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    Al Star

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    United Kingdom

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  1. Review - AppCheck Anti-Ransomware (Jun 1, 2017)

    Just a Heads Up Guys.. I aint Testing It.

    I'm Kinda Curious to See a Review of this App Tho.
    How Free Is It.. Does it Contain Open Candy..??
    I Fail to See The Sudden, Ahem... Appearance of It.
    So Closely Following The Catastrophic May Attacks..??

    - Don't open "Unexpected" email Attachments.
    - Try to Use Trusted Sites Where Possible.
    - Avoid.. Hack/Exploit/Pentest... Tools & Sites.
    - Cracked S/w Is a Magnet for Exploits..!!
    - SADLY... W3 is a Minefield of Bad Code/Scripts & HotLinks.

    Testers Take Care.. G'luk.
    For Appearing... A Wobbly 3*

    ~~~~~~~~~~ [UPDATE] 02 jun 17

    Ah Yes..!! @CD999 .. Straight for The Juggular.
    What a Pity You Hadn't Been appointed International Anti-Attack Advisor. You Could have Prevented Last Months Ransome Attack... However.. Ho-Hum.

    You need to Brush Up on Reality Sunshine.. Put Some Time In B4 Yakkin'. My Post was a "Heads Up".. Not a Test Result.. You're just a Forum Bully. Need Guys Like You.. And This App.
    Since YOU rate this App 10*.. Probably Cos you Think It's Infallible.
    Then I'll Re-Rate It.... ~_^

    Oh btw.. I Like the New house Ya built..
    Not keen on the Front view tho.. Down the Street opposite.

  2. Review - fre:ac

    1.0.28 (Feb 24, 2017)

    Hats Off to Devs & Contributors Alike. Afraid the Flintstones
    Nicked my A/v Converters years Ago... & WTF is a CD Ripper..??
    Maybe A Big "Comeback" is Happening.. Can't wait for Win95... Yup. Win1895.

    Absurd & 1*

  3. Review - Free Audio Video Pack

    2.14 (Feb 24, 2017)

    Untested.. Simply because this app Is 15 years too Late. All the "Rock n Roll" Apps have Been Proven As have the Codecs. A new Player on the Scene when
    All the Old Hands have Errrrrrrr, Kinda moved On, Is Like Trying to Give a Mangle
    To a Launderette..Sorry... Unrateable by Myself.. G'luk.
    1*... For the Effort Tho..!!

  4. Review - MakeMKV for Windows

    1.10.4 Beta (Dec 28, 2016)

    - Still Beta..??
    - Still Shareware..??

    Errrrr..AHEM......... 1*

  5. Review - OpenShot for Windows

    2.2.0 (Dec 26, 2016)

    Hello "Some Guy"
    Long Time Since I Reviewed an App With Your Remarks on Board.
    Best Wishes for 17 My Friend..!!

    VERY... Very Nice App.

    With Excellent Features. Open Source, With Many Donators/Devs.
    Unfortunately Tho.. This App Is Not Aimed at Pro's. (Ri**ers).
    It Lacks "Frame-Accuracy" Cutting.. Which, may Sound Trivial.
    But It Aint.. However..... THAT Is My Opinion..!!

    All In All. A Tasty App... Nice as a Free Family Editor.
    4* .. To The Contributors & Open Source Editor... Thanx.