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iDeaS is a Nintendo DS emulator that can run NDS games on Windows PC with OpenGL. So far, it has emulated the ARM7 GBA processor at 100%, but the ARM9 dual screen processor at 90%. The touch screen is fully emulated with a cursor instead of hand. It works with a keyboard. The emulator is unable to play NDS games because the touchscreen is unstable at the moment according to the release notes. The plugin system came originally from UltraHLE N64 emulator so that further support can achieved without looking at the source code of the emulator. There are no plugins.

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  1. 5 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing (Apr 26, 2007)

    This emulator worked fine with the homebrew stuff I tried :)
    Does what it says on the tin, so it gets 5 from me.

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