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Reviewed UnHackMe

No comparison to Malwarebytes. Interface looks old. Scan was much slower than MWB. Read full review

Reviewed qBittorrent for Windows 4.1.3

This is my everyday torrent client. Works well, nice interface, no spyware. Read full review

Reviewed K-Meleon 76.0 RC

It's usable, but not impressive one bit. Everything seemed to be excessively slow. I was viewing the same site on 3 different browsers and K-Meleon was the slowest. Probably downloads chrome or firefox really well. Read full review

Reviewed Plex Media Server for Windows

Been using this for years as my media server for the house. Then use either Roku or chromecast for receiving it. Works perfect. Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft Snip 0.1.5119.0

It's not bad, and it's free. However, it lacks most of the features that some of the larger capture apps have. But for a simple app to grab a quick screenshot, its quite effective. This should be part of windows. Read full review

Reviewed CloneApp 2.05.266

Aegis69: So...if I use windows I am a moron? Geeze...someone installs linux and they suddenly become so smug. I'm a windows administrator, that means it's my job to use windows. And I get a nice paycheck. Maybe i'm a moron, but i'm a moron who... Read full review

Reviewed VLC for Mac OS X 3.0.4

I just love this program and have for many years. Right now it's being used on a mac (10.8.4) and have had no issues whatsoever playing files of any type. It has played every type of file I have thrown at it. IMHO it beats quicktime, hands down. Read full review

Reviewed Dropbox for Windows 54.4.93

@Aegis69 Lawdie you're as dumb as a hammer

So..How much did the computer cost you? The power to run it? The drives you're putting in? The space in your parents basement to store it? And it's still not unlimited. Einstein...your hard drives run... Read full review

Reviewed OnlineVNC 4.0.0

Pass credentials over a 3rd party server with no mention of encryption? No thanks. Read full review

Reviewed MediaMonkey

I don't actually pay for much software. But this I have. My music collection is rather large, and MM really takes care of it all. Plays, tags, renames, streams, etc...Everything. As far as performance goes, I find that it runs well on my setup.... Read full review

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