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  1. Review - Aero Glass for Windows 8.1/10

    v1.4.6 (Sep 21, 2016)

    Uselessly complicated. Developer needs to get a grip on reality for installing this.
    Win10 error message
    "This service not supposed to be executed by the user "
    I have no time to play with this persons idea of installing....

  2. Review - FullEventLogView (64-bit)

    1.00 (Sep 10, 2016)

    What is the point of this software if it only displays the same thing as MS Event Viewer ?
    If there is more to this program than that it needs to be explained because as is this is a worthless duplicate or junkware.
    1 Star as I have to rate it.

  3. Review - RIOT - Radical Image Optimization Tool

    0.6 (Aug 15, 2016)

    Downloaded but was caught by Norton as a Reputation issue.
    Submitted to Virus Total and Mcafee does not like file though Norton did.
    Submitted file to Norton directly and is now White Listed.
    Authors websites listed are both blocked by Norton as dangerous.

    Have contacted the author about this and would hope he follows through with submitting his own programs for White Listing and to cleanup his website for what ever issues are there and or has been reported.

    Will follow up with a review on the program but doing the authors job was not planned in timeline.

    For all people interested that run Norton you can submit files for checking here if suspected malware etc or
    if suspect is clean can submit here

    Best to notify author as is his job.........

  4. Review - RegRun Reanimator (Jul 9, 2016)

    Again I state as per : Reviewing (Jul 4, 2014)
    & this version.

    No Uninstaller = No Install
    You have had how many years to make a Uninstaller !!!!!
    You are no more than a Rookit or a Virus without one.

    Person has been developing this far, far to long without a uninstaller. !!!!

  5. Review - Wise Disk Cleaner Free

    9.06 (Feb 19, 2016)

    I think they need a new d/load page as the redirect if using Adguard has blocked access to this page.
    This web page at .hotdownloads (dot) com, has been reported as a malware page.

  6. Comment - Microsoft: Firefox users in danger due to more frequent updates

    9.06 (Dec 2, 2007 - 4:07 AM)

    What a wack of BS this guy is.
    I would take any software that gets updated and fixed regardless of who makes it over software that does not.

    For Firefox at least it advises you that there is a update available and there is nothing to worry about with the install. No reboot needed.

    I only wish that they would incorporate this type of updating in Mozilla SeaMonkey as that is my preference of a browser.

    As for fighting over a browser, who cares as long as people develop their web pages using the standard of ANY Web Browser as per www.anybrowser dot org/campaign/

  7. Comment - MS: $4,000 for Daylight Saving Fix

    9.06 (Feb 28, 2007 - 11:46 PM)

    Figures MS would do something like this.
    They should be providing it free.