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by Novell, Inc.

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openSUSE provides everything today's Linux user needs for home computing and computing-on-the-go. This product includes a Linux operating system plus dozens of essential integrated tools that showcase the latest that open source has to offer.

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marty reviewed v42.2 Beta 1 on Sep 2, 2016

Been using SUSE for 20 years. This is the best version. Stable and extremely fast. A real OS not a toy like Windows 10. I dual boot

some guy

some guy reviewed v12.3 on Mar 12, 2013

very nice and laid out distro but still I prefer Zorin and MInt for my top linux pic's


wyzwyk reviewed v12.2 on Sep 7, 2012

The two month delay of openSUSE 12.2, while a little inconvenient, may have really helped this release. After installing and playing around with it a short while it seems to be a very well functioning and highly polished distribution, with no glaring problems to date. This is fantastic compared to the under-cooked 12.1 release users downloaded ten months ago. Kudos to the development team for not letting that happen again. From what I've read sometime next week users of openSUSE 12.2 will be able to add a repository so that they can download and install the new KDE 4.9.1 desktop. NICE! Along with the rolling release repository this should be one decked-out and classy looking distro. I hope no show stopper problems crop up as I look further at this release, because right now it looks like a real winner!
Yes, I concur with Music4Ever, the comments by Troll and Hugh G Rection are pretty infantile. I think it would be wishful thinking that either of those two clowns will ever grace fileForm readers with anything of substance.


Music4Ever reviewed v12.2 on Sep 6, 2012

I actually installed SUSE last night & not ran from USB & it's nice but I still prefer Ubuntu & I've tried most distros, But SUSE is excellent & if you like the interface use it. Each to their own as always.

TROLL & Small E Rection should be banned with their continual moronic & infantile comments, either probably couldn't use Linux anyway, stick to Windoze you two!


TROLL reviewed v12.2 RC2 on Aug 4, 2012

Linux = meditation for gurus


marty reviewed v12.2 RC2 on Aug 3, 2012

Ubuntu = English rripoff of Debian.

openSUSE rules

Hugh G. Rection

Hugh G. Rection reviewed v12.2 Milestone 1 on Feb 14, 2012

SUSE = Linux for Germans.


radelahunt reviewed v12.1 Milestone 3 on Aug 30, 2011

OpenSUSE 11.4 is very nice. It works as advertised, and does a great job. The only problem I ever ran into in my entire time using it was when choosing to encrypt only /home and swap: it does not populate /etc/crypttab so you are greeted when you first boot it in this configuration with an init 1 level "some partitions did not mount" etc message. Simply log into this, go populate /etc/crypttab, and ctrl+D and it reboots and then no longer has that issue.

It's fantastic, and I use it on all my computers. I would highly recommend it! :)


mancubs reviewed v11.4 on Apr 12, 2011

It rocks compared to w 7 u Microsoft you suck


DudeBoyz reviewed v11.4 on Mar 15, 2011

The 11.4 final seems to have fixed just about all the problems I have had with the milestones. It works great with Virtual Box 4.x and includes the latest Firefox, LibreOffice and other key apps. Improved setup, improved screen / resolution support and an improved default desktop configuration all add up to a nicely updated final version. I'm glad they seem to have pulled it together for the final release. It was a LONG road, but it looks like they pulled it off. Thankfully.

Avg. Rating 4.1 (733 votes)
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marty reviewed v42.2 Beta 1 on Sep 2, 2016

Been using SUSE for 20 years. This is the best version. Stable and extremely fast. A real OS not a toy like Windows 10. I dual boot

some guy

some guy reviewed v12.3 on Mar 12, 2013

very nice and laid out distro but still I prefer Zorin and MInt for my top linux pic's


wyzwyk reviewed v12.2 on Sep 7, 2012

The two month delay of openSUSE 12.2, while a little inconvenient, may have really helped this release. After installing and playing around with it a short while it seems to be a very well functioning and highly polished distribution, with no glaring problems to date. This is fantastic compared to the under-cooked 12.1 release users downloaded ten months ago. Kudos to the development team for not letting that happen again. From what I've read sometime next week users of openSUSE 12.2 will be able to add a repository so that they can download and install the new KDE 4.9.1 desktop. NICE! Along with the rolling release repository this should be one decked-out and classy looking distro. I hope no show stopper problems crop up as I look further at this release, because right now it looks like a real winner!
Yes, I concur with Music4Ever, the comments by Troll and Hugh G Rection are pretty infantile. I think it would be wishful thinking that either of those two clowns will ever grace fileForm readers with anything of substance.


Music4Ever reviewed v12.2 on Sep 6, 2012

I actually installed SUSE last night & not ran from USB & it's nice but I still prefer Ubuntu & I've tried most distros, But SUSE is excellent & if you like the interface use it. Each to their own as always.

TROLL & Small E Rection should be banned with their continual moronic & infantile comments, either probably couldn't use Linux anyway, stick to Windoze you two!


TROLL reviewed v12.2 RC2 on Aug 4, 2012

Linux = meditation for gurus


marty reviewed v12.2 RC2 on Aug 3, 2012

Ubuntu = English rripoff of Debian.

openSUSE rules

Hugh G. Rection

Hugh G. Rection reviewed v12.2 Milestone 1 on Feb 14, 2012

SUSE = Linux for Germans.


radelahunt reviewed v12.1 Milestone 3 on Aug 30, 2011

OpenSUSE 11.4 is very nice. It works as advertised, and does a great job. The only problem I ever ran into in my entire time using it was when choosing to encrypt only /home and swap: it does not populate /etc/crypttab so you are greeted when you first boot it in this configuration with an init 1 level "some partitions did not mount" etc message. Simply log into this, go populate /etc/crypttab, and ctrl+D and it reboots and then no longer has that issue.

It's fantastic, and I use it on all my computers. I would highly recommend it! :)


mancubs reviewed v11.4 on Apr 12, 2011

It rocks compared to w 7 u Microsoft you suck


DudeBoyz reviewed v11.4 on Mar 15, 2011

The 11.4 final seems to have fixed just about all the problems I have had with the milestones. It works great with Virtual Box 4.x and includes the latest Firefox, LibreOffice and other key apps. Improved setup, improved screen / resolution support and an improved default desktop configuration all add up to a nicely updated final version. I'm glad they seem to have pulled it together for the final release. It was a LONG road, but it looks like they pulled it off. Thankfully.


DrTeeth reviewed v11.4 on Mar 12, 2011

I have been spoilt by Linux Mint

The final of Suse is a slow dog by comparison and has an unfinished edge to it.


DudeBoyz reviewed v11.4 Milestone 5 on Dec 29, 2010

Milestone 5 of 6 is the latest one, and they've made some tweaks to the default environment. Some graphical flair (glowing windows and such) but it seems to make it feel sluggish without actually adding much to the mix. In fact, in apps like Gimp, the "glow" bleeds into the 3 panels when they are put side by side, and that is distracting and a bit annoying. It also defaults to single-click mouse mode, which given that KDE is sort of a rip of Windows, leaves Suse the odd-man out. It also seems to have an odd bug where if I right-click on an app in the menu and choose it to "add to panel", clicking on that icon does not launch the app (gimp for instance), while it does in Mandrake 2010.2. If I just drag and drop the icon from the menu to the taskbar/panel, then it works as expected. Minor annoyance, but still, it lends substance to the feeling that Suse does something with the interface that is just not standard and not as stable and predictable as KDE should be.

It does have more cutting edge apps, such as Firefox 4.0b7, LibreOffice 3.3.0 m17 and Gimp 2.6.11, and that is pretty nice if you prefer the latest and greatest, though I do wish they had both 3.6.1.x and 4.x installed so you could run either one while you wait for add-ons to be updated, etc.

It also still has the problem with resolution under VBox that I mentioned earlier, which is a real problem for me. Latest Mandrake 2010.2 worked 100% with VBox and I was able to choose 1400x1050 and other resolutions there no sweat, but not with Suse 11.4 M5 - still.

Mixed bag for me. Mandrake is certainly more stable and functional right after install for me, and frankly, 11.3 is much more reliable and workable than 11.4 has been to date. I'm not sure where the problem lies, but I wish the developers were able to pay some more attention to reliability and functionality over cutting edge tweaks and the like.

I like OpenSuse, but unless you are a bleeding edge tweak-geek, I just can't recommend 11.4 M5 at this stage. Perhaps it will get there, but with only 1 more Milestone before the final release, they have a lot of work to do in very little time in order to make that happen.

So, Mandrake 2010.2 for productivity, and Suse 11.4 M5 for the adventurous. 3 Stars for now, even though I do appreciate the distribution in principle and am grateful they keep working on it and providing it free to users. I just want it to go forward instead of sideways in terms of development.


renegadeviking reviewed v11.4 Milestone 4 on Dec 17, 2010

OpenSuse 11.4 Milestone 5 (KDE 4.6 b2, kernel 2.6.37 RC5, Gnome 2.32.1, LXDE .5.6)

OpenSuse 11.4 Milestone 5 will boot from YAST with all XFCE, LXDE, KDE, and Gnome installed. FXCE won't show up even though programs will. Expect it to freeze up when memory gets exceeded (with 512 MB of RAM), and if you have 768 MB or 1 GB of RAM than you have no worries. The crashing is 100% RAM related. Wants to go into "Fast boot" than its slow boot fail-safe kicks in after 20 seconds.

To avoid crashing, I looked up "Resolution" in KDE menu search-box and used KDM to change the resolution to 1280x768 with those PCs on 512 MB of RAM. This crash phenomenon is known to happen in KDE 4.4.4 in OpenSuse 11.3

KDE 4.6 beta 2 looks cool by itself. No more kernel lock to increase performance by 10%! LXDE stilll a great desktop shell, and didn't crash. Best for 512 MB of RAM PCs.

Gnome 2.32.2 never crashed yet. LibreOffice looks and acts like OpenOffice. no complaints. Had to install VLC to play audio codec.


revparadigm reviewed v11.4 Milestone 4 on Dec 2, 2010

Dude "Libre Office" is Open Office. They broke clean from Oracle after they took over Sun Microsystems. Always like Suse, this just keeps getting better and better.


