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  1. Review - Kyodai Mahjongg

    2006 1.42 (Sep 6, 2006)

    BRUDDAMAN (Edit)> First of all, the DEFAULT theme is reset each time you reinstall the game. That's why there are THEMES in the first place: you just create your own, you save it, and you don't have to worry anymore.

    "I went to your web page to try to email you so that I could let you know about the problems but it said you are no longer offering tech support or allowing people to send you emails"
    I NEVER said I'm no longer offering tech support! I'm simply TEMPORARILY (until I can find someone who can do the job!) suspending E-MAIL support. That's what the forum is for in the first place: communicating with me and other users! That's where tech support happens now.

    And yes, if you don't buy the game, you don't get tech support. Do you know how many e-mails I received per day? I'm a single person company, I don't have time for everyone! Especially when NINETY-NINE percent of the questions are already answered in the FAQ, or in the Windows Beginner Manual! ("How do I change music? How do I download your demo?") Does that deserve a 3/5 appreciation? I don't think so...

    thehunger> Older versions of KMJ with OpenGL support run under Linux with the Wine emulator.
    yokozuna> I removed a DLL that was no longer needed, hence the size reduction. Still, I managed to save an extra 200 KB (I think) because I'm so obsessed with optimizing the whole thing (that's also why there's a still a sub-6MB version to download on the version, without the music).

    M> Well, if you don't like the new sound effect, you can still remove it from your "sounds" subdirectory (it's called nomoves.wav). I spent years trying to find the "right" sound that would convey a feeling of sadness, be short and sweet to the ear (found it via an harmonica). Hmm, or maybe you don't like the sound because you're hearing it too much ;o) That should be an incentive to train even more, eheh!

    DudeBoyz> You can keep previous settings easily, in fact. When you install the new version, uncheck the "Launch Kyodai Mahjongg" option at the end, and launch it via the Start Menu. Your previous settings will be kept :)

    PS--please do not assume I'll be reading ratings in the future. I just happened to do it today is all ;)