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  1. Review - XYplorer

    8.70.0000 (Dec 3, 2009)

    Note that the bugs kindly mentioned by emanresU deriseD have been fixed in the latest version (8.70).

  2. Review - XYplorer

    7.90.0000 (Dec 9, 2008)

    Undesired Username, see my comment from Dec 3, 2008. There's nothing to add.

    If you generally like XYplorer but think an important feature is missing, please visit the user forum and post in the wishes section.

  3. Review - XYplorer

    7.80.0000 (Dec 3, 2008)

    Some commenters here are attempting to diss XYplorer because of its "no longer supported VB6 codebase". So what? Are you reviewing a file manager or a programming language?
    XYplorer is a very strong file manager, it is
    permanently evolving (almost daily BETAs for many years now), it works fine in all Windows versions from Win95 to Vista x64, and it has a broad and growing user base.
    Who cares about the language used for coding it? This is totally irrelevant to the user! After all, XYplorer is compiled to native code: When you download and run it there's no VB6 in it anymore. It might have been coded in Egyptian hieroglyphs, after compilation it's just another Windows executable.

  4. Review - XYplorer

    7.00.0000 (Apr 2, 2008)

    Just for the record: XYplorer does support unicode.

  5. Review - XYplorer

    5.50.0001 (Jan 5, 2007)

    FYI: The price is at US$ 29.50 since December 1st 2006 and will stay at that for a while. A lifetime low for a lifetime license, if you ask me.
    The price displayed on this page should update anytime soon.