RoboForm RoboForm 8.5.8 for Windows

by Siber Systems, Inc.

Avg. Rating 3.3 (1,559 votes)

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File Size 20.7 MB
License Subscription, $19.95
Operating System Windows 7/8/10/Server 2003/Vista/XP
Date Added
Total Downloads 56,580
Publisher Siber Systems, Inc.
Homepage RoboForm

Publisher's Description

RoboForm is a password manager and one-click web form filler with some serious Artificial Intelligence inside. Just enter your personal information and the program securely stores it for future reference. It is well-behaved and includes no adware or spyware. Works as an add-on to Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape web browsers.

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kstev99 reviewed v8.5.4 on Sep 24, 2018

Although I like the autofill feature of Roboform much better than Lastpass, where I had to click through menus to get forms to fill, I must subtract stars for the fact that RoboForm cannot be ran as a TRUE portable app.

The fact is that if you are only using the browser extension on a computer such as a work computer where you cannot install the entire program, its features are extremely limited. forms will not fill automatically and the toolbar, and keyboard shortcuts are missing.

Works great IF you have the desktop program installed. Technical Support is out of touch and when you try to explain an issue I swear that none of the support staff have ever used the program themselves. For now, I'll keep it on an yearly basis UNTIL something better comes along.


kstev99 reviewed v8.4.1 on Sep 11, 2017

Recently switched to this after using Lastpass for years. Lastpass no longer autofilled pages and tech support was not helpful.

I am very impressed so far. It's a great password manager, and it seems that the form filling function is superior to Lastpass. There is however, some issues with the Firefox Extension. Context menu in forms does not work, and because of Mozilla's new Web Extensions, you can no longer have a toolbar at the top.

Overall, very stable, and I think it's a keeper


lg reviewed v8.2.8.8 on Jan 10, 2017

Lousy with Edge. Must pay for web access to share passwords. No option to use Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. No option for local use of sharing passwords between computers. Many other options are available, some free.

Also see discussions.


cyberguy reviewed v8.2.1 Beta on Dec 15, 2016

I've always found roboform's usability better than Lastpass.

Version 8+ adds unlimited local logins for free. There are pluses and minuses to that. To keep from shooting themselves in the foot they have removed the ability to set your password data location and there is/will be no portable version of Roboform 8.

To use the same passwords across devices, you need to upgrade to the 'everywhere' pay service (something that Lastpass gives you for free). While I don't fault them for that, I do not like having to pay on an ongoing basis for that feature.

I'm rating it as a 4 (subtracting 1 for the lack of a free portability)


AthleticLatino reviewed v7.9.8.5 on Jun 25, 2014

LastPass all the way. I also don't like the greediness of the company.


ghammer reviewed v7.9.7 on May 20, 2014

RoboForm lost me as a customer when competition arrived.
LastPass works fine for what I use a password manager for, web browsers. Don't want and don't need a tool for application logins and it is quite annoying.

Plus RoboForm has too many issues with fast moving browsers. I can sympathize, but not accept that as a customer.

I'm firmly in the RoboForm camp now across all my devices and browsers.


Uriel reviewed v7.9.3.9 on Feb 4, 2014

I liked it better than Lastpass but it is not compatible across platforms and so I cannot sync to the cloud all platforms like Lastpass. In Linux they expect me to enable third party cookies to use their extension. And forget it if you own a Blackberry Q10. If they pick up the ball I would likely return.

Ball Sacks

Ball Sacks reviewed v7.9.3.3 on Jan 31, 2014

not free chrome is free and does all this s*** for free!


truthbetold reviewed v7.9.0.0 on Jun 26, 2013

Totally unnecessary with Win 8. Always causes problems with Firefox.


lg reviewed v7.8.8.5 on Mar 27, 2013

They lost me as a customer long ago.

Avg. Rating 3.3 (1,559 votes)
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kstev99 reviewed v8.5.4 on Sep 24, 2018

Pros: Better than Lastpass

Cons: Cannot run as a TRUE Portable application

Bottom Line: Although I like the autofill feature of Roboform much better than Lastpass, where I had to click through menus to get forms to fill, I must subtract stars for the fact that RoboForm cannot be ran as a TRUE portable app.

The fact is that if you are only using the browser extension on a computer such as a work computer where you cannot install the entire program, its features are extremely limited. forms will not fill automatically and the toolbar, and keyboard shortcuts are missing.

Works great IF you have the desktop program installed. Technical Support is out of touch and when you try to explain an issue I swear that none of the support staff have ever used the program themselves. For now, I'll keep it on an yearly basis UNTIL something better comes along.


kstev99 reviewed v8.4.1 on Sep 11, 2017

Pros: Only have to remember ONE Password

Cons: Firefox extension lacks context menu and bottom/top toolbar (Mozilla's fault)

Bottom Line: Recently switched to this after using Lastpass for years. Lastpass no longer autofilled pages and tech support was not helpful.

I am very impressed so far. It's a great password manager, and it seems that the form filling function is superior to Lastpass. There is however, some issues with the Firefox Extension. Context menu in forms does not work, and because of Mozilla's new Web Extensions, you can no longer have a toolbar at the top.

Overall, very stable, and I think it's a keeper


lg reviewed v8.2.8.8 on Jan 10, 2017

Lousy with Edge. Must pay for web access to share passwords. No option to use Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. No option for local use of sharing passwords between computers. Many other options are available, some free.

Also see discussions.


cyberguy reviewed v8.2.1 Beta on Dec 15, 2016

I've always found roboform's usability better than Lastpass.

Version 8+ adds unlimited local logins for free. There are pluses and minuses to that. To keep from shooting themselves in the foot they have removed the ability to set your password data location and there is/will be no portable version of Roboform 8.

To use the same passwords across devices, you need to upgrade to the 'everywhere' pay service (something that Lastpass gives you for free). While I don't fault them for that, I do not like having to pay on an ongoing basis for that feature.

I'm rating it as a 4 (subtracting 1 for the lack of a free portability)


AthleticLatino reviewed v7.9.8.5 on Jun 25, 2014

LastPass all the way. I also don't like the greediness of the company.


ghammer reviewed v7.9.7 on May 20, 2014

RoboForm lost me as a customer when competition arrived.
LastPass works fine for what I use a password manager for, web browsers. Don't want and don't need a tool for application logins and it is quite annoying.

Plus RoboForm has too many issues with fast moving browsers. I can sympathize, but not accept that as a customer.

I'm firmly in the RoboForm camp now across all my devices and browsers.


Uriel reviewed v7.9.3.9 on Feb 4, 2014

I liked it better than Lastpass but it is not compatible across platforms and so I cannot sync to the cloud all platforms like Lastpass. In Linux they expect me to enable third party cookies to use their extension. And forget it if you own a Blackberry Q10. If they pick up the ball I would likely return.

Ball Sacks

Ball Sacks reviewed v7.9.3.3 on Jan 31, 2014

not free chrome is free and does all this s*** for free!


truthbetold reviewed v7.9.0.0 on Jun 26, 2013

Totally unnecessary with Win 8. Always causes problems with Firefox.


lg reviewed v7.8.8.5 on Mar 27, 2013

They lost me as a customer long ago.


SoundMix reviewed v7.8.8.5 on Mar 27, 2013

Here we go again....this company has LOST it's Better Business Bureau approval and now has an "F" rating with TOO MANY complaints. If you want to take a chance with a company that was removed from the BBB go for it. For me they would need to make amends and get back on the list with an "A" or "B"..
See below for more BBB info.


Uriel reviewed v7.8.8.5 on Mar 26, 2013

I have subscriptions to both Roboform and Lastpass and I prefer Roboform over Lastpass. The only reason I have Lastpass is for Linux Mint. Roboform has an extension for Firefox in Linux Mint but I have to enable third party cookies to use it which is a no no in my world. Roboform is a better app all around though in my opinion.


ecvogel reviewed v7.8.7.5 on Mar 12, 2013

Persistant Bugs that are never fixed. Did not grandfather people who were promised lifetime upgrades and updates.

Here is a app close to it and is free today.




SoundMix reviewed v7.7.9.9 on Jul 28, 2012

Wow..Glad to see the BBB came down on this company for screwing it's users.

"From BBB:

BBB Accreditation

On 6/30/2011 the business's accreditation from BBB was revoked.

The revocation was due to violation of BBB Accreditation Standards:

This business is not BBB accredited.

To be accredited by BBB, a business must apply for accreditation and BBB must determine that the business meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. BBB Accredited Businesses must pay a fee for accreditation review/monitoring and for support of BBB services to the public."


Uriel reviewed v7.7.9.9 on Jul 16, 2012

I like it better than Lastpass. Unfortunately on Linux I have to use the Roboform Lite extension to connect to my online account. But I have to keep third party cookies enabled for it to work. Lastpass doesn't need this requirement in Linux and the log in is easier. So I prefer Roboform for Windows, but until they make a better extension for Linux I am forced to use Lastpass.


lg reviewed v7.7.6 on Apr 30, 2012

From BBB:

BBB Accreditation

On 6/30/2011 the business's accreditation from BBB was revoked.

The revocation was due to violation of BBB Accreditation Standards:

This business is not BBB accredited.

To be accredited by BBB, a business must apply for accreditation and BBB must determine that the business meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. BBB Accredited Businesses must pay a fee for accreditation review/monitoring and for support of BBB services to the public.


NoOneImportant reviewed v7.7.5 on Apr 29, 2012

When I first discovered roboform a few years ago, I thought it was a very nice tool and I not only paid for it, but have upgraded to a newer version recently.

However, I can no longer recommend this. It looks like the development team has fallen asleep. Some bugs or design flaws has been around for years. Here are some examples:

After logging into some web site using roboform, it asks me if I want to save the login. How stupid is that?

Web sites that ask for security questions cannot be answered by roboform. If it can, it is not clear how to make it do it.

Web sites that ask for username and password on separate pages require two different roboform identities to store. Not intuitive.

After filling form and auto submitting, some web site logs me in and logs me out immediately. However, if I merely have the form filled, and click submit by hand, then it works fine.

Although I still use roboform, I'm using it as a backup. I use another password manager, although it cannot fill form like roboform, it is free.

Someday when I have time I'm going to check out other, newer password managers.


SoundMix reviewed v7.7.5 on Apr 1, 2012

The BBB has revoked Siber's (Roboform) accreditation and they have given them an "F" rating. Way too many complaints. I guess the bad stuff is catching up with them.

Do a Bing/Google search for info.


Uriel reviewed v7.7.5 on Mar 31, 2012

They need to support the Blue Moon browser.


RawManRaines reviewed v7.7.4 on Mar 29, 2012

It is such a shame that RoboForm's Humans don't match the quality of their program - They actually get a 5 star for the program and a -9 for the misnamed dept of Customer Service - which is really really really bad - they simply don't care and don't know how to communicate if they do. I was with them for years and years and all the sudden started having challenges after I paid and lots of challenges and headaches - finally I gave up as it was costing me so much as it is now but I have to say my thing as I don't what anyone to sign on with them especially if they think customer service and clear communications are important.
I would even come back if they got it together but I honestly don't think they are interested in the least little bit to get better at what they do.


SoundMix reviewed v7.7.3 on Mar 4, 2012

Hey vailr......

Update on Free Norton Idenity Safe. Get it!. I used Robobuggy for more. Did I mention it was free.

Or you can wait for Windows 8 which will also take care of passwords for FREE.


vailr reviewed v7.7.3 on Mar 2, 2012

7.7.3 kept crashing Firefox.
Went back to 7.7.2 and no more crashes.


SoundMix reviewed v7.7.0 on Feb 11, 2012

Free copy of Norton Identity Safe has replaced Roboform for me.


lg reviewed v7.6.7 on Dec 20, 2011

This new version slows my browser down. Guess they didn't fix everything.


elfsun reviewed v7.6.6 on Dec 14, 2011

I always use roboform to save my password, although my Avant browser has the autofills feature.
I asked in roboform online support several days ago about the problem of roboform and Avant browser & firefox. They fixed it soon.Good work.


Sonris reviewed v7.6.6 on Dec 11, 2011

Tried it don't like it!

I find it hard to believe the reviewer below says he was lied to about a free upgrade but now has forgiven this company and is letting them off the hook after he personally got the promised update after complaining. Shouldn't everybody get the "FREE" update without complaining. I don't trust this company. And I sure wouldn't give them a 5 star rating for screwing me....unless.....


truthbetold reviewed v7.6.6 on Dec 11, 2011

After all of these fixes you'd expect it to work better. It doesn't. Another weekly update and still lots of issues. I'm sure they'll fix it again next week. Reminds me of an old Fiat I used to own.

Still BROKEN!! Does not fill ALL passwords!!!!


SoundMix reviewed v7.6.6 on Dec 11, 2011

Still doesn't fix my Firefox issues...this sucks! Stay away.

FWIW Norton's password manager works great and cost less.

Fileforum rates Norton as the best, as do ALL of the computer magazines and test sites. Check it out for free. It does way more than JUST passwords.

As for Uriel....what's the saying...something about bliss? Fileforum was not paid to review Norton Internet Security. Also Vipre does not include a password manager or parental controls and much more. Vipre, on their own site, show where Norton beats them in two out of four real threat categories, where Norton takes first place. Vipre comes in first in only one category compared to the other 11 antivirus programs. But this isn't about antivrus, it's about passwords which Norton does do.

Uriel... Click on Vipre vs. competition. :-) I'm sure any of the top prgrams would be fine unless you want a free password checker included.


Uriel reviewed v7.6.6 on Dec 10, 2011

This is the best password manager out there. I have Rollback RX installed on my laptop and if I have to roll back my computer to an earlier time I don't have to worry about my newer passwords being erased because they are stored safely on Roboform's server. When I turn on my main computer at home, Roboform sees to it that my encrypted passwords are synced their as well. The form filler and password generator are an asset but you will still want to check the forms after Roboform has filled them for you. The cost per year is comparable to about two McMeals from McDonalds which doesn't amount to a whole lot for this awesome and reliable service.

What Firefox issues?
Norton by Symantec sucks. I wouldn't touch that company with a 100 foot pole. They pay fileforum to rate them number one. You'd be better off using "Vipre Internet Security" the true champions..

SoundMix - Which page are you referring to? This one or this one?


FixXxeR reviewed v7.6.6 on Dec 10, 2011

I was upset at first regarding the reneging of the lifetime license scheme. However, I contacted the RF team regarding my dissatisfaction and am very happy with the outcome. I have been using RF since well before V6 and am still satisfied with my investment. It took a bit to get a fully functioning chrome adapter, but it works beautifully now and on all sites I use. There have been a lot of updates to this product. That said, an auto-update function would be nice where you didn't have to open the web browser to do it.

I would like to see the ability to enable auto-fill on individual passcards. I would also like to see customized security settings where you can define the maximum age for any passcard, or exclude certain passcards (forums, for example), from those restrictions. The ability to say that a passcard can contain a password for X number of days before changing would be nice. The ability to also require passwords to have certain characteristics (X number of upper case, X lower case, X special characters (which can then be limited as to which characters can be used since not all sites support all special characters), and X numerals) would be nice!

While many here appear very upset over this licensing change, and I surely understand their frustration, I am no longer one of them. Bill Carey, listed below, requested people contact him and I took him up on that offer. This does not mean email him and yell and rant and rave, but be professional. I have found this works with many software developers and can alleviate many of the issues. Maybe not to the extent, in this case, of free updates for life, but it could end in a solution which works out for many.

As for bugs, there have only been one or two times where I have encountered a bug which has actually affected me. One of these was with my bank and chrome. It took a bit to fix but that was also during the initial testing of the chrome adapter and understandable.

Since I know this will be mentioned by one of the constant negative reviewers of this program (as is typical on betanews when someone posts a positive review in midst of a slew of negative reviews), I do not work for, represent, or work with roboform, siber systems, or any of their partners. I am an individual user who has been using this product since well before 2006 and have more than gotten my money's worth.

5/5 for a great product, since that is what we are rating.


lg reviewed v7.6.6 on Dec 8, 2011

Three days later and another BUG fix.

Don't mess with my license!!!

Version 7.6.6
* Fix RoboForm does not work with BasicAuth dialog in AOL Desktop 9.6 on Windows 7.
* Fix Firefox hangs up if clicking Highlight button on toolbar if search box is empty.
* Fix crash of License Expiration Warning dialog.
* Do not warn about license expiration when valid license is present.
* Fix bugs in license renewal.


lg reviewed v7.6.5 on Dec 5, 2011

Weekly bug fest. Are you kidding...this program still has multiple memory leaks (see list) after all these years. Stay away.

Version 7.6.5
* Firefox: fix RoboForm does not fill in basic auth prompt for sock5 server.
* Firefox, Chrome: multiple small form filler fixes.
* Firefox: fix RF toolbar resizers sometimes sometimes are not shown or do not work.
* Firefox: fix some Firefox themes may override RF toolbar.
* Firefox: fix AutoFill dialog may appear and then immediately disappear on a page with frames.
* Firefox: fix tab switching may be slow sometimes.
* Firefox: fix rare crashes on shutdown.
* Firefox: Make Highlight button work in Firefox.
* Chrome, Opera: add filler localization.
* Fix a number of memory and resource leaks.
* Implement license check and update.
* Fix Sync dialog is not moved to foreground when clicking Sync after previous sync has completed.
* Fix UI colors are wrong in High Contrast Mode.
* Fix crash on some sites in modal AutoSave mode when downloading site icon.
* Fix crash on Creating Identity command when no RF data folder is present.
* Make RoboForm work in Avant 2012.
* Fix menu was closed when we need to changed enabled status.


asaenz reviewed v7.6.5 on Dec 5, 2011

boo RoboForm ... once the one of the best now unhappy former customers will soon put it to rest


Sonris reviewed v7.6.4 on Nov 22, 2011

I can't believe how many times this program is updated with fixes and it still sucks with Firefox.


lg reviewed v7.6.4 on Nov 22, 2011

SmurfDaddy...It is smurfs like you who are the actual trolls. :-)

Still broken...just like last week...

