torrents silently is a must IMHO.
(6) No Plugin support
(7) U/D ratio doesn't seem to change when an upload reach 100%
(8) No custom seed rules.

On the cosmetic side it would be nice to be able to change the toolbar icons as the original are very ugly and incompatible with color-schemes darker than the original Windows XP/2000 one.


Brodel reviewed v0.54 on Aug 22, 2004

seems good but i cant get it to intergrate with firefox like Azureus does, not sure if its a bitcomet issue or a firefox issue though.


muka3d reviewed v0.53 on Jul 1, 2004

The absolute best BitTorrent client, hands down.


OCedHrt reviewed v0.53 on Jun 25, 2004

Hmm..meant to review 0.52 but based on the changelog there doesn't seem to be anything added/fixed that i'm looking for. I switched to Azureus after using 0.52 for a bit but I am definitely missing that caching feature. I will give 0.53 another go to see if it fixes the problems I've had with 0.52. But overall, this is a very good bittorrent client and IS still under development.


isaacg reviewed v0.53 on Jun 22, 2004

Best BT client I've found. Azureus, TorrentStorm, G3, BitSpirit, BitTornado, etc I've tried them all. Comet is fast, low system resources, has a nice clean, easy on the eyes interface, and does everything I need.

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