simGangster 'Street Edition' 1.3.45

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Windows 2000/9x/Server 2003/XP / Commercial Demo / 2,443 downloads

simGangster is an adventure simulation game where you amass as many points as possible over the duration of your game. Points are calculated by collecting as much cash as possible, and ensuring that all game levels (such as health, mojo, violence, etc.) are as high as possible by the end of the game. These levels have a huge effect on your score. A player will never get a really good score unless care is taken to ensure that levels are high.

In order to do well in the game, you will need to become adept at mugging, drug dealing, prostitution, burglary, vandalism, and grand theft auto. Your mental health is also at stake and you must pay careful attention to relaxation and chillin' out as well as undertaking extremely violent pastimes.

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