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Member since January 17, 2005

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    john smith

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    United States of America

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  1. Review - TagScanner

    5.1.610 (Feb 15, 2012)

    Works perfect in linux under wine too.

  2. Review - SUMo (Jan 30, 2012)

    Yeah well TG I use mostly portable stuff. This serves no purpose other than to aggregate the public's installed softwares. Social networking to get updates? Really. What happened to the check for updates button. Too hard?
    May as well install android (or apple it makes no difference), run chrome and let google take over. No problem, as soon as they pay for my hardware and cable bill.
    Google or apple may send me a private message and I'll be happy to send them a hardware list incl my current cable bill.

  3. Review - Interactive Calendar

    1.1 Beta (Jan 30, 2012)

    Toss it on to a digital picture display, ts no doubt, and maybe, but for a calendar it already seems a bit bloated. There's no way I want a calendar overlayed on my screen. Currently I use Borg, but rainlendar would be my second choice bar none.

  4. Review - Super Flexible File Synchronizer

    5.62 (Jan 9, 2012)

    Actually in linux it is portable as a single executable is free and works beautifully. I'm still a linux noob so who knows. Fsarchiver is also recommended but that's linux only.

  5. Review - LibreOffice for Windows (32-bit)

    3.5.0 Beta 2 (Dec 30, 2011)

    swriter opens svg's just fine. At least in this version.If you just need the basics abiword will work just as well if not better.

  6. Comment - Yahoo Music Joins iTunes in Japan

    3.5.0 Beta 2 (Aug 22, 2005 - 4:21 PM)

    what a joke. a single song is less than worthless & so is jumping on the ipod/itunes band wagon. ipod's are special in that they are overpriced & underfeatured

  7. Comment - Mozilla Seeking Thunderbird Testers

    3.5.0 Beta 2 (Aug 22, 2005 - 4:18 PM)

    I use deer park (firefox nightly) & ONLY use tbird with gmail as my one & only email account. I would no more use outlook (deleted) than I would pay for an xp pro disc. Tbird has never failed me for any reason & is very easy to setup. Anyone who argues over which email client to use needs to get a life and quit playing with their cell phone. I can't stand email but it is a required item in the modern world.