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Reviewed IObit Driver Booster 5.1.0

Good program if you ensure it doesn't install any 'extras'.

Using the Fileforum download link provides btw (older in fact than what I already had), not the version listed. Read full review

Reviewed FoxMail 7.2.7

Installation dialogs for this are in Chinese, so it's impossible to install. Might give it another shot if they ever get round to releasing an English version. Read full review

Reviewed Opera for Windows 49.0.2725.56

A word of warning if you're currently a heavy user of any other browser and are considering moving to this. Opera currently has NO facility for importing / migrating your existing Bookmarks or Favourites. I know, I really couldn't believe that... Read full review

Reviewed Skype for Windows

Why does this thing always seem so incredibly heavy on the system ? It's only meant to be a simple messaging system for crying out loud !

I maintain home computers, and it's always painfully obvious when this is installed on one. There will... Read full review

Reviewed Avira Free Antivirus

A decent Antivirus, but as usual this isn't the version it's claimed to be. I don't know who keeps uploading it to fileforum, but it's NEVER the version they claim it to be. I don't know whether they're deliberately posting incorrect version... Read full review

Reviewed Avira Free Antivirus

This is build 3737 (the last one) NOT 3882 as the post claims. Whoever keeps posting this program, at least please get the version right - it's every single time this happens ! Read full review

Reviewed FreeFixer 1.13

Seems to be pretty good at what it needs to do. I'm not going to mark it down because of the damage it could do in inexperienced hands. In my mind if an idiot screws up their PC using this, it's their fault - not the program's. Tools like this... Read full review

Reviewed Avira Free Antivirus

A good antivirus, but - why is this yet again being incorrectly listed as a new version ? The file currently downloading from the link is build 3640, the one that was listed in May - not 3736 as Fileforum claims it is. Even the Avira site lists... Read full review


Still no overhaul for the download manager to allow for the Save/Open/Cancel prompt offered by other browsers, I see. Chrome is a good browser, but their refusal to implement this one little thing makes it too much of a pain for daily use to me... Read full review

Reviewed Adaware Antivirus Free Edition 12.2.876.11542

I remember the anti-spyware version of this program falling out of favour a few years ago, when it did indeed become very resource - hungry. It's now a full Antivirus & Antispyware package and very light on the system wherever I've used it.... Read full review

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