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Member since June 2, 2005

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    Davor Dukaric

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Favorite Files

  1. 7-Zip (32-bit)
  2. AkelPad (32-bit)
  3. AllMyNotes Organizer Portable
  4. AMD Catalyst Drivers for Windows
  5. AnyDVD HD
  6. Autoruns
  7. avast! Free Antivirus
  8. BatteryCare
  9. Binjet
  10. Blender for Windows (32-bit)
  11. BlueScreenView
  12. BurnAware Free
  13. Burrrn
  14. Calibre (32-bit)
  15. CCEnhancer
  16. CCleaner for Windows
  17. CCleaner for Windows (Portable)
  18. CDCheck
  19. Chasys Draw IES
  20. ChateX
  21. CintaNotes
  22. Codec Toolbox RS
  23. Comica
  24. ContaCam
  25. ConvertXtoDVD
  26. CPU-Z
  27. Crazy Browser
  28. DAEMON Tools Lite
  29. Damn Small Linux
  30. Data Crow
  31. Debian
  32. DirectX Redistributable
  33. DisplayFusion
  34. Dooble for Windows
  35. Dragon UnPACKer
  36. Dual Monitor Tools
  37. DVD ReBuilder
  38. DVDFab All-In-One for Windows
  39. DVDIdle Pro
  40. DVDStyler for Windows (32-bit)
  41. DVDStyler for Windows (64-bit)
  42. EarthView
  43. Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook
  44. EditPad Lite for Linux
  45. EditPad Lite for Windows
  46. eMule
  47. Enchanted Keyfinder
  48. ERUNT
  49. EssentialPIM Free
  50. EssentialPIM Free Portable
  51. FastStone Image Viewer
  52. FFDShow
  53. FileZilla v2
  54. FileZilla v3 for Windows (32-bit)
  55. Flat File Checker (FlaFi)
  56. FlexibeatzII
  57. foobar2000
  58. fre:ac
  59. Free Download Manager for Windows (32-bit)
  60. FreeBSD
  61. FreeFileSync
  62. Fruit Nutrients Comparer
  63. GMail Drive
  64. GPU-Z
  65. Hamachi for Windows
  66. Hamster Free Zip Archiver
  67. Highlight for Windows (32-bit)
  68. HijackThis
  69. HWiNFO32 (Beta)
  70. HWiNFO32 (Portable)
  71. ICE ECC
  72. iDevice Manager
  73. Image Tuner
  74. ImgBurn
  75. Inkscape for Linux
  76. Inkscape for Windows
  77. Intel Chipset Device Software
  78. IrfanView (32-bit)
  79. IsoBuster
  80. JimIP Switcher
  81. JPEGsnoop
  82. K-Lite Codec Pack Full
  83. K-Lite Codec Pack Update
  84. K-Lite Mega Codec Pack
  85. Kaspersky Rescue Disk
  86. LibreOffice for Linux
  87. Magic Mail Monitor
  88. MAME (32-bit)
  89. McAfee Stinger (32-bit)
  90. Media Player Classic - Home Cinema (32-bit)
  91. Media Player Classic - Home Cinema (64-bit)
  92. Media Player Classic for Windows 2000/XP
  93. MediaCoder
  94. MediaInfo
  95. MediaInfo Lite
  96. Microsoft Small Basic
  97. Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3
  98. Mozilla Firefox for Linux
  99. Mozilla Firefox for Windows (32-bit)
  100. Mozilla Thunderbird for Windows
  101. mp3DirectCut
  102. Mp3tag
  103. MyUninstaller
  104. nLite
  105. Notepad2
  106. NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)
  108. NVIDIA BIOS Editor (NiBiTor)
  109. OpenOffice for Windows
  110. Opensource-DVD
  111. OSFMount
  112. Parted Magic
  113. Partition Logic
  114. PC-BSD
  115. PDF-XChange Viewer
  116. PDFCreator
  117. PeaZip (32-bit)
  118. PicPick
  119. PNotes
  120. Process Explorer
  121. Process Hacker
  122. PSPad editor
  123. Qtracker
  124. QtWeb
  125. Rapid Environment Editor
  126. Realtek High Definition Audio Codecs for Windows
  127. REAPER for Windows (32-bit)
  128. REAPER for Windows (64-bit)
  129. RegSeeker
  130. RootkitRevealer
  131. RouterPassView
  132. Scribus for Windows
  133. SFTP Net Drive
  134. Shooting Blocks
  135. SIW Home Edition
  136. SMETAR
  137. Speccy
  138. SpeedFan
  139. StarBurn
  140. StaxRip
  141. Sumatra PDF (32-bit)
  142. Sumatra PDF (64-bit)
  143. Sumatra PDF Optimized Builds
  144. Synergy
  145. Sysinternals Suite
  146. System Explorer
  147. TaskTracker
  148. TempleOS
  149. The GIMP
  150. TwistedBrush Pro Studio
  151. VirtualBox for Linux
  152. VirtualBox for Windows
  153. VirtualDub (32-bit)
  154. VLC for Windows (64-bit)
  155. Why Can't I Connect? for Unix
  156. WinContig
  157. Windows Double Explorer
  158. WinHex
  159. WinRAR (32-bit)
  160. WinRAR (64-bit)
  161. WinSCP
  162. WirelessKeyView (32-bit)
  163. Wireshark for Windows (32-bit)
  164. Wireshark for Windows (64-bit)
  165. WombatShare for Foobar2000
  166. X-Mouse Button Control
  167. XnConvert for Windows (32-bit)
  168. Xnews
  169. XnView for Linux
  170. XnView for Windows
  171. Xplorer²
  172. xpy
  173. XviD
  174. XYplorer

