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Windows (All) / Commercial Demo; $149.95 / 2,707 downloads

RadioBOSS is the software product that provides automation capabilities for broadcasting stations, clubs, discos, casinos, shops, cinemas. A large number of features allows using it no matter where you need to play music. The software can work for months without operator's assistance. Built-in format converter, CD grabber, music database, playlist generator, scheduler, automatic volume control, crossfade and other features make this software a very useful tool to handle your music collection. The simple and convenient interface minimizes the learning curve.

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    - Automatic Teaser: allows creating teasers using track "hook points" (set manually or automatic) with custom start/transition/end jingles

    - Custom tag fields: allows to define up to 5 custom fields that can be used in Music Library, Track Tool, and Report Generator

    - Voiceovers: mark voiceover location in Track Tool and voiceover will be inserted; random voiceover selection from folder, configurable probability

    - Track List improved "In order" selection when source folder was modified: now track selection follows the order based on previously selected track

    - Additional info storage location: database can be used instead of saving information in tags (prevents music files modification)

    - "Trigger Mix At" can be used for custom file types as well

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