DudeBoyz reviewed v11.4 Milestone 3 on Nov 13, 2010

This version is more stable and I'm able to setup and login no problem - Finally.

Interesting move to Libre Office instead of Open Office. I do find that on the latest version of VirtualBox, this version of Open Suse does not auto-install the Guest Additions, and I can't seem to get it to install manually like I have been able to in the past, so that limits my ability to set the screen resolution. 1024x768 is pretty confining nowadays. I usually set it to be 1400x1050 in a window on my 1600x1200 display, but I can't do that with this one. It does have the latest Firefox, but I do sort of wish it had Firefox Beta 4.7 so I could test how fast the Java engine is on the thing. Still, it's good to see it sort of shape up. I hope the final 3 milestones come and go quickly and re-enable auto install of the Guest Additions.


DudeBoyz reviewed v11.4 Milestone 2 on Oct 20, 2010

Myriad of installation issues under VirtualBox, something 11.3 did not have. It's frustrating to have what seems a successful install but not be allowed to login (each login fails, command line or GUI). I real disappointment. :(

How does a bonehead issue like this slip through to a Milestone?


DudeBoyz reviewed v11.3 on Jul 16, 2010

So far, so good. 11.3 installed fine for me in VirtualBox-3.2.6-63112 but would not install properly in any VirtualBox 2.x release that I tried, but the same could be said for the latest Mandriva 2010.1 release.

I have been having issues with fonts, but that seems to be more about KDE than the distro itself, I think, but I will continue to research those issues. I found that if I complete the installation and set a font size of "8", shut down and then set a font size of "9" and then shut down and reboot again, the fonts are finally sized properly in all elements of the interface. A simple "Killx" and "Startx" would not do the trick.

However, the Anti-Aliasing and font rendering are real disappointments when I compare them to fonts used in Windows. Firefox 3.6.6 displays many pages in a way that is obviously inferior to the same browser in Windows, and that is frustrating.

Also, I had to set the mouse to double-click instead of single-click or risk all sorts of accidental file operations. It should be set to double-click by default, I think, to avoid such issues.

However, I really like the default "Desktop" folder config, with Firefox, Open Office and other links right there in that folder ready to go. And I do like their custom "start" menu setup, though you can change it to "classic" mode if you wish. I don't like the default mouse cursor config to be Oxygen, but that is also easily changed. I do wish that the Flash player was installed by default instead of requiring a manual process to do so.

That said, the bottom line is that this distribution comes packed with the latest versions of some great programs and is a well-rounded, well implemented distribution that's worth a look by anyone who prefers a bit more control than you get with some other releases, such as Ubuntu. All of this and the distro is still completely free. Very nice indeed.


FatBastard reviewed v11.3 on Jul 15, 2010

I doesn't work in Virtual Box for me :(


renegadeviking reviewed v11.3 RC2 on Jul 6, 2010

11.3 RC2 64-bit review

I didn't have BTRFS, because it is not tested. I know that OpenSuse developers backported all the BTRFS fixes from 2.6.35 kernel including 50 fixes. The OpenSuse developers listened to their community and packaged KDE 4.4.4 which fixes 2 crashes since KDE 4.4.3. I'm using EXT4 on mine. I'm sure that the BTRFS actually loads KDE, but will it freeze twice as much?
KDE 4.4.4 has a nice tabbed desktop

The 64-bit KDE 4.4.4 boots up fast on an athlon 64 X2 and 3 GB of RAM System Monitor shows only 250 MB used so memory footprint was decreased a bit. It may crash the first time, but not after the 3rd reboot. There was a Gnome game that triggered the crash. Crossover Linux 9 works excellent on OpenSuse 11.3. MS Office 2010 won't load in Crossover 9.0

XLDE is still a buggy, and perhaps you should skip it at install and use XFCE instead. The installer was unforgiving with XLDE the first time through. Sometimes if Yast has the drives formatted in EXT4 the first time, the 2nd installation goes much more smoothly. I didn't risk XLDE again, because it'll still work in the RTM.

On the 3rd cold boot, I didn't experience crashes, so the kernel must have some recuperative abilities like Skynet in Terminator 2!

The wireless NIC was activated thru Yast. The Realtek sound worked, and the equalizer worked for Ogg Vorbis playing in Bangee.
. New Features include the ability to read OpenSolaris UNIX file systems, ZFS. That wasn't possible with OpenSuse 11.2.

One thing, I ask Yast to do for me is to include Snort and all the snort profiles so that i can analyze all the intrusions on my system. That is only an extra 60 MB! Then it can do something like a Backtrack Linux!

Compared to Windows 7, Windows 7 doesn't crash. Windows 7 isn't free. OpenOffice 3.2 is an improvement. A bit easier to find stuff.

5 stars.


FatBastard reviewed v11.3 RC1 on Jun 17, 2010

I actually like this s*** better than Ubuntu :)


renegadeviking reviewed v11.3 Milestone 6 on May 1, 2010

OpenSuse 11.2 review.

I know I gave the beta a 1 star. I've been playing with Suse Linux 11.2 since November 2009. It saves your butt on laptops. When Ubuntu 9.` DVD stalls and Windows 7 gives you HDD errors during installations; Suse Linux 11.2 will install all three KDE, Gnome and XFCE onto your laptop on that almost dead HDD that was formatted on too many times. When that Windows partition really sucks, you can format the NTFS partition in BTRFS in Yast! Oh yeah, OpenOffice 3.1 is already compatible with DOCX, and the Crossover Linux RPM works without dependency hell problems like Ubuntu can! This is my favorite Linux distro! It is as stable as Windows 7 and Linux kernel wont be attacked constantly, because it's Linux! Fedora 12 had dependency problems with Crossover Linux, I had to use the shell version on Fedora....

10 out of 10! Puts Ubuntu 9.1 to shame. Didn't have any of those kernel stalling on OpenSuse 11.2 unlike Ubuntu 9.1.

Servers should go with Ubuntu, because they have long term releases and the kernel is like 2.6.32-25. 25 means it's really "Debian grade stable". The British really know how to do Linux SERVERS. The Germans know how to make it desktop grade!


DudeBoyz reviewed v11.3 Milestone 5 on Apr 14, 2010

Latest release includes some of the very latest versions of key apps, such as:

Open Office 3.2.0
KDE 4.4.2
Firefox 3.6.3

Right out of the box, that's a positive.

Installation is consistent and is one of the few that installs in a VirtualBox machine without needing a bit of tweaking to make that happen.

YAST is still good, but I do wish that they provided a single interface for configuring all aspects of the program. From mouse behavior to screen resolution. Linux can be pretty intimidating for n00bs (I used to be one) and it might help.

For the life of me, I don't understand why the default behavior of the mouse is to SINGLE click to execute things instead of a Double click. Minor annoyance, but still.

I wish KDE didn't get so bloated, but they do include GNOME for those who are getting disenchanted with KDE.

All that to say that it's looking to be shaping up nicely. Sure am glad it's still free. :)


dgeorge reviewed v11.3 Milestone 2 on Feb 20, 2010

Juhandra evidently you are a novice at the computer. Linux has a very powerful following. You should look at MINT (Gloria) or Umbuntu distributions. One thing is for certain, unless you like to download Microsoft updates almost every other day and become a slave to Microsoft apps security and other patches, then you are just in the right arena.


wat0114 reviewed v11.3 Milestone 2 on Feb 19, 2010

Installs okay (86_64) but then at boot it stops on "Loading HAL daemon okay" and goes to black screen :(


sinbsd reviewed v11.2 on Nov 30, 2009

OpenSUSE is a decent release.. it had potential for being wonderful but they made a few mistakes.
Full review can be found here:


GhoS reviewed v11.2 on Nov 12, 2009

For those putting down Linux, you haven't used it enough. It has come a long way and still needs a little work, but once you understand it, it is so much better than Windows. You have to have an open mind.
Personally openSUSE isn't my favorite distro but it has a good that it does well.


catchpole reviewed v11.2 RC2 on Oct 30, 2009

been thru various linux varitations and only good thing about em is that linux is safe. but i need something more.


Juhandra reviewed v11.2 RC1 on Oct 14, 2009

LOL, I tester out like all Linux builds and I still cannot understand why people try to believe Linux is some kind of great OS, it is constant struggle of having the looks and ease of Windows, and you can't do much more than some OpenOffice, some 1 million Tetris clones, and a drop of Whine.


renegadeviking reviewed v11.2 Milestone 6 on Sep 12, 2009

OpenSuse 11.2 Milestone 7

OpenSuse 11.1 was fantastic 4.5/5 for me and it booted up without many bugs. For 11.2 Milestone 7, I can't get into the login screen. The 2.6.31 RC9 kernel goes into a panic with a lot of 'fails' and gives me a login prompt. It's the kernel's fault. I doubt it is KDE's fault or Gnome's fault. If it can find WINDOWS VISTA, why can't it find KDE? Poorly done prototype, because Yast lures you into thinking it'd work on an ancient Athlon 64 X2 4800+ and Geforce 8800 GTX. I'm waiting until November 15.


estellnb reviewed v11.2 Milestone 6 on Aug 29, 2009

The Opensuse developers are planning to give up their support for KDE3. However KDE4 simply isn`t ready yet: It has a lot of bugs and missing features which are present in KDE3. f.i. KDE4-Konqueror still refuses to view a lot of www-pages KDE3-konqueror does not have a problem with.

Vote for KDE3 at

More reasoning about KDE3 can be found at and


yokozuna reviewed v11.2 Milestone 1 on Apr 23, 2009

Definitely my favourite distro. Actually I am using a highly customized version from Due to the service I was able to make my personal version of openSUSE.


iamnotyou reviewed v11.1 on Jan 1, 2009

Been running this as a beta (and now as release) for several weeks. There have not been any problems so far and it seems to be as simple to get up-and-running as Ubuntu's offerings. I am new to Linux and have been trying out different distro's as my time permits. OpenSUSE should get a serious look from people wanting a quick, easy install. There is quite a lot of support for it and a good place to start learning Linux.


zridling reviewed v11.1 on Dec 19, 2008

Nice to have DudeBoyz' experience with openSUSE. Couple of things to like about 11.1: (1) Many KDE 4.2 features are backported to SUSE's 4.1 implementation, and (2) YaST manager is so much better and faster than it was in 10.3. If you like SUSE, then much like Fedora 10, this is a stable version you can hang with for as long as you want.


