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  1. Review - Avant Browser Lite

    2013 Build 21 (Mar 21, 2013)

    I mainly use the ultimate version,but I always keep a lite USB version in my computer. IE engine takes more resource compared with firefox engine which is the default engine I use.
    Still as fast as usual and the AD blocker is powerful.

  2. Review - Avant Browser Ultimate

    2013 Build 21 (Mar 21, 2013)

    2013 build 21 is much stable now compared with the earlier versions of 2013. But I don't quite like the new interface. Old skins are more useful for me. I like show all kind of buttons on the toolbar which is easier to use.

  3. Review - Avant Browser Lite

    2012 Build 187 (Nov 7, 2012)

    Now,firefox has released a new version which has fix the problem about roboform. I have the same problem in the firefox engine of Avant browser. When will Avant release the new version with the updated gecko engine? Hope it will come soon.

  4. Review - Google Chrome (Dev)

    18.0.1003.1 Dev (Jan 13, 2012)

    Like chrome's speed fast but don't like the too simplest UI. Adress bar doesn't have drop down lost, no redo button. These are the ones I use very often.So,most of them time, I use chrome engine in Avant browser which has the fast speed of chrome and the buttons/features I like. Very good combination

  5. Review - RoboForm

    7.6.6 (Dec 14, 2011)

    I always use roboform to save my password, although my Avant browser has the autofills feature.
    I asked in roboform online support several days ago about the problem of roboform and Avant browser & firefox. They fixed it soon.Good work.

  6. Comment - Google and Mozilla talk HTML5

    7.6.6 (Jul 28, 2011 - 2:24 AM)

    I‘m so disappointed with chrome.It's so famous these days and my friends told me to abandon Avant browser and use chrome. So, I think I should have a try. Wow, what a browser. I even cannot open any webpage. It wastes me an hour to find the cause but with no success.

  7. Comment - Mozilla boots to promises with browser OS proposal

    7.6.6 (Jul 25, 2011 - 11:45 PM)

    I'm really curious what a browser based OS will look like. Chrome has become to be the biggest rival of mozilla.
    Actually. there should be some standards that all the applications or OS developed by these standards can be compatible with each other. What a great job.You can use whatever you want to use without any compatibility problems.
    You can use IE, avant browser in mac,linux and even andriod , you can also use firefox in chrome....
    It's a dream.

  8. Comment - Google cleans up Gmail, and it looks really good!

    7.6.6 (Jul 1, 2011 - 3:40 AM)

    Why the text size im my gmail are so big when using chrome to open it? fine in Avant browser.Don't why.I prefer the text font showed in above pictures.don't like the ones in my chrome.How Can I change it?

  9. Comment - Firefox 5 arrives early -- get it now!

    7.6.6 (Jun 21, 2011 - 4:57 AM)

    Please don't update my firefox automatically to the beta version ok? I can't afford the various bugs in beta versions. It's the second time you did this to me since half a year ago I began to use firefox. At least you should give me a choice whether update or not. I have uninstalled firefox and will stay with the small Avant browser for some time. it's a small browser, not famous but I have the right to stay.

  10. Comment - A mini review of Opera Mini 6 for iPad

    7.6.6 (May 25, 2011 - 3:47 AM)

    Everyone wants a piece of the cake,it's not a bad thing, competition makes progress,right?The other browser like slim avant browser should be also develop one for mobile.