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  1. Review - The KMPlayer for Windows (Apr 25, 2006)

    stolen, still very good.
    better ui than mpc

  2. Review - Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows XP

    7.0 Beta 2 Build 5346.5 (Apr 25, 2006)

    they cannot make everybody happy !
    i find it is not as responsive as opera still im sure that they will be able to slow down the progress of alternative browsers.
    they cannot make everybody happy !

  3. Review - Ubuntu

    6.06 (Dapper Drake) Flight 6 (Apr 4, 2006)

    just work , my @5s
    tried it a lot but i was not able to use my modem(dialup) & tvtuner.
    i admit it is good but so is suse & mandriva.
    if one will ever choose linux over windows then he/she is going to be looking something easy to use, LINUX IS NOT EASY TO USE, for 15 minutes free eye candy desktop looks good but when one really starts using most of us want windows back.

    There is only one linux distro which can claim it is easy to use and that is LINSPIRE, i know MR copies a lot but he has got one of the most innovative and creative linux disto around, with linspire he has smoothed out those rough edges of linux, and that is what really matters .

    and im not talking about servers

  4. Review - GNOME

    2.14.0 Release Candidate (Mar 2, 2006)

    it looks like mac os 9.
    still it is free

  5. Comment - Governor Warns of Crisis in Wake of Diebold 'Repair' Revelations

    2.14.0 Release Candidate (Oct 30, 2006 - 12:09 PM)
    In my country we have found EVM (those we use) higly sucessful.
    The microchip used in our EVMs is manufactured in Japan and it is sealed at the time of import. It cannot be opened and any attempt to rewrite the program cannot be done without damaging the chip.
    Ours is cheaper to make and will be even more cheaper for US as you need only two buttons maybe one;)
    a comparison with diebold's EVM :-

  6. Comment - Microsoft Confirms IE7 Address Bar Flaw

    2.14.0 Release Candidate (Oct 30, 2006 - 11:19 AM)

    isn't anti-phishing technology going to stop ppl to access such websites in the first place.

    there may not be cure but it is still preventing it.

  7. Comment - Microsoft Wants More Search Share

    2.14.0 Release Candidate (Oct 30, 2006 - 11:06 AM)

    because "windows" have brand recognition, duh.

  8. Comment - Microsoft Wants More Search Share

    2.14.0 Release Candidate (Oct 30, 2006 - 11:03 AM)

    how many ppl here use IE ?.
    and we all know the market share of IE.
    and also remember the market share of AIM.
    If sooo many ppl can use IE and AIM i dont believe that it will be that hard to make them use Live search and i think it is not THAT bad.
    And Microsoft is known to make ppl (not most of use in ere) use their stuff one way or another.
    From here can only gain market share.
    But i know one thing for sure that no matter how hard to try but they (Yahoo Ask and Microsoft) will have to waste more electricity than Google.

  9. Comment - Microsoft Confirms IE7 Address Bar Flaw

    2.14.0 Release Candidate (Oct 30, 2006 - 4:25 AM)

    I for one like IE7, and am hoping ie4linux2.0 team release it sooon. Cant wait.
    And this is my gut instinct that with simple things like anti-phishing tech and pop up blocker will make Internet a safer place for most ppl as most of em are not power users.
    But there is one tiny problem IMO, point out if i am wrong.
    a) ipv6 (vista)
    b) DNS requests
    c) checking whether site is malicious or not.

    all this will slow down browsing for most user.
    and soon there will be a patch.
    i know there is no better solution still........
    i am sure few will start crying "Internet soo slow"