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Power8 is a replacement Start menu tool that has a neat a compact look. While it has been primarily designed for disillusioned Windows 8 users, there is no reason that it cannot be used in other versions of the operating system as it has a number of interesting features. It is a little different from other Start menu replacements in that it does not try to completely replace the existing Start menu, nor does it skin it. This is essentially a standalone program which is not reliant on any system files and this brings the added advantage that changes to Windows will never mean that the program is rendered unusable.

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    - [new] New settings hack implemented to provide fix to users of Windows7 x86 where some unexpected component exists which prevents Power8 from working in a normal way (see Windows7ExceptionHack)

    - [changed] Colors on Power8 button were changed to be not like Microsoft logo which is a TM

    - [changed] Updated and synchronized localizations for ES, FI, HU, IT, SV, PT, NL

    - [changed] Switch User button will be hidden on OS that don't support it natively (i.e. Windows 8 "home")

    - [changed] Corrected layout of button stack a bit. Now all items in grid have the same height and text is centered vertically

    - [fixed] Fixed rare exception after frequently used object is removed from system

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    Reviewing Beta (Nov 29, 2012)

    more is not better

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