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  1. Review - McAfee SiteAdvisor for Mac OS X

    26.5 (Apr 30, 2010)

    I hate a crappy and slow MCAfee antivirus , I don't use it now and I'm happy, but they continue to rip me off via their fraudulent website. Why MCAfee Site Advisor is a fraudulent service?

    1) The websites are scanned for security issues about ONCE A YEAR. That's not a joke, see

    "-- How long does this re-assessment period last?
    --The re-assessment period can vary from as few as 10 calendar days to as many as 365 calendar days."

    Is it good for a real security? The URLs and files on modern websites are updated very often, so scanning a website once a year is completely useless and even dangerous and malicious practice. It may damage website's owners business and ruine the reputation. Of course, MCAfee doesn't care. Why? Well, I'll explaint that later.

    2) MCafee siteadvisor is based on a reputation system, where random users are posting their comments with a site rating. That's a great chance for competition to publish a black PR feedback and reduce a competing website rating. Moreover, most users posting the comments there are mcafee BOTS - not people, which are given the most powerful rating 9/9, so you cannot even dispute their posts! What a crap, a machine revolution??

    3) MCAfee is interested to assign a bad rating to a website. First, more red sites - more scares, and their users can see, how MCafee software is useful to protect them - even if innocent website is blocked.
    The most important part of that is MCAFEE EARNS NONEY on SiteAdvisor, although the end-user software is free. How? That's simple- if you don't want to see your site blocked by SiteAdvisor, you can PAY to mcafee to have a green rating "Tested daily by MCAfee".
    That green rating DOES NOT mean a 100% safe website for end-user, for example, I personally saw that website, containing a commercial spy software, had a green "Tested by MCAfee" rating for years!! Also the sites are scanned so rarely, that MCAfee ratings actually MEAN NOTHING.
    So who needs this useless website rating system? Only MCafee!

    MCafee is interested to put a red rating on your website! Actually, one of my websites has a red rating , and while trying to find out why, I've found out that some files listed as a "viruses" don't even exist on my website, and the date is from Sep 2009 , more than 6 months ago!!
    Also some of definitely innocent and proven downloads are listed as trojans and viruses! OK, I've contacted their support, they even replied me the next day, but NOTHING has changed, now a month after my request! I also saw that some well-known websites like were suffering because of MCAfee blocking.
    There was also a story in some blog about a website owner, who stopped to pay to MCafee for a green rating, and after some time his rating was changed to yellow for no real reason! They remind "not forget to pay them"!

    4) It's impossible to change the rating for website owner, even if it's assigned by mistake. They promise to "re-test it" in 5 days, but it will be never done. And I'm not alone with this. they still list the "malware" in URLs, which don't even exist for about a year.

    A great advice - stay away from this "security" scam, the main purpose of which is to steal your money. There are enough free solutions available - like Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG, AVast, Avira etc. Not all of them are great, but at least they are free. And actually the chance of being infected with something really dangerous is low, if you just learn a basic secrity rules of surfing the web!
    Finally, the creators of the service are scammers themselves! See

    Find out more criminal facts about MCafee by searching Google for "MCafee fraud"!