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  1. Review - Trillian

    0.72 (Jan 30, 2002)

    I've been using the program (version 0.70) for about 3 months both for my ICQ account and IRC connection. It runs so smooth and without any problems on my Windows 2000 system that it's a real pleasure using it.

    Whatever connection you need, IRC, ICQ, AIM, Y!Messenger, this is THE program to choose.

  2. Comment - Microsoft Identifies Eight JVM Vulnerabilities

    0.72 (Dec 17, 2002 - 9:59 AM)

    The message says that:

    >The critical vulnerability stems from the ability of an
    >un-trusted Java applet to access COM OBJECTS, WHICH CONTROL
    >MANYY WINDOWS FUNCTIONS. According to the bulletin, "This >would enable the attacker to take any desired action on the
    >user's system; for instance, the attacker could add, delete >or change data on the user's system; communicate with web
    >sites; load and run programs; reformat the hard drive, and
    >so forth."

    It looks like the problem is with MS implementation of Java! And also the COM technology from MS!

  3. Comment - Trillian Fights Back as AOL Boots its Users

    0.72 (Feb 8, 2002 - 2:59 AM)

    I'm not using AOL so maybe I shouldn't bother commenting here. But I think Trillian deserves the support it gets! It's a real pleasure to see that someone, somewhere comes out with a cool idea, turns it into a smooth-working product and attracts the flames of rich-gods-of-Internet.

    Looks like AOL's trying to scare people mentioning the term "security" which is an important and complex topic in itself but in this context it seems like AOL is merely teasin' and abusin'.

    I live in Turkey and don't know if AOL (we had similar Internet companies here) sucks or not but I know one thing for sure: Trillian DOES NOT SUCK! ;-)