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  1. Review - Unlocker

    1.9.0 (Nov 23, 2010)

    this has been a good proggie in the past but now the installer tries to install 'bing toolbar'. if u deselect it the installer makes u pay w/a 30 sec countdown b4 u can continue. when it DID install it was instantly flagged by AVG AntiVirus as 'tojan/adware/spyware'! i will never go bak to this proggie. gonna try one of the many other effective apps that perform this function.
    2bad there's no '0' stars!

  2. Review - AVG Anti-Virus Free (32-bit)

    10.0.1120 (Oct 3, 2010)

    10 will not install on my Windows 7 machine. dll's "fail to register". 3 tries.
    works well on 2 XP machines but...

  3. Review - PDF-XChange Viewer

    2.053 (Jul 10, 2010)

    this program absolutely rox. works on my XP, Vista and 7 machines.
    way more (and better) functionality than foxit, sumatra, nitro, evince and Adobe Reader.
    edit, mark-up, highlight, add text, take snapshot to clipboard (too much to list).
    BEAUTIFUL interface w/toolbars which can be selected based on ur needs.
    i need and USE them all, but, if i didn't need them all, its very easy to deselect one or more. i use this for many things but mainly for all my 'paperless' statements from banks, credit cards and utilities, etc. i mark 'em up w/pmt type and date etc. INDISPENSABLE! Thank You! Tracker Software.
    btw, i hav this running on 7-8 machines and everytime i install it... if i *uncheck* 'install AskToolbar' ... oddly it DOESN'T install AskToolbar. np whatsoever. gets all 5 stars easily!

  4. Review - Nitro PDF Reader (32-bit) (Jul 10, 2010)

    first... the caveats... this proggie installs itself as the default PDF reader w/o asking! :( AND it installs itself as the default printer (virtual printer to PDF format) w/o asking! these are cheezy tricks to pull on noobs. BOO to Nitro for not being upfront with these options. next the review...
    this program has a decent interface and some functionality beyond Adobe Reader. for daily use i *much* prefer Tracker Software's PDFXChange Viewer Free! Nitro has one important feature not included in the Tracker proggie. it allows to convert from other formats to PDF w/in the proggie. ( u can do this by using * doPDF * to 'print' other formats to PDF but, having this feature in the PDF reader is nice)
    overall... i'm stayin' with * PDFXChange Viewer Free * for 1) interface, 2) ease-of-use, 3) functionality and 4) plug-in to view, edit and print PDF's w/in browser; but, i will keep this one for a while and evaluate better.
    more caveats... personally, i dont like the 'ribbons'. i prefer drop-downs and buttons. also, the description states 'create pdf's' - this is not true. it converts other formats to PDF via a virtual printer; it does not create (make from scratch).
    so this is misleading. this proggie will not even allow to add pages to an existing doc or to del pages. really very limited functionality.

  5. Review - CutePDF Writer

    2.8 (Jul 10, 2010)

    this is nothing more than a virtual printer. the screenshot is (intentionally?) misleading; there is no user interface other than the browse dialogue. The install automatically requires an additional d/l of a 'converter'. if its required, y not include it in the program install?! the misleading pic is CHEEZY but, i gave the proggie a chance; its lame compared to *** doPDF *** ! if u need the functionality of 'converting' any 'printable' doc to PDF, get *** doPDF *** ; better browse dialogue w/history, 'use last dir' option, option to auto open new saved PDF in ur PDF program (i recommend *** PDFXchange Viewer Free ***!) and it CLAIMS 2 b a printer driver. it flawlessly does what it claims 2 do with a better look and more features than cutepdf. this gets 2 stars for doing what it claims but trying to mislead us.