DudeBoyz reviewed v11.1 on Dec 18, 2008

Here's a link to the DVD Torrent:


I'm not anticipating any problems, but will re-visit the review if I find any.

First - a small pet peeve. I wish they would NOT default to Single-Click Execute mode for their mouse configuration. It should be Double-Click like most other distros and like the Windows environment it seeks comparisons to.

That said, one thing I do really like about the 11.1 Final is that they decided to include links to KDE 3 style configurations by default.

For example, they have File Manager - Super User Mode/KDE3 listed in the menu along with the standard File Manager - Super User Mode for KDE 4.1.

They have the same thing for Konsole as well as some others, which should really help ease the transition from KDE 3.x to KDE 4.1 for many users, I would imagine.

It is a considerate gesture on their part and one I do think other distributions would be well served by adopting. It's a new addition - RC1 did not have that, I believe.

OpenSUSE is not always the most pain free experience, but there are some features and configuration options that they provide in their distribution that no other companies do, so when it finally gets working 100%, OpenSUSE ends up being a better overall experience than many others.

Unlike Slackware 12.x, OpenSUSE has a modern and easy to use installation routine that puts it a lot closer to say Mandrake 2009 than the harsh reality of Slackware's manual setup.

So, all this to say that they bridge the gap well between consumer level operations and host level operations, making it perhaps the single best solution for mixed environments.


dogbert0360 reviewed v11.1 RC1 on Nov 30, 2008

OpenSUSE 11.1 does look nice and all that...But one thing that I haven't noticed is about the internet connection, specificly not auto detecting my connection so when it boots up I have no internet. This is not a good thing and since most other distro's are able to auto detect your internet connection why can't openSUSE do the same.

Yes, I know you can go into the network settings to manually configure it and I'm just being nit picky, but for a modern OS to not do this is just plain wrong.


DudeBoyz reviewed v11.1 RC1 on Nov 29, 2008

RC1 seems to be back on track. Mouse works properly and so does Optical Drive Mounting, which they did not in Beta5. They have also finally included FLASH 10 with the Firefox 3.0.4 browser, which is great given how much hassle it was to download, install and get working properly in the Betas.

There are still some quirky little bugs when trying to change settings in the Plasma Workspace and some glitches with the panels in the KDE 4.x version included, but overall things seem more stable, if a bit sluggish.

Installation of software (like GNU and KERNEL related files) seems to take noticeably longer in RC1 than in Beta3, for instance, and there are some odd "Conflict" messages that show up needing manual intervention. Some of the conflicts appear to be of the same version of the software with only a slight difference in the naming of the packages and I don't remember seeing those before. Perhaps they altered the naming convention and the change did not propogate all the way down the line. I hope they can correct that issue during the final "Spit and Polish" stage before it goes "Gold".

I'm not sure how well the 11.x versions are going to stack up against the venerable 10.3 release, but I guess time will tell.

Something to note - the modifications to the Panel Settings interface are subtle but well done and I'd like to see other distros include them, or something similar. The Screen Edge and Height boxes are much easier to understand than the defaults in other distros, for example.

Another key modification is that they let you select your Desktop Activity Type. I prefer the Plain Desktop option instead of the standard Desktop or Folder View settings, and this distro makes it very easy to make the change from right within the Desktop Settings dialog.

I'm not a fan of the way folder sizes are adjusted in this KDE 4.1 interface - in fact I'm really not a big fan of most of the paradigm-shifts they have put in place. But I don't think it's fair to ding SUSE for the issues I have with KDE, especially since they do include alternate environments like Gnome.

BTW, in the KDE 4.1 panel, I really do think the Digital Clock Settings are too sparse. I want more flexibility in adjusting the settings and I want those settings to be obvious to the user from the get go. You choose Digital Clock Settings and you should be able to select font face, size, justification and color for every element. Choosing between 12 hour and 24 hour format should also be an obvious choice in the dialog. All of these settings should be easy to find and easy to configure. I hope they do make that change eventually. For now I'll be looking for some third party solutions instead.

So, given a return to full functionality, even with the slowdowns (I'd rather have it slow and working than fast and non-functional), I feel pretty comfortable bumping this back up to a 4.


zridling reviewed v11.1 Beta 5 on Nov 12, 2008

Best installation sequence in the biz, bar none, even OS X. Everyone's ATI is horked because ATI hasn't updated their drivers for 7.4 yet. I'd like openSUSE a lot better if it didn't come with its own crapped-up version of OpenOffice.

Ironically, the one thing to like about openSUSE is that it's infrequently updated, unlike the 6-month schedule for many other distros.


DudeBoyz reviewed v11.1 Beta 5 on Nov 12, 2008

For whatever reason, Beta 5 will not function after install into a VirtualBox 2.0.4 Virtual Machine, so I cannot really contribute anything meaningful for Beta 5.

I got Beta 3 and 4 to work ok on two separate systems, but Beta 5 is a No-Go on those same systems. It installs and then that's it. Trying to navigate the interface with mouse or keyboard simply doesn't work.

I don't think it's fair to totally hammer the release, but I certainly can't praise it over Beta 3 and Beta 4, so an average score of 3 is the best I can come up with in terms of a solution.


netean reviewed v11.1 Beta 5 on Nov 12, 2008

I downloaded this as a live cd the other day.
nicer to run than ubuntu as it just boots (not questions asked).
even though it's kde (like Kubuntu) it's somehow nicer the the latter.
I really like it, it seems very fast, even running from disc.
The only problem I encountered was that I couldn't find any way to connect my wifi.. Nothing was obvious.
I looked and looked and looked but i just couldn't find anything

Despite all that I do like it... pity it's still linux though - and all that baggage that it carries with it (poor installers/uninstallers, esoteric file structure and STILL a shed load of stuff that has to be done via the CLI)

But... suse and kde4 was very nice.


improvelence reviewed v11.1 Beta 4 on Nov 3, 2008

Easy to install, but I have always ran into little annoyances and inconveniences with Suse that are not present in Ubuntu. ATI support is terrible.


Martok-08 reviewed v11.1 Beta 4 on Nov 1, 2008

If you people can't navigate through a few little problems, you should not download SUSE or any other Linux for that matter. It's not for you.

Stick to Windoze


Can you give me an example of ANY linux OS that has worked perfectly out of the box?

SUSE 10.3 was just as much a nightmare as any others. The scariest part of SUSE is that you can see the influence of NOVELL all over it and it's getting worse.

SUSE is a nice toy for a bored geek, or as one search reveals on SUSE "Nice kid, Bad parents"

It will never be mainstream, until someone produced a version that is windows compatible that doesn't require you to wear a tinfoil hat shaped like a sail boat and tape wire clothes hangars all over your body then balance yourself on a beach ball just to figure out why the simple things don't work.

Trust me. If you are an average user, stick to windoze. You will spend an eternity fine tuning SUSE.


DudeBoyz reviewed v11.1 Beta 4 on Oct 31, 2008


This link should explain how to get OpenOffice functioning properly in Beta 4. I tested it and it did fix it for me.

UPDATE: Beta 4 is less stable on all of my systems than Beta 3, and that's kind of a bummer. Same exact hardware, same exact setup procedures, etc. but crashes during Install Software attemps, OpenOffice 3 no-starts and crashes, even Konqueror crashes. Now we have Plasma Workspace crashes. Oh man. It's completely wacky and a bit frustrating. So, Beta 4 < Beta 3, and so the score drops to 2.

Man, I hope they get this all figured out before the final release...

And MARTOK - It might be nice if you did try to help others by posting some solutions or useful information.

For me, Linux is about tinkering and running it in a Virtual Box VM. It's fun to learn things. So that is why I do it, and that's why I try to help by posting good info.


I have been doing massive GOOGLE searches in regards to the problem with Flash and Firefox under Suse 11.x and came across this link:

That link showed the following information:

"Have you install the Flash package from SUN (10.0.0 Beta) and you lost your flash capabilities with firefox?

No worries it is easily fixed. Just run:

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/flash-plugin/ /usr/lib/browser-plugins/

Close firefox (if open) then re-open and you’re golden."

I executed that command as root via a console (su root, give password) and now my Firefox appears to be functioning correctly, both in Beta 3 and in Beta 4.

I hope this helps.


Cannot figure out why the bundled Firefox 3.0.3 browser will not recognize the installation of the Flash Player application.

If you download Opera 9.6 and install it, flash animations appear just as they should.

The same is not true for Firefox.


DudeBoyz reviewed v11.1 Beta 3 on Oct 23, 2008

I had to download the DVD torrent in order to get things to install properly. This LIVE CD version just isn't working for me. The ISO for the DVD results in a much smoother installation and configuration experience.

Feels slightly faster that Beta 2 in terms of desktop performance, though again, the installation still feels slower than other distros like Mandriva 2009.

It still does not default install the necessary GNU and KERNEL resources for Virtual Box Guest Additions, which is annoying because these are some fairly standard files and other main stream distros include them by default.

KDE 4.1 continues to be an intimidating update for some, especially n00bs. The "Toolbox" desktop it defaults to is a pain.

Thankfully, if you don't like the default toolbox desktop in KDE 4.1, you can Right Click on the desktop area, choose the Desktop Settings dialog and choose TYPE from the Desktop Activity area. You can choose two other alternatives - Folder View or Plain Desktop. I personally prefer Plain Desktop, which gets rid of the toolbar entirely.

At least SUSE has modified the default panel controls in KDE 4.1. Their changes make it much more usable and I think every distro should follow their lead.

I really wish SUSE would not default to a Single Click to access everything.

The Double Click method is almost universal, yet SUSE has to do it differently by default, which often leads to mistakes in copy and selection operations until you get familiar with it.

Or better yet, learn how to set it to Double Click by choosing the CONFIGURE DESKTOP entry that takes you to the PERSONAL SETTINGS dialog ( which looks very much like the setup in Apple OS X ).

