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  1. Review - CDex

    1.70 Beta 4 (Nov 24, 2009)

    I've switched to EAC for long term archiving and hifi listening some years ago (not because I hear differences, but because all the technical stuff in EAC seems more trustworthy), but to get some mp3s for simple listening (mp3 player), cdex is still the tool of my choice, because it's simple two clicks and done.

  2. Comment - U2 band manager compares ISPs to 'shoplifters'

    1.70 Beta 4 (Jun 7, 2008 - 8:07 AM)

    Is that the same U2 who had their own special U2 iPod edition, a device created to store all those downloaded MP3s?

  3. Comment - German high court conditionally approves government data spying

    1.70 Beta 4 (Feb 27, 2008 - 4:20 PM)

    Well, in terms of human history, I find this article to be way more dangerous currently. This way of interpreting the ruling as a generic spying accreditation is just widening the drift between Europe and the States a lot. US readers will think that Germany is indeed re-introducing Gestapo or Stasi. THAT kind of journalism (happening on the European side as well of course) is probably doing more harm in the end than the actual ruling.

    You might even be right that jurisdiction is trying to intrude more and more into private things, but this ruling was the exact opposite. It cut down a previously passed NRW law that was trying to allow much more spying to the most essential core only.

    If Tim Conneally had critized the original law, which indeed was something that would've spread more and more, that would've been quite fine, and I would wholeheartedly agree with you. But reporting about a ruling that actually withdrew a law that was intruding to much as a ruling that would have allowed it is much more an example of how bad press can twist things to look exactly the other way round. An example of how manipulation of the press can be the cause of many of the bad things in human history you mentioned.

    To repeat: I fully agree that there are policitians, lobbies &c. that are trying to abuse laws. I was pretty sure that the law this verdict was against (where the author implies that it was ruling in its favor) would've been a farce and would've, in a few years, allowed a lot. But this verdict, much to my own surprise, was a full hit into the face of those supporting this law, since it's real point was not was not to allow things, but to strictly forbid all other things.

  4. Comment - German high court conditionally approves government data spying

    1.70 Beta 4 (Feb 27, 2008 - 3:02 PM)

    This article is missing the most important apsects of the court ruling: it will only be allowed IF the "paramount important objects of legal protection are endangered", e.g. if a persons life or the continuance of the state itself is endangered.

    Very far away from spying on every simple suspect.