EmEditor Professional (64-bit) 16.8.1

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Windows (All) / Shareware; $39.99 / 173 downloads

EmEditor is a text editor for Windows that supports JavaScript or VBScript macros, Unicode, plug-ins, syntax highlighting (including embedded scripts in HTML, ASP, and PHP files), drag-and-drop, and menu and keyboard customizations. This release supports not only JavaScript and VBScript for the text editing macros, but also PerlScript, PHPScript, Python, Ruby, and other languages as long as script engines you want to use are installed.

Supports macros and advanced features.

Reviews of EmEditor Professional (64-bit)

  1. 5 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 16.1.0 (Jul 3, 2016)

    Very fast, compact and supporting huge files.
    A pitty we do not have a lite free version.

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