Version 7.6.4
* Installer: fix sometimes IE9 leaves processes after all IE window have been closed.
* Firefox, Chrome: speed up page analysis and form filling.
* Firefox, Chrome: improve form filling quality.
* Firefox, Chrome: Fix does not fill on
* Firefox, Chrome: Fix value change is detected incorrectly for textarea.
* Firefox, Chrome: add form filler localization.
* Firefox: fix Identity MiniDialog does not appear on mouse-over after ID number change.
* Firefox: fix matching passcards button is not updated when a tab is moved to another window.
* Firefox: fix toolbar search box value is shared among all tabs.
* Installer: show specific warning for Firefox 3, why RF does not integrate.
* Add suppress checkbox to 'RoboForm cannot find Submit button' message.
* Installer, Chrome: fix not seeing Google Chrome Browser.
* Editor: add 'Convert to Bookmark' command to More menu of Passcard View.
* SaveForms: offer to save Bookmark by command RF Menu -> Bookmarks -> New.
* Fix GoTo command from Login's context menu always uses the same window.
* Fix Sync setup for change of the RF Everywhere account.
* Fix menu can be drawn incorrectly if it is quickly shown and hidden few times.
* Fingerprints: fix RF does not unregister from FP notification.
* Editor: Fix artefacts appearing in navigator after dropping into a collapsed folder.
* Editor: set wordwrap mode for multiline edit boxes.
* Import: fix Contact country is detected incorrectly in some cases.


SmurfDaddy1949 reviewed v7.6.4 on Nov 22, 2011

Dispite the narrow-minded vitrol filled comments from a few ... RoboForm continues to be the best in class for password management solutions.

Updates and bug fixes are a bad thing ? I think not! lg go troll somewhere else!


lg reviewed v7.6.3 on Nov 13, 2011

Can you believe it? MORE BUGS!!!!

Version 7.6.3
* Firefox: fix matching passcards button may show passcards for previous page.
* Firefox/Chrome: fix unresponsive script error when clicking on element.
* Firefox: set max supported Firefox version to 11.
* Firefox/Chrome/Opera: fix Alt+R shortcut does not work.
* Firefox/Chrome/Opera: fix Show Toolbar command from TB icon.
* Firefox: fix rightmost RF toolbar items may stay visible after switching RF profile.
* Firefox: fix Login on a passcard from RoboForm Online web page does not work.
* Firefox: fix Password generated if my pointer passes over Generate button.
* Firefox: fix selective form filling when Fill&Submit is pressed.
* Firefox: make 'RoboForm' command in Firefox context menu toggle RF toolbar.
* Firefox: fix Alt+X or Alt+C keyboard shortcuts.
* Firefox: switch to using Gecko 8.0 SDK.
* Fix form filling problems.
* IE9: fix AutoFill dialog hides immediately after creation if AutoHide option is set.
* IE: fix selective Form Filler operations may reset selection.
* Opera: fix not finding Opera plugins folder.
* Fix search argument prompt dialog may not appear.
* Fix Search in This Window/Search in New Window commands.
* Fix '(passcards)' text is shown on matching passcards in icons only mode.
* Fix some gif/jpeg site icons are shown upside-down.
* Enterprise: Fix identities.ese -setmp command.
* Fix Clear History command in password history dropdown list keeps clipboard.
* Bookmarks: fix Goto command may not work properly.
* Fix layout of searchcard arguments prompt dialog.
* Better Search Box and searchcard integration.
* Delete SPS Master Password file when user 'Removes Master Password'.


lg reviewed v7.6.0 on Oct 29, 2011

Think it's getting better? NOT! Pure crap for Firefox.

Version 7.6.2
* Chrome: fix login on a passcard sometimes stops after navigation.
* Firefox/Chrome/Opera: speed up adapter in regular browsing.
* Firefox: fixed crashes related to using own build of Gecko SDK - use official build.
* Firefox: fix AutoFill does not appear for tabs open in background.
* Firefox: fix filling from identity may not work sometimes.
* Firefox: fix selective form filling may not work in release build.
* Firefox: fix customized toolbar positioning on browser restart.
* Firefox: show ampersand in file names correctly.
* Firefox: fix monochrome site icons are not drawn in RF toolbar.
* Firefox, Chrome: fix keyboard shortcuts not working on some keyboard layouts.
* Firefox, Chrome: do not scroll browser to fields being filled.
* Chrome: fix sometimes Basic Auth dialog is not filled.
* Fix installer always opens IE instead of default browser on WinXP or Win7 without UAC.
* Installer: do not offer to install RoboForm 7.5 into Firefox 3 and older.
* IE 9: fix pressing of ALT after RF processed keyboard shortcut calls RF.
* Do not show searchcards in recently used and most popular lists.
* Fix crash on corrupted site icon.
* Fix text can not be selected using the mouse in some edit boxes.
* Fix for Comcast login, taken from RF ver 6.
* Editor: fix layout in Custom fields tab.


lg reviewed v7.5.7 on Oct 25, 2011

You want bugs? We go um!

Version 7.6.0
* Chrome: fix dropdown menus of web page may appear behind the browser window.
* Chrome: fix sometimes first login on a passcard in a window fails.
* Chrome, Opera: fix RF autoupdate not working.
* Firefox: fix crash in JS shutdown function.
* Firefox: fix crashes when RF2Go detaches from Firefox.
* Firefox + Rf2Go: fix handling of Basic Authentication.
* Firefox: fix mini-dialogs are positioned incorrectly when browser window is not active.
* Firefox: implement Search History dropdown, selection search.
* Firefox: fix protected passcards are not shown in AutoFill dialog until MP is entered.
* Firefox, Chrome: several form filling fixes.
* Firefox, Chrome: fix FillForms does not work for Identity with World Region not set.
* Firefox, Chrome: fix Passcards not saving radio button values.
* Internet Explorer: issue warning about presence of McAfee Site Advisor that crashes IE.
* Sync: fix no initial sync when Master Password is stored in SPS.
* Editor: fix texts in Editor are not updated after RF Language has been changed.
* Fix bugs in Password Generator related to positioning.


SoundMix reviewed v7.5.7 on Oct 18, 2011

Still fails on the same websites as two years ago.


NoOneImportant reviewed v7.5.7 on Oct 18, 2011

It's still a handy app, but despite the newer and newer versions, there seems to be no improvement in UI. For example, how can I store answers to security questions? Perhaps there's a solution, but it's not obvious. Non obvious solution = no solution for a software that's meant to simplify life.
Also, on some web sites, after I use roboform to login, it immediately asks if I want to store the password.
Upgrading (and paying) seems to offer no advantage from prevous version.
Updating firefox causes roboform to disappear from firefox.


JSX reviewed v7.5.5 on Oct 10, 2011

Agreed me no longer likey. Crap


truthbetold reviewed v7.5.4 on Oct 8, 2011

I agree with those that say...stay away from Roboform! Buggy and overpriced.


ghammer reviewed v7.5.4 on Oct 8, 2011

I have used this and LastPass for quite a while.
I find that RoboForm wins my usablility derby.
I do not like the new functionality of working with Windows apps, I just want something that remembers the multitude of website logins.
As for their promise to give lifetime updates?
I don't recall that, and to be fair, how do you expect a company to stay in business with that?
Buggy? I haven't had ANY problems with this app in years. You do have to wait a short time on occasion for this or that version of browser to be supported.


lg reviewed v7.5.4 on Oct 7, 2011

I'm with Soundmix on this one!


SoundMix reviewed v7.5.4 on Oct 7, 2011


Mind your own business. As long as smurfs like you give Robocrap 5 stars for being possibly the buggiest program on Betanews, and for deceiving it's loyal user base, I will be here with MANY others to point out what you obviously don't get.

Even if Roboform were to give me the promised free upgrade it would STILL be a buggy program.

4 bug updates in 6 days...could be a new world record.


SmurfDaddy1949 reviewed v7.5.4 on Oct 7, 2011

@Soundmix ..
you need to take a break from beating on RoboForm .. We get it that you don't like the product. All anyone has to do is to take a look at this thread. Get a life man! There is more to do out there than bas RoboForm.


truthbetold reviewed v7.5.0 on Oct 4, 2011

7.5.3 already on website. Three bug fixe updates in 4 days. Hello!?!?


Sonris reviewed v7.5.0 on Sep 30, 2011

One day later and another bug fix. :-(

Check "" for a list of the ongoing bugs.


SoundMix reviewed v7.5.0 on Sep 30, 2011

This used to be a good program but since version 7 it is bloated, buggy, and overpriced at 29.95 for the desktop version for ONE computer. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Try Norton Internet Security with the same password functions and much more for less money per computer, or LastPass which is reliable

Way too many updates to fix the never ending stream of bugs as Willforce (below) points out..

If you decide to switch from Roboform v6 to another program, as I did, be aware that Roboform provides no "useful" export format, such as csv, for exporting your passwords and info. Thank you Robofrm...NOT!

Must be the buggiest program on the planet. Already up to version 7.5.2 two days later....eeek!


Willforce reviewed v7.5.0 on Sep 29, 2011

Roboform is the best ever. ;o)
Checkt the homepage for version 7.5.1


truthbetold reviewed v7.4.2 on Sep 16, 2011

I was using version 6 and finally got around to trying the version 7. Found out later that I lost my license for 6 when going to 7 despite a promised free lifetime upgrade. Very shoddy company. Switched to Last Pass.


lg reviewed v7.4.2 on Sep 16, 2011

This program fails to fill in some passwords.
And, as others have reported Roboform did not honor their free upgrade promise to it's longtime users...beware..
Other programs like lastpass are a better alternative for customer service.
Also, if you use Norton Internet Security 2010/2011 you get a free password manager built in which works much better than Robocrap. NIS is highly rated by Betanews!!


Beestie reviewed v7.4.2 on Sep 9, 2011

I have been a roboForm user for years and can't say enough good things about this program. I could NOT live without it at this point. I install it on my USB drive and take my logins wherever I go. Its not necessary to use online synching but I don't see the risk even if RoboForm got hacked because the password files themselves are encrypted so I don't know what the point of hacking RF would be anyway. On TWO separate occasions, my USB drive died and roboform provided me with a new license at no charge. Good company, good support, good product. One caution - its usually a step behind the latest Firefox release but if you are ok ignoring FFX's pleas to upgrade then no problem. I usually have FFX and IE open at the same time and RF attaches to each even tho they are running simultaneously.


SoundMix reviewed v7.4.2 on Aug 23, 2011

Lick and Uriel....

You should know by now that many on-line services have been hacked, off-line, out of business, overpriced, etc.. So is your data really safe. The best place for your precious passwords is on your computer or a flash drive.

If you are in fact a long-time user, you too were screwed by Roboform's refusing to honor it's promise of free lifetime updates.

If you still want to proceed down this road, there are many FREE programs that are HIGHLY recommended over Roboform.


Uriel reviewed v7.4.2 on Aug 20, 2011

Awesome software! Love the online syncing for my computers.


Lick reviewed v7.4.2 on Aug 19, 2011

I am not sure why all the hate, but I have been using Roboform for years. I have only ever had a couple issues over the years and my interaction with support has always been excellent. I have emailed and recieved a responce in hours. Used it so long I felt good about giving them my money. Keep up the good work!


AthleticLatino reviewed v7.4.2 on Aug 19, 2011

This company is run by a bunch of greedy liars. Due to their distasteful practice of failing to honor their original license agreement I dropped their product. The new versions seems buggy and bloated. There are many free alternatives out there like LastPass etc and modern browsers now have built-in password managers.


asaenz reviewed v7.4.2 on Aug 19, 2011

I stopped doing business with RF years ago when it was apparent that they put profits before customer satisfaction and have been using LastPass and haven't looked back. -4 for bad customer service.


ecvogel reviewed v7.4.2 on Aug 18, 2011

I have 2 lifetime licenses and once 8 comes out I have to pay. Wait, something is wrong here. I will use RF for as long as I can. Once 7 stops working when technology passes it or bad bugs, I am off to other products. I understand about grandfathering and then changing it going forward, but this is plain lying.


slimscraggle reviewed v7.4.0 on Aug 15, 2011

I can't discourage you strongly enough from doing business with this company. It's old news now but just in case people have forgotten: Siber Systems sold thousands of "life time" licenses then completely reneged on their commitment. When I wrote them about this they just lied to me and said this was because of the new "cloud" service but they still have a desktop only client. I purchased three separate "life time" licenses from these liars, one for each of my machines, and they offered me nothing but the opportunity to let them steal more money from me. Seriously, if you don't believe me just do a google search.


SoundMix reviewed v7.4.0 on Jul 29, 2011

This version has been out a day and already has been updated to Version 7.4.1.

Does anybody test this stuff?

Warning: Extremely buggy software.


lg reviewed v7.3.0 on May 31, 2011

grandmastergate ...

B.S. There is NO free activation, this program costs 29.95 as stated, and as such, is HUGELY overpriced. I'm sticking with lastpass which works better.
Thanks for nothing!!!

There is a free trial that I would aviod like the plague. This program does not work on all websites.

Note: 6/2/11 Roboform has had two bug releases since this version. Could this be the buggiest program ever???


grandmastergate reviewed v7.3.0 on May 30, 2011

Use activation file and enjoy FREE the professional version TOTAL FREE
No pay needed. This is the best software humilhation all outhers similarys.
Now.. roboform works with OPERA.. PERFECT.


SoundMix reviewed v7.3.0 on May 24, 2011

Since you asked, most computer gurus say LastPass is the best password program. It is highly recommended by the Win Supersite.and MANY others. And LastPass RESPONDS to problems/customers as they have proven.

I personally prefer Norton Internet Security 2011 which uses some of the roboform dll's. Only NIS 2011 cost less, works much better, and does MUCH, MUCH, MORE.

And by the way, I can't think of another company that screwed it's loyal user base like Roboform did. In case you forgot about that, you can read about it below.

Oh, and please don't offend the women here with any more sexist remarks.


SmurfDaddy1949 reviewed v7.3.0 on May 23, 2011

I like many of the posters below have been using RoboForm for years! BUT .. unlike most am adult enough to realize that no software package is perfect. All have flaws or things we dont care for.

I DO know that looking at any other password program they all pale when compared to RoboForm.

If your coming here to complain about RoboForm .. the put on your big boy pants and enlighten us all with your words of wisdom and tell us about a program to take its place. If not quit your whining and crawl back into your troll hole!


PawPaw reviewed v7.2.9 on May 3, 2011

I was a huge promoter of Roboform until February 2011 when I began having some issues with it. I recalled there had not been any updates and went to their website and found there were updates but even though I had paid for two Pro licenses in 2004 which granted me lifetime Free upgrades I now had to pay for every update? I even checked the Internet Web Archive for 2004 to make sure I was not mistaken about the FREE upgrades but I was right, it is clearly displayed. I can no longer trust this company since they have broken their contract with their customers and I am seriously considering filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.


JeremyGNJ reviewed v7.2.9 on May 2, 2011

I dont normally write many reviews, but I think a lot of people's ratings here are completely unfair. I've tried almost all Password-Saving products, and I always check them out when I see new ones (especially when I had to buy the upgrade for RoboForm, which was dissappointing).

Nothing stands up to RoboForm. Its the best looking, and best functioning password keeper I've found. Does everything I need. I agree that the new GUI looks childish/WinXP-ish....but I very rarely actually look at that GUI....I mostly just click the toolbar buttons or press the hot-keys.

I suspect some of these reviews are just bitter about having to pay for the upgrade. I am too, but it's still a great product and deserves good reviews.


ecvogel reviewed v7.2.9 on May 2, 2011

Still does not work on all sites. It works on less sites than it used too!

If it crashs your PC, maybe you have another add-on that doesnt like RF to the person below. I cannot remember when RF crashs a browser.


SoundMix reviewed v7.2.9 on May 2, 2011

Roboform's list of fixes.
Version 7.2.9
* GUI: improve Master Password request dialog.
* GUI: redesign Send by Email dialog.
* GUI: Fix minidialog does not disappear immediately when called by keyboard shortcut.
* Fix export to IE favorites.
* Sync: make WinInet option really work, fix proxy issues.
* Fix Thunderbird does not open .RFP files attached to email in RF.
* Editor: fix Copy Text from Safenote does not add it to MRU List.
* Editor: preserve 'Always on top' flag between RF Editor runs.
* Editor: fix protect/unprotect menu items.
* Win32: fix incorrect save/fill of edit controls in VB6-based applications.
* Win32: fix attaching to SAP when MSHTML is present in it.
* Fix form filling on certain forms.
* Fix crashes.

Yikes! Version 7.2.9 and STILL fixing crashes.

ecvogel (above): Suggest you go back to version 6 for reliability. It must really suck to have a form filler that doesn't fill forms. Or better yet, ditch this sucker. Try Norton Internet Security 2011's password feature. And NIS cost less and includes a whole lot more.

Hey hate robo (below): Tell us how you really feel. :-)

JeremyGNJ (above) Have I got this correct, you are bitter about being lied to about FREE upgrades but still feel this buggy, childish program is worth 5 stars???? Go figure?!? Advice...stay away from used car lots.

hate robo

hate robo reviewed v7.2.8 on Apr 25, 2011

I have used this for years and it used to be good. The newest interface is a cartoon for children. The auto functions don’t work well at all. The company simply lies and cheats. The stuff is no good anymore and management has gone feral.

Stay as far away from these evil incompetent people as you can. Blacklist this company, bad mouth them at every opportunity and pray that they go out of business soon and have to get new jobs they are actually qualified for.

They are evil and you have been warned. They will soon probably get hacked and then your passwords will be all over the internet! Rats have already run, so get a clue and do the same.


Urlik reviewed v7.2.8 on Apr 11, 2011

Loved and recommended this program to friends for years. Not anymore. Changing our terms of agreement after the fact makes them dishonest and untrustworthy. A definite DO NOT RECOMMEND!


edbro reviewed v7.2.8 on Apr 1, 2011

If you want to deal with a dishonest company then you can start here. They lied about the lifetime upgrade I purchased. Nobody likes to be cheated. Be forewarned.


SoundMix reviewed v7.2.8 on Apr 1, 2011

What can I say that hasn't been said before? This company screwed over it's loyal user base by not honoring their promise of free major upgrades.

If you are unhappy about this, I suggest going to their Twitter site or the BBB and lodge a complaint.

Many, many freeware programs available now and some other commercial ones that appear to be much better.

Fairfax Virginia real-estate is expensive...


reviewer reviewed v7.2.7 on Mar 29, 2011

I bought three "lifetime" licenses last April. Now, Siber Systems seems to have decided that my LIFETIME license will only last 8 months! They claim that the software I bought multiple LIFETIME licenses to was "FINAL" last December; merely 8 months after purchase. I can no longer use it with Firefox without paying up again. In my opinion, this is extortion. If you're dumb enough to pay SS for licenses to RF, then go ahead. When they get themselves into financial trouble again, they will cancel YOUR licenses and demand that you pay up .. again. If they can't be trusted to stand by the terms of their agreement at time of sale, then I will not trust them with my personal data! Personally, I think they'll end up facing a class action lawsuit. I'll join. Use Keepass or Lastpass.


carl23 reviewed v7.2.7 on Mar 27, 2011

I have been a long time user of Roboform Pro. I purchased two licenses back in 2005. I recently built a new PC and am in the process of moving software to it. I was very upset to learn that I was going to be charged to upgrade to the latest version of Roboform. I know that when I made my purchase in 2005 upgrades were promised for FREE.

