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  1. Review - My Lockbox

    1.2 (Jan 12, 2008)

    Not good. At first this program will excite you with its ability to hide a folder almost instantly. Yes, the claim is true that you can't access it from Safe Mode and even DOS. The protected folder is indeed protected but herein lies a fatal flaw.

    I used a "tool" to scan for the hidden files and true enough the files all appear, worse still they were not encrypted but hidden like a list of "rootkit", and with a few clicks I copied the files to any directory I wanted.

    Within the scope of the program ( to hide ), it is good. It will protect and hide your secret folder (sorry, not(s)) and make it difficult for normal users to peep at your little secrets. But my advise is if you really want security, use encryption software like Truecrypt.