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  1. Review - Yahoo! Messenger for Windows

    0.8.155 (Aug 10, 2016)

    Older versions of Yahoo Messenger will begin shutting down on August 5, 2016. If you haven't upgraded Yahoo Messenger recently, you're probably using a legacy version. To continue using Yahoo Messenger, please upgrade to the newest version: [...]

    The "upgraded version" is that crap web aplication that does not even know to reused the stored First Name+Last Name of the contacts. Now I have to remmeber who is 'crappants2043455'?!?! :(

  2. Review - Simple IP Config

    2.5 Beta 4 (Jan 4, 2015)

    LOL This "simple program" will remember&apply various network settings and is designed for people that are moving often from one network to another (travel, working on different environments for instance).

    For this reason it needs to run as administrator - been using this for years and there are other alternatives one can try, but this one is the simplest and free.

    For any "suspicions" one may check the source code of the program as well:

    Nightly recommended!

  3. Review - Ubuntu

    15.04 Alpha 1 (Dec 21, 2014)

    the biggest change in 15.04 is not in Ubuntu, but in Kubuntu - this one comes with Plasma 5 as default.

    Take the latest from here and enjoy (unetbootin + usb):

  4. Review - Remove Fake Antivirus

    1.95 (Nov 30, 2013)

    BANDIT-, -LORD- - nice comments! I believe you are some sort of computer god, living under the illusion that everyone else is some sort of Neo is disguise, LOL.

    In nowadays OS there is little chance to get infected without the user consent (yes, you can disablethe download of IE); unfortunately, some of the average computer users - the vast majority of those using a computer, gets tricked into downloading "antivirus" programs all the time - this is how you get it on your computer and is kind of late to think about disabling IE download then, isn't' it?

    Most probably they don;t even have a proper antivirus and is kind of late to install that too - your fake antivirus will prevent the installation of anything useful at that point.

    The purpose of this program is NOT to over real-time, proactive protection, but to offer you some post-mortem comfort. It does this pretty well, taking into consideration it runs AFTER you got the malware.

    I have used it in one occasion, I know what I'm taking about.

  5. Review - Skype for Windows Beta (May 1, 2013)

    ADS: only in US
    Anywhere in the rest of the world Skype looks clean.