Of course how does one go about proving something that may have been stated on a web page or in a license agreement nearly six years ago? I've known about the internet archive for years so I decided to do a little research to see if I could find where that promise of FREE upgrades originated. Check out the first check box on this page:

Of course this is the page that was active when I made my purchase. You can use the archive to review what they promised when you made your purchase.

I for one will not be dealing with Siber systems or Roboform ever again. I don't want to deal with a company that treats their paying customers in this manner. Good luck to you all.


Earthling reviewed v7.2.7 on Mar 27, 2011

Not worth.


aladdin reviewed v7.2.7 on Mar 27, 2011

One Star!


SilverFox2006 reviewed v7.2.7 on Mar 25, 2011

There is no way I would recommend this company for it's practices and reneging on it's previous version 6 customers who had lifetime updates.

They can't even get their FAQ information correct telling clients that they must update to version 7 for Firefox customers at a cost because it does not support the adapter 6.10.

This is clearly wrong 32 bit windows works 64 bit does not.. Just recompile you dummies for 64 bit and at least tell your customers the truth about your business practices. I'm a ten year customer NEVER again..

This is the guy responsible I would guess he is on Linkedlin

Send him your feelings..
Alexander Antonov

Director of Enterprise Development at Siber Systems

Washington D.C. Metro Area
Legal Services


SoundMix reviewed v7.2.6 on Mar 18, 2011

"Sweetyness", you are not correct when referring to the desktop version of this program, which many people use. It costs 29.95 with a 19.95 renewal. See the price listed in the fileforum description above. Your version is NOT the Pro Desktop version.

The "free" 30 day trial version is limited to only 10 passwords!

I do not want my password data on the website of any company, that includes Siber.

I would suggest one of the many FREE programs to you instead of Roboform. Or even the highly rated password manager that is included free with Norton Internet Security 2011. The competition has heated up and now there a choices.

Have a look at the customer service complaints below by many others!!!!! Don't get me wrong at one time Siber was pretty good....I still use Version 6 on one of my computers with Win7 SP1 and IE9.


sweetyness reviewed v7.2.6 on Mar 17, 2011

I am not sure who is making the extra money off of this download, but the cost of the newest Roboform Everywhere is only $9.95 for the first year, andf then $19.95 a year after that- with a free 30 day trial. Use this link:

I have used Roboform for almost a year and it is a lifesaver!! The best utility I have. And now for that cost you can sync all of your computers in your home, office- wherever- even smart phones. I highly recommend it!!


SoundMix reviewed v7.2.5 on Feb 23, 2011

Whoops! I added my latest comments to my review below. Sorry.


KatieKate reviewed v7.2.3 on Feb 22, 2011

I'm pretty sure they don't have time to rate themselves 1000 times to get a rating...but anyway. The software is good, the frequent updates have been nice and gets things fixed - idk why that is a bad thing to come out with updates often. Yea, 20 after the first year buts its less than two bucks a month. I'm gladily paying for it.


SoundMix reviewed v7.2.3 on Feb 21, 2011

LOL...two days another update 7.2.3. PC World recommends Norton Internet Security 2011 for passwords. Along with that you get all the other goodies for the same price per computer as Roboform.... Overpay if you wish. I agree with edbro.

2/23...Two days later with another fix. 7.2.5.

Version 7.2.5
* Chrome: Finally fix Pure Virtual Function Call bug and crashes.
* Chrome: make main RoboForm button switch RF toolbar on and off.
* Firefox: fix showing all RF context menu items, show only selected items.
* Firefox: fix XUL initialization when other addons are present.
* Internet Explorer: do not show Floating toolbar if RF toolbar is disabled.
* Speed up reading of user data files by RoboForm, noticeable on non-local drives.
* Win32: fix crashes when attaching to VB6 applications.
* Fix cycling in crash catcher.


Uriel reviewed v7.2.2 on Feb 16, 2011

SoundMix: This company knows how to advertise.

Did you notice how Google Chrome has an update every Friday? The add stays on the front page over the weekend (three days) which maximizes their bang for the buck. Roboform updates just as regularily as Google Chrome. Usually on a Friday.

Great product by the way. Thanks Roboform.


SoundMix reviewed v7.2.2 on Feb 14, 2011

IMHO, not a consumer friendly company. Plus the program always has bugs.
I smell a 7.2.3 coming soon. Oh it's day later.

Uriel (above)...advertising does not make a good program, good customer relations do.. Original users were promised free major upgrades not a twenty dollar upgrade fee for eye candy. You could not pay me to use Chrome, good luck with that. But this is not about Chrome is it Uriel. Stay on topic.


edbro reviewed v7.2.2 on Feb 14, 2011

The price for the upgrade is $20, not $10. And the policy does more than "suck". It is dishonest. Why choose to do business with a company that breaks their promises?

I think the rating here is as high as it is because the company reps routinely rate themselves 5 stars when responding to criticism here.


KatieKate reviewed v7.2.0 on Feb 8, 2011

Ok ok. none of these reviews are about the software. The new Roboform is awesome, serious. Yea the policy sucks but after talking to the support people i get why they did it and 10 bucks in a drop in the bucket.

Not trying to argue with yall. I wasn't happy at first either but it was worth the small cosrt


aladdin reviewed v7.2.0 on Feb 8, 2011

LOL! A company which cheats its' own clients, by forcing them to buy the version 7, when they were promised lifetime updates for version 6.

Company, bites the hand which feeds it. Version 6 users should consider a class action!


JustinUT79 reviewed v7.2.0 on Feb 7, 2011

Wow SoundMix. I am shocked at your hostility towards this program. It is somewhat expected that a new major release version would have bugs.

Check out the change log:

The bug fixes are not that major. I for one am glad they fix problems so quickly. If you are DUN (Dial up Networking), then I guess it would be a problem to download the updated version. It installs over the top of the installed version.

Version 7’s editor for the passcards, identities, and notes is totally redesigned and has a seamless interface. The program also now saves login information for programs, not just websites. With websites, a clean bar at the top of the browser displays to save passwords... A lot less intrusive then version 6. Its look and interface is cleaner, more professional, easier to use and modern.

Just some thoughts... Try it again before you knock it.


SoundMix reviewed v7.2.0 on Feb 7, 2011

You have got to be kidding. One day later and another update????

KatieKate, above...the update is 19.95 not 9.95 for desktop version which is superior to your version. It was advertised as being free but that was BS. So 5 stars for a company that sucks...go figure.

Justinut79, above, thinks it is worth paying 19.95 for a program that looks better (eye-candy), when functionally it does exactly the same thing as before (version 6)...fill in passwords. This is nothing more than a money grabbing deal at the expense of once loyal customers. Oh, by the way, the old version works great installed over the new version. Version 6 is very clean if you select the correct options. And, I did try it, I was one of the unrewarded beta testers for version 7, reporting bugs and fixes.

Alladin, above,...I hear ya!!!


SoundMix reviewed v7.1.9 on Feb 6, 2011

Total crap. Bug fixes every week. Staying with version 6.

This is not the place for a goodsync review but since newbie mejensen1, below, brings it up...goodsync is another Siber program which has bug fixes almost as much as Roboform. There are at least a dozen FREE programs that sync files as good or better than goodsync. I have goodsync and find it unrelieable with some files. Save your money.


seismicsaucer25 reviewed v7.1.9 on Feb 5, 2011

One of the most interesting and useful apps that I've ever used. This app should be used by anyone. Trustful and sumple. I strongly recommend it.


aladdin reviewed v7.1.9 on Feb 5, 2011

Already, version 7.2.0 is out.


mejensen1 reviewed v7.1.8 on Feb 2, 2011

i have been using this program for at least 6 years and don't know where i would be with out it! goodsync is great too! the ability to sync to the online store of pw is a godsend! i used to use the on the go clients, but really need to with the online version available


mbarker reviewed v7.1.8 on Feb 2, 2011


Thanks for the kind words.

You can use RoboForm Lite with a RoboForm Everywhere account for Firefox/Linux/Ubuntu.


jspratjr reviewed v7.1.8 on Jan 30, 2011

Long time RoboForm user who switched to LastPass about a month ago. I really don't see much of a difference between the 2 other than one is free and one has an annual fee. I have better things to spend my money on than software that has a free equivalent with basically the same functionality. Why didn't Siber grandfather-in the new licensing model instead of screwing over existing customers? 5 stars for functionality, 1 for company integrity.


Uriel reviewed v7.1.8 on Jan 29, 2011

I recently tried Lastpass for my Firefox browser in Ubuntu and I prefer Roboform services over Lastpass services hands down. I guess like anything else, we all pay more for quality. If Roboform would add support for Ubuntu, I would install it in Firefox so I could sync Ubuntu passwords with my Windows passwords online.

I would give Roboform 5 stars but support for the Ubuntu Firefox extension lacks. Roboform now gives support for all major operating systems except Linux.


aladdin reviewed v7.1.8 on Jan 29, 2011

Untrustworthy Company!


SoundMix reviewed v7.1.8 on Jan 28, 2011

Another weekly update of this buggy program.


toddhd reviewed v7.1.8 on Jan 28, 2011

Actually, I paid right away. Now they've solved the problem of me having to re-register every time I reloaded my PC or switched PC's, which as a software engineer, is often. I paid for the "everywhere" license and now I have RoboForm on EVERYTHING, and it is always in sync too, which rocks. Still the best password manager, hands down.


SilverFox2006 reviewed v7.1.8 on Jan 28, 2011

This program will lose more dedicated customers with this latest break in the contract. That being said just watch it start swirling out of business unless it refocuses and pays attention to it's customers


UPieper reviewed v7.1.7 on Jan 24, 2011

Hi KatiekATE,

I see you joined fileforum today and your 5* review of RF is your only one.....Are you by any chance affiliated to Siber? ;-)


KatieKate reviewed v7.1.7 on Jan 24, 2011

I agree with kodlum 110%.
The newest Roboform is sooo much better than 6! There's finally support for Google Chrome and Opera. Yeah, it was a paid upgrade, but completely worth the $. A small price to pay for reliable software and all the updates. There has been an update every week so far.
Thank you Siber!

@UPieper Not affiliated, just had a freind who rated them before and actualy got me to use the software mentioning roboform was getting bad reviews for making users pay and I wanted to say my peice since I upgraded :-]

Slapnutz Asshat

Slapnutz Asshat reviewed v7.1.7 on Jan 23, 2011

Absolute junk, back to v6 for me.


kodlum reviewed v7.1.7 on Jan 22, 2011

As I have two laptops, a netbook and a Desktop I have upgraded to RF Everywhere and consider $19 a year good value if it can keep all my passwords safe on all those machines while having the convenience of not having to worry which one I am using at any time.


ecvogel reviewed v7.1.7 on Jan 21, 2011

Roboform 7 actually fills out less forms and logins than 6 did. I got lucky they gave me one time upgrades for 2 RF Pro and 1 RF2Go


SoundMix reviewed v7.1.7 on Jan 21, 2011

Yet another weekly update. If you are unhappy about Siber's policies, you can always file a complaint with BBB.

kodlum (above) who joined the forum today.... claims it cost him 19.95 to upgrade four computers,,a $19.95 YEARLY fee. He is talking about Roboform Everywhere not the Desktop Roboform we are ALL talking about here. To "upgrade" to Roboform Desktop for 4 computers it would cost $50, no yearly fee. IMHO Roboform Everywhere is inferior to the desktop version as I DO NOT want my passwords stored on the Roboform site ever. He is comparing apples to oranges.

BTW. If you are already using Norton Internet Security 2011. PC World recently wrote that they liked its built-in password protection/filler. I haven't tried the password portion yet...but talk about a bargain, I paid $49.95 for three computers.

KatieKate (above) another new member...makes me wonder. Anyhow she proves my point..."Another weekly update of this buggy program!" And she thinks weekly bug fixes are worth 5 stars????? Really??? As for Opera and Chrome...don't use them, never will.


aladdin reviewed v7.1.7 on Jan 21, 2011

Unreliable Company!


tkbeta reviewed v7.1.7 on Jan 21, 2011

Very disappointed by the decision to effectively revoke the Free Upgrades license to long time v6 users. How can we trust Roboform with our passwords if we cannot trust them they would honor the terms of their license? See for yourself here:

This should no longer be a top pick. There are other alternatives now, many times better and cheaper, even FREE. Roboform no longer is what it used to be! Looks somewhere else for your password management needs.


FixXxeR reviewed v7.1.7 on Jan 21, 2011


Sorry to say but your comments do absolutely nothing to absolve you of the fact that you are treating customers who were told one thing and are now being told "too bad, times changed and we never anticipated this.". I own 7 licenses, 5 desktop 1 usb and 1 palm. When I upgaded to v7 (during beta period), I helped to test out the new version, submitted bug reports and continued to recommend the program. However, when v7 final came out, much to my surprise I had to pay again. You want me to either pay yearly for your product, or spend at least 100 dollars more to upgrade my desktop licenses and who knows how much for my palm and rf2go license.

You say the communications weren't ready and the pages not updated completely. Well, that to me means you should not have launched until all available means were ready.

Your staff has repeatedly treated me (I've called in 3 times) like a pirate. I was forced to buy 2 new licenses because your staff accused me of pirating roboform and violating the license terms. I do not appreciate that as a customer who has spent upwards of 100 dollars on your software. As a software tester, I repeatedly have to reinstall the OS on my systems and RF is the first tool I would reinstall after the OS. Being told by your staff that I've activated too many times is wrong. Being told I have to buy more licenses in order to receive more activations is wrong. I have earned you more customers than I can count and now I am being told "Thanks, but pay us more money, and on a yearly basis now".

Roboform has grown extremely buggy. You still have yet, after 4 bug fix point releases, to fix the use of the login button causing login on a tab OTHER than the active tab. You have left the android and chrome adapters to basically stagnate. I would love to move to chrome, but have not been able to because roboform was one of those tools I couldn't live without.

I have always pushed people towards roboform and shown them how useful it could be. But like me, most of the people I've recommended are now asking me why they are being told they have to pay again after I told them that the future upgrades were included after being directed by RF Staff and website of the same.

I am very disheartened at how this upgrade was handled. I even left this feedback in my uninstall comments. I left an email address on the uninstall commentary page, should you want to contact me, so that this wrong could hopefully be righted. I would love to remain with RF but cannot be with a company which treats customers in this manner.

You're right, times have changed. And by all means, change the licensing terms for new customers. But give the old customers what they paid for. Either that, or convert the old 6.x licenses into 1 year of free RF Everywhere per license. You say to keep using v6.x, my question to you is this. How long do you plan on supporting that? How long before customers are left with a product which breaks as browsers evolve and even basic functionality ceases to exist?

You've done wrong by your long time customers, and this is one customer who, for now, is moving to lastpass. I am setting up the migration right now and will be migrating all systems in my house to this product. I am also migrating my family members and friends, whom I've recommended roboform to, to lastpass as well.

Sorry to say, but Roboform is no more for me.


mkeeley reviewed v7.1.7 on Jan 21, 2011

Whilst BCarey's response is welcomed and makes sense it doesn't alter the fact that existing users were promised lifetime upgrades. If you want to change the terms, fine, but only to new users.

Have now switched to Lastpass, even though I have a valid v6 license, and seems to work equally well so far.


TDreamer reviewed v7.1.7 on Jan 21, 2011

I don't understand why so many out there are complaining so much about charging for a major upgrade to your software. I have been using Roboform since version 4 and I've always liked it. I've tried going to Lastpass 3 times, but I alway go back to Roboform. Yes I was surprised when they forced me to pay to upgrade to 7, but with the everywhere option. I'm even happier with it now. I still think there are bugs to iron out in 7 (Chrome toolbar for example) but other than that, it works great for me and I actually don't think $9.95 will set me back that far for a password manager that has been one of my meat and potatoes app that I can't do without.
I would give this a 5, but they need to perfect the toolbar in Chrome (on the top without overlay) and then I will be really happy.


edbro reviewed v7.1.6 on Jan 21, 2011

BCarey's response is a half page explanation that boils down to "we promised you one thing and now we renege".

Lastpass for the win


CarolHaynes reviewed v7.1.6 on Jan 20, 2011

Another long time user that has moved to LastPass after being told my free upgrades are no longer to be honoured.

For anyone considering alternatives LastPass works very well and imports all of your RoboForm data without problem (at least it did for me). It also has the huge advantage of working with a wider range of browsers and is 100% free.

If you want the premium features they cost only $12 a year and include everything RoboForm does and more.

A hidden feature of LastPass is that you can have a toolbar in Firefox and Explorer which is quite similar in use to RoboForm - other brosers don't seem to have this option but as with all browsers the default is a single button which contains all the functions. Neat and unobtrusive.

I have spent years recommending RoboForm to friends and customers but now I feel slapped in the face and will be recommending LastPass instead and warning people to avoid Siber as a company that cannot be trusted to keep their word.

Incidentally I would have had no objection if they honoured the original policy for existing customers but put a new policy in place for new customers and I am sure legal action will be taken somewhere to try to force them to concede this point since they have broken a contract.

Even so too little too late if it happens - they have lost my trust.

Finally questions Siber are not answering - exisiting users can stick with version 6 - are they going to continue to update this - and especially the Firefox plugin that breaks with every new version of Firefox? Or are they expecting existing customers to stay with the current versions of browsers to so that they can continue to use their out of date RoboForm. Are they planning to fix the gaping security issues in version 6?


bcarey reviewed v7.1.6 on Jan 20, 2011


I understand some of the frustration from the users, but I would like to clarify a few things, answer some of your FAQs from these posts, and to allow you to see Siber Systems' point of view.

Do You have to Upgrade?

No. RoboForm 6 is still available and your are not forced to upgrade at all. Just install the latest version of RoboForm 6 and you can continue to use it forever.

Why did Siber trick me into upgrading?

That was completely unintentional. When we soft-launched RoboForm 7 a few weeks ago we were still working on messaging throughout the site. If anyone has ever managed a big website before they understand that it is often impossible to get everything right the first time. In this case we realized that we did not have enough messaging that Version 7 was a paid upgrade before the update. We have since added additional messaging and will continue to improve the messaging even further. The last thing we want to do is trick people, although we completely understand how you feel if you have already gone through this process.

Why did you decide to charge for this upgrade?

