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  1. Review - AIMP

    3.50.1224 Beta 1 (Feb 1, 2013)

    AIMP is the real deal. Everything you want in an audio player, nothing you don't. I switched from XMPlay and haven't looked back.

  2. Review - POP Peeper

    3.1 (Feb 15, 2008)

    I've tried most of the various e-mail checkers out there; this is hands down the best. Happy to see an update; it was overdue!

  3. Review - Ashampoo Burning Studio

    7.01 (May 11, 2007)

    Was a big fan of version 6, but I am disappointed to see the installation size balloon from 18megs to 47megs. The whole reason I switched from Nero was because of the bloat, and now it looks like Ashampoo may be following in their footsteps. But, the new features are nice, and hopefully I will be proven wrong. Still a great piece of software nevertheless.

  4. Review - Adobe Flash Player for Windows (IE) (Apr 13, 2007)

    Refuses to install. Tells me I have insufficient disk space. Won't install from their site either.
    Didn't have this issue with 9.0.28.

  5. Review - Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE)

    6 Update 1 (Mar 30, 2007)

    Why on earth is the install size up 40megs for this update? The reduced size of JRE 6 was a welcome addition, but now it's even bigger than JRE 5!

    Update: rseiler- If you read carefully, you'll notice I said INSTALL size. Not download size.