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  1. Review - Bitser Beta (Aug 19, 2013)

    01 Aug 2013
    Currently working on the next release. The next version will be signed with a digital certificate from Verisign to validate its authenticity. This will also remove the "unknown" publisher message you get during installation. There also seems to be a major bug on some XP machines where some archives are crashing when opened. The bug fix release should be out in the next week.

  2. Review - AMD Catalyst Drivers for Windows

    12.7 Beta (Jun 30, 2012)

    AMD Catalyst™ 12.4b Hotfix Driver ..when i want to download win7 32bit hd3450 drivers it shows this..

  3. Review - PotPlayer (32-bit)

    1.5.29969 Beta (Oct 28, 2011)

    latest beta 29998...

  4. Review - VLC for Windows (64-bit)

    1.1.11 (Jul 16, 2011)

    20MB ? I'm using a player of 1 MB which plays anything, and does it much better than this overhyped crap.

    so..tell us your player of 1 MB..we want to learn your player you use.