The world has significantly changed since we first released our password manager in 1999. There are new operating systems, there are new browsers, there are new mobile devices and all these things keep changing on a regular basis. Further, website keep getting increasingly more secure and complex. It has become increasingly more expensive to keep up with these ever-changing technologies.

Nowadays we consider password management to be very similar to security products in that we need to be constantly monitoring operating systems, mobile devices, browsers, websites etc. in order to keep up with the rapidly changing world. It's a lot more expensive to keep-up today than it was yesterday.

In addition, user behavior has changed. In the past we typically saw one or two users with RoboForm on one computer. One problem. In today's world we see one user have multiple computers and devices. This is why we created RoboForm our mind, at $19.95 per year for unlimited computers and devices, RoboForm Everywhere was created to be more convenient and less expensive for our users. Because we want to encourage everyone to try it, we priced it at $9.95 for the first year.

Users are struggling with these technology changes as well. In the past few years we have seen the number of non-bug related support tickets increase 3-fold and we continue to answer each and every email and phone call (albeit we're a bit slower to respond right now :)

What is the Upgrade Pricing?

Our normal pricing for RoboForm Desktop 7 is $29.95 per license. If you purchased RoboForm after September 1, 2010 then you get a free upgrade to RoboForm Desktop, or a free year of RoboForm Everywhere. If you purchased before September 1, 2010, then you get a $10.00 discount on your upgrade license.

What is our goal?

We're not a bunch of bad guys. We didn't devise a plan to try and trick our users. Anyone who truly knows us, understands that we go well out of our way to make everyone we can happy.

All we want is to find a way to continue to bring you a quality product at an affordable and reasonable price.

Unfortunately we've had some missteps with our communications, but we're improving our communication every day.

What if I'm still not satisfied?

We want to make everyone happy. If you feel we are still not justified in charging for upgrades please contact us at the emails below. Perhaps we can find a way to make you happy and keep you as a customer for life.

Simon Davis - sdavis(at)
Bill Carey - b2carey(at)


aladdin reviewed v7.1.6 on Jan 16, 2011

Full of bugs. Tried to log-in in this site with RoboForm but it said that "no fields to fill". Had to manually fill the fields. Shame!


SoundMix reviewed v7.1.6 on Jan 14, 2011

Another weekly update of this buggy program.


AthleticLatino reviewed v7.1.5 on Jan 10, 2011

I'm disgusted by the way this company tricked me into thinking that the license I purchased included free upgrades. I will switch to Lastpass instead.


ecvogel reviewed v7.1.5 on Jan 10, 2011

I already wrote to about it and they are investigating it. I should write the Attorney General too.


SoundMix reviewed v7.1.5 on Jan 10, 2011

Another weekly update of this buggy program.


Steve1209 reviewed v7.1.3 on Jan 3, 2011

Try Lastpass & you will never look back


FixXxeR reviewed v7.1.3 on Jan 3, 2011

As a user with 7 licenses: 5 desktop, 1 palm, 1 2go, I feel very upset that they now make me buy an "everywhere" license or pay 20 bucks per desktop license to upgrade to v7 when I was told in the past, several times via email and their support system, that my license would cover me for future versions, including major revisions.

Thanks siber systems, but this is one less customer you will have in the future.


ghammer reviewed v7.1.3 on Jan 3, 2011

Confused if I buy is it a yearly fee or good for the 7.xx series?
Bad move, confusing customers...


mkeeley reviewed v7.1.3 on Jan 3, 2011

Works great but only 1 star due to the way Siber Systems are treating existing customers. Bought my copy a year ago, promised free upgrades for life and even during the v7 beta this was still promised. Now find out that they're charging. Disgusting.


SkwrHdz reviewed v7.1.3 on Jan 3, 2011

Like others I purchased the so-called "lifetime" Pro version. For the time being I am staying with version 6 but am actively looking for a RoboForm replacement and will NOT recommend RoboForm to others.


aladdin reviewed v7.1.3 on Jan 3, 2011

The future of Siber looks uncertain, as the trust in the company is gone!


SoundMix reviewed v7.1.3 on Jan 3, 2011

Yet another weekly update of this grossly overpriced program.


KristenSF reviewed v7.1.2 on Jan 3, 2011

Very disappointed in this company. I purchased a lifetime license three years ago for Roboform Pro - and now they are not honoring that license for the upgrade to their new version 7.

Can't trust a company like that with my passwords.


SoundMix reviewed v7.1.2 on Dec 31, 2010

This once great program is no longer needed with all of the freeware now available. Also, it seems Siber is trying to trick it's users into having to purchase a new version after promising free upgrades in the past. Skip this one.


zzark reviewed v7.1.2 on Dec 30, 2010

Oh so sad. I've used RoboForm and RF to GO for many years.
But alas, no more will I support Siber.
In this day n age, there is no reason to spend money for
utilities. There are so many good FREE programs.
I have even contributed to the authors of great free programs.
But Siber really upsets me.


ncoday reviewed v7.1.2 on Dec 28, 2010

They are very sneaky with the "upgrade" to version 7. Do not mention anywhere that it is not free.


Gripweed reviewed v7.1.2 on Dec 28, 2010

I'm not at all happy with their trickery. I bought version 6 in July. According to the site I could get a free upgrade to 7 if I bought after September 1st. I don't even get upgrade ability for a full year? I won't get into it here but I stopped using their Goodsync after paying for it due to some other trickery on their part. Anyway, I'm back to version 6 of Roboform and staying there. I had to re-download the file and I was surprised to find that they had a new version of 6 available on the site with a date of Dec 26th. So, if you are sticking with 6 be sure to grab that one as I'm guessing it will be the last one we'll ever get.
Rating - the program gets a 5 but the trickery is worth -2.


Light reviewed v7.1.2 on Dec 27, 2010

A long time lurker - I recently joined in order to express my dissatisfaction with Siber Systems latest antics in public. I installed the lastest version and only by checking the about box, did I find that a trial version had been slipped in.

I have been using Roboform for a few years now and can't believe they not only changed their licensing from a lifetime license to a now yearly subscription, but no prior notification was given of the new changes and on top of all that they failed to adequately take into account long time customers into the new changes.

It's not worth dealing with an immoral and shoddy company such as this and alternatives such as KeePass and Lastpass do exist. I used to be a fan of Roboform, but how can one support a company such as Siber Systems now?


clay_N reviewed v7.1.1 on Dec 25, 2010

V7 is a glorified GUI update with a few thrown in features. It can save passwords for local Win32 apps but I've found it to be a bit flaky with many apps. Plus it doesn't support 64 bit apps yet. They now built in their sync tool to simplify install for those using RF online. Trouble is that RF online doesn't support multiple factor auth/one time passwords so I'd never use it from a public/3rd party pc. The blackberry app still stinks and doesn't link to online.

Having been a paid Roboform user since 2004, I'm disappointed that Siber decided to ignore their commitment to provide free upgrades. I've exhausted efforts to convince them that they should honor their original sales terms with early purchasers. I'm done and moving up to Lastpass.


avskip reviewed v7.1.1 on Dec 19, 2010

Warning! There is NOTHING on the upgrade page to warn you that if you upgrade to 7.1.1 your paid Pro license is no good and it's $19.99 per license to upgrade to 7 desktop. Otherwise you're back to the 30 day trial. I'll stay at 6.10.1 I guess.


ecvogel reviewed v7.1.1 on Dec 18, 2010

v7 is soo much better. But it is worthless because they fail to tell you you have to upgrade and sneak in a trial and you will not know for 30 days....


Uriel reviewed v7.1.1 on Dec 18, 2010

I originally gave this new version a bad rap and one star, but have changed my mind after a few days with playing around with it. The RoboForm 7 Everywhere download is subscription based contract which will now cost you about 30 bucks a year. I like the fact that I can now logon to applications such as Skype using Roboform which is a nice addition. It seems to work like a well oiled machine with Windows platforms.

Support for Linux platforms is very lacking as I cannot get the Roboform plugin for Firefox in EasyPeasy (Ubuntu) to sync with the online account using the online mode. It works OK in offline mode but then I cannot hide the browser bar as it keeps popping back up every time I open the browser.

Bottom line is that I like what it does for me in Windows, but the Linux version is lacking. I hate subscriptions but may put up with this one for a while and see how it goes. I am giving this app 4 stars as I feel support for Linux can improve significantly.


aladdin reviewed v7.1.1 on Dec 18, 2010

No, people are not that daft. They understand properly, that they were given contractual agreement for RoboForm Desktop (laptop) version 6, lifetime free upgrades. Now, they have to pay more money to upgrade to RoboForm Desktop (laptop) version 7.


rdunton reviewed v7.1.1 on Dec 18, 2010

Doesn't anyone realize that Roboform Everywhere doesn't simply replace Roboform Online? People have said wouldn't it be great if we could install Robform on multiple devices. Well, you can. It is called Roboform Everywhere that people who upgrade from previous versions of Roboform can get for only $9.95 for the first year. It is $19.95 thereafter per year. This is a pretty good deal since it allows you to install Roboform on as many devices as you would like for only $19.95 a year. You can install Roboform2Go on your USB flash drives, Roboform on both your laptop and desktop, RF on your iPad or iPhone (if you have them), and other devices that have Roboform and it is only $19.95 a year. I am going to install Roboform2Go on all of my USB flash drives, so I always have my passwords available to me.


SoundMix reviewed v7.1.1 on Dec 17, 2010

Roboform has bragged for years about their free upgrades for major versions. No more. Out of nowhere they have denied their loyal users. If you install version 7, it ignores your old license and installs as a trial, WITHOUT warning. You can reinstall Version 6. I might consider the new version if the fee were more reasonable, say $9.95 instead of the outrageous $19.95.

In comparison, Norton Internet Security 2011 offers similar password features as well as one of the best firewalls, antivirus, antimalware, parental control, antispam, antiphishing, and much more. All for about the same price when the 3 computer version is purchased. A great value when compared to Roboforms slim offering.

Presently I use NIS 2011 but also use Roboform version 6. This may change.

As for offline storage, I personally do not care about or want password storage on the Roboform site, or any website for that matter. I'd rather have local control.


Merel reviewed v7.1.0 on Dec 10, 2010

What is a "review" ?
When I search the web for reviews, I expect to find some in-depth articles written by professionals or experienced users giving a detailed opinion, based on sustained use of some product, compared to other products if possible.

However in most cases "reviews" are as far a can be from my expectations.
I even find some "announcements", issued marketing managers in this section made for "reviews" , giving "en passant" 5 stars to their own product. Hardly to be considered a neutral evaluation on the product.

So, to make some correction to the overall "average of ratings"
I regret to give a much lower rating than I really would like to give.

So this is my "Review"

- I wouldn't miss Roboform for any reason. But that is a personal opinion.
- It works for 99 % without problem.
- The documentation is provided on line ; the layout is ok
- Technical Support is given in a smart manner, by login to web support.
Follow-up is ok (not much of classic educated writing manners though).

- "Licence" policies are not always very clear. (as obviously confirmed by a RF staff member here here).
- I wish we had a basic license for 3 PC's at the same price as now for 1PC. Today most home users have more than one PC in their home environment, yet 1 license for each PC seems a bit high on demand , given the available freeware alternative solutions.
- Prices are sort of a lotery, depending from where you order the product.
Not to speak about unavoidable "discounts" , to make you feel good (good deal) and to make you feel angry if you discover those afterwards.

I remember some refund requested on the difference between 2 different prices... given on two webpages of exactly the SAME website of another big software maker ! )

- I have been turning in circles during installation of upgrade 7.
Upgrade to portable version 7 was interrupted. User is asked to first upgrade desktop version to 7. Installation promises to come back to portable upgrade later on, which is does NOT. It took 2 attempts to fail and 1 attempt with succes to finalise the upgrade, but my in my own (normal) way. No big deal, just a little irritating.

- I'm not impressed by the layout of Login items in latest version 7.
The little icons of an open locker are totally IRRELEVANT and the looks of the Login pages have a very disturbing appearance. Password locked items ONLY should have an icon appearing. In this way they are visible at once; but now hidden in the big amount of open locker icons.

- Those are the pages MOST visited by the users ! So if an effort has been made to improve the general layout, the looks of Login pages are disappointing to me and probably to other people as well.

- Roboform claims to anyone that it is now present everywhere !
Yet aren't we still WAITING SINCE YERARS for a FULL toolbar in Linux ?

Roboform tells everybody to be big fans of Linux/Unix ... at their own servers.
But everyone knows there is little money to make on a world market ... for open source applications.

Beware also of Google! Who knows, software markets could change in minutes, in the way things changing faster every day ! Windows might become obsolete in just a snap ? What will happen to Roboform in such case ?

- As for a neutral and more precise "review", it is way too soon for overall conclusions. Let's hope that Roboform keeps the tradition of working hard on GOOD release numbers, and NOT on "year editions" (2011-2012-etc) resulting in very bad software released on deadlines. Beware of the worst of all marketing tricks..


RFSimon reviewed v7.1.0 on Dec 9, 2010

Hello, I'm an employee of Siber Systems and I'd like to provide some additional information regarding RoboForm 7 licensing since we just did a soft launch of RoboForm 7 on Monday evening (ie 3 days ago). We are still obviously implementing upgrade messaging and processes and our site will continue to reflect numerous changes. I apologize for any confusion.

However, I want to inform everyone that purchased on or after September 1, 2010 that they will will have the option of upgrading to v7 Pro desktop OR a free year of v7 Everywhere free of charge. Each v6 license can be converted 1:1.

So if you got 3 v6 Pro desktop licenses after Sep 1, you may convert to 3 first year licenses of v7 Everywhere or 3 v7 Pro Desktop licenses by contacting support at any time:

Here are the primary differences between the two products:

To reiterate, we are still in soft launch mode so things may change, however I wanted to assure users that purchased recently of our v7 free upgrade policy. We will be contacting users who purchased recently separately via email as well in the coming days.

We have also just updated our FAQ to reflect the new policy: Readers may email me at for any additional info on RoboForm 7.

-Simon Davis
Marketing Manager / Siber Systems


cyberguy reviewed v7.1.0 on Dec 9, 2010

Guys, You seem to have missed something here.

There are 3 kinds of licenses:

1. Roboform Everywhere (Subscription)
2. Roboform Desktop/Laptop - Same licensing as Roboform 6.
3. Roboform2Go - Same licensing as Roboform2Go 6.

In other words, they added a subscription service to store your passcards online. While this service was in beta, it was free. Did you really expect it to remain that way when they released?

I use r2g because I like its portability. I don't like centralized services such as Roboform Everywhere or Lastpass because it is too easy to hold your security cards hostage for payment (lastpass is free, but if they decide to start charging...).

If you don't want to use the centralized id stash, then by all means roboform pro or roboform2go pro are the way to go. If you want the centralized service & don't want to pay, use Lastpass (for now). If you don't mind paying the $20/year this is as good as any out there and better than most because it handles some windows dialogs as well.


k0balt reviewed v7.1.0 on Dec 8, 2010

I too have found that I need to now pay a "subscription" fee in order to upgrade. Really? I do not think so. I will stick with version 6, which is working well for me. Maybe I should give LastPass a real look now.


SilverFox2006 reviewed v7.1.0 on Dec 8, 2010

I too am a long time user that is disappointed with the manner this was handled and will look for an alternate tool if / when my current version is not supported.

I have been recommending the tool for years not so any longer due to this practice.


Conrad.TDI reviewed v7.1.0 on Dec 8, 2010

I, too, am a long-term user who will not be "upgrading."

The nastiest thing they did was to recently offer "1/2-price" on Bits du Jour only to reveal the version 7 upgrade price structure two days later.

Siber Systems is looking quite sleazy these days. Time for new competition to enter this niche!


Uriel reviewed v7.1.0 on Dec 8, 2010

After paying for the new version I was forced to register online before I was allowed to activate this upgrade. My bookmarks were then uploaded into the Roboform servers where I am left wondering how secure this is privacy wise. I guess I am going to be looking for a new service to replace this possible privacy breach software. I may be paranoid but marketers are finding new ways to mine personal data these days.

Roboform is now a subscription based service where this is going to cost you about thirty bucks a year after the first year's introductory rate. I hate subscriptions and have turned away from other software that use subscriptions. I guess the new income source for Roboform along with possible data mining will out weigh the loss of disgruntled former clients.

I will be canceling this subscription via PayPal as soon as I find a solution. Roboform sucks now.


4122 reviewed v7.1.0 on Dec 8, 2010

To piggyback on what the previous reviewer has said, not only is the upgrade a paid one for previous registered users, but Roboform has become subscription-ware and one must pay an annual registration fee.


SoundMix reviewed v7.1.0 on Dec 7, 2010

Dear Simon Davis,
Marketing Manager / Siber Systems

I read your resonse and I must say I still think your switch from free upgrades to paid, without warning, and your bait and switch policy for on-line storage is extremely BAD marketing and the worst possible example of Customer Support. If you do not thinks so, read what ALL of us are saying. Wake up!!! You are not the only game in town.

My original message is below:
Updates have always been advertised as being free for registered users. Now out of nowhere they want me to pay $20 for changes I do not need or care about. 2 stars for being sleazy. Now ONE star.

New Doraemon

New Doraemon reviewed v7.1.0 on Dec 7, 2010

Holy sh!t!!! A Google Chrome toolbar!!! The amazing program just became uber-amazing!!!

Thanks RF for making Chrome usable for me!


aladdin reviewed v7.1.0 on Dec 7, 2010

Dear RSMurphy,

Show me any Passwords Program beside RoboForm where one can change the options of the Password Program while it is locked by Password.

In fact, if you click Options > Security > (Check) Store Master Password in system protected storage, then RoboForm will open up next time without the Password. Anyone can do this, even when RoboForm is locked.

It is an excellent programs and deserves 5 stars, but due to Security Flaws, I can only assign it only 1 star.

If the environment is in question, why have RoboForm Password Protected at all. All one has to do is lock down the workstation. No need to Password Protect RoboForm?

Is it?

Then they should remove the Single\Dual Password Protection. Also, there would be no need for encryption!


RSMurphy reviewed v7.1.0 on Dec 7, 2010

@aladdin - if one work's in that sort of environment and fail to lock the workstation then it's the user's fault and has nothing to do with RoboForm.

5 stars for being the best at what it does (not to mention offsetting low ratings for dumb reasons)


aladdin reviewed v7.0.77 Beta on Dec 2, 2010

Option allows the following:

1. Change password, thus making all the passcards, identities, safenotes inaccessible.
2. Remove the password and have them no longer password protected.
3. Remove password protection for new files (passcards, identities, safenotes)
4. Change auto-logoff on screen saver, hibernation, switching user and so forth.
5. Change the timing of auto-logoff.
6. Change the option on clipboard, history and generated password.

