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  1. Review - Opera for Windows (32-bit)

    7.60 Build 7263 Preview 2 (Nov 8, 2004)

    Well i will give it a 5/5.

    I have used Opera since 7.0 and i must say this browser is extremely good. I was on dial-up for almost 2 years, and it loaded webpages very very quick (compared to IE or other browsers).

    I have tryed the new Firefox RC2 and i must say they are improving, however many websites still dont work. The connection refused thing is really annoying.

    Here my comparision:


    Good side:
    - Fast webpages rendering
    - Almost ALL webpages work
    - Very nice and clean look
    - Tabs
    - Back button brings cached page instantly
    - Bookmark managmenet
    - Password manager
    - Good in-built mail client (no matach for Thunderbird tho)
    - Allot of options
    - Skins
    - Address book

    - Cookie handling (needs improvement, when i disable all cookies, and then go to the cookie manager and edit a cookie, and set the domain to allow it, after i close the window it goes back to as it was again
    - Cache (i would really love to see a system like Firefox has. Having several thousands of files in your cache is not very good and slows the pc down)

    All in all its a great browser, and there is really no point of telling if Firefox or Opera is better. It just depends on what you like, in reality you cannot see a very big diference betwen rendering in either of them.

    Also if you have a fast connection this might help you ALLOT (note that certain webpages might not work, however all webpages have worked for me so far):

    Tools --> Preferences --> Network


    Max connections to a server: 16
    Max total connections: 32

    It should improve loading of webpages allot if you have a fast connection. I would not recommend doing this with dial-up.

    You can also try higher values.

  2. Review - Trillian

    3.0 Alpha 1 (Nov 8, 2004)

    This is a program i have been waiting for a very long time. I installed it and it works like a charm!

    No errors of any sorts, no disconnecting, all contacts are there, MSN file transfers finally work!

    This is just sooo GREAT! When the Final version comes out i will sure buy it.


  3. Comment - Report: Firefox Takes IE Browser Share

    3.0 Alpha 1 (Nov 23, 2004 - 5:18 AM)

    While i do welcome the "succes" Firefox had untill now i keep returning to Opera at the end. Firefox just has way to many "strange" behaviours that need to be fixed.

  4. Comment - Ballmer: Linux May Violate 228 Patents

    3.0 Alpha 1 (Nov 20, 2004 - 8:12 AM)

    Even if Linux would be broking a billion patents MS just cant do a thing about it :P