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  1. Review - Trillian

    0.70 (Dec 6, 2001)

    Now that they delivered as promised, I think it is about time that we started donating so they will keep this great program going!

  2. Review - nVIDIA GeForce Drivers for Windows 9x/Me

    7.17 (Jan 15, 2001)

    7.17 has been out for MONTHS. And they have been working great on my Creative Anhilator 2.

  3. Review - Deskman

    4.1 (Mar 16, 2000)

    Useful program. Unfortunately, it only works for 15 min at a time in unregistered form. And it is not worth registering. I have also had some problems with the process identifiers were the program starts trying to shut down some essential windows components.

  4. Review - MotherBoard Monitor

    4.12 (Nov 20, 1999)

    I could not get the program to run under win 98 SE either. It crashes right after the splash screen.