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  1. Review - BlueStacks for Windows

    0.8.2 Beta (Nov 26, 2013)

    Not really any big issues, just that' i can not rearrange the appz to my liking and when i play games, their is no option to resize the screen.

    I played temple 2 without any issues, i did tick the box for render 2D in the options,

    Used Google play store with ease and installed appz from major geeks, cleaners, anti virus, hand no problems installing and using.

    I am running window 8.1 pro, 14 gig DDR 3
    Full admin rights.
    ATI/AMD Radeon HD 6770

    A few things could be worked on and tweaked, the option to have a tweak
    menu like psx emulator has for speed hacks and others, An idea ! but this is beta and given time it will hopefully improve. All is time.

  2. Review - Mozilla Firefox (32-bit Beta)

    24.0 Beta 5 (Aug 25, 2013)

    It seems with these beta versions, you get one that works quite smooth and then after a few more beta version, they start running slow!

    Especially with flash games, it can go crazy on you sometimes.

    After running fox for a few hours, it tends to hog more memory, thus can make fox a little unstable and slow. The more you surf on the net, the more fox hogs away. It don't flush itself even.

    I not aiming the issue towards how much memory is in the system, i have plenty, i am just uncertain if fox goes slow' the more it keeps stored.

    I even unsure if the settings for fox and the performance of it gets touched. which causes it to run slow. Fox is supposedly to be fast , since you doing all these updates every month, its going a bit iffy jiffy.

    I been using fox since the birth of it. in my own judgement, it the best. but is today's implements of over net applications and over coded programs, that work in tandem with this browser, making fox a little troublesome.

  3. Review - ChrisTV Online! Premium

    9.20 (Jul 29, 2013)

    With some user intervention -
    skip past all these adz.

    1./ RelevantKnowleged - Decline - go next.
    2./ Delta toolbar - Advance - Untick Box - Untick Box- Untick Box - Go next.
    3./ Confirmation - Press cancel.
    4./ Special offer 1 - Press Skip.
    5./ Special offer 2 - Press Skip.
    6./ Special offer 3 - Press Skip.
    7./ Special offer 4 - Press Skip.
    8./ Go Next.
    8./Install Complitly - Untick Box.

    I paid for this software, you still have to download the pro version from here or elsewhere. Once you buy it, You get sent a link to a unlock app.

    I don't see why Chris, could not host a free add version for he's paid customers on his own site. After all it cost £24 I'dd expect for this.

    Plugins - You need some for this. And why not integrate these into Chris Tv (Chris?

    Get these to download for watching streams.

    1./ Flash player.
    2./ Real Player
    3./ SopCast_Filter
    4./ veetle-0.9.19
    5./ vlc-2.0.7-win32

    (Chris) You have a good Internet Tv software, You really could Implement a few extras (Given sometime) Integrate the above plugins to your program.

    Add a few more favorites list, then just one. Four would be even better.
    Recording of video in pro, Add some over free plugins to record in over formats dude.

    Add a rate list and reply box, if stream is broken.

    Then i give you 5 Stars' if you can improve on a good few request of mine.

  4. Review - Ubuntu

    13.04 (Raring Ringtail) Alpha 2 (Feb 16, 2013)

    It feels light and smooth , the start menu is not the best iv'e seen and would like a linux (Start Menu X)

    The inteface and file menus, look like most linux clones, at times i feel like im using a old apple mac. I do see options, two change two other desktop box themes, still i think improvement could be made their for even bettter desktop themes.

    Good amount of players, photo tools, cd software, games, if you don't no were the install manger is, you could end up a bit lost. Some sugesstion off putting shortcut two the desktop for a quick find.

    I apper two have no sound, even it is listed as HDMI ati, ive tryed linux mint & a over helpfull clones and i still get no sound. I not certian how i fix this issue.

    If your looking for some think outa the box, linux is quite well - some think two try if your a litte bord of windows. Daul boot and off you go..

  5. Review - Kingsoft Free Antivirus

    2012.SP4.0 (Jan 11, 2013)

    Very light virus scanner and often keeps you updated for latest definitions.

    I am awaiting the 2013 version.

    I've tried a great deal of scanners over many years, some are stronger than overs obviously, why is it you need the best scanner around, is that because you download pirates ? often cramped with virus.

    For the causal user that don't download much, don't require the need for a bulky scanner - kingsoft free is good for the causal user that needs mild protection. If you need a more over product, then avast may prove better or over.

    The only real way of protecting a pc is use a sandbox, and unplug from the internet' when your not using your pc or laptop - tablet ect. Do a scan of over peoples disks, usb ect, if borrowing devices.

  6. Comment - When do you want Windows 8?

    2012.SP4.0 (Jun 16, 2011 - 6:43 AM)

    Windows 8, can we even care about this ? buggy software, frustration of using old hardware, it is just about spending more $ for the fat cats, bring the os out when ever, the longer the better, may be patch and bugs be better then.

    Apple, bout time it turn into a pear or a monkey bananas.