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  1. Review - ImgBurn (Mar 28, 2008)

    Doing tests versus DVD Decrypter (old version)
    DVD Decrypter rips faster on some titles.
    ImgBurn does not rip CSS/CPPM Copy Protection. Which I am running into a lot with Euro films brought to the US.

  2. Review - Safari for Windows

    3.0.1 Beta (Jun 15, 2007)

    Not sure what people are talking about regarding opening favorites into new tabs, or it not starting. Guess it runs great on Vista 64.

  3. Comment - Microsoft: Vista SP2, Windows Server SP2 betas Thursday

    3.0.1 Beta (Dec 2, 2008 - 9:34 PM)

    Clunky, on slow machines yes, fast not so at all.
    inconsistent, how is this even related to an OS, what consistency do you expect? Should it be like every other os's previous release?
    buggy, the worst bug to plague vista was memory and video card support, which was fixed long ago before sp1, nvidia cards were good after 3 months of release, much better then when XP released at 1yr.
    unstable, how so, was this at launch or to date? There isnt many issues after SP1 that are causing a lot of problems.

    So you said its all those things, but you use Vista64 enterprise on a laptop as you said was not vista capable, which means it can run, not it can run it better then anything in the world. You also said your other is a work station(machine). I assume these don't even have a have way decent vid card, in either of them.

    Which leads me to say yes you have an opinion, but have you used it on any system that is actually decent and not a work computer that is bare bones. I am guessing no, and if it was buggy, unstable, your work would never have put it out on all your work computers, so you shot yourself in the foot on that one. As Vista's kernal has proven more stable then XPs.

  4. Comment - Microsoft: Vista SP2, Windows Server SP2 betas Thursday

    3.0.1 Beta (Dec 2, 2008 - 9:25 PM)

    well said lol

  5. Comment - Microsoft: Vista SP2, Windows Server SP2 betas Thursday

    3.0.1 Beta (Dec 2, 2008 - 4:50 PM)

    Have you even used Vista? So many are quick to bash on it, but those who have used it, know yes it requires a beefier computer, but then again my parents both have old P4 2.53Ghz with 1 and 2 GB or ram, while one has a old 5900u 512and the other a 5800 with 256mb ram. Both are running vista and handle it plus games just fine, now playing games like crysis or higher end games as of the past year or so is a different story. I have been running vista x64 since launch date, and they since about a month later. Since I play games a lot of have a lot beefier system and it handles vista x64 with no problem, no crashing excluding IPv6 (which is crashing in xp also). I have also yet to find any application that doesnt play well, or any device I have since launch that doesnt have driver support.

    Stop forming your opinion on others, get the demo, or it from a friend, play with it for 15-30 days see if its as bad as you have read. Most of you (excluding windows osx bashers) will find it just damn fine.

  6. Comment - TiVo users can soon watch Netflix movies on-demand

    3.0.1 Beta (Oct 30, 2008 - 11:48 AM)

    Now that I been researching these stories via google, I am finding out most of the stories are like a day late sometimes two or three. Wasn't this story announced like two days ago? Betanews needs to step up their game cause most of your stories are old news.

    edit: Yesterdays news my bad. not two days ago. None the less still late.

  7. Comment - Eee maker Asus rumored to be planning Android phone for 2009

    3.0.1 Beta (Oct 30, 2008 - 12:44 AM)

    This should be exciting, I been waiting for ASUS to bring their phones to the US market. hopefully this is not just coming 2009 but coming to the US in 2009.