Once you are there, you have to enter the KEYBOARD & MOUSE dialog, choose the MOUSE entry and check the appropriate box. Again, this is something that n00bs in particular may not know about, and it can be a pain.

Would it be that hard to just ask a question during install like: "SUSE defaults to Single Click mode. Do you wish continue with this setting or change it to Double Click mode?"

Lastly, the odd problem with installing Adobe Flash Player in Firefox remains.

You can download and install Opera 9.6.x, which has the Flash Player built right in and works from the very start, but you should not have to.

The Flash Install works fine with Firefox in Mandriva 2009 - there really is no excuse for it not to work in SUSE. I still think it should be installed by default in Firefox and Konquerer. Who knows, this may end up increasing the appeal of Opera to the masses.

So all that said, I'm a bit torn. I would like to give OpenSUSE a higher score, but there are just too many annoying differences in the way they do things vs the competition. As a result, I feel like I have to go with a score of 3.

Maybe if you combined features and defaults in Mandriva 2009 with the stuff in SUSE 11, you'd get the best distro out there. But as it is, SUSE just ain't it.

It is not even as solid as version 10.3, so I can't give it a 4. When your latest app isn't even as good as the last version, then you just can't give it the same score, right?


morrigen reviewed v11.1 Beta 3 on Oct 23, 2008

Yesterday tried to play live dvd of Suse 11,KDE 4.1,after 4 day's off bit-torrent download of 4.28 gb's,only to get bad checksumm after 10 minuets loading,mighty miffed am I.


DudeBoyz reviewed v11.1 Beta 2 on Oct 4, 2008

UPDATE: I was able to obtain the DVD and install it. This updated Beta 2 Distribution contains KDE 4.1.2 and Firefox 3.0.3. Only flaw I'm finding so far is the inablility to get the Flash plugin working with Firefox. Installing the Flash plugin into Firefox works just fine under Mandriva 2009 RC2, but for some reason crashes out on this OpenSuse installation.

Oddly, if I download and install Opera for Linux, it seems to have no problem with displaying Flash animations at all.

Another annoyance is that in order to get Virtual Box 2.0.2 GuestAdditions installed, I had to go to the software install, enter a search for KERNEL, choose to install all and then restart. I did the same thing with GNU, and after that restart, all the supporting libraries and compilers needed for GuestAdditions to be installed were present.

This step was not needed with Mandriva 2009 RC2.

I'll say first off that KDE 4.1.2 is a bit better than KDE 4.1.1, but there are still some serious usability issues in the 4.x KDE implementation. I hope they improve that and it is icluded in the next beta.

I'm not as impressed with this version of Suse as I was with 10.3. It does indeed seem to need some serious attention in order to remove the rough edges.

Well, this is a little frustrating. The LIVE CD won't be out until the 6th... :(


DudeBoyz reviewed v11.1 Beta 1 on Sep 22, 2008

So wait - what exactly are you supposed to download? The link takes you to an FTP setup that looks like this:

Parent Directory 22-Sep-2008 20:14
0___DO_NOT_USE_! 22-Sep-2008 20:14 0k

cd/ 22-Sep-2008 20:10

delta/ 22-Sep-2008 20:10

torrent/ 22-Sep-2008 20:10

Can't you guys link directly to the specific file that we are supposed to be able to download and review? Or at the very least specify which FTP folder and filename to navigate to in the Description area up above there?

Sure would be helpful, especially for n00bs. :)

BTW, what is an "Alpha 2 Beta 1" exactly? heh...

Ok - as to the review - this install seems rather slow compared to Mandriva 2009 RC1.

I can hardly believe I'm saying this, but openSUSE feels bloated and slow by comparison on the same hardware. I'm not sure what exactly happened here, cause 10.3 was pretty good, but right now, I think that version 11 ain't holding up well against the competition in some key areas. The interface feels sluggish too. Maybe they are just not optimized for KDE 4.1 yet. But the lag is noticeable.

Also, the default install leaves out a lot of things that other distros include, like GNU and kernel stuff needed for Virtual Box Guest Additions.


Aegis69 reviewed v11.1 Beta 1 on Sep 22, 2008

Is there an upgrade path from 11 to 11.1, or do I have to reinstall just to get an incremental upgrade?


PaceyPimps reviewed v11.1 Alpha 2 on Aug 23, 2008

Why would i get this Alfa 2 when 11.0 is stable is out and i give it a four only because it is not using the latest kernal and doesnot come preinstalled with compiz-fusion


Earwicker reviewed v11.1 Alpha 2 on Aug 21, 2008

Hmm, I wanted to like this distro (mainly because the latest Ubuntu won't install on my computer - some problem with the CD-ROM driver that causes it to rev to destruction!) but it's just a minority interest for specialists or enthusiasts. If you want to install anything over and above OpenOffice etc, it's a major and frustrating project. Hopefully the next Ubuntu will iron out a few creases!!


Joco reviewed v11.1 Alpha 1 on Jul 24, 2008

I am new to Linux, trying to evaluate various distros in virtual machines. From the novice point of view, I find OpenSuSE difficult to approach, graphic look ugly and I was unable to install VMWare Tools. Yast2 failed to recognize the rpm package. When trying to compile the souce from tar.gz, I had to chmod +x on every *.pl script.

On the contrary, Ubuntu 8.04 (Gnome) works OK out of the box. Strangely enough, Kubuntu which is also based on KDE looks much better and easier to use. I am afraid I am going to forget OpenSuSE. Good lucks for future versions.


zridling reviewed v11.0 on Jun 20, 2008

The stupid still burns toolie's micro-brain. openSUSE once again plays catchup to Fedora and other distros like Mint. Even though it's once removed from toolie's favorite company, openSUSE will never be rid of the stench of Microsoft's failures. Better to cut the cord.


thezelda reviewed v11.0 on Jun 19, 2008

Yast2 is broken. openSUSE is marketing tripe, it can get screen shots, and it can be demo-ed, but anyone who actually uses it for a few days finds major, major breakage.


[deXter] reviewed v11.0 RC1 on May 29, 2008

All those who are complaining about SuSE using KDE: Surely, you must know that there's a Gnome version? It even comes up when you click on the "Download" link here. Does that mean you're reviewing a program without even trying it out? >_>


DudeBoyz reviewed v11.0 RC1 on May 29, 2008

10.x was an easier install in most virtual environments, but I guess it will take a bit of time for them to catch up to 11.x, as I have had a number of installation issues.

Yet, I am a very big fan of KDE and of a distro that includes very many up-to-date applications, so I appreciate that this release is constantly updated.

I do wish that updating all of the applications were completely idiot-proof for Open Office, the KDE interface and other programs. We Windows users (or victims as some may say) are used to being able to download a simple EXE, run it and bam, after numerous reboots, all is up to date.

I still wish Linux had a universal way of doing such things so you could very easily have the latest updates, regardless of distro.

That all said, OpenSUSE is still one of the best distros out there, with an excellent balance between the needs of the moderate user and the needs of the more advanced.


PC_Tool reviewed v11.0 RC1 on May 29, 2008

Ducks come from Apples!

//sorry, wanted to post something more intelligent than ModderXManiac's comment. Turned out it really wasn't all that hard.


ModderXManiac reviewed v11.0 RC1 on May 29, 2008

I hate Novell, and I hate KDE.


madmike reviewed v11.0 Beta 2 on May 6, 2008

Seems v.good, after reinstalling the crapper called windows again am tempted to give this a try on a production box.. thing that bothers me is lack of software support.. please someone redo windows or invent a better alternative!

This is nice, let down though by poor software compatiblity which sadly windows has


tangojoker reviewed v11.0 Beta 1 on Apr 18, 2008

Cool, there goes my weekend installing 11 in parallel with 10.3.

Ian C.

Ian C. reviewed v11.0 Alpha 1 on Jan 19, 2008

I wonder if the 11.x versions will reverse their trend of getting buggier and less useful with each release. Although I've noticed that trend with pretty much every Linux distro.


eduminbundy reviewed v10.3 on Oct 5, 2007

A jolly good distro backed up backed by excellent online documentation.


Aker reviewed v10.3 on Oct 3, 2007

"Where is the download? All I get is: "403-Forbidden" when I try to dowload."

openSUSE comes out Thursday, October 4th. An internal gold master was released on September 27th, but it is still not officially released yet. They will still implement showstopper bugfixes before the release on the 4th. I'm not sure why it is here so early.


randiroo76073 reviewed v10.3 on Oct 2, 2007

Where is the download? All I get is: "403-Forbidden" when I try to dowload.


thomas.tmc reviewed v10.3 on Oct 1, 2007

As far as Linux goes, Suse is better than all but Debian. (Don't believe the Ubuntu Hype). As far as OSes have to go, Linux still needs some (a lot of) work under the hood.

If you're moving to Linux there are two questions you have to ask yourself.

1. Do I have a whole lot of time?
A new OS has a learning curve. Browsing the internet and looking at your email is very easy of course. But, if you consider yourself to be in the vicinity of being a 'Power-User' then the learning curve of Linux can be very steep. Figuring out exactly why Linux isn't doing what you want, researching the problem until you find a solution, and then implementing that solution can take an hour, to a couple of hours, or more. Btw, you will find yourself in this situation.

2. What Windows programs do I need to work on Linux, and do they?
You may find that it is possible to get the program you need to work on Linux up and running, but usability may not be the same as on Windows. You may have to hack the fonts to get them to display correctly and/or readable, or something else. Btw, you will find that you need to use Windows programs on Linux.