These all can be done by someone without one's knowledge. If you leave your computer and lock the RoboForm, these options can be changed by anyone without your knowledge.


mbarker reviewed v7.0.73 Beta on Nov 17, 2010

Your passwords are still protected and your information is still secure - options does not allow you to change or access any of the confidential information.


aladdin reviewed v7.0.73 Beta on Nov 11, 2010

It is an excellent password program but with worst security flaw. It has got the biggest security hole as all the settings "options..." can be changed even when the password program is locked. According to program developer this security flaw and hole is by design. It is worth 5 stars, but gets only 1 star for the security flaw.


garneti reviewed v7.0.70 Beta on Oct 26, 2010

I too have used Roboform for many years and have generally found it to be useful. LastPass is a very nice, free alternative, though. To the person who said that GoodSync only stores the first 100 passwords, that's not true for me. I have over 300 passwords and GoodSync stores them all.


FixXxeR reviewed v7.0.70 Beta on Oct 26, 2010

In addition to what I wrote previously, apparently the issue I reported over 5 years ago has not been fixed. The program is not smart enough to auto-update your age. It does not take your birthday and auto-update your age. Wouldn't this be a common sense feature for a program as "smart" as Roboform?

garneti: Goodsync will sync more than 100 items if and ONLY IF syncing to the roboform online servers. If you are syncing folder to folder for things such as RF Desktop to RF2GO, then it is limited.


stevvie reviewed v7.0.70 Beta on Oct 25, 2010

Finally beta 7.0.70 says in the changelog that it supports firefox beta 4. But this NOT true as supports says that firefox 4 beta (minefield) only supports XPI extensions and that 7.0.70 does not have a xpi extension. So why say that it does ?????


edmatthews reviewed v7.0.67.0 Beta on Sep 20, 2010

RoboForm pro is a nice tool, but it is partially crippled.....

In order to SYNC with RoboForm2Go it includes GoodSync, but this is a crippled version of GoodSync and will only sync 100 logins. Once you exceed that, then you can't sync any more.

Support want me to upgrade my version of GoodSync which costs more than RoboForms Pro. I wouldn't mind if they made it clear when you bought RoboForm that it depended upon GoodSync and that they only include a crippled version and you need to pay another $30 dollars for a full version of GoodSync.


Lare2 reviewed v7.0.67.0 Beta on Sep 10, 2010

The place where I work uses this to store all the passwords for all the online services that the organization uses. I personally use the open source KeePass for my passwords.

It is a good program and have nothing against it, but the activation process is a hassle indeed. Specially when you have an open source alternative available that is on par with what this piece of software offers.


stevenarcher reviewed v7.0.67.0 Beta on Sep 9, 2010

I had used RoboForm for many years and found it did the job well, but I upgrade my computer quite frequently and I too, got tired of the activation process. Recently I switched to lastpass which is as good as if not better in some areas than Roboform.


Uriel reviewed v7.0.67.0 Beta on Sep 9, 2010

Sounds like your activation sucks AI Roboform. What are you going to do to win back the disgruntled former clients?


FixXxeR reviewed v7.0.66 Beta on Aug 25, 2010

As a long time user of this product, I am sorry to say that I am getting ready to move to something else. I recently had to contact customer support via phone because, yet again, my roboform licenses gave me the "Activation count exceeded" error message.

I was told by the support staff that you are authorized 2 activations in a 6 month period. They also told me that I had shown 20 activations in the last 6 months. This is ridiculous. I ATTEMPTED to activate that many times, but apparently they cannot tell the difference, just that you accessed the activation webpage. I only successfully activated a total of 3 times (one Win7 x86 Install, one win7 x64 install on the same laptop after I received my media, and my home media server). While waiting for the reply to my message from roboform online support, which can range in time from 1 hour to 1 day as past history has shown, I re-attempt activation periodically after sending therequest for more activation attempts and that is what they are seeing. This is why they show "20 activations". I am usually working on reinstalling software and many of my keys are stored in my safenotes. This is the reason Roboform is always one of the first programs I install and why I activate it first. They advised me that the limit is to combat piracy and that it appeared as if I was attempting to pirate the software.

I own 7 licenses: 5 desktop, 1 USB and 1 Palm. I have 4 systems which I currently operate on so I have an extra desktop license for when I decide to purchase my next system. I also do a lot of software testing on various versions of Windows and as such I have to reinstall the OS quite frequently due to my tinkering and breaking of the OS. I attempted to explain this to the support staff but was told that there is no way to be exempted from this policy as it appears too much to be a case of piracy. This is NOT a way to treat a customer who has spent over $100 on various licenses for a product. I am not attempting to pirate anything and have in fact referred family and friends to the product thus bringing them more business.

I do not, repeat DO NOT, appreciate being told that I am attempting to pirate a product I paid, and have continued to buy more licenses, for. I do not appreciate customer service treating me like a pirate.

I am currently evaluating a migration to LastPass. Roboform, sorry, you have lost me as a customer. If you decide to stop treating paying customers in a manner which suggests "Guilty until proven innocent", perhaps then I will return.


spuby reviewed v7.0.5 Beta on Apr 29, 2010

An excellent password manager I've been using for years. I like also the fact that lately they've been expanding it to other browsers, the final one being Opera (yes an Opera alpha version was released - http://www.roboformchrom...for-opera-is-on-the-way ). Firefox just loses ground more and more with me...


cyberguy reviewed v7.0.4 Beta on Mar 26, 2010

Roboform is the king of commercial password manager/form fill apps. Doesn't handle anything but web forms, bit of the bunch it is the best I have used.

The only beef I have with this software is its registration/activation system. I got so annoyed with this that I refuse to use the non-portable version of Roboform ever again. I now only use the portable version.

There are other more cost-effective and portable options out there like LastPass that are every bit as good and in some cases better. If Lastpass was around a few years ago when I started Roboform i would never have bought that 1st roboform license. As ti stands now as long as I have a valid Roboform license I will continue to use Roboform.

4 out of 5 stars. Missed 5 stars only because of its very annoying and unfriendly licensing/activation setup


FixXxeR reviewed v6.9.98 on Dec 14, 2009

As a long time supporter of this product, I have to say that I am a bit disappointed as of recent.

Roboform has not fixed the issue with filling authentication dialogs in Windows 7. I reported this a while ago and was merely told to uninstall and reinstall which did not work (and has not worked on various fresh installs).

My other complaint comes in regards to the activation system. I have been doing a lot of testing for systems of very specific purposes with various operating systems and, needless to say, roboform is a must install on any system. Now, I own 3 licenses to cover the systems I am testing on yet I have been prompted twice now that my activation count has been exceeded. This is an easy fix, an email to the support team, but I really do not like the idea of how many times I can activate my product. I own licenses for each system that I leave roboform installed on so this leaves me with a sour taste.

That, and now chrome has extension support yet they have not put out a final release or even a public beta release of a chrome extension. Yes, they have a custom build, but given the frequency with which updates are made to chrome, I prefer to have an extension that can upgrade with me as I upgrade chrome instead of relying on an older version that is custom built for roboform.

That said, it is still the best, in my opinion. The price does get a bit steep but I prefer to have a product which I can use and know I will get support for if need be. Roboform has become a name I trust and as such I will continue with them. I also do not like the competitions requirement for data to be stored online. Online storage should be completely optional, especially in this day and age where data loss occurs quite often from major hosting providers.

3/5 from now on because of the above issues.


grants reviewed v6.9.97 on Nov 19, 2009

My review is just a comment. I've reinstalled roboform several times on a flash drive either because it got corrupted, was lost, or accidentally overwritten. Did not like having to purchase a license again when this happened. Now I'm using LastPass and am totally happy with this free product. No more worrying about losing a flash drive or corrupting one. reviewed v6.9.97 on Sep 29, 2009

only wish it worked with Opera.


sweathog reviewed v6.9.97 on Sep 28, 2009

@PJB. Sorry I stand corrected. I still don't understand the concept of a user of lastpass having to log on to a remote server to access passwords stored locally. But I'll accept you explanation of the lastpass product's security features. I'll give it a try. But for now, I prefer roboform.


pjb reviewed v6.9.97 on Sep 28, 2009

Not a bad application. However I feel lastpass ( is better, and it is free. Using RoboForm can cost a lot $59.85 if you use it on more than one pc and wish to have it on a usb key. (RoboForm licence + RoboForm Second Licence + RoboForm2Go Licence $59.85)
Why pay when lastpass does it all for free.

@sweathog - #2.
No problems, glad to help. Hope to be constructive in my reviews, and I generally only only review products I use etc. Always good to point alternatives especially if it can save some money.
I have given RoboForm a go, found it usable, but for me not really cost effective.
Lastpass does have a good FAQ (
Hope that your testing goes well.

@sweathog - #1
Hope these give you clarification and answer your concerns.
1. Data is encrypted on local pc.
2. An encrypted backup copy of your data is stored in your account at (FAQ gives secuirty assurances ( - I would not use them if I had doubt's) (RoboForm also stores your data if you use
3. Access your data anywhere! (Just like RoboForm appear to have copied in doing)
From what I see RoboForm uses a lot of features that lastpass has, but RoboForm charges you for them,
4. Backup and read from your USB key! Securely backup your data to a USB key (Thus not just online - infact your data on local machine works if offline)
5. Should the company cease:
6. Bookmarkletts have been around in lastpass for a while, RoboForm recenty..


nLctr reviewed v6.9.96 on Jul 19, 2009

Great software, don't know why I didn't use it for as long as I didn't.

Just to reiterate some previous comments; I only wish it worked with Opera.


cyberia reviewed v6.9.94 on Apr 8, 2009

Been using it for years, and it just keeps getting better. The goodsync websync agent is a welcome, and free, upgrade.

I have a lot of accounts, and a lot of web forms to fill in with personal data, and I'd be lost without RoboForm. RoboForm, even the USB and U3 versions (which are amazing) is as secure as you want it to be.

emanresU deriseD

emanresU deriseD reviewed v6.9.94 on Apr 7, 2009

If it's exportable, it's insecure? Eh? Then I guess KeePass Password Safe is insecure.

That argument makes no sense. If you don't want to export your data, don't. It stays secure. If someone else has access to your data and has the ability to export it, then it wasn't secure to begin with. If it's encrypted, no one can do anything useful with it, including export it.

If you're going to tell me that the data becomes less secure once you export it, then, ummm, yeah, but that's beside the point. That doesn't make a password manager that can export data "insecure", it just gives you the choice of what to do with your friggin' data!

Hey, I can copy-and-paste from RoboForm. I guess it's insecure! They should disable copying! I can also print data in RoboForm. They should disable printing! I can display RoboForm data on the screen! That's insecure!


90014 reviewed v6.9.94 on Apr 7, 2009

By nature I'm a complainer and I'm sure I have some, though I can't think of them now.
RoboForm is the most complete password manager I've found. There are several competitors and some are even freeware but they don't yet surpass Robo and it's ease of use.

Version 10 is taking forever though. :)



ghammer reviewed v6.9.93 on Mar 17, 2009

I hold RoboForm in the highest regard. It has never failed to keep my info safe nor failed to get me logged in to sites I've stored in it.

A recurring complaint I see is thata there is no way to export the info from RoboForm. Good. If it is exportable, it is not secure.

Nothing else comes close to what Roboform does.

emanresU deriseD

emanresU deriseD reviewed v6.9.93 on Mar 17, 2009

Did "Crew9Boss" actually mean to say that being able to import from other password apps is an "insignificant operation"? I can't speak for anyone else, but I currently use KeePass Password Safe, and I have exactly 889 ID/password entries there. RoboForm provides no way to import those entries. Maybe "Crew9Boss" would like to come over and manually add each one of those 889 entries into RoboForm for me.

Stupidity, indeed.


jspratjr reviewed v6.9.93 on Mar 17, 2009

Let's see, the authors of the bogus reviews below have a hard time with the English language - the web site for IE Assist was apparently written by a 3rd grader....hmmmm.....RoboForm remains the best and is well worth the money.


NeedForTech reviewed v6.9.92 on Feb 9, 2009

Hi starved, I'm also tired of roboform's installing so many add-ins to my IE, I was interested in the software called "IE Assist" you refered, does it really support checkbox and radio in just one click?


starved reviewed v6.9.92 on Feb 8, 2009

I had used Roboform for years, it was once really a good software help me filling online forms, but, in THESE 10 YEARS Roboform did no SUPPORT to RADIO and CHECKBOX, and seems Roboform would NEVER add these features! So I uninstalled RoboForm and changed my form filler to IE Assist, IE Assist make a full support to RADIO and CHECKBOX, all things were wrapped in just on click which IE Assist called "Pick", It's really cool!


LonelyCat reviewed v6.9.92 on Feb 4, 2009

RoboForm + RoboForm2Go + GoodSync = IE Assist


29.95 + 19.95 + 19.95 > 29.99


SuperReviewer reviewed v6.9.92 on Feb 3, 2009

A software will die immediately without the omnipresent ad


ieassist reviewed v6.9.92 on Jan 31, 2009

Slow my IE and Windows, write dozens of spam to my registry, generate spam information in my c:/, I've never seen a software as ugly as RoboForm before, I unistalled it and would never reinstall, I prefer a new software called IE Assist who was no install, no registry, no add-in(BHO), and the main UI looks like CMFD, the form filling mode UI looks like HUD! Really very cool!


outofspace reviewed v6.9.92 on Dec 29, 2008

The day Opera starts interacting with RF, I'm definately buying too.


Crew9Boss reviewed v6.9.92 on Dec 29, 2008

Seems like there is always someone who cannot find anything glaring wrong about a product so they pick some insignificant operation the product can't do and make a federal case about it! I have used Roboform ever since it was introduced and cannot think of a single bad experience with it. BTW, I have learned to keep important files backed up, just in case. Roboform or any other program shouldn't take the fall for sheer stupidity!

Undesired Username

Undesired Username reviewed v6.9.92 on Dec 28, 2008

I might agree with some of the more positive reviews below once they add an import/export feature. I understand that RoboForm can't import in a simple ID/password type of format (because it handles fields of arbitrary name), but the process could be semi-automated, at least. I've seen it done; there is a way, they just don't want to bother. So if you use another product and have a slew of entries there, you're out of luck.


felix reviewed v6.9.92 on Dec 28, 2008

Still the most useful internet application available. I rarely use my bookmarks now. Keep up the good work!


Jaz-M-Taz reviewed v6.9.92 on Dec 27, 2008

I've been a Roboform user for many years, and nothing ever tops it. Great job to the team, and now they are even offering a version for my Blackberry. Awesome!


Diam0nd reviewed v6.9.91 on Dec 16, 2008

The day Opera starts interacting with RF, I'm definately buying.


Raysy reviewed v6.9.91 on Sep 23, 2008

Undesired Username wrote: Export RoboForm data to CSV? Exactly how does one do that? I cannot find any such functionality. I downloaded and searched the full PDF manual, and the words "CSV", "import", and "export" don't occur at all in it.

To my knowledge, Roboform can only export to html. Click on "Print List" and then on "Save".

It's great. Im using it since 5 years now. Never had to pay for an upgrade:-)

Undesired Username

Undesired Username reviewed v6.9.91 on Sep 22, 2008

Metshrine wrote: "You can also save your data into a CSV..."

Export RoboForm data to CSV? Exactly how does one do that? I cannot find any such functionality. I downloaded and searched the full PDF manual, and the words "CSV", "import", and "export" don't occur at all in it.

Your data is hostage to RoboForm once you begin using it. And if you have tons of data already in another application, there's no easy way to import it into RoboForm.


Cris3 reviewed v6.9.90 on Jun 21, 2008

This version returned full functionality when using MSN Explorer. I lost the right-click>fill capability last December. I wrote support and they said that RoboForm wasn't configured to work in MSN Explorer.

Well, now it does and I am happy with it :)


FuzzyKaos reviewed v6.9.90 on Jun 20, 2008

ive started using sxipper for firefox, but used this program for ages.


Metshrine reviewed v6.9.89 on May 20, 2008

risk: You can export all passcards and information to firefox or internet explorer bookmarks/favorites. You can also save your data into a CSV or print it in HTML format. Your data is in no way confined to roboform.

This program is the best at what it does. Other's try to imitate it by incorporating similar, although inferior, functionality into other programs or writing completely new ones, but none hold a candle to what RF can do. 5/5


risk reviewed v6.9.89 on May 20, 2008

Agree. This is a terrific program, however, it holds your data hostage. There is no way to export your data except by printing it.

I refuse to commit to one app to store all my critical data, data that is constantly being updated, knowing that in the future there's no chance that I can migrate this data to something else. This is in case something better is available or if the product is no longer being developed.

So I give it 3 out of 5 only because for me, it is not usable.


esr reviewed v6.9.89 on May 20, 2008

almost disturbing how much I've come to rely on this thing...


tokyo654321 reviewed v6.9.89 on May 20, 2008

Best of the best. Worth every penny. I can't imagine not using this program.


Diam0nd reviewed v6.9.89 on May 20, 2008

Excellent. For anyone looking for a nice alternative, Sticky Passwords is an excellent choice as well, imho.


Metshrine reviewed v6.9.88 on Mar 10, 2008

This is by far the best program at what it does. Nothing else even comes close or works as well. I wish opera would open up so that I could switch, but opera chooses to remain closed to 3rd parties and not allow any outside functionality.

I only have one request of roboform and that is to allow the encryption or masking of filenames of each passcard/Safenote so that the content of each is not known if someone obtains my files. This would be very handy.


ripfuel reviewed v6.9.88 on Mar 9, 2008

I could not live without this software. I have the pro version & it is worth the price! Thanks Guys & Keep up the great work!


billweh reviewed v6.9.88 on Mar 7, 2008

Best investment I've ever made. I've been using this for years now and I have two pages of logins.

I use it to generate 12 character mixed case/number/symbol passwords and each login has something different.

Hate surfing on another machine without my Roboform!


Metshrine reviewed v6.9.87 on Jan 27, 2008

This app is single handedly the most useful application I have. There isnt a day that goes by that I dont utilize this application. It supports everything I want minus like 2 minor exceptions (hidden fields and encrypted file names where the actual passcard isnt used in the file name itself). I just wish opera would open up support so roboform could support it. Other than that, 5/5


xkronite reviewed v6.9.87 on Jan 21, 2008

Awesome - been using it 4 ever. But they need to get on 64bit track asap !!


rsvejkosky reviewed v6.9.87 on Jan 21, 2008

I would never surf the net without it....


ripfuel reviewed v6.9.87 on Jan 21, 2008

Awesome program! I have been using it since '05. I have the pro version & it is well worth the $ with lifetime updates. Keep up the good work guys!


kiop86 reviewed v6.9.85 on Jan 13, 2008

I can not live without this!


robopera reviewed v6.9.85 on Dec 4, 2007

Yes, Roboform cannot be beat by any program currently on the market. It is the best program, bar none. That being said I still use Opera as a secondary browser, mainly to surf (cough,cough) umm, the adult sites, lol. Sad but true.

