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  1. Comment - Private BitTorrent Site Raided, Operators Arrested

    (Oct 23, 2007 - 6:16 PM)

    that quote... True (it's called 'the scene', they're on the cutting edge of music promotion even if it means a few thousand people could listen to it -- OMG it's music!) -- then -- FALSE -- it was one of the closest and largest communities on the internet, and the VAST majority of them were asking their friends for recommendations of new and obscure music, as well as hard-to-find material from decades past, in financial situations that don't allow for paying $20 for an hour (or less...) of auditory stimulation (especially if you really like 10% of your friends' recommendations, but find the other 90% painful...) ... and third, passably true: but the contention over who owns the rights to music is what's absurd here -- most of the leaks are done with the artist's approval and encouragement. The bottom line is that if artists can't make their buck doing shows and selling T-s***s, then they got into the wrong business like countless others. Prosecuting people who push the artists to greater heights of performance won't do the art any more justice, it will most likely only seed revolution.