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  1. Review - Trillian

    0.722 (Feb 1, 2002)

    This fixes AIM for about 6 hours before they block Trillian again.

    I really hope this isn't going to happen every few days

  2. Review - Trillian

    0.72 (Jan 30, 2002)

    I been using this since 0.70 and its brilliant

    I use every single one of the messaging programs on there and have too many contacts to mention. Its a god send having everything on one application and all the messages coming through it. 2 clicks and I set away on all apps instead of about 20 on all 4.

    However the IRC I don't use because typical MIRC is much better especially when you're an irc op and need to use scripts and such to retain law and order :P

    With 0.72 (and 0.71) the features have been slowly added and refined. I don't really care for video conferencing and stuff but the ICQ SMS feature would be a great addition for me.

    This little beauty has never crashed or mucked up AND its skinnable (anything thats skinnable gets good marks in my book)!!

    Download today if you use more than one of the apps it supports! If not just leave it unless you hate the native application.

  3. Review - Nero Burning ROM (Jan 24, 2002)

    Can anyone tell yet whats new in this version? Official site ain't updated and CDR Info ain't got a clue either

  4. Comment - Trillian Fights Back as AOL Boots its Users (Feb 8, 2002 - 7:31 PM)

    I'll make it even easier

    To use AIM you have to sign up to the app.

    You then download it and probably install it.

    AOL have your email and personal details.

    They make money through this! They sell the information on and use it for their other purposes.

    If you have the choice of picking 1 of 2 cars from a prize draw which would you pick? The old rust bucket volvo? Or the brand new Porche?

    Apply this reasoning to Trillian. If AOL wanna keep people on their crappy app they should improve it, expand it and get rid of the bloated ads etc

    AIM file size - 2.47MB
    Trillian file size - 2.27MB

    Can you now understand why AIM is a big pile of junk?

    Oh and regarding the bandwith, server access etc anyone can access anyones space/bandwith unless it is protected by a password etc and by entering your aol username and password you are gaining access to the server legally. Trillian simply routes the functions of AIM through its app. By using Sentinel you can see the AIM Console Window is loaded as it is under AIM alas with a different name.

    If Trillian were theiving anything from AOL they would be up in court. Oh and Trillian isn't "stealing" the bandwith, the Trillian users are! Trillian provides a means to connect to the server and you are connected. Yes you!

    Therefore AOL would have to hike up every Trillain user into court for "Stealing" their bandwith.

    Oh and as some other person said it doesn't really matter which app you connect through you are still using the bandwith.

    And if this is all so true regarding the theft then explain why AOL never block access to ICQ. I'll tell you why. ICQ is named as an AOL product and AIM is. AOL can't stand someone beating them at their own game.

    My objective rant is now over.

    Don't bother to argue with me :) I'm right as I always am :P

  5. Comment - Trillian Fights Back as AOL Boots its Users (Feb 8, 2002 - 2:03 PM)

    No-one has mentioned that AOL actually own ICQ also.

    They ain't blocking that which has more bloody ads and things than AIM.

    All in all I suppose this is anti-competivness of a free product.

    By using the word "donate" no-one can claim Trillian is making money from the app as people simply give to them instead of registring through a need.