Recent Posts

  1. Review - Mozilla Firefox for Linux

    51.0.1 (Jan 29, 2017)

    I've been using Firefox for many years, first in Windows XP and then in Debian. At some point betas as well as normal releases became too unstable for me to use so I started using ESR versions. Now even ESR versions seem like betas. Something is just not right with Firefox any more. It lags in about everything you do with it, but I'm so dependent on it. Sad. It must be overbloated with trashy code, I don't see any other reason why it is so laggy. And in the mean time I changed three PCs in the last 10 years. The one I have now is far more powerful than the first one. Mozilla, please hire some better coders and/or make a new browser from the ground up. This is going nowhere and I'm considering using alternatives. You've lost so many users in the last 10 years and it is perfectly understandable why. It' a shame though because we do need an open source browser. Good luck! Can't give you more than 3 stars and that is for the effort. Your programmers suck big time.

  2. Review - Adobe Flash Player for Windows (Non-IE)

    11.6.602.180 (Mar 17, 2013)

    Waiting for HTML5 to spread... until then we have to cope with what we've got.

    I have nothing else to say. Everybody else said it before me.

  3. Review - Mozilla Firefox for Windows (32-bit)

    18.0.1 (Jan 18, 2013)

    I'm almost forced to say, since I was a long time Firefox supporter, that for the first time ever I've gone back to v16.0.2 that worked well for me. I'm a scumbag for not even trying this 18.01 version probably, but v17 gave me some issues with memory consumption [memory leaks, obviously], and it made my other apps "hickup" in the background. I've noticed this 100% CPU overtaking by Firefox 17.01 more than a dozen times. I would like to know if the issue has been resolved in this new version? I will for the first time give it 3, though. I don't like where this is going... it feels fishy. I'm on the verge of trying out Chrome. After so many years. Sad. They should pull themselves together.

  4. Review - Media Player Classic - Home Cinema (64-bit) (Oct 1, 2012)

    Mr. Flemens. 99% of the Windows users use Windows XP or 7 and you give this extraordinarily stable and great player one star because it supposedly crashed your Windows 8? That's rather childish, isn't it?

    I have never seen MPC crash any OS that I installed, and if I ever encounter that, I will first blame the bad drivers, because that sounds rather logical to me.

  5. Review - XnView for Windows

    1.99.1 (Sep 6, 2012)

    Simple to use, reliable, full of useful tools for all your picture editing needs, and it reads every image format ever devised. ;) No other viewer does that. I can even view pictures from Atari or Commodore... Incredible program. It's not a bad file browser, too. Small and compact, portable, too. I cannot praise it enough. However, just one thing always bothers me with XNView: it feels slow. I mean especially filters and zoom in-out if filtering is enabled. Why not using hardware acceleration for that, and a little bit more efficient code. That would make me give it ten stars. :) So because the code feels a bit slow, just five stars. :) Thank you for a great program. I've been using it for like 10 years or so. [after ACDSee that became too bloated for me]