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uTorrent somehow ended up showing a full screen ad that I was only able to disable following a lengthy Google search.
Now I sorted ads problems with uTorrent permanently by eventually switching to qBittorrent. I had been too lazy to switch to... Read full review

Reviewed Lotto Pro 8.65

Rubbish. Only 5 out of the 6 numbers it gave me were correct.
For the mathematically challenged, flipping a coin 10 times would statistically yield 5 heads and 5 tails, but having flipped the coin 9 times already and having had 9 heads doesn't... Read full review

Reviewed RasterVect 27.5

Not impressed: many simple geometrical entities were converted to daisy chains of countless small chunks of lines.
Inkscape did a much better job for me, and costs $80 less (i.e. it's free).
Bottom line: if you're going to compete with free... Read full review

Reviewed Tennis Elbow 2006 for Windows 1.0c

The "this little tennis game rocks" reviewer below only ever wrote this glowing review. Highly suspicious, particularly since the game actually sucks: you can get much better value for your $25. Read full review

Reviewed Apple iTunes for Windows 12.10.7

I once gave away my wife iPod Shuffle and bought her another MP3 player just for the sake of not needing this anymore and being able to eradicate it from my computers. IIRC I listed my gripes in another review some time ago. Read full review

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