Opera is a thousand times better than IE7 or FF in my opinion, but I do use IE7 99% of the time due to it being the only browser that displays every webpage right everytime. I also have a very fast comp, so IE7 is very fast to me regardless. Firefox is worthless to me, as alot of webpages I go to dont even display right in it. In reality though, I would switch to Opera in a heartbeat if it was compatible with RoboForm.

It sucks that that one shortcoming of Opera (no Roboform compatibility) is holding it back from being the best browser ever created.


mentallo666 reviewed v6.9.85 on Dec 2, 2007

I have been using this for over 5 years now. Awesome. The best in its field.


Metshrine reviewed v6.9.85 on Dec 2, 2007

ssb, you are wrong about the plugin API. The plugin API you mention is for things such as Flash and Shockwave and Adobe Acrobat file viewing. This was clarified by a post to the opera forums the day I saw that listed in the version history. It is not a means of "extending" the browser. So yes, this is a shortcoming on opera's part and it is one I will continue to hold against them. You should not have to jump through 20 different hoops to get a program to work in a browser. Either the API's exist (which the developers have ADMITTED DOESNT EXIST) or opera is just dragging their feet and trying to "protect the user from themselves". I am sure google would have found a way to make the plugin API work for opera so they could have their toolbar inside the browser. The fact of the matter is that the plugin system is not designed for the standard user extension or addon. Its designed for just that, a PLUGIN. Plugins dont interact with the browser, they extend its viewing capability.

This program is the sole reason I dont use opera. Opera has dragged their feet on providing an api to allow ANY third party program to tie into it. So yes, it is opera's fault, and yes, I will continue to hold it against them.



ssb reviewed v6.9.85 on Dec 2, 2007

The truth is that AIRoboform (or Google toolbar and other extensions) don't have Opera compatible versions. However we souldn't blame Opera for that.

Opera supports extensions coded using Netscape API; Actually it was the first browser besides Netscape, which supported this API.
Opera also supports extensions coded using its own low level API. (for example) Afterall how do you think Adobe (Macromedia) wrote Flash plugin for Opera?

I can list some other methods of extending Opera, if you like. What is really missing is a Javascript extension API like the one built in Firefox, although that's not necessarily bad.
Firefox extensions are known to be slow, memory and cpu consuming hogs. However people like that kind of programming interfaces, because it's easy to develop with. I bet that 99% of FF extensions would never existed if their authors had to code them in C++.

So please stop blaming Opera. Developers don't write extensions for it just for two reasons...

1. Opera has a small market share

2. Most extension developers don't know low level programming or simply prefer an easy (but bloated) API language, such as JS.

PS: I'm not an Opera_FanBoy; In fact I prefer IE7 (because Opera has too many unfixed bugs, and FF too many mem leaks).


philosopher_dog reviewed v6.9.85 on Dec 1, 2007

Amazing program. Been using it for years. It's the main reason I don't use Opera, besides the fact that it doesn't support 3rd party plugins generally. It might be fast, but it doesn't do what I want it to do. The Wand? Sure. Try Roboform and then write your review.


simko reviewed v6.9.85 on Dec 1, 2007

Best eod.

And please opera can you get of your high horses and provide support for roboform


crosscut reviewed v6.9.85 on Dec 1, 2007

Too bad the wand is so subpar that one cannot really consider it a feature. Heck, even IE's built-in password management feature works better than Opera's. If you change a password in opera, you get a new login (not an updated password for the existing listing) listed for that page requiring you delete the old one manually. In IE, its updated.

Roboform takes this to a whole new level. Roboform does so much more than the wand or any other similar utility can do at this current point. Dont blame roboform for opera's shortcomings. If opera chose to open its browser to third parties, we would have seen roboform supporting opera a long while ago. But at this time, we cannot.

5/5. Best utility for a web browser ever.


Sinister reviewed v6.9.85 on Dec 1, 2007

Ummm, the thing is, Opera already has the functionality Roboform provides - the Wand.


horsecharles reviewed v6.9.84 on Nov 18, 2007

My, my, my... Opera fanboys run rampant everywhere-- it's not enough to limit trolling to Opera review!

Opera, the best browser-- yeah right: closed-end, can't open all web sites that other browsers can...

Back on topic-- this is a can't do without software in spite of being payware-- enuff said.

Now, if they could just add some auto or background online backup / storage... ditto for network sync for the multiple licenses one has...


Metshrine reviewed v6.9.84 on Nov 18, 2007

I've been using this program for years. It's the best at what it does and cannot be beaten. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking such a tool.

For those of you who say roboform refuses to support opera, I point you to their forums located Here.
Just look at the number of users requesting opera open their browser to support roboform AND other programs in general.


DipThong reviewed v6.9.84 on Nov 18, 2007


This program is the sole reason I dont use opera.


Diam0nd reviewed v6.9.84 on Nov 18, 2007

OMFG... Support for Netscape and no support for Opera?! The developer can kiss my narrow ass. Other than that, good stuff :/


simko reviewed v6.9.82 on Sep 29, 2007

Great little program and as have been said before.

As long opera refuse to support rf its ie and firefox all the way


Metshrine reviewed v6.9.82 on Sep 29, 2007

I wish that opera would add support for third party code so I could use RF with it, but they CHOOSE to limit their users as to what they can do with THEIR browser. Oh well, I can continue to use RF with every other major browser.


tinderkill reviewed v6.9.82 on Sep 29, 2007

Once again, since Diam0nd refuses to read any links provided, its not roboform that doesnt support opera, its OPERA that doesnt and refuses to support ANY THIRD PARTY CODE.



Diam0nd reviewed v6.9.82 on Sep 29, 2007

Good product. But I can't really use since there is no supportv for Opera.


Cris3 reviewed v6.9.82 on Sep 28, 2007

I love RoboForm and I would love to use Opera but I won't use Opera without RoboForm working. Opera's autofill info gets erased by Webroot Window Washer. I'm not manually entering my codes just to use it. I like MSN Explorer and the included features are worth the membership fee.


kashin reviewed v6.9.8 on Sep 5, 2007

RoboForm is the only reason I do not use Opera. I would actually prefer to use Opera over Firefox, but since they refuse to allow 3rd party addons, I have no choice. I cannot use a browser which doesn't support RoboForm. TheWand or whatever the crappy Opera password manager is called is absolutely useless to me. I'm not going to transfer several hundred logins/passwords into TheWand and be locked into a single browser. That's simply out of the question. Maybe the Opera developers will pull their heads out of their a$$es one day, but until then I'm sticking with IE/Firefox + RoboForm.


bugmenot reviewed v6.9.8 on Sep 3, 2007

As metshrine said, its not roboform that hasnt implemented opera support, its opera that doesnt ALLOW other programs to be installed into its interface and interact with the browser. 5/5


Diam0nd reviewed v6.9.8 on Aug 31, 2007

It's not Opera that doesn't support RF. It's RF's author who does not implement support for Opera.


Metshrine reviewed v6.9.8 on Aug 31, 2007

Its too bad that opera doesnt support roboform (or any other 3rd party code), I would really like to use it.

Anyways, roboform is the single most useful tool that I use on a daily basis. It saves my login info, fills forms very well, and helps me manage alot of my personal information.

Top notch


Diam0nd, not to contradict you, but you are wrong. Opera does not support third parties AT ALL. Can you install the google toolbar in opera? Can you install yahoo's? Can you install any program that changes the opera interface without using userjs? I suggest you read here:;id=&sortby=last

And that link is just from the last 60 days.

Check this topic for a VERY IN DEPTH discussion on opera not supporting third party code.

Users have been requesting opera develop an API to allow third party programs to interface and change opera for years, but they havent done it for security reasons. Roboform is one of the most requested programs on their forums if you just search for it.


Diam0nd reviewed v6.9.7 on Aug 21, 2007

Great tool. It's a pity it does not support Opera...


hell0 reviewed v6.9.7 on Aug 20, 2007

Ugh geez, yet another "There's a freebie equivalent!" rambling. As if KeePass Password Safe and the KeeForm plugin did the same thing that RoboForm does. KPS is a nice, simple password manager, but it isn't a form filler. KeeForm is an AutoIt script that fills simple user name/password forms.

OK, so if I want to use KPS and KeeForm, how do I fill in an entire HTTPS-based order form in Firefox? How do I automatically save forms? How do I choose between submitting my real personal info, and fake, anonymous info? Oh, I don't do any of those things? That's what I thought.



Metshrine reviewed v6.9.7 on Aug 18, 2007

This is a program that I dont go anywhere without. Other programs might have their uses every so often with a portable version, but this application truely saves me time everywhere I go.


war593122 reviewed v6.9.7 on Aug 17, 2007

Fixed my crash bug. :)


war593122 reviewed v6.9.6 on Aug 15, 2007

This version sadly causes FF to crash when editing bookmarks properties. :(


Raysy reviewed v6.9.4 on Jul 17, 2007

Use AI Roboform since some years, never have to pay for a update, even a major one. Very good recognition of form fields.


Doubledoom reviewed v6.9.3 on May 26, 2007

Superb program.

The information posted below is incorrect. second and further licences are discounted. You shouldnt mark a product down because you have to pay for it.

Poster said: one licence is only for ONE PC. If you have a PC and a Notebook you must buy 2 Licences for 29,95$ each!


Metshrine reviewed v6.9.3 on May 25, 2007

Best program one can have for their browser. I do wish opera would impliment the necessary API so that third parties (such as roboform) can intergrate into it, but I guess they are more concerned about staying a niche browser. Oh well, 5/5 for me


billweh reviewed v6.9.3 on May 25, 2007

I've been using Roboform for a few years now and can't live without it. It allows you to use different passwords on every site you visit and fills in that info for you automatically each time you visit the site in the future.

As for buying multiple licenses - the first one is $29.95, everyone after that is only $9.95. If you need more than two, you get a discount beyond that. I tried their ordering system and stated I wanted five - it sold them for $17.95 a piece.

For all that this program can do - it's worth the money.


Diam0nd reviewed v6.9.3 on May 25, 2007

Well, I've never tried before and I just have. Looks great so far, what this puppy is missing is support for Opera, which is the only browser I use ;(


terra1 reviewed v6.9.2 on Apr 24, 2007

I'm very looking for the Version 5.x with capapility of storing 30 Passcard not only 10 in the actual 6.x (after 30 days trial periode) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Version 6.x is fine but any (6.x daily!) connect to the roboform servers and weekly updates are really not the right thing.
And ... one licence is only for ONE PC. If you have a PC and a Notebook you must buy 2 Licences for 29,95$ each!


horsecharles reviewed v6.9.1 on Mar 22, 2007

Just what the doctor ordered: "New Import and Export dialogs, with more options"...


justme123 reviewed v6.9.0 on Mar 12, 2007

It's splendid, but the fact that it provides NO WAY to import data from other password managers is perfectly idiotic. I'll never be able to switch to RoboForm until they get around to adding real import/export features.


Cris3 reviewed v6.8.9 on Feb 26, 2007

I bought it a couple years ago because I needed more than the ten passcards the free version allows. I use it all the time and every day. I wanted to install it on my backup computer and their support was very gracious in providing with additional installs so I could. One of my favorites along with Snag-it and Diskeeper.


TechNoWeb reviewed v6.8.8 on Feb 20, 2007

It does what it claims to do on the robo form website it fills web forms and web passwords it's used with a web browser

and it works well I've been using it for years

the only thing i don't like about it is the activation but other than that is was well worth the money i paid for it a few years ago


capandjudy reviewed v6.8.8 on Feb 19, 2007

this version allows the user to "opt out" of RF popping up in Firefox which had been occuring since version 6.8.6 I believe even when the mozilla adapter option was unchecked during the installation. For my own reasons I did not want Roboform as my password manager in FF and now I am able to have that. RF is a must have for IE and FF if you choose to have that.


vcorvinus reviewed v6.8.7 on Feb 10, 2007

@InSuboRdiNaTioN...You couldn't just import someone's RoboForm data and begin using it. The data is encrypted, and useless without the correct master password. Did you forget that part? The only thing you could "import" would be data that you intentionally exported from some other encryption utility. I think you completely misunderstand the purpose of importing data.

An import/export feature is not only handy, but crucial, if one is expected to be able to switch to using this product. This is why all good password utilities (Password Agent, KeePass Password Safe, etc.) have the ability to import/export. Not having such a feature is a barrier to entry for those like me who have many, many IDs and password.


VirtualGhost reviewed v6.8.7 on Feb 9, 2007

Awesome stuff!! Must have!! Especially if you have multiple sites and multiple logins to maintain. Love the password generator! However, if you DO use the generator write it down or back it up! They are good ones! I have had two banks tell me so.


ripfuel reviewed v6.8.6 on Feb 8, 2007

Excellent lil nifty program. I could not make it without my RoboForm. I like that fact that you can store up to 10 sites for free, but the paid version is worth the $! Keep up the GREAT work guys!


horsecharles reviewed v6.8.4 on Nov 29, 2006

Won't install on very latest Netscape, but you can replace its roboform.jar with version from another Moz variant as a workaround.


InSuboRdiNaTioN reviewed v6.8.3 on Nov 6, 2006

hell0- I wouldn't expect to see an import feature, ever. It makes it too easy to steal log in data. In just a few minutes on your computer I could install roboform, import your existing data, and then have a list of all the sites that you have log data stored for, and easily use those passcards to log in as you.

I have been using Roboform for years, and it has always been a solid product.
However, I would like to see a "light version" without an extra features, just a stripped down form filler.


Saxtus reviewed v6.8.2 on Oct 30, 2006

Sorry Hell0. Roboform can only import from:
Gator, Favorites, Address book, Outlook contacts, IE cached logins, Firefox bookmarks & Portable Firefox bookmarks.

But you can use any of the above to import your data. For example import a csv to Outlook and then import from Outlook...


hell0 reviewed v6.8.2 on Oct 28, 2006

I have hundreds of IDs and passwords.

RoboForm provides absolutely no way for me to import these existing IDs/passwords.

Why they would want this barrier-to-entry is beyond me. There's no way on earth I'm going to spend a week retyping all that info into RoboForm.


ubergeek2004 reviewed v6.8.2 on Oct 28, 2006

This program is better then sliced bread and elastic pants


simko reviewed v6.8.2 on Oct 28, 2006

Good one ,the big downer is that it doesnt work will opera and never will.


gate1975mlm reviewed v6.8.1 on Oct 24, 2006

Roboform is great! I am so glad to see this fix!

IE7: Fix Text cursor disappearing in search box

been waiting for that or a while now.


felix reviewed v6.7.9 on Sep 13, 2006

Definitely still can't live without it. I never even use my bookmarks anymore :-)


KrispeKreme reviewed v6.7.3 on Jun 16, 2006

To sync a desktop version with the usb key I use Beyond Compare. But Siber systems offers GoodSync free for personal use that would do the job.


lls reviewed v6.7.3 on Jun 15, 2006

Their website says 6.7.2, not 6.7.3.


nefarious1 reviewed v6.7.2 on May 26, 2006

Great form filler, but not the best password manager, as far as I'm concerned.

But the bottom line is: No way to import from XML or CSV files = No way I'm going to manually enter 500 entries just to switch to RoboForm.


ZombieREA reviewed v6.7.2 on May 26, 2006

I dunt think i can live w/o RoboForm ;)


enrom reviewed v6.7.0 on May 19, 2006

I purchased RB past one year before. This program dont has rivalry. However it has a lot of errors. Permanently I have reset the passwords. Pity.


cybergen reviewed v6.7.0 on Apr 28, 2006

Whats the best way of synching my roboform password on my desktop pc and on my usb drive which has Roboform portable on it?


Flemens reviewed v6.6.9 on Apr 15, 2006

I can live without this program, but I choose not to ;)
If one browses the web alot it makes online life so much easier. Before RF I used only one or two passwords to everything on the net. I dont know if anyone actually ever has had their password compromised, but it didnt feel safe for me.

With this one I dont have to remember complicated passwords.
Never had any bad experience with it. There are updates quite often. They are fast to update Roboform to new Firefox versions, often within a day after FF release. Very stable.

You can actually live without this program but I can recommend it if you feel you need to remember login info and use advanced passwords. It makes filling out online forms a breeze.


felix reviewed v6.6.9 on Apr 15, 2006

This is one app I can't live without. A must have for all who surf the internet. Recommended to all my friends/family.


phaedrusone reviewed v6.6.9 on Apr 14, 2006

Great app. Could'nt live without it. One thing tho, their toolbar seems to get stuck when one moves the browser window. So obviously i cant use it. Hope they fix that.


horsecharles reviewed v6.6.9 on Apr 14, 2006

Search function ok-- may have missed it before, since it's not listed in changelog. Everything ok.


horsecharles reviewed v6.6.8 on Mar 31, 2006

Fixed problems in IE7 beta2 + Pass2Go

Already? Wow, i'm real impressed! As well the sincying & to go features are very useful.

Two complaints since they bundle Search in the toolbar:

1. Let users pick the default search engine(figure out a way to make money with numerous engines!) Tired of so many apps foisting Yahoo et al-- some forcibly, in spite of providing other choices(are you listening Maxthon!!!!??!!!)

2. And since Search is being bundled(esp. w/o choices), then the app should be free: if you give me free cake I will submit to your flavor of choice; but if you want me to buy, i may not pay if ginger-macadamia is my only choice w/ no alternatives.


devotech reviewed v6.6.8 on Mar 31, 2006

I can no longer live without this program.
It is the most useful app I have installed.


stopbuggingme reviewed v6.6.8 on Mar 31, 2006

I do wish that Roboform would expand to more than just browsers.

Other than that, no BIG complaints...


xrayspex reviewed v6.6.8 on Mar 31, 2006

Would have a hard time surfing without it. One of my top apps


RSMurphy reviewed v6.6.7 on Mar 20, 2006

This program has been nothing but a blessing. There's not a day that goes by that I don't benefit from it.

For those using the standalone version and have "issues" with activation then perhaps you should back up your registry info and import upon install or simply call support, explain the situation and give them a chance to help. I did this and was treated respectfully and promptly.

