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  1. Review - DivX for Windows

    5.0 (Mar 5, 2002)

    hehe That Gator is some evil s*** isnt it!
    I have kids at home and they are constant victims of gator to the point of now suffering new user profiles as a result of gator that will not allow them to install anything on their machine without me. I think they are probably very pissed with the gator attackware right now but after excorcising their machine I will not have it happen again. maybe we dont want our schedule perused.

  2. Review - nVIDIA GeForce Drivers for Windows

    23.11 Official (Dec 6, 2001)

    Ok I have checked these drivers along the way and since version 6.5 I havent found this set of drivers to work past 24hrs without a total feezeup with my ancient viper 770 non ultra card "Until Now"! I am pleased to announce we have been running these since the night of release and have no Ploblems. I tried previously somewhere in the version 8 range several times and in the teens numerous times and then even the previous release which was better "made it about 1 day and then froze". I think I will keep this one a while 8^) At least until I can afford something in the 64mb range. I tend to spend most of my money in the speedy file transfer areas and various software rather than on graphic cards of late. I guess its a trend. Congrats to Nvidia for the continued support on the drivers. I would rate them alot higher than 5 for their efforts!

  3. Review - Lock My PC

    1.25 Beta (Sep 10, 2001)

    ctrl alt del in win2000 will bring a window with the option lock computer as well and there is no way in win9x to do such a thing. I give it a 5 just for all the win9x people who would find it nice. here is the excerpt giving it a stealthy look for the 9x users and like win2k>>>>>
    Lock My PC can work in stealth mode. Stealth mode is a state when the program is running on your computer but does not show any sign of its presence in memory. In stealth mode Lock My PC does not show its icon in the system tray and is not listed in Windows Task List (Windows 95/98/ME only), available by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del keys combinationsay after bedtime and the kids who have a school day sneak in and try and boot up to frag some extras in tfc or dod online when they should be asleep! caught in the act and logged it gives bootup protection>>>>>Lock My PC allows you to enable locking of your computer every time somebody boot Windows

  4. Review - nVIDIA GeForce Drivers for Windows

    12.90 Beta (Jun 22, 2001)

    I used the last set before 12.90 and they seemed ok at first but then after a while for no apparent reason they would just freeze the whole screen. I left them in a while just to make sure it was the drivers and yes it was. I went back to 6.5 and no more ploblems. I am using the diamond viper 770 non ultra and I think they must just be tuned a little above the cards head but maybe this new set will eliminate that ploblem. Other than that in game they worked great and never froze. Only when I was checking email and loading pages etc. I thought maybe the ISP was the trouble but I have several boxes working and that wasnt it. It happened about 6 times ,once every 2 days or so. hmm sounds like a leak hehe. anyway that is the pre-12.90 story with 770 non ultra diamond product.

  5. Review - Sound Control

    1.90 Beta (Jun 11, 2001)

    Pretty sweet! Nice UI >I think I will keep it : )

  6. Comment - Calif. Man Arrested for Running Botnet

    1.90 Beta (Nov 7, 2005 - 7:05 AM)

    lol sorry
    just read the further info. Apparently there is no allegation of DOS even though we know he probably did do it lol. Transmission of code to a protected computer. MY GOD it only counts with the government? And here I thought the laws protected all. I think that would be a difficult charge for me to get on someone through the internet cops yet it seems so easy for DOD hehe. impressive but I wonder if the secrets were stolen . Again I doubt there was much he could have stolen that could not be gained in other fashions by the real criminals.
    He was nothing more than a capitalist with very poorly defined perimeters lol. night

  7. Comment - Calif. Man Arrested for Running Botnet

    1.90 Beta (Nov 7, 2005 - 6:50 AM)

    It becomes very clear at least in this case that there are alot of very arrogant or maybe even not too bright people for him to get so many bots into their systems before they discovered it. I know recently they have moved all incoming emails to cross their servers protection grid when before they did allow people to check email from web based servers. There is a clue I would think but I bet it wasn't the only way that rxbot was propegated. They have people that were doing alot more naive moves that caused this. just my opinion.
    I say probation with a promise of trade secrets to bring the knowledge forth. The navy doesnt pay that well so ....... lol. Bad Move. On the other hand at least he will be doing something intersting ganking all his buds. Big question here is was he able and did he use government property to run denial of service attacks and where along with what the heck was he thinking. Balls of steel or Brains of cheese ? That is a question. I am sure his knowledge probably exceeds 80% of the Navy's Technet guys. Guess they need more certified people instead of their current protocol for hiring. Government cutbacks under democratic pressure. Heck blame the republicans . They already have huge bullseye painted on their A SS E S /endrant ;)

  8. Comment - File Swappers Moving Away From P2P

    1.90 Beta (Mar 27, 2005 - 3:59 AM)

    Pew is smoking crack or something. If anyone moved anywhere it was probably Mirc

    why P2P when you have a host in a shell? Just point and click or strike and paste.

  9. Comment - MIT Builds Alarm Clock That Hides

    1.90 Beta (Mar 27, 2005 - 3:53 AM)

    Maybe one day, we’ll have an alarm clock that just crawls on your chest and wets itself. We can dream, can’t we?

  10. Comment - Nullsoft Considers Charging for Advanced Player

    1.90 Beta (Apr 1, 2002 - 2:58 AM)

    I too bought winamp way back when. that was way back when they were shareware and stated that in the purchase that it was like gamespy and came with lifetime updates . makes me wonder where we woul stand in that subject although if they needed money I guess I would be willing to pay again. Just a thought.