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  1. Review - GetRight

    4.5c (Jan 15, 2002)

    I used to swear by this program, but it was bugging me because it would only catch 50% of the downloads from IE, and almost never from CGI or PHP. I use ReGet DX now with MSIESpy enabled and nothing gets through that. Although I do prefer the power that Getright has, I just wish it would catch every download.

  2. Review - KatMouse

    0.9 Beta (Jan 11, 2002)

    Excellent program here. It was quite annoying when you had to focus everything to use the mousewheel, and I hate X-Mouse. Before I had to focus winamp to change its volume, but now I can be in IE and just put the mouse pointer over winamp and slide the mouse wheel and the volume changes. Saved me a good 2-3 minutes easily when I was changing all my XP services. This ones a keeper!

  3. Review - Winamp Full

    2.78c Updated (Jan 8, 2002)

    Umm nelson sorry to break it to you, but Sonique is dead. Has been for a while. Shortly after their new webdesign the project was ended. Besides, Winamp owns all.

  4. Review - Crazy Minesweeper

    1.22 Beta (Jan 5, 2002)

    An excellent adaption of the original minesweeper. Adds a new level of strategy to the game. This is a real gem...too bad its shareware.

  5. Review - mpTrim

    1.78 Beta 1 (Jan 4, 2002)

    This program is listed as freeware but when I try to load a large mp3 with alot of silence that I wanted to cut it says that the file is 129% bigger than it can handle and I should consider buying the mp3TrimPRO version. Why does everyone want you to pay money for a stupid utility that you will only use every once in a while? Crap in my opinion. I could just load VCPP up and make one if I wanted.