Nitro PDF Reader (32-bit)

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Nitro PDF Reader lets you create PDF files, comment and review, save PDF forms, extract text and images, type text directly onto the page, and more. Start working with PDF files the way you always wanted.

Reviews of Nitro PDF Reader (32-bit)

  1. 4 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 2.0 (Jul 24, 2011)

    Very nice reader/editor. Has nice and intuitive GUI. It doesn't install itself as a default PDF reader, as some one said below. You can simply uncheck the feature during installation. Besides, this is not a tragedy. Very nice for a free reader with some editing capabilities. Minus one star, cause it installs additional service, which you can disable from services.

  2. 1 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 2.0 (Jul 4, 2011)

    Slow, bloated, resource-intensive. The ribbon interface is ludicrous and abominable. Rendering images inside PDF files is not among the strongest points of this application. When Nitro PDF Reader is in full screen mode, a big and ugly message window appears to the right top corner reading 'Exit Full Screen' or something like that, which cannot be disabled and is so much distracting that makes reading in full screen mode impossible. This is another poorly designed and awfully bloated useless pdf reader.

  3. 3 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 1.4 (Mar 18, 2011)

    I tried Nitro. And I'm still stating with PDF-XChange: 1) Multi Language support for User Interface. 2) Very fast, most rich features and intelligible GUI (and I can customize user interface appearance to myself), smooth scrolling. 3) I can read/edit the PDFs with XFA form.

  4. 1 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing (Jul 28, 2010)

    The ribbon is ridiculous idea; it takes up far too much screen space. It really is so useless it has to be a 4-month late April fools' joke. It's designer ought to be fired.

    [Yuh can even see the problem in the example image on this download page.]

    Most PDFs are letter or A4 size so you need every bit of vertical screen resolution to make them easy to read. As it is, 1200 or 1050 is hardly enough resolution without the program grabbing large chunks of valuable screen real estate. Killing it or turning the ribbon off doesn’t help either, as you need those functions whilst you're using the program.

    I didn't try it on my netbook which has only 600 vertical resolution, with so little effective workspace it would essentially be impossible to use Nitro PDF Reader on such a machine.

    I'm fed up with software that has terrible ergonomics, Nitro PDF Reader is just another instance. There's so much bad stuff around now, it's just chucked out w/o due care or consideration about how the user will use the product.

    Clearly, those who designed it DO NOT use it!

    Furthermore, the on-line uninstall survey is equally as dumb. It requires--err sorry forces--the user to answer every question even thought he might not have tried that function. Very stupid. Thus, 3/4ths way through I terminated it. (We really do need to start exposing the idiots who write such crappy code--on Wikileaks for instance.)

    Instead of letting me vent my anger in the uninstall survey, these idiots have forced me to vent it here publicly for all to see. Cleaver PR eh?

    Bloatware/Slow-ware Adobe has nothing to fear from Nitro PDF Reader I'm afraid. And it Looks like I'll still have to put up with a buggy Foxit for a little longer.

  5. 2 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing (Jul 10, 2010)

    first... the caveats... this proggie installs itself as the default PDF reader w/o asking! :( AND it installs itself as the default printer (virtual printer to PDF format) w/o asking! these are cheezy tricks to pull on noobs. BOO to Nitro for not being upfront with these options. next the review...
    this program has a decent interface and some functionality beyond Adobe Reader. for daily use i *much* prefer Tracker Software's PDFXChange Viewer Free! Nitro has one important feature not included in the Tracker proggie. it allows to convert from other formats to PDF w/in the proggie. ( u can do this by using * doPDF * to 'print' other formats to PDF but, having this feature in the PDF reader is nice)
    overall... i'm stayin' with * PDFXChange Viewer Free * for 1) interface, 2) ease-of-use, 3) functionality and 4) plug-in to view, edit and print PDF's w/in browser; but, i will keep this one for a while and evaluate better.
    more caveats... personally, i dont like the 'ribbons'. i prefer drop-downs and buttons. also, the description states 'create pdf's' - this is not true. it converts other formats to PDF via a virtual printer; it does not create (make from scratch).
    so this is misleading. this proggie will not even allow to add pages to an existing doc or to del pages. really very limited functionality.

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