Perhaps a better solution for you multiple machine users is their "Pass2Go" version which is placed on and runs from a thumbdrive.

Don't fault the software or programmers if you try using the software in a manner it wasn't designed for only to find it is inadequate in that scenario. Siber Systems has several versions available for just this reason.

For the rest that want to rely on browser whatever to "securely" manage your passwords . . . good luck. You still won't be able to make that arrangement portable, at least not easily, and, IMO, Roboform is most likely just too advanced for your type of application of this software.

To each his or her own but I'm sticking with Roboform unless someone can show me something else that outperforms it.


johnd164 reviewed v6.6.6 on Mar 14, 2006

Where do you get the Only 3 activation's form ? I have reinstalled 4/5 times and activated with no problem at all.


TC17 reviewed v6.6.6 on Mar 13, 2006

If what InSuboRdiNaTioN said is correct, then this program deserves a 1.

I've had it with all these programs that use activation. EVERY SINGLE ONE of these programs that I have registered have been nothing but a huge hassle because of this activation junk. If your one of those people who likes to upgrade his computer a lot or reinstall windows etc.

Its plain stealing from customers.


horsecharles reviewed v6.6.6 on Mar 13, 2006

While this is a very nice app, i agree with most:

Don't see the point of paying for a missing feature of IE, Maxthon, etc. + I have beacoup computers at each of several locales...

I make do w/ a smorgasboard of pw / form handling of Opera, Netscape, & Google Toolbar-- + the Nirsoft utilities PSPV & Aster(for those sites that require IE only), and as well the last free un-updated Robo version.

If MS wants to be the be-all monopoly, well then do it correctly: acquire Robo, Maxthon, +++, etc. and incorporate into IE...


InSuboRdiNaTioN reviewed v6.6.6 on Mar 13, 2006

In reference to the post below:

You can use it on more than one computer (against the license), but you can only activate it (via their website) a total of 3 times. For those of us who format on a regular basis, it's a joke.
Note that additional licenses are quite a bit cheaper (I think $10 or $15).
However, they did give me another 3 activations after I used my first 3 and complained.


sflorack reviewed v6.6.5 on Feb 27, 2006

Very useful, but I will never purchase this type of program that restricts access to one computer. I use three computers reguarly, and although Roboform is useful, it certainly isn't worth nearly $100.


Drich reviewed v6.6.5 on Feb 8, 2006

I agree with others. This is the reason why I can use Opera as my default browser. It is just the best password mananger and form filler out there. Always works all the time.


ShafuyZ reviewed v6.6.5 on Feb 8, 2006

If there's any program that causes my bslls to shiver, this is the one. Too risky to download this one off eMule, folks... Unless you can see source code for the crack, and downloaded the full install file from maker (whom I guess you just HAVE to trust). If there's ANY software a masterhacker would LOVE to implant a trojan into, you've got it folks, this is the one. Be careful, 'tsall.


nefarious1 reviewed v6.6.5 on Feb 7, 2006

Great form filler, lousy password manager features.


CyberDog reviewed v6.6.5 on Feb 7, 2006

This program is possibly the single reason I can't use Opera (or Linux) on a daily basis. I have hundreds of passwords, and this keeps them all organized, and AES encrypted. Don't know what I would do without it!


Metshrine reviewed v6.6.5 on Feb 7, 2006

The wand pales in comparison to this. Plus, the wand doesnt auto-fill now does it ;-)

Top notch software here


papillonn reviewed v6.6.4 on Jan 28, 2006

perfect app but there is no way for opera browser : (


horsecharles reviewed v6.6.4 on Jan 25, 2006

I hope you get an infencted dll you thief-- if you don't have the money, just get the last free version released.

There's a community center in my town that will give me a free VW, and I can even afford a Taurus-- but no, not good enough for me: i think i'll just steal me a Rolls.....what thinking!!!


AlexBR1974 reviewed v6.6.4 on Jan 25, 2006

Great program!!
Once you use it, you will love it!
And you will search the net for a cracked roboform.dll, so you don´t have to pay for it!


ghammer reviewed v6.6.4 on Jan 25, 2006

Once you try it for awhile, you will want to have the paid version to manage all your logins.
Excellent in every way.


wickedfeel reviewed v6.6.3 on Jan 23, 2006

Flawless. Another satisfied, paying customer!


fair_is_fair reviewed v6.6.3 on Jan 16, 2006

Roboform is an indispensable tool for Internet Explorer and Firefox users. It is a terrific form filler and login tool. I found the "safenotes" feature very handy. Easy to save, backup, or transfer your private Robo information. The free version is limited but the pro version is well worth the money.


horsecharles reviewed v6.6.3 on Jan 16, 2006

Sounds like Approx had a buggy & virus-riddled system:
No release of Robo has ever caused any issues on any of my multiple & multi OS systems...going on several years now.
No forms data has ever been lost-- sounds like the default store folder was changed: just do a search for Robo and compile the various Data folders!
I happen to like Opera a lot, but i wouldn't penalize Robo for this: responsibility lies with Opera-- and after all, what large market segment does Opera have?
If Robo merits a 1, then please post your 4/5 alternatives: we are all drooling, enduring bugs in the mouth, & having nocturnal emmissions over what extra & momentous features we'll be getting with apps suposedly several times better.


Metshrine reviewed v6.6.2 on Jan 11, 2006

"- If RoboForm is mainly a form filler instead of a password manager, I expect support for all common browsers. Opera definitively is one, but it's not supported by RoboForm."

Opera isnt supported because there is no way for roboform to tie into opera. Opera is closed to third party programs and "extensions" so roboform supporting it is not possible. How about trying to research WHY it doesnt work instead of simply rating it poorly.

"- Too many releases. You don't know which version you can really use now. Which is stable, which is testing? Some of them are really very buggy..."

I have never had an unstable version of this program. it is updated often and just remember, you dont have to update to every new release. Roboform will PROMPT YOU when a new release that has some sort of significance has been put out. Also, please explain what bugs you have encountered with roboform? I have yet to find one that wasnt already fixed in a new release I could download.

"- To me it already happened that RoboForm worked fine for a month or so, then suddenly all stored things got lost. I also couldn't find any information any more on the hard disk, the data just plainly vanished. Luckily I had backed up everything one week before, so I only lost about 10 passwords... "

That is why, with important info like this, you would usually backup the items as you said you had. I have a task scheduled in windows that backs up the roboform data as well as various other data I have to a seperate partition. Backing is a good thing to get in the habit of doing. Also, I seriously doubt this was the fault of roboform since I have not seen one report in their support forums that state someone has lost all of their passcards or safenotes.

This utility is top notch. The support team is great. They support every browser they CAN SUPPORT (opera, as i said, cant be supported due to lack of 3rd party interoperability on opera's part, they CHOOSE to remain closed, you can search their forums to confirm this). I cant live without this program, and I think it is an invaluable resource to any pc user


Approx reviewed v6.6.2 on Jan 4, 2006

- The form filler isn't that bad, but the password manager just plainly sucks. If you're looking for a good, secure password manager: use KeePass. It also has some auto-type support which works for all windows, not just browsers.

- If RoboForm is mainly a form filler instead of a password manager, I expect support for all common browsers. Opera definitively is one, but it's not supported by RoboForm.

- Too many releases. You don't know which version you can really use now. Which is stable, which is testing? Some of them are really very buggy...

- To me it already happened that RoboForm worked fine for a month or so, then suddenly all stored things got lost. I also couldn't find any information any more on the hard disk, the data just plainly vanished. Luckily I had backed up everything one week before, so I only lost about 10 passwords...


loq reviewed v6.6.2 on Dec 31, 2005

Ok, the *daily* update/fixes is a bit wonky.

Unless it's a critical update, it should be released monthly.

ATM, I generally download the *updated* version once a month.

Don't get me wrong, I love updates/fixes, but having to downloaded it every other day gets to be a pain, especially if it isn't a critical update.


precurgent reviewed v6.6.2 on Dec 31, 2005

Excellent form filler, terrible overall password manager.


horsecharles reviewed v6.6.1 on Dec 31, 2005

Nah...Gator's better..........NOT........relax! just kidding.


agapecpus reviewed v6.6.1 on Dec 30, 2005

Amazing program that I use each day. Can't even imagine how time time it has saved me in the last year.


wellsjs reviewed v6.6.0 on Dec 15, 2005

Been using this app for years, and find it indispensable. If I had to keep track of, remember, look up all the logins, not to mention manually fill in all the forms that RoboForm does so flawlessly, I'd go nuts . . .

Which appears some already have! :-) Honestly, complaining about too frequent updates? :( Be glad it is actively supported. If it bugs you that bad, don't update so often (every release). You complain about too frequent updates when there are tsunamis, Katrinas, terrorists and wars against them? Get a life!!!


RoSmecher reviewed v6.6.0 on Dec 15, 2005

amazing program, only downside is they do not have opera support.


zridling reviewed v6.5.7 on Nov 10, 2005

Got to agree. AI has raced through version 6.x in no time with its near daily updates. I'm updating less and less often.


Zoroaster reviewed v6.5.7 on Nov 9, 2005

I'm rating 4 because I am getting more than fed up of having a new version pop up every week or so. If it weren't the quality of Roboform I'd doubt of a software running so ridiculously after time. What is going on, a race?


wickedfeel reviewed v6.5.6 on Nov 8, 2005

All it takes is for one person to submit an update. Hey if there are bugs to be fixed or features that weren't completed, then so be it. But to the program, Good Stuff!


cybergen reviewed v6.5.6 on Nov 7, 2005

Breathe guys, lets just hope it does not get as bad as the azureus updates :p


ibod reviewed v6.5.6 on Nov 7, 2005

yeah, what's with beta quality software on betanews?


xpose reviewed v6.5.6 on Nov 7, 2005

I agree with last post. Great prog, but we dont need daily updates that support even better generated password algorithims we wont use. . .


anomoly reviewed v6.5.6 on Nov 7, 2005

great prog but what's with the almost daily updates . lame as hell


Breezy55417 reviewed v6.5.4 on Oct 31, 2005

Why is the changelog never listed here except by reviewers? I think Roboform is GREAT! Sometimes changes are worth waiting for the next upgrade. It would be bice to know what has been changed. No?


Iria reviewed v6.5.2 on Oct 16, 2005

Great program BUT this particular VERSION is pretty bug. I found 2 pretty obvious bugs since I installed it ... first time since I started using this program that I've found a buggy release.


Blackhole8746 reviewed v6.5.2 on Oct 12, 2005

Wonderful program but we need an Opera version already!!! :@


stevember reviewed v6.5.2 on Oct 11, 2005

still by far the best program out there, and as it works perfectly with Firefox what more could you ask for. They even give discounts on low income families.


darthbeads reviewed v6.4.99 Beta on Sep 29, 2005

Absolutely and unequicovably hands-down the best there is at what it does.


vasarnap2000 reviewed v6.4.95 Beta on Sep 19, 2005

Great software!!

The version downloaded is really 6.4.96.


BlaineM reviewed v6.4.95 Beta on Sep 19, 2005

Fabulous program! Never leave home with out it!

Frequent releases tell me that the program is being worked on, bugs are being fixed, features added.. This is a GOOD thing!


bakura reviewed v6.4.9 Beta on Sep 11, 2005

Would you prefer a beta that did not release any updates?

This program is on my essential programs list! The changes in this beta just make it better!


Kylde reviewed v6.4.9 Beta on Sep 10, 2005

great program, but the frequency of beta releases is getting silly


Metshrine reviewed v6.4.8 Beta on Sep 9, 2005

Great program, as always, worth twice its asking price.

To the user below, roboform doesnt support opera because they dont have a way to, the browser is CLOSED to third parties


the_root reviewed v6.4.8 Beta on Sep 3, 2005

Excellent Program and great support.
Wish they would make it work with Opera.
I will never understand why companies that make security apps, don't support non MS applications that people use to improve their security.


xrayspex reviewed v6.4.8 Beta on Sep 3, 2005

The best encrypted password manager for both IE and FireFox out there.


rpavl reviewed v6.4.7 Beta on Aug 28, 2005

DUH... Felix Maxthon is one od the best Internet Explorer based browsers. And NO IT IS NOT FREE WITH MAXTON, only the limited version is available with that browser, but this is the handiest app on the net A+++

some guy

some guy reviewed v6.4.7 Beta on Aug 27, 2005

looks good but is this really secure ?
not sure if i want my life info on my pc in that way.


felix reviewed v6.4.5 Beta on Aug 22, 2005

What's Maxthon broswer? Anyhow, it's still the most useful internet software out there. A must have for all lazy internet surfing addicts!


Metshrine reviewed v6.4.4 Beta on Aug 15, 2005

If only they could get it so it encrypts the passcard and safenote filenames on the disk so you wont know what site or note its associated with, this would have it all. Otherwise, top notch product, cant mark it down for this feature, although their tech support says its coming. Good job roboform.


jeepbastard reviewed v6.4.3 Beta on Aug 10, 2005

This program has a much cooler name than it's function. There is no actual artificial intelligence in this program. It just fills out forms.


johnd164 reviewed v6.4.3 Beta on Aug 10, 2005

This is a fantastic piece of software well worth the registration cost,I only wish the makers would talk to the Opera browser makes and make it work with the Opera Browser many more people would use this software if they did.

That is why I can only give it a 4 rating.


ubergeek2004 reviewed v6.4.3 Beta on Aug 9, 2005

This is a great piece of software knowing that i dont have to remember passwords and login is a peace of mind that I like and worth the price of the PRO version. I use this on my USB key and its great


Metshrine reviewed v6.4.3 Beta on Aug 9, 2005

Been waiting for AES Encryption. Great program, works wonderfully and one of the few worth twice its purchase price.


Yotofuji reviewed v6.3.98 on Aug 5, 2005

Free version allows users to store upto 10 logins.

I purchased this program so i would never have to remember ANY login for all my sites and now i have more than 100 logins and 3 identies (2 fake & 1 real). Storaged ile is fully encrypted and pasword protected, but i wish they would have an automatic password generator to improve security even more.
Great program...couldn't live on the Internet without this one!!!


Zoroaster reviewed v6.3.97 on Jul 30, 2005

The quality of AI Roboform is so obvious, reviews are so unanimous, that I'm just bringing another 5/5 score for this absolutely excellent password manager. Very easy to handle. An everyday companion.


powerful0x0 reviewed v6.3.96 on Jul 8, 2005

one of the best software you will ever see :)


goselito reviewed v6.3.9 on May 21, 2005

This is hands-down the absolute best password manager around. This was one peice of software where I paid the asking price with smile


cybergen reviewed v6.3.9 on May 21, 2005

Couldn't live without it. Will allways be the best... not that I'm aware of any real competitors.


wiseman55 reviewed v6.3.9 on May 21, 2005

I hate to say this about a software program, but I could not manage well with out it! Makes my whole online experience every day so much easier!!


Metshrine reviewed v6.3.9 on May 21, 2005

As always, worth twice its asking price for the number of times I use it.


felix reviewed v6.3.9 on May 21, 2005

Still the best! Use it lots every day. A must have for the internet savvy!


xpose reviewed v6.3.8 on May 12, 2005

I don't know how I managed passwords prior to AI RoboForm. Even for those forum sites you barely ever visit . .. now you wont forget their passwords.


Metshrine reviewed v6.3.8 on May 9, 2005

Had this one two days, great program, way to go siber!


Metshrine reviewed v6.3.7 on Apr 29, 2005

Awesome! Only word I can think of for this program


InSuboRdiNaTioN reviewed v6.3.6 on Apr 26, 2005

Excellent program. Very handy, constantly improved and updated, and reasonably priced ($20 if you take the low-income discount).


Metshrine reviewed v6.3.6 on Apr 26, 2005

Great program, as always, cant say enough good things about it.


zridling reviewed v6.3.5 on Apr 25, 2005

6.3.6 is out now. A fantastic program that covers all the bases.


Metshrine reviewed v6.3.5 on Apr 25, 2005

Again, best program of its kind. Perhaps the dev's should try and make a custom panel for opera, maybe it would work that way? Oh well, keep up the great work!

Andrey Pyasetskiy

Andrey Pyasetskiy reviewed v6.3.3 on Apr 10, 2005

I've been using good old Password 2000. But AI RoboForm is really good and convenient. Currently I am happy with FireFox internal password manager. And it is free. Still this program deserves 5 from me.


bkimbler reviewed v6.3.3 on Apr 10, 2005

Great application that I could not live without. Highly recommended.


Metshrine reviewed v6.3.3 on Apr 9, 2005

As always, best program of its kind. Keeps improving with every release. If only they could make a better interface similar to keepass's UI for managing passcards, the current one is kinda clunky. Thats my ONLY gripe with this fine piece of software

EDIT - 24APR05

AIRoboform 6.3.5 Released

* 6.3.5: Sort matching passcards by relevance, the best fitting passcard appears on top.
* 6.3.5: Add upper toolbar to Internet Explorer even if RoboForm is not installed.
* 6.3.5: Drop 3-state system for toolbars (upper, lower, one), use 2-state system instead.
* 6.3.5: Remove keyboard shortcuts from RF context menu items, use keyboard shortcuts instead.
* 6.3.5: Add support Yahoo UK + BT browser and AOL browser.


felix reviewed v6.3.2 on Apr 2, 2005

An absolute must for all web surfing addicts!


CyberHobo reviewed v6.3.2 on Apr 1, 2005

Does the job, and does it well. Note: Discount for disabled or lower income people.


rijp reviewed v6.3.2 on Apr 1, 2005

Other users are dimwitted, and posting things about freeware programs, that "supposedly" compare to Roboform. I think they are severely lacking in knowledge. Roboform is the ONLY password keeper. Its not free, but seldom are GOOD products free. you have to wonder why products like Keypass claim to be opensource and free, yet they don't work as good.. I find that interesting. I think people naturally cleave towards "cheap".

Roboform has a FREE version, as long as you don't use more than 10 password sites, and I would put this up against any password keeper, Norton, Firefox, Keepass, I have tried them all.. roboform is immediately recognized as the best password program bar none. I give it a 5, and it has regular updates that keep making it the best program out there.

Yeah, that comment about "no log about changes" getting a 1.. That's stupid. It has nothing to do with the program itself.


Metshrine reviewed v6.3.0 on Mar 29, 2005

As always, great software from a great author. Keep up the good works, I cant live without this program!

