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  1. Review - Psycle (32-bit)

    1.11.3 Beta (Jun 7, 2014)

    The "itdownload.dll" is used to download two optional executables not included in the installer:

    The VST plugin pack (Located here: ). It is a 7-zip self-extractor.

    The 32 and/or 64bit Microsoft c++ runtime libraries for visual studio 2008, downloaded directly from microsoft's site.

    The installer script used can be inspected by downloading it from here:

    If none of those files are required, neither selected during installation (which are not by default), no download takes place.

  2. Review - Winamp 5 Full

    5.35 (May 15, 2007)

    To Stisev:

    I think you completely forgot there's a "Basic" download of winamp, with just classic skinning, mp2/mp3/aac/mp4 and not much more. So if you are going to rate it "just" because you get the wrong link, then it's you who has to change.
    (That, aside of the fact that the installer does give the option of what to install and what not).

    About bugs, these come and go in every software ever coded, and using an older version doesn't put you safer than using a newer one. If you're happy with 2.9x versions, that's ok, and not strange at all. Yet, i don't think your bashing of the current versions is that much reasonable.

  3. Review - MediaCoder

    0.3.7 (Apr 1, 2006)

    Source here (In SVN):

    It's a useful program, either when you need to encode audio, video, transcode... Some of the options are not at fingertips to say so, but overall does the job.

  4. Review - TED Notepad

    4.5.2 (Mar 29, 2006)

    Another Vote for this program. It is not meant to be a "do it all" editor (PSPad, PN (programmer's notepad), UltraEdit...).

    It is a notepad replacement: a fast, simple enough, and filled with the utilities necessary to manipulate *text*.

    I have both, PSPad and this one. Tex notepad replaced "editor2" (from xplorer2). I use PSPad mostly for its HEX editor, and Tex notepad to replace text, change UNIX/DOS format, or simply view a txt.

    I don't understand the people rating it so low either.

  5. Review - Sunbelt Personal Firewall

    4.0.2 (Aug 31, 2003)

    Used Zonealarm long time ago, and kerio since the 3.0 beta days. I am quite satisfied of it. The functionality, as some suggest, is similar between these two programs, but kerio is more configurable (at least compared to that other version). They have removed the "full version free for home users", but instead, after the trial period, some things (web filtering, internet gateway,...) become disabled. In the end, if you don't need these, it is still quite a strong firewall.

  6. Comment - 10 Things that suck about Java

    4.0.2 (Jun 9, 2011 - 1:22 PM)

    Is this trying to be disgusting news?

    1) That's not a fault of Java. That's a fault of 3rd party vendors, diversification of functionalities and also common sense. Hardware limitations are hardware limitations.

    2) You may think that Java is just an API, something like .NET or maybe even Adobe Flash. Obviously, the bigger it is, the more problems can appear. And just like you said, since Java is everywhere...

    3) While I admit that the updater is not great, do you preffer an updater like Google's one, that autoupdates the programs that you don't even use? i installed once Google Chrome and got updated several versions in the background without even using it. Now put that on a place with hundreds of computers. Easier for the admin? Maybe, but harder on the network.

    4) If you compare java to HTML5, you've clearly missed the point. Of course, if your viewpoint is that Java is the Adobe Flash of the past then I could understand why you have missed the point.

    5) You are kidding, right? Which are the versions of Mac OS X in the same period? Do you understand that the version for business are higher is because Business support has lasted more time, so they got updated after the public version was not updated any longer? And that the updates for businesses are updates for specific problems that those businesses have (aside of vulnerabilities)? Definitely you sound like having no idea, because if there is any headache, it is when starting to talk about JAVA SE, JAVA EE, JAVA ME... not because of 1.6.0_whatever...

    6) Knowing Java implies knowing Java. It does not imply knowing C++ and so I know Java. signed and unsigned values have their own problems in C and C++, so forcing everithing to be unsigned in Java is actually a good decision. You need a bigger number? use a bigger datatype.

    7) I have always frowned upon java performance, but.. do you really believe java has problems with large, multitheaded apps on multicore systems? How many years have Java Application servers run on servers with that??? Hell, even Java 1.5 is able to use multiple threads!

    8) Now that's when I have a good laught: Windows 7, XP Offline (64-bit), Solaris (64-bit)*, Linux x64 RPM * filesize: 19.6 MB . And those have existed at least since 2009, when I installed them on my Win 7 x64.

    9) Oh, so that's a reason why it sucks...

    10) While I am no fan of Oracle, that comment is stupid in itself. Should i stop using Oracle databases? Should I stop using Oracle Weblogic server? Should I stop using Oracle SQL Developer? Should I stop....

    Sun Java SCJP 6.0 Certified Developer, Sun SCWCD 1.5 Certified Developer, Oracle SQL Certified Expert, Oracle OCA PL/SQL11g Programmer.

  7. Comment - iPad becomes fully integrated Photoshop tool, Android and PlayBook next

    4.0.2 (Apr 11, 2011 - 1:50 PM)

    This is just a logical move from Adobe.

    In fact, tablets have been used for these things for long:

    This is why I insist on the point that tablets are either an entertainment device (a gaming console, a tv, a communication tool, a fancy domotic handheld, and ebook...) or an useful peripheral. In fact, I am much more interested in the peripheral aspect of tablets than the entertainment aspect.

    Sort of a reflect of how illogical the human being is... There needs to be a widely distributed low-end version of something to make people aware that there actually exists a product doing that.

  8. Comment - Acer aims for Apple with the Iconia Tab tablet at $449

    4.0.2 (Apr 9, 2011 - 6:28 AM)

    I have two objections to that claim.

    First they are not interchangeable.

    Apple's iPad has apple's OS, includes Apple apps, accesses to the Apple App Store and, more importantly, puts you inside the "walled garden".

    Acer's one has Google's OS, includes Google apps, accesses to the Google App Store and many more (even those not in app stores), and doesn't put you in a walled anything. Oh, and did I forget to mention Adobe Flash?

    And second point. In which universe is iPad "the real thing". Real what? As if Apple invented anything of what makes iPad important (they didn't invent the concept, nor touch screens nor flash memory nor batteries nor the processors to run them.... should I continue?)

    The only "Real" thing about iPad is that Money rules the world, even after the economic crisis fiasco.

  9. Comment - I'll believe Mac malware is a problem when I see it

    4.0.2 (Mar 1, 2011 - 6:11 PM)

    QUOTE-Anyone on Windows without anti-malware is at best reckless and probably just plain stupid and irresponsible.-QUOTE

    So, I am a stupid for having run an XP machine for several years without even an antivirus (just ran online antivirus scanners from time to time), and never used any antivirus whatsoever in Vista and 7, where, in both cases, I run as a regular user.

    (All them regularly connected to internet)

    The only time i've had problems of infections has been via USB memory keys, go see.

    Really, there's more to infections than the system used, and OS X is not better than XP because of being from Apple, but because it runs over a BSD system.

  10. Comment - Apple previews mobile-inspired Mac OS Lion to developers

    4.0.2 (Feb 24, 2011 - 1:39 PM)

    LOL! An OS X that looks like a cluttered Windows desktop. hahaha! So much for innovation.