I've been using Suse 10.2 a lot and love it. After using a 10.3 KDE live disk a little bit I'm sure that 10.3 will be a great step in the evolution of Suse and Linux. However, there is a reason that Linux still only has about 2% of the market share. I'm positive that one day Linux will overtake or at least split market share with Windows, but the day that era begins is still a few years off at best. Linux is still somewhat of a hobby OS. KDE 4 will be a big improvement, but there is much more kernel work that has to be done, and native programs have a lot of maturing to do.


gehtnix reviewed v10.3 Beta 3 on Sep 6, 2007

It is a nice distro for those who are used to MS
crap and would like to change. Further it is a nice
Distro to drop after half a year, when the user un-
derstands how to do things in the shell and use the
standard commands in vi, so he/she could start with
slackware, gentoo or debian.
I still rate it 4 because of the almost good hard-
ware detection (like tv-cards, grafic cards)
and easy installing as standalone OS or dualboot
coexisting with Win 2000 or XP.
But to me it is not a Distro to stay with if you get
the idea how Linux works. BTW: Mandriva is a nice
convenient Distro, too, if it has to be beginner
What i disliked in older SUSe / SUSE distribu-
tions was the fact that many config files weren't
written correctly when they were edited using the
GUI tools; i'm talking of the systems own tools.
Can't tell how this things work in the latest
distros. But if these bugs haven't changed then
the beginner might come to a point that's far
away from beginner friendly.


zridling reviewed v10.3 Beta 3 on Sep 6, 2007

zenarcher makes a good point below. If you're migrating from Windows, consider installing SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, which has great hardware support and its fonts are incredibly smooth. They offer a long 60-day trial and you can purchase it for only $50/year if you want, which includes updates and support.


zenarcher reviewed v10.3 Beta 3 on Sep 5, 2007

I have downloaded and installed Beta 3 in my test box. Download was perfect using the Torrent. The install went perfectly, setting up with the KDE Desktop. Each and every piece of hardware in my system was recognized and works perfectly, including my multi-function printer and KVM switch. The only driver I had to manually install was the Nvidia video driver, since a repo with the driver is not included until the final release. All audio and video codecs are working, thanks to the Packman repo, which is available. Likewise, 10.3 Beta 3 seems to boot more quickly than earlier versions of OpenSUSE.

The ONLY glitch I have found is in updating the kernel, if one includes the kernel source, as needed to manually install the Nvidia driver. Stay with the kernel version on the disk, install the kernel source and kernel-syms and do not update them at this time and all is working just great!

SUSE 10.3 has not been in Beta for 2 years, as mentioned earlier. In fact, the first Alpha release was May 2007. As with all SUSE releases, the release cycle is about 6 months. I run SUSE 10.2 right now and it was just released about May 2007, as I recall.

SUSE is a bit slow to boot up...that is supposed to be improved in the final 10.3 release. Having run both SUSE and Fedora for a bit better than two years, I have to say that SUSE has always been very friendly with hardware and friendly with users. Short of installing an Nvidia driver, which is very easy, everything else just works, without any configuration. That's my experience with 4 different systems here, including an HP notebook computer. I've experienced the same on at least 20 systems I've either built or updated for customers. Even works just fine on some antique Compaq, HP and Gateway desktops.

SUSE just works and I'm looking forward to the Goldmaster release of 10.3.


hell0 reviewed v10.3 Beta 3 on Sep 5, 2007

Development is WAAAYYY too slow for this distro. They have been in beta for 10.3 now for 2 years.

Stick to Ubuntu.


Ameba#1 reviewed v10.3 Beta 3 on Sep 5, 2007

The best Linux available. Very easy to install and configure. No need to edit config files in text mode since Yast provide all this functionality in GUI mode. Every hardware configuration is done through Yast in GUI mode, just like Windows Control Panel.The fastest openOffice.No ideological FSF/GPL crap bundle.

Ian C.

Ian C. reviewed v10.3 Beta 1 on Aug 14, 2007

This distro, like pretty much all linux distros, except Ubuntu/Debian, gets worse with every release.


zridling reviewed v10.3 Beta 1 on Aug 9, 2007

While I like openSUSE and SLED 10-SP1 (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop), it doesn't like my machines. It's by far the slowest distro of them all (on my systems). Oh, and that whole Microsoft patent crap killed the buzz for me.


sjc001 reviewed v10.3 Beta 1 on Aug 9, 2007

Ubuntu all the way....


mickrussom reviewed v10.3 Alpha 7 on Aug 2, 2007

Why use then when there is Centos/RHEL. Having to use yast/yast2/zypper is painful as it is inferior to yum/up2date, and yast is inferior to kudzu at detecting and configuring new hardware. Yast is inferior at preventing improper packages (I've witnessed the installation of a 32 bit kernel on a 64 bit system by Yast without one warning message).

Apparmor is a piece of junk, the init scripts are messy and horrible, and boot.local (which isn't an rc.local) runs before most scripts, forcing me to write an init script to do the equivalent of rc.local.

The installer is ghastly slow, yast is slow, and the eye candy is a lot more important than speed.

Par for the XEN course right now, everyone trying to make XEN not suck is failing, but I hold hope for the future.

For me its go with something like Gentoo if you need to build out a nice desktop environment, or RHEL/Centos for everything else.


DudeBoyz reviewed v10.3 Alpha 6 on Jul 19, 2007

Again, not so much. Looking forward to the beta.


DudeBoyz reviewed v10.3 Alpha 5 on Jun 14, 2007

OpenSuse 10.2 is working fine running under my Parallels VM on my 24" Intel Core 2 Duo iMac.

This version, not so much.

Please fix it. :)


gauchedude reviewed v10.3 Alpha 4 on May 18, 2007

LeXTeRiTY_X I am interested in what those few command line hacks of Ubuntu you described above. Please pass this on - I really want to know. Thanks.


LeXTeRiTY_X reviewed v10.3 Alpha 4 on May 16, 2007

Sad. Just like RedHat, I prefer the older versions of SuSE (Open or non-free) although RedHat still tends to be an excellent server distro.

I will still only use Ubuntu, Debian (Sid) and Xandros. Ubuntu's interface (namely, GNOME) is restricted, I know, but using a couple of hacks though the command-line overcomes that.

Interestingly, Michael Dell chose Ubuntu for his own use (, although I would like to question that if he chose the distro out of research seeing that Feisty had new features, or simply picked it out of chance. Pretty good when Ubuntu only showed up in '05 and SuSE and RedHat have been around for over 10 years.

Oh yeah, the lizard looks retareded. SuSE, I like your old stuff better than your new stuff.


marty reviewed v10.3 Alpha 4 on May 15, 2007


Unlike earlier versions of openSUSE < 10.2 it was easy to install networking to my great surprise.
I have a desktop (with many OS's) using a nVidia broadband internet drive (sorry don't have the exact model because I'm at at public terminal). Towards the end of the install Suse offers to connect to the Internet - don't bother it will fail. After the OS comes up use Yast to configure the network device (the card). All I did was select the defaults - no need to entire special parms. Connectivity still won't work if you need updates (plenty) so configure the Update install configuration (sorry for the inexact wording - if you want more I'll using Suse when I get home. It will take a long time to find the update server (maybe even 10 minutes) - once it does you're set and can using Online Update through Yast.

BTW someone on the openSuse newsgroup told me Suse can select the boot sector rather than the MBR to install GRUB - so I give it a 5 (again though it takes a very long time to boot - but who cares if you stay in the OS). The option is just more hidden than Fedora.

If this doesn't help just post again and I'll be more specific once I get home.


zridling reviewed v10.3 Alpha 4 on May 15, 2007

Ah yes, Novell is dying the same death as Microsoft. Good riddance. SUSE is slick, but unfinished, and just like its previous version, if you download it rather than buy the boxed version, you get slashed on included programs. Yast is nice, though.


thezelda reviewed v10.3 Alpha 4 on May 15, 2007

Why does SuSE still exist? Between Gentoo, Centos/RHEL, and Fedora, does the world really need this? No. Plus, this stuff is packaged poorly, yum/up2date works much better than Yast and SuSE, despite being RPM based, changes just enough from Fedora/RHEL/Redhat/CentOS to be completely annoying but does nothing better.

If you like this and not RHEL/Centos/Fedora, just go get Ubuntu because you clearly like "eye candy" and "auto-configuration"


marty reviewed v10.3 Alpha 3 on Apr 15, 2007

I have 4 distros on my 2 HD as well as Win XP x64 and Vista RC2. openSUSE 10.2 tops the list with the new Debian 4 right behind. I find Fedora 6 pretty easy to install - don't see what is difficult (unless incomplete or truncated package description).
In fact my ONLY complaint about SUSE is that it automatically installs GRUB in the MBR rather than asking where to install it. With several distros aand using Terabyeunlimited BootITNG it is very difficult to recover the multiboot and indeed it is a very advacned procedure using grub >.

But this is a VAST improvement on 10.1 especially for me in networking. Looking forward to the betas of 10.3


ifyousayso reviewed v10.3 Alpha 3 on Apr 13, 2007

zenarcher -- How (were?) you able to resolve your Broadcom issue in SUSE? I've installed 10.2 on my HP laptop and have the exact same issue, but haven't figured out how to resolve it yet.


zenarcher reviewed v10.3 Alpha 3 on Apr 12, 2007

I started out with Mandriva about two years ago. I switched to SUSE, starting with SUSE 10.0. Currently, I run SUSE for my main system and Fedora 6 on my secondary system.

All in all, SUSE is easy to install, has most every package you could want available through add on repositories and recognizes virtually all hardware. It looks good, works well and the Help Forums are excellent. I even had an easy install on my HP notebook computer. The only hardware which required some work was the Broadcom wireless, which is not the fault of SUSE, but rather Broadcom. Still not all that difficult.

I have installed SUSE to dual boot with Windows XP on four systems for people who have never used Linux before. All of them became very comfortable within a couple of months and have had me remove Windows XP from their systems.

As with any O/S, there is a learning curve, but SUSE does everything possible to make installation and use as pain-free as possible.


To get the wireless working with SUSE 10.2, I used the Windows driver from the driver disk included with the HP...There are two on the disk...I found the bcmwl5a.inf to work the best. I used it with ndiswrapper. If you have problems,they have a very good "How-To" and some very helpful people at: I'm sure they will get you going.



Sefy reviewed v10.3 Alpha 2 on Mar 27, 2007

I'll start by saying i've tried Fedora Core 6, K/Ubuntu 6.10, Mandriva 2007 and openSUSE (and even SUSE). The easiest to Install were K/Ubuntu and Mandriva. Hardest was Fedora Core and not friendly at all for someone who has no experience with Linux.

openSUSE installation is NOT difficult, but it is a long process which gives you everything you need or you can add. I Actually prefer this method as you have control over what you want unlike K/Ubuntu that just installs everything for you without asking.