For those who are going to whine about no "Whats new" list: here

Versions 6.2.5 to 6.3.0

* 6.2.9: Add customization to Search engines, so that user can add their own.
* 6.2.9: PrintList requests Master Password, even if it is cached in memory.
* 6.2.9: Add Users button to RoboForm toolbar.
* 6.2.9: Do not show URL of unopened passcard in Editor.
* 6.2.7: Save and Fill multiple-value SELECT fields in passcards.
* 6.2.5: New Options dialog, with left tab navigator and icons.
* 6.2.5: Add ALT+key keyboard shortcuts for most RoboForm toolbar commands.
* 6.2.5: Make installer smaller (1.7mb instead of 2.3mb).
* 6.2.5: Add command-line options to installer for customized mass installations.
* 6.2.5: Add option "Length of Most Recently Used list".
* 6.2.5: Add option "Length of Search History".
* 6.2.5: Add option "Default for Fill Only Empty Fields checkbox".
* 6.2.5: Handle forms with no FORM tag such as PaySpark, TurboTax, Banamex login pages.
* 6.2.5: Handle pages that build their own tree using JavaScript.
* 6.2.5: Improve filling and saving of multiple similar forms on one page such as
* 6.2.5: Improve handling of download timing in heavily scripted login pages.
* 6.2.5: Improve precision of form filling from Identities.
* 6.2.5: Fix "Cannot open Shared Memory" problem on Windows 2000.
* 6.2.5: Add "(Clear List)" command to Most Recently Used list and Password Generator.
* 6.2.5: AutoUpdate now informs of new versions of Adapter, RF for Palm, RF for WinCE.
* 6.2.5: Implement affiliate IDs for Portable RoboForm.



Metshrine reviewed v6.2.8 Beta on Mar 24, 2005

Wow, rate it a 1 because of no change log, god users at fileforum are intelligent. A quick visit to (time taken to browse there, 2 seconds including opening new firefox tab)

Beta Versions 6.2.5 to 6.2.9

* 6.2.7: Save and Fill multiple-value SELECT fields in passcards.
* 6.2.5: New Options dialog, with left tab navigator and icons.
* 6.2.5: Add ALT+key keyboard shortcuts for most RoboForm toolbar commands.
* 6.2.5: Make installer smaller (1.7mb instead of 2.3mb).
* 6.2.5: Add command-line options to installer for customized mass installations.
* 6.2.5: Add option "Length of Most Recently Used list".
* 6.2.5: Add option "Length of Search History".
* 6.2.5: Add option "Default for Fill Only Empty Fields checkbox".
* 6.2.5: Handle forms with no FORM tag such as PaySpark, TurboTax, Banamex login pages.
* 6.2.5: Handle pages that build their own tree using JavaScript.
* 6.2.5: Improve filling and saving of multiple similar forms on one page such as
* 6.2.5: Improve handling of download timing in heavily scripted login pages.
* 6.2.5: Improve precision of form filling from Identities.
* 6.2.5: Fix "Cannot open Shared Memory" problem on Windows 2000.
* 6.2.5: Add "(Clear List)" command to Most Recently Used list and Password Generator.
* 6.2.5: AutoUpdate now informs of new versions of Adapter, RF for Palm, RF for WinCE.
* 6.2.5: Implement affiliate IDs for Portable RoboForm.

So I would imagine that the update enhances the fixes implimented in previous versions. Especially considering I've been running this version for a few days now (prior to fileforum releasing it).

By the way!

NEW beta

I love this program, have grown so attached to it that using the web without would be so much of a hassle it wouldnt be worth it. Good job siber systems. Keep up the great work and I look forward to every update :)


xpi3000 reviewed v6.2.8 Beta on Mar 23, 2005

why is there no info about changes ?


AgentK reviewed v6.2.7 Beta on Mar 15, 2005

Yes it works with Firefox. Robo is a program you will love to use.


fair_is_fair reviewed v6.2.7 Beta on Mar 15, 2005

I've been using Roboform for years. Worth every penny. But since I've grown to love Opera, Robo is not used much anymore.
Everyone email Opera and Roboform and tell them what we want.
I cannot stand the password and form filler in Mozilla browsers. Even wand is better than those.
I really find the secure notes in Roboform a plus.


sr_ultimate reviewed v6.2.6 Beta on Mar 15, 2005

Hey Does it work with Firefox too ?


Metshrine reviewed v6.2.6 Beta on Mar 14, 2005

Best program of its kind, people mistake this for being a password vault (which its not). Its primary purpose is filling web forms and filling login info. Its not designed simply to store this info. I couldnt imagine the internet without this app.

@Sham69: I have requested that opera develop a way to support roboform and other 3rd party apps. Opera lacks the plugin support. Why? Because they want to be an all-in-one app, thats why they have wand (which is very lacking). Believe me, I use ff right now but would gladly switch to and pay for opera if they supported this great app. Guess they dont want users to have a choice :) But anyways, this isnt about opera, its about roboform.

My ONLY suggestion to roboform is to add in a better interface for editing and viewing passwords. That and perhaps smart card authentication as opposed to password based (The corp. I work for uses smart cards for EVERYTHING, and this would be great if they could judge your eligibility to use the passcards based on the smart card you have)


gate1975mlm reviewed v6.2.6 Beta on Mar 14, 2005

Yes this is indeed great software! Works great. And Are heard that soon you will be able to add your own Search engines!


kda reviewed v6.2.5 Beta on Mar 13, 2005

Actually I am running ver. 6.2.6 beta (available on the website) but I have been a user of Roboform for quite some time.

This is truly great software ... and they have been keeping it up with FireFox quite well. With this program, I am now free to use different and complex passwords for various sites without the problem of having to manually look them up each time I want to visit one of those sites. Very nice indeed.


sham69 reviewed v6.2.5 Beta on Mar 13, 2005

This program only gets a 4 out of 5, for the fact that it doesn't work with Opera, the fastest webbrowser on earth...

It would be very handy to have in Opera, which (if I'm right??) shares the same plug-in architecture as Mozilla (firefox), which IS supported...


fair_is_fair reviewed v6.1.7 on Dec 16, 2004

Who said Roboform did not have a place to put garage door passwords, bike lock codes, etc.? You did not spend much time with the program. Look at SAFENOTES. I keep all sorts of sensitive info in safenotes. The beauty of Roboform is that it is so easy to back up all of your roboform data. I keep a copy online in case of a crash. This is a terrific program. Not having it is not an option for me. It is just too handy.


felix reviewed v6.1.5 on Dec 13, 2004

Most useful program I've downloaded this year! Seriously, I really wish I knew about it sooner. It was recommended by someone on the RFD forums, contest section no doubt. A must have for anyone who fills out online contests and uses websites requiring login (ebay, yahoo, hotmail, paypal, etc.)


joo reviewed v6.1.4 on Dec 3, 2004

Can anybody sing "Get out of my systray and into my desktop”?
Why isn't there a main window just a bunch of little ones?

Roboform doesn’t offer nice support with passwords especially for other things then websites. There is no place to put bike lock combinations, garage door passwords, alarm codes, etc. It isn’t a very good password manager, one of the worst I’ve seen, compared to software such as the open sourced KeePass. However it offers web form filling. Competitor password managers just offer web auto login. I also don’t like how the passwords aren’t hidden behind asterisks when you are using the program. It also uses DES encryption by default rather than 3DES. DES is cracked very easily you just need time.

Form filler? Yes it is and it’s quite good.
Password manager? Hardly

1 point deducted for being a poor password manager
1 point deducted for overall security
1 point deducted because it is clutter some without a main GUI
1 point given for ease of use
1 point given for additional functionality (web forms)


echristensen reviewed v6.1.2 on Nov 5, 2004

There are really not enough good things I can say about this fantastic utility. AI RoboForm is a small application that integrates with your browser and stores passwords, web forms, profile information, and even brief notes. The browser integration is seamless - whenever you visit a site for which you have associated form data, RoboForm can automatically fill or prompt your to fill all form data and logins, and even submit the page for you. Since these days most of us have potentially dozens of website logins and passwords, this tool is a real timesaver. User and profile data is password protected with DES/3DES encryption, making security effectively a non-issue. The application even has a pseudo-random password generator if you are worried about dictionary-based attacks. Furthermore, you can synchronize and take your user data with you anywhere with the Pocket PC/ Palm versions, or use the application on the road with a flash drive version that requires no installation to the client machine. This tool is so amazingly useful that the only thing I can find to be critical of is that it is not the prettiest UI in the world and that you cannot update the forms on your PDA.


OfF3nSiV3 reviewed v6.1.1 on Oct 26, 2004

this gets updated very often..


Metshrine reviewed v6.0.9 on Oct 23, 2004

This program is by far the best password manager I have ever used. Its one of the few applications that is worth twice what the developers charge for it. Been using it since 5.0 and love it. No bugs that I've noticed in this version. Good job siber systems!


zridling reviewed v6.0.9 on Oct 13, 2004

RoboForm also works with Mozilla Firefox along with any IE variant. This is a rock-solid app that once you try it, you'll wonder how you lived without it.


ajaydsouza reviewed v6.0.8 on Sep 27, 2004

Simply the best password manager ever. Not too expensive either. It is a one time buy.

Fits seamlessly in IE and many other IE based browsers like Maxthon.


confuser reviewed v6.0.7 on Sep 12, 2004

RoboForm is the best IE Add-On out! Period.
How can any people complain about limitations in a free version of one of the truly outstanding IE Explorer add ons in the marketplace. I understand why people want Freeware. I do to, but this man supports his family with one of the truly indispensable add-ons out in the PC world. No spy ware. Encryption, literally parses a web page. Custom ID tags.

I save at least 10 hours of week using this app. How much is your time worth.

And it is updated virtually every other week with superb support and a very small foot print. I haver used Robo Form for over three years and have yet to find anything close. Look at Norton Password (yuck) Gator (spy ware) and not half as good. Bottom line this is one you must have and should pony up the small amount of money to register the Pro version. And no I do not work the the developer and I paid for my version because I felt it important to support great software development.


CyberHobo reviewed v6.0.4 on Aug 18, 2004

Much improvement since version 575. Works very nice and is a joy to surf with. Those that gripe about the passcard limitations should shell out some buckaroos and enjoy unlimited passcards, identities and safenotes.

RoboForm, robot in disguise... yeah!


kebabi reviewed v6.0.3 on Aug 16, 2004

SecondImpact, really? Oh s**t!!!
I will NOT download this program if I will be able to save ONLY 10!
But it's a good program, but only 10, please let us save at least 20 :/


SecondImpact reviewed v6.0.3 on Aug 16, 2004

Now i have been a big fan of AI Robo form and still am i just do not like this new version. In previous versions you were able to have a max of 30 passcard in the free version. That number has now dropped to 10. I had a hard time keeping bellow thirty so 10 is not enough. Other than that i great app.


stevember reviewed v5.9.96 Beta on Jul 27, 2004

Yes huge improvement over 5.7.5


Aaroniekins reviewed v5.9.96 Beta on Jul 27, 2004

it deserves a 5, works flawless for me even in firefox
but it truly does need opera support as opera's own passwordmanager isnt as good as roboforms


UJM reviewed v5.9.7 Beta on Jul 19, 2004

I've used this for ages and recommend it to anyone. Although the updates do come thick & fast with this app. I'm using v5.7.5 Pro at the moment which works perfectly with both IE6 & firefox, so I see no need to update unless this beta offers a big much improvement.


httpd.confused reviewed v5.9.7 Beta on Jun 30, 2004


distinguished reviewed v5.9.7 Beta on Jun 10, 2004

If it worked with Opera.


KillerCat reviewed v5.9.7 Beta on Jun 7, 2004

Very nice software, Now it don´t matter that i am senile anymore... Nice options and quite user friendly. No need to say more


hotwater reviewed v5.9.7 Beta on Jun 6, 2004

RoboForm easily take the reign as the best password manager out there. Period.


bakura reviewed v5.9.7 Beta on Jun 6, 2004

I was looking for a password manager that was unobtrusive. AI RoboForm 5.9.8 Beta is that and much more. I have been using it for about a week now and have not experienced any bugs at all. I had tried out several other password managers and they all had issues... either they wouldn't submit the login/password for various sites due to java usage on the website, or they didn't have option to submit login/passwords at all. I even dropped Google Toolbar because RoboForm has a toolbar with a Search field that allows you to choose which search engine you want to use. Plus the form filler is much more robust than GT's.

My experience with their support team was also very pleasant. I submitted a suggestion to them and they responded back within a couple hours on the weekend. If you have a need for a password manager or a form filler then you can't go wrong with RoboForm. Great product!


TDreamer reviewed v5.9.6 Beta on May 27, 2004

The best thing since the internet came about!!!
I am still trying to get used to the new toolbar, but it is nice!


robmanic44 reviewed v5.8.5 Beta on Mar 7, 2004

This is a form-filler and I guess that's nice, but let's not go crazy about it. When I see raves about a program like AIDA, I think they're justified. I don't think this impacts anyone's system.


scodan reviewed v5.8.5 Beta on Mar 6, 2004

Bah... You CAN store notes with passcards. Open the editor, then do a View > Add Note. Not very obvious, which is why I totally forgot about it.


stevember reviewed v5.8.5 Beta on Mar 6, 2004

The best form filler just got a lot better, great now it has folders. It does work with Firefox although it doesn't have full function as in IE and IE clones such as Avant and MYIE2. To use with Firefox you need to get the adapter as well.

Great release, Thanks RoboForm.


jennajon reviewed v5.8.5 Beta on Mar 5, 2004

Be aware that this version (585) is now a beta for upcoming version 6 and DOES NOT work with Firefox....

Otherwise, a great program I would not be without.


scodan reviewed v5.5.8 on Feb 12, 2004

I have used RoboForm Pro (the registered version) for quite awhile, and can't stand to be without it. RoboForm really is one of a kind. Its Mozilla support, being somewhat crippled, still lags behind that of MSIE (which is not necessarily the author's fault). RoboForm is an excellent form filler, but its raw password-handling features are pretty rudimentary and disappointing. For example, there is a password-generation facility, but there is no way to automatically send the generated passwords to a RoboForm entry. There is no search facility in RoboForm, so good luck when you need to find a user ID, password, or URL string. RoboForm also does not save "archival" copies of previous passwords, when the password for a given entry is changed. (Before you accuse me of nitpicking, note that these are all things that good password-management utilities do.) Another thing I really dislike is that when you backup your RoboForm data, the original file names are used--so if you use the obvious and default convention of naming RoboForm entries after the web sites they are used on, anyone with access to the files can at least see what sites they are for. (No, kiddies, this doesn't mean I have a ton of pron site password entries. It's about privacy.) I still give RoboForm a 4-star rating (however barely), because it is so good at filling forms.


fair_is_fair reviewed v5.5.7 on Feb 7, 2004

Excellent, is the only word I can describe Roboform with. I have used it since it's inception. This is 'class' software and still free with limitations. Someone was worried about loosing their passwords and safenotes? Simply copy the myroboform data folder and save it on disk or online somewhere. Fullproof and easy.


Palomino reviewed v5.4.0 on Aug 14, 2003

This is a great program but I am getting a little tired of all the updates. There's a new version almost every day. Maybe the author is using the updates as a way to keep his program on the front page of BetaNews and MajorGeeks.


Tidus41 reviewed v5.3.9 on Aug 12, 2003

Very good program *HIGHLY* reccommended.


iax reviewed v5.2.5 on May 31, 2003

bhackner -- you're a moron. Nice paid posting. I found roboform to be fine software, and a nice add-on. There is nothing so special about it though that rates a "5".


Palomino reviewed v5.2.1 on Apr 22, 2003

Every time I install a new version I have to make 3 changes. I have to close the systray program, stop the program from loading to the systray, and change the IE icon so it's gray (like it used to be). Starting with 5.20 I had to make my own gray icon because it doesn't match the green one. The program used to include options that took care of this during the install. The author should put them back in.


BHACKNER reviewed v5.0.7 on Jan 5, 2003

RUN don't walk and download the ( in my humble opinion . . . lol) the best IE ADD-ON you can have. The first time I used it, I saved two hours on the net. It just gets better and better. AND it's FREE with NO SPY-WARE, AD WARE and all your PW's are encrypted in 3DES. It is stable, flexible and totally customizable. It will parse and fill in a web page before you know it has ( you can control that action). Plus you can as many "Identities" as you want for different sites to avoid spam, etc. Grab it! It really should be 6 STARS!


rowdyward reviewed v5.0.4 on Dec 22, 2002

I'm in constant fear of losing RoboForm ...I lose those little pieces of paper my passwords are on and I truly would be lost without it.


ajaydsouza reviewed v4.6.5 on Jun 15, 2002

A really good program. Whats best about it is that it works for both IE and Netscape 6 (needs a plugin available on the site). Updated regularly with better features. A must have if you need to save your passwords to websites, as well as for automatic form filling. Go ahead and download it, you won't regret.


sting reviewed v4.6.4 on Jun 12, 2002

Roboform just gets better and better. If you used gator in the past but didnt care for the bundled spyware then Roboform is for you. Simply the best.


BHACKNER reviewed v4.6.1 on May 30, 2002

As I mentioned before RoboFormis updated frequently. Not because it is buggy, but because the developer is committed to keeping it fresh and stable. This is the THIRD update in the last week, and it just keeps on getting BETTER. Seriously, RUN, don't walk and add it to IE or Netscape. IT really does ( for once) what is says it does - flawlessly! I can not image living without it.


DigitalSin reviewed v4.5.9 on May 27, 2002

I've been using this program for a few months now. I absolutely love it. It saves gobs of time and is very user friendly.

A must have!


BHACKNER reviewed v4.5.7 on May 7, 2002

I save a LEAST 2 hours a day on thr WEB since I installed RoboForm. I wish ALL software was so useful. It is virtually bullet-proof! Rock Solid. IT IS THE BEST IE Add-On you can get. I am pretty cheap, but because it is so good, I purchased the PRO version, which I really didn't need in order to help support the developer's work! It is updated frequently - I have received AT LEAST 15 updates in the last six months. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and NO I do NOT work for or any any INTEREST whatsoever in the deloper. BTW THERE IS NO SPYWARE - ADWARE - in the free version!


DANIELRI reviewed v4.5.7 on May 7, 2002

ok rating dropped, i too am a regestered user, UK removed AND my key no longer works!!!!! says i have the demo version i have emailed support no reply :(


Dwarden reviewed v4.4.0 Beta on Mar 2, 2002

My best friend in field of forms :-) ...


klumy reviewed v4.4.0 Beta on Mar 2, 2002

A very useful program, to fill out forms.
Very nice


toekneec67 reviewed v4.3.8 on Feb 26, 2002

This program has to be the best one out there. The AI is what puts it above the rest. The only thing I wish it had was an easier interface so my mom could use it. A must have program.

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