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  1. Review - EditPad Lite for Windows

    7.0.2 (Jun 21, 2011)

    Been using v. 6.4.5 without dissatisfaction. Excellent product !

  2. Review - Screenshoter

    1.4 (Jun 21, 2011)

    Doesn't work with secondary monitor in a Dual Monitor set-up. Seemed buggy even on the primary monitor.

  3. Review - Nomad.NET (Apr 10, 2011)

    Used this proggie for a long while, then newer versions installed non-functional. This current version installed and functions on 64-bit WinVista.

    Seems to have all the features one would want for an app of this kind.

    The DataRat

  4. Review - Speccy

    1.09.231 (Mar 6, 2011)

    Worked without glitch on my Dell laptop with 64-bit Vista, including no lock-up when checking the hard drive.

    The DataRat

  5. Review - Calibre (32-bit)

    0.7.47 (Mar 6, 2011)

    Amazing software ! Not only converts to/from many formats, but also D/L's news from the Web, and itself serves as an e-book reader.

    The DataRat

  6. Comment - Get Google Chrome 12 now!

    0.7.47 (Jun 7, 2011 - 7:29 PM)

    "Why would I get it? I'm
    perfectly happy with opera

    Yeah, Opera ~is~ terrific. I use Chrome 11.11 only to supplement Opera (like when doing Google Docs). But, Opera has got the rest beat. Although I'd use Chrome 3 as my regular browser if Opera didn't exist.

    The DataRat

  7. Comment - What happens when you download iTunes past purchases with a different account?

    0.7.47 (Jun 7, 2011 - 7:22 PM)

    How lucky for us that we have Wilcox as the Apple features editor !

    The DataRat

  8. Comment - It took 4 min 34 sec to get me really excited about Windows again

    0.7.47 (Jun 2, 2011 - 9:25 AM)

    Looks like something designed for teens. Far more is expected by users of laptops, desktops, and even netbooks !

    Joe likes it because it's an Apple clone.

    The DataRat

  9. Comment - Mobile phones are as cancerous as HPV, engine exhaust, says WHO

    0.7.47 (Jun 1, 2011 - 3:30 PM)

    It's sad, however these people earn their living through health (and ecology) scares. Personally, I miss the days of professional civil rights activists.

    But, unhappily, there wasn't enough racial discrimination around no matter how hard they tried ! So now we're stuck with Al Gore, the UN, and Obama bin Laden scare-mongering.

    The DataRat