On the Hardware side, all was detected and setup by Linux. as for nVidia Drivers, i can't figure out some of the comments. Its now easier to setup hardware on Linux then Windows! just add repos to your distribution, do a search for nVidia and let it install for you, it can't get any simpler! it even updates your version when new comes out!

I've been running openSUSE for the past month now, i think the only time i go to XP is because MSN camera doesn't work with Kopete which is a bummer. But since that's my only downside, i'd say i can suffer that for all the highlights like XGL/Compiz and the FUN put back into using a PC!

Bottom Line: openSUSE 10.2 is AMAZING! for those who are gamers, i'd say do a dual-boot system and trust me you'll spend more time on Linux then XP!


DudeBoyz reviewed v10.3 Alpha 2 on Mar 16, 2007

I'd give it a 4.5 if it had the option.

OpenSuse 10.2, and now these updates, have finally won me over. Used to be a huge Mandrake guy but 10.2 sold me. It installs under Parallels on OS X better than any other distro, in part because it handles video so well. It also handles Samba well. If you go to configure it and it's not installed, it asks if you want it installed and will do the whole thing for you.

It's custom config tools are a step above, and I like that I can snag the full 32 bit version in a single ISO DVD image. Very convenient.

I just wish I could figure out how to get it to default to DOUBLE CLICKING in KDE instead of single clicking to activate things.

But I really do think OpenSuse is where it's at for a solid, moderate level install. Not so good for raw n00bs perhaps, but it doesn't insult my intelligence by trying to limit what I can do. Strikes a good balance that works great for users with some level of command line and detailed configuration experience.

Please keep up the good work.


twanj reviewed v10.3 Alpha 1 on Feb 16, 2007

metalinks for fast error free downloads at


solid45 reviewed v10.3 Alpha 1 on Feb 15, 2007

openSuse is by far the best Distro. I've tried them all.


robmanic44 reviewed v10.2 on Jan 2, 2007

Just removed 10.1 Pro from my system and loaded Xandros 4.1. Faster install and better graphics. If Novell continues on its current course, it has serious problems.


ds0934 reviewed v10.2 on Dec 7, 2006

Suse is nice, all the current/popular Linux distros are nice. They each do something better or easier than the others. However: Why does everyone wait so long to post DVD ISOs instead of 5 friggin CD ISO files!?!?!?! G-D-it!!


callaghar83 reviewed v10.2 on Dec 7, 2006

Suse 10.1 simply rocks and 10.2 will do it too.

Novell is a company and was not sold and opensuse is not Novell!. Furthermore, what is Ubuntu? and what is that called Shuttleworth?. M. Shuttleworht pretended to harm opnesuse and so did to Linux in general.

Try suse and get convinced, you won't need nothing else (3Gb with everything!, cannot say the same from Ubuntu)


AlanS2001 reviewed v10.2 on Dec 7, 2006

Novell are sellouts. Might of tried it in the past, not anymore.


twanj reviewed v10.2 on Dec 7, 2006

Very nice release.

Try downloading it with Metalink ( )


Fidelio reviewed v10.2 RC1 on Nov 27, 2006

I think before posting a review, people needs to research about what they plan to give opinion and write.

1. Microsoft has not bought any OS from Novell, so they haven't purchased SUSE in any way.

2. If you want interoperatibility, Microsoft offers a product called "Services for Unix" (which won two consecutive LinuxWorld awards) that precisely does that.

So, the fact Microsoft strike a deal with Novell doesn't mean they will have any control over SuSE... read, research, understand... then write reviews!


Orbitration reviewed v10.2 RC1 on Nov 25, 2006

Wasn't that some sort of operating system that Microsoft bought from Novell ?

Edgy Eft for me, thankyou.

Yeah, I know, not an honest review, just a slam against Novell.


lordgibbness reviewed v10.2 RC1 on Nov 24, 2006

SuSE has changed quite a lot since Novell took the reigns - most of it in a good way. However, with the MS deal I am less inclined to install it on my system. I think I will be sticking with Ubuntu for now...

P.S. If MS really wanted operability with linux it's ever so simple: Publish APIs to all major interfaces (samba, ntfs etc etc.) There is no need for a 'deal' which is basically patent related anyway. At least it's only America that actually uses software patents (at least for now!).


SuzzyWoozy reviewed v10.2 Alpha 5 on Oct 10, 2006

twbdan: I personally don't think betanews is the place for commentins on software of such complexity as a new release version for an OS, and for sure this is not the place to look for when doing your research before trying SuSE (or any other Linux distro for that matter).

I can suggest to start with distrowatch first ( and taste first some Linux Live CD, before messing with your system.


SuSE Linux proved over the years to be one of the most popular distros (afte Ubuntu) and is nice that they hurry up to release 10.2 after the dissapointment of 10.1

"The are only tho kinds of cars in the world: germans ones and the rest" ...thumbs up for this german software as well.


twbdan reviewed v10.2 Alpha 5 on Oct 10, 2006

It would nice for folks making comments on a product to avoid this constant lets kill everything else. I been have wanting to try Linux for sometime. I am waiting to be convinced on the duality of dual boot systems. Quality critics of products that provide insight on a range of issues would be appreciated


twanj reviewed v10.2 Alpha 5 on Oct 9, 2006

metalinks ( which allow for faster and verified downloads, for openSUSE are updated daily:


randiroo76073 reviewed v10.2 Alpha 3 on Aug 11, 2006

Which to download? or all 5?


robmanic44 reviewed v10.2 Alpha 2 on Jul 15, 2006

If you want Windows, then run Windows and not a wannabe. The purest play in Linux today is Gentoo. It is almost completely command line oriented and tough for any beginner to run. SuSE quit being Linux somewhere around 6.4. The ratings at DistroWatch are a bit bizarre when you consider that their suppose to be about Linux.


Aegis69 reviewed v10.2 Alpha 2 on Jul 14, 2006

Are idiot gamers the only ones who post reviews on here? Whats about the system admins and the web developers, where are all you guys?

Yes Linux has issue with video drivers, we all know that. But just because you cannot get Quake 4 for WINDOWS to run on SUSE does not mean SUSE deserves a low rating.

If you wanna play games with Linux, use UBUNTU!

Suse 10.x has so far been the gateway for millions of users to finally experience a desktop that can (and I predict will) replace Windows once and for all. Add to that the fact that you can easily setup web server, database server and file shharing, this version of Linux should, can, and will replace Windows servers all over the world because it can do anything Windows trys to do easily. And Linux does it the right way, without trying to re-invent the wheel or force a proprietary standard down everyones throat.

After using Suse 10.x I can safely say now that Windows will be gone in 3 to 5 years, or dramatically changed. Why do you think Bill Gates suddenly left Microsoft? Because he can see, as we all can, that this is finally it for Windows. Suse will be the choice for office desktops and servers, and Ubuntu will likely be the choice for home users. Game over.


crashoverride reviewed v10.2 Alpha 2 on Jul 14, 2006

I have used various Distros .rpm and.deb alike. SuSe is good I'll admit. Debian rules...enough said.


Ameba#1 reviewed v10.2 Alpha 2 on Jul 14, 2006

Since I couldn´t install my NVIDIA drivers due to so many "insane" incompatibilities, configurations and compilations and would rate every linux distro i´ve tried including SUSE with the lowest rate. Linux hardware drivers installation is really a nightmare. Why we couldn´t just have simple mouse clicks to get hardware working properly and at maximun power. I am not a Windows fanboy but I must say that its plug n´play and driver model is far superior than linux one and much more simpler, easier , intuitive than Linux one. So, I hope linux in the future can bet better in this issue. Go Linux!!


bellgamin reviewed v10.2 Alpha 2 on Jul 14, 2006

SuSe is a good Linux distro. Better yet is the boxed version you can buy at Compusa & other software stores. It comes with full tech support & a good user's manual

For the most painless move from Windows to Linux, I recommend Xandros. It is easier to install & use than SuSe (also easier than XP, for that matter).


fatray reviewed v10.2 Alpha 2 on Jul 14, 2006

I really want to try this out, but I can't get my Nvidia drivers to load either. Tried many times, and all the ways I was told to do it. I am a total newb when it comes to Linux, but why make it so hard to do EVERYTHING.
No drivers for my XFI sound card
No Drivers for my G5 mouse, no back button support
Why can't I just double click to install things? I just don't get it.
I would give it a higher rating if I could raise my desktop resolution.


wicketr reviewed v10.2 Alpha 1 on Jun 15, 2006

The install for 10.1 is a 1 hour pain. First, I have a USB keyboard/mouse. It did not initialize those devices so I had to find a PS/2 keyboard to start the install. Once started it found the devices (dumb design by their part).

Second problem with the install is you have to sit there the whole time because it asks questions every 5 minutes. They need to change it to ask before it installs or after. Don't make me sit there for an hour to do 2 minutes of work.

Thirdly, it said it couldn't find a network during the install to download updates, but once it was finished the install it had somehow found it.

Lastly, they need to make it easier to install nVidia drivers. I spent 2 hours trying to do it with no success.

Otherwise, it's great so far.


ds0934 reviewed v10.2 Alpha 1 on Jun 15, 2006

With regards to the comments (by marty) below: I didn't have that problem. My physical and VM installs of SuSe 10.1 went without a hitch. This month's eWeek Labs (print edition only) reviews OpenSUSE 10.1 on page 50. They gave it mixed scores. They said it was the best SuSe yet, but lagged in areas such as reliable config mgt tools, Yast/Xen issues and installation options. I agree with some but in all 10.1 has been extremely stable and fast (compared to Fedora 4 and Ubuntu 6 anyway). I plan to test 10.2 soon. Right now, there's still too many unfinished things in Alpha 1 for me to get excited about it.


Diam0nd reviewed v10.2 Alpha 1 on Jun 15, 2006

One of the best distros out there. And definately the best looking one.


marty reviewed v10.1 on May 13, 2006

I can only give this distro a 3 - because - its the ONLY Linux Distro that configures it Network adapter to use a MAC address rather than eth0! At least they should tell you how to change this for immediate conncectivty for most users. I only found out because I bought ver 9.0 with manuals.

