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  1. Review - OSHI Unhooker

    1.3.393 (Apr 29, 2013)

    I am now mostly blind so I rely on NVDA text reader to be able to use most programs. As far as I can tell, the interface for this application is not allowing NVDA to access its text. I was able to run the program fine with the big button. but the list that appeared after the run was not readable by NVDA. Please consider an option to allow readers to access the interface. I know OSHI Unhooker probably relies on stealth to achieve its best result but I still must vote only 3 for now in hopes that soon I will be able to use this OSHI Unhooker
    Best wishes

  2. Review - Handy Start Menu

    1.83 (Apr 16, 2013)

    I am inclined to remove my previous posting. In the spirit of forgiveness and because I was contacted by some one who made some attempt to make some excuses in lieu of an apology. the reply was too little and quite late but it was' a sign of caring.
    I hope this project will continue to grow and achieve its potential as a useful resource.

  3. Review - Norman Malware Cleaner

    2.07.06 (Jan 15, 2013)

    The program crashed
    but first ...
    I have services I do not use disabled... Norman "quarantined" the settings thus enabling these services.

    I have used DNS bench to choose 7 best Name servers Norman Malware Cleaner chose to "quarantine" these and would or could not restore them. The quarantine record did however contain the data so I was able to restore them with Regedit.

  4. Review - Notepad++ (32-bit)

    6.2.3 - End of World Edition (Dec 17, 2012)

    Notepad++ 6.2.3 - End of World Edition LOL famous last words!

  5. Review - Simplyzip

    1.1 Beta 79 (Nov 17, 2012)

    Simplyzip 1.1 Beta 79 is what is written above but the application I recieved is showing 1.1 Beta 80

    But... latest news says
    24.06.2012 Simplyzip 1.1beta 79: Small improvements, minor bug fixed

    It may be fine enough but I got the imprssion that it would compress to RAR... I thought that was odd and now I see it will not do that so...

  6. Comment - Death Knell Sounds for Nullsoft, Winamp

    1.1 Beta 79 (Nov 11, 2004 - 8:32 AM)


  7. Comment - Death Knell Sounds for Nullsoft, Winamp

    1.1 Beta 79 (Nov 11, 2004 - 8:31 AM)

    Seems a shame to think that a program that wipes the floor with Media player is struggling to stay alive. I just found out how great it is. If every user donated $1 or its equivalent in their currency AOL could probably go GNU>