What you need to do is go into Yast go to Network Devices and edit your device. You'll see the address of the card as some MAC address - ff:00 etc. As root go to /etc/sysconfig/network and ls.
You'll see the file with the MAC address - move it to eth0. The go back to Yast as before as say the address (manually) is eth0. Then you'll get network connetivity. I posting this from a virtual machine (VMare) running 10.1 in a box.
But virtual or not this is the only way to do it for a guy that doesn't have the MAC address that the intall picked up. Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora etc pickup eth0 out of the box.


thehunger reviewed v10.1 on May 12, 2006

SUSE 10.1 is great, and the new features (Xen virtualization integrated in YaST, NetworkManager for better wireless support, iFolder file synchronization client, Beagle desktop search, XGL 3D desktop) are awesome.
What's missing is the new work on accellerating startup times - that will come with 10.2.

Also, the new package manager engine had issues up til the latest betas, so expect this to work but still needing improvement.

There is only one thing missing that (K)ubuntu has and SUSE doesnt: readily access to the 15.000+ software packages for Debian-variants of Linux.


zenarcher reviewed v10.1 RC3 on Apr 29, 2006

I've never found a distro I like better than SUSE. Installation is a breeze and I've never had a hardware recognition issue with either my desktop systems nor my notebook computer...including wireless and SATA RAID0.

SUSE 10, at least has APT for those who prefer it. Just a matter of using YAST to install. There are several websites to assist in setting up and using APT.


txlzone reviewed v10.1 RC3 on Apr 29, 2006

Out of all the distributions I have tried, I always go back to my Suse. It is simple to install, has great software installation, and YaST really makes it easy to configure the system. Rock solid performance and no glitches like other distros, dependencies are all good too. Plays all my videos and music and has good hardware recognition, I recommend but allow a good hour to install. Just go eat supper when it says installing packages... Or you can just install KDE and GNOME and then install the other software afterwards from in the os. Also has nice 32bit bootloader for gnome, better than Vista one. Install isn't bad for what you get, takes me max one hour with almost all packages on my Athlon XP 2000+, 768mb of RAM, 400GB total hard drive space, all partitionned into 80gb segments for easyer management of files. I have a beasty computer tho.


BoiseComputerService reviewed v10.1 RC3 on Apr 28, 2006


Anyhow.. Good distro...


lordgibbness reviewed v10.1 RC3 on Apr 28, 2006

Good distro, and the one that I used to use - but since trying Ubuntu/Kubuntu I think the APT install system is much better than what is on offer from SuSE. Also, I think Ubuntu is much more concise and plays on how simple it is to install/use rather than offering users every piece of software to install. Does SuSE have a good repository-based install system akin to APT or do you still have to go and get the RPMs and all the dependancies seperately?

Another point I would like to add is that it's good the way that these distros are progressing and it'd be nice when we get to a stage that all configuration is simple enough to be understood by your usual windows techie and people will start using linux instead. Vista will be quite expensive and require quite a fast machine, but I am not sure that linux is ready for the mass migration just yet.


nRadeo reviewed v10.1 RC3 on Apr 28, 2006

Best Linux Distro, right. Userfrienldy, and ... yeah. Abit long install, but after 1 1/2h it was complete: AMD AthlonXP 2600+, 1GB, 300GB HDD.


gawd21 reviewed v10.1 RC3 on Apr 28, 2006

SuSE 9 was the last of the great SuSE. 10 is bloated, (larger that three installs of Vista Beta) and is no longer a distro that I will use. Ubuntu and Kubuntu are tops, but I would rather use Linspire over this ungodly bloated 3 hour long install on a P4 2.4ghz over clocked to 2.87ghz with a gig of PC3200 registered ram and two 160 SATA drives with a new Plextor Lightscribe 16x DVD burner.

I am not saying I like Vista!!!


Ulmo reviewed v10.1 RC2 on Apr 24, 2006

AlexBR1974 :
"GO Vista!!!"

Go What ? Vista is a Dead software name, isn't it ?

SUSE is great. But i like KUbun-too ;-)


tba02 reviewed v10.1 RC1 on Apr 14, 2006

Alex, you are a genious!

Though I still use Windows for most of my day to day activities, SUSE is indeed my favorite distro. Loads nicely on my older laptop.


zenarcher reviewed v10.1 RC1 on Apr 13, 2006

I absolutely wouldn't use any O/S but SUSE. Never a problem recognizing hardware, all the applications I want or need and stable, stable, stable. Left Microsoft XP a year and a half ago....tried a couple of Linux distros...settled on SUSE and never went back. Got rid of the MS software, completely. I run three computers plus a wireless notebook here on the home network, all on SUSE 10. I am anxiously looking forward to upgrading to 10.1.


Nikkie reviewed v10.1 RC1 on Apr 13, 2006

Suse is my fav. linux distro . It has everything i want and need .

Vista ? are you serious ...

Go anything else !!


AlexBR1974 reviewed v10.1 RC1 on Apr 13, 2006

Are you serious????
Go Vista!!!!


tannman1 reviewed v10.1 Beta 9 on Apr 3, 2006

Easy installation. I am as new as new can get to Linux and given time I am sure I will master it though at this point I'm like the old Oat Willy: "on ward through the fog" Betcha most of y'all dont remember Oat Willy....Power Hitter


conan1873 reviewed v10.1 Beta 9 on Mar 31, 2006

Support for Samsung SyncMaster 710N ?


phaltukhopdi reviewed v10.1 Beta 6 on Mar 12, 2006

Very Good OS surely competing with Microsoft Vista although little bit leanthy and slow installation then mendrake but this is just the beta, all said and done the "well made OS", "very user friendly"


ds0934 reviewed v10.1 Beta 6 on Mar 3, 2006

I haven't used SuSe 10 yet. I've been using Fedora 4 and Ubuntu 5.10 and 6.04 beta. Would you guys recommend holding off on this until RC build is out? Sounds like it has some issues.

Holy Cow!!! 5 CD ISO images???? Where's the DVD ISO for this? My God. Are they trying to outbloat MS?


1uk3 reviewed v10.1 Beta 6 on Mar 3, 2006

Very good distro IMHO. I'm a n00b to Linux so SUSE is pretty good for me. Very good installer and picked up most hardware without any issues.

I'd really like to find an OS good enough and with enough compatable programs for me to ditch Windows. It's not happend yet but I'll keep trying distros of Linux.


Kubla_Khan reviewed v10.1 Beta 4 on Feb 20, 2006

This is the most advanced Linux OS right now and is also the first to include XGL (their parent company Novell developed it...)

This release should already include the XGL and Compiz components... can anyone confirm this before I download.

The final version of this release - 10.1 - will definately be worth downloading. It will be a big jump for Linux, and the most advanced complete linux distro (everything already included) out there...


BoNeLeSS reviewed v10.1 Beta 4 on Feb 20, 2006

Well, at least those rough edges are mentioned in the release notes. It seem the changed the orginal plan and decided to make some major changes at this stage of development. Better wait for RCs


klingon379 reviewed v10.1 Beta 4 on Feb 20, 2006

Beta 3 of SUSE Linux works great. It's faster than Windows, the composite extensions in KDE 3.5.1 no longer slows my laptop's nVidia GeForce Go5200 graphics at all.

Unfortunately I can't say the same about SUSE Linux Beta 4. This version has taken a huge step backwards from beta to alpha status by switching to a new package manager and breaking everything. This type of an update should have either happened during alpha testing of SUSE Linux 10.1 or it should have waited until the next version of SUSE Linux.


currir55 reviewed v10.1 Beta 3 on Feb 8, 2006

Started my experience in linux with Mandrake, now Mandriva. Liked that distro then i tried Suse again, yast used to disagree with me but it grows on you i think. still prefer the mandrake/mandriva install interface.
Suse is one of the nicest distros around i think (thankfuly KDE default as well), greatly looking forward to 10.1 and hope that xgl is included in the opensource version of the distro to make it even sppedier. it runs faster than windows on my laptop (when running equivalent progs). excellent choice of software around on the net. I have only a few reasons for booting into XP with this distro, but still has all the inherent probs that linux in general has. (not perfect hardware support etc.)
btw the distro is downloadable in 5 CD's just type a simple script into the command line for wget. i.e. wget -c{1,2,3,4,5}.iso
then wget will download all the files for you easily. (For a more indepth info do a 'man wget') then look on the download page an get the script to create a dvd.iso. If the people complaining about the dvd iso's are that serious they should take the time to run a basic script, why should novell/suse/debian/fedora/etc... waste server space which costs them to host, hosting an extra 4.7Gb or so of data which will become obsolete when the new version comes out. Download, hastle?? someone please point all somplaints to a proper download client or a proper browser.


Romas reviewed v10.1 Beta 3 on Feb 5, 2006

Debian for new users? Debian based like U/K/Xbuntu maybe. But Debian..


Mandeep reviewed v10.1 Beta 3 on Feb 4, 2006

edit to first post: ya i started out with debian and found it easiest to use. although i still use windows xp mainly.


ribslayer reviewed v10.1 Beta 3 on Feb 3, 2006

Oh i hear ya on the cd-rw's EdanStarfire, but why cant they just release a DVD.iso version with their cd versions? it just makes it easier to download, make a dvd and install! I dunno, maybe its user prefrence, id just rather a dvd.iso


Tosawyer reviewed v10.1 Beta 3 on Feb 3, 2006

It is available as a dvd .iso


EdanStarfire reviewed v10.1 Beta 3 on Feb 3, 2006

Ribslayer, have you ever heard of CD-RWs? Hmmm... I think they're a rather new technology. Expensive too. I'd rather test a beta program and get used to it ahead of time than wait for it to come out and be quite lost for a while.


ribslayer reviewed v10.1 Beta 2 on Jan 27, 2006

I dont mind downloading and testing beta software especially operating systems, but what pisses me off, is that every time a new beta comes out, you have to waste 5 cd's, why cant they include a dvd.iso at the same time? cmmon guys if you want us beta testers to test the software out, make it a little easier for us.


BobJr reviewed v10.1 Beta 2 on Jan 26, 2006

Hey now Mr.Linux if you or other people think with you mind you can beat bill gates well never.Think of making a auto loading boot CD then you'll see real crap.Try to make a download to copy to CD and run the world and let everybody trail in your dust with idea's and way to run the world.Look I'm tired of updating everyday it seems for crap that will make me update again, again, etc. for his money!
Why not make life easier with disabled people like me not to apend our whole year income on update's?
If you understand and have a way reply thank you.


Namero reviewed v10.1 Beta 2 on Jan 26, 2006

suse is just to much

debain or ubuntu is just "better"

if u ever tried aptitude u never wanne yast or anything else back :)


zenarcher reviewed v10.1 Alpha 4 on Dec 19, 2005

I'm a loyal SUSE user, myself. Currently using SUSE 10.0 and while I won't experiment with an Alpha, I'll be getting the new SUSE, as soon as it's a full release.

It's always done whatever I need, never have had a hardware recognition it on 3 desktop systems and one notebook computer.

SUSE is the only Linux distro I've found that will EASILY allow me to set up my SATA RAID0 array, during installation.


ModderXManiac reviewed v10.1 Alpha 4 on Dec 19, 2005

An alpha would be in this case the very beginning of the programming and compiling process of a new application, or an operating system in this case.

Pre-beta, unstable. That's what alpha typically means.

Novell is really sucking lately... Lots of people have left the team, I even heard a few joined the Ubuntu project.

And Ubuntu I will stay with.


Velocition reviewed v10.1 Alpha 4 on Dec 19, 2005

"SUSE LINUX 10.1 Apha 4 alpha
Publisher's Description:

SUSE LINUX Professional Novell provides everything today's Linux user needs for home computing and computing-on-the-go. This product includes a Linux operating system plus dozens of essential integrated tools that showcase the latest that open source has to offer."

What the hell is an Apha?


robmanic44 reviewed v10.1 Alpha 2 on Nov 16, 2005

This is a distro that is in big trouble. SuSE people are leaving Novell by the score and the ex SuSE CEO had some very unkind words for Novell. He was also the maintainer of the SuSE kernal.

This was my favorite linux for years and I consider the handbook that came with 6.4 to be one of the best guidebooks for new users ever written.


jacjan reviewed v10.0 Final on Oct 12, 2005

Just to make it clear to all, SuSE is not Freeware. It`s released under the GPL, so check it out. It`s free to use, but that dont mean it`s freeware.


benyahuda reviewed v10.0 Final on Oct 12, 2005

some guy Oct 11, 2005
Version: 10.0 Final

qestion is this beta freeware?

This is not a beta release, it is 10.0 Final.

Yes it is freeware.

It is also one of the finest Linux distros available. It even detects MODERN hardware which is not all that common in the Linux world. Especially as is, 'out of the box'.

Sorry jacjan about lumping SuSe in with the vast world of variously licensed open source software. I just meant to distinguish SuSe as open (free) versus Novell (you gotta buy it). This (SuSe) does not contain the 'commercial' software that the Novell release has (Java etc.). But that can all be easily found and installed. Most of that stuff can be found at no or low cost also.


jronet reviewed v10.0 Final on Oct 11, 2005

I use SuSE at work, and OpenSuSE at home.
as mentioned below, best out of box hardware support of any Distro.

If they didn't bas****ize the gnome menu and its icons, it would be a perfect 5 for me.

Great Linux Distro if you like KDE.

some guy

some guy reviewed v10.0 Final on Oct 11, 2005

qestion is this beta freeware?


theheff reviewed v10.0 Final on Oct 11, 2005

Outstanding. There is so much hardware support in this new release. They really concentrated on getting wireless devices to work with linux. Great distro, great performance.


ModderXManiac reviewed v10.0 Final on Oct 11, 2005


Best Linux distro, period!


DrkAngel reviewed v10.1 Alpha 1 on Sep 30, 2005

Actually... SuSE Linux OSS is the free open source distribution released by the openSuSE community. SuSE Linux is the retail distribution released by Novell Inc. I think the main difference between the two distros is the added commercial packages on the retail version.

Either way, SuSE just keeps gettin' better and better with each release.

Paul Lush

Paul Lush reviewed v10.1 Alpha 1 on Sep 30, 2005

The only distro that works under Vmware "out of the box" with no hangups at all. I love SuSE and cant wait for the final version but until then, this stays on my machine.


Sybs reviewed v10.1 Alpha 1 on Sep 30, 2005

No, SuSE IS free. It's also open source. You can download the disc images from the official site. You can also pay $60 for the boxed version with printed manuals.
That said, it's a great OS with loads and loads of stuff packed in, and it's easy to get going with straight away.


mandilbrox reviewed v10.1 Alpha 1 on Sep 29, 2005

hey heyupandy, correct me if I'm wrong but SUSE isn't free. The beta might be but the product is US$60. Good dist though.


ModderXManiac reviewed v10.1 Alpha 1 on Sep 29, 2005

Incredibly stable for an Alpha release..

I love Linux, this is my 2nd fav distro, I prefer Xandros, but I love this for all the features it packs.


donpacman reviewed v10.0 RC1 on Sep 9, 2005



heyupandy reviewed v10.0 RC1 on Sep 8, 2005

any1 who gives this product less than a 5 is ungrateful because if you think about what u are getting for 'FREE' its unbeatable, you get a fully functional desktop system, full office suite (almost up to microsoft office 2003 standard), multimedia players, tv applications, internet software and the ability to browse the internet, built in games, the ability to play games like unreal tournament 2004 and doom 3 aswell as various windows programs using wine and i havent even started on paint programs such as the gimp, yeah windows xp might be great but why pay £100 for something when you can get something just as good for free....thats value lol ;)


crashoverride reviewed v10.0 RC1 on Sep 8, 2005

Haven't had time to download this yet but I'm sure it'll be as good as 9.3 pro. The only thing I don't like is that I haven't found a distro yet that'll play DVDs. I would have thought that since some of these things are charging you that just maybe they would have support to play a dvd. Especially since the players are there that clearly have the capability. The MP3 thing isn't that big of a deal I can just convert them to ogg.


SHS reviewed v10.0 Beta 4 on Sep 1, 2005

Yup you got that rigth gilboa MP3 is patented technology now which start out free but later said folk it over $cash$ so now a lot of people are start switch over to patent-free Ogg Vorbis and say bit me Fraunhofer


Stefu reviewed v10.0 Beta 4 on Sep 1, 2005

Very good distro Suse 9.3 pro worked fine for me :P


theheff reviewed v10.0 Beta 4 on Sep 1, 2005

Love the wireless support. Great OS, looking forward to the final product.


gilboa reviewed v10.0 Beta 4 on Sep 1, 2005

For the 100,000,000th time.
Mp3 is patented technology and cannot be distributed freely.
This is why both Fedora/RedHat and SUSE removed it from their distribution.

If you want to blame anyone, blame the increasingly ridicules software patents... (AKA Patent 77755573: "Using small long organic items [fingers] to tap on keyboard")

Da Snipe!

Da Snipe! reviewed v10.0 Beta 4 on Sep 1, 2005

As a newbie, I'm playing at installing and re-installing both Suse and Mandriva. Both have strengths right out of the box (or off of the ftp site as it were) but I get daunted by simple things that don't work right away. For Suse, it's MP3 - I thought it was my own ineptitude but a check of the net reveals they don't include support of such a major format. I read dvd playback is an issue as well. Shame, it's a beautiful distro with a lot to offer a newbie. Oh well, back to Mandriva!


zenarcher reviewed v10.0 Beta 3 on Aug 25, 2005

I just switched from Mandriva 2005LE PowerPack to SUSE 9.3 Pro and couldn't be happier! After 3 months of fighting to get Mandriva to set up my pair of SATA hard drives in software RAID0 array, I managed to do so with SUSE in minutes! No hardware problems at all. Just like with Mandriva. The only minor glitch was I had to chmod to get my Sony PDA to sync with Evolution, which I did not have to do with Mandriva. The SUSE YAST is fantastic, even automatically removing old sources. I'm staying with SUSE and can't wait for SUSE 10.0 final release!


zridling reviewed v10.0 Beta 2 on Aug 19, 2005

Been running Suse Linux versions on a second machine since 2002, but years later, it's the same story: hardware support. Of all the distros, this is my first (and only) choice time after time.


daddygeek reviewed v10.0 Beta 2 on Aug 18, 2005

Just let you know some people to run Linux over Microsoft. I have been using SuSe since version 7.0 and will continue to use it. yes, it does have bugs especially in 64-bit but not near as many as Microsoft has. Since Beta 2 was released today I have not installed it yet. but it has fixed the problem I was having in beta 1. Now if we can only get companies to bring their software to Linux (Dragon, Transcender, Winamp). It would make it a lot easier for individuals like me. I will install Beta 2 in the next day or so and I will report my findings then.

-=)AoD(=- Preacher

-=)AoD(=- Preacher reviewed v10.0 Beta 2 on Aug 18, 2005

i love SuSe and some other linux distro's but you got to remember that linux is just right behind microsoft in the race, but its just missing that key program (Direct X) to run all windows programs and then it will go past the microsoft windows in all aspects. but remember there are people that convert windows programs int linux programs.


donsolaris reviewed v10.0 Beta 1 on Aug 17, 2005

"....Linux owns Microsoft in every way". Not quite. Until SUSE improves it's hardware support and marketing reach, it will play always remain an afterthought to the general populace.


robmanic44 reviewed v10.0 Beta 1 on Aug 17, 2005

Have these people actually run recent versions of SuSE Linux? What a disaster! They still lack drivers that are available on Mandrake distributions that are over a year old. After my recent experience with SuSE 9.2 Pro, I'm thru with Novell-SuSE for ever.


mukerjee reviewed v10.0 Beta 1 on Aug 11, 2005

Couldnt have put it better


ArabianNight reviewed v10.0 Beta 1 on Aug 10, 2005

Its a very nice operating system. Linux owns Microsoft in every way. But, its like driving an efficient car that gives two hundred thousand miles to the gallon but only travels on 1/10th of the highways. In other words, less than one quarter of software runs on linux, otherwise, I wouldn't be running my